Bound by Flame [Guide]

Bound by Flame

From developer Spiders, Bound by Flame is an action RPG. Complete all of the
main quests and side quests with this guide.

Bound by Flame [Guide]
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough

Prologue: The Temple on Top of the World

Act 1: Twists and Turns in Valvenor

Chapter 1: A Village of Refugees

3. Side Quests

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1. Introduction and Controls
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As Vulcan, a member of the Freeborn Blades, you and your company go into an
old temple. The result? You become possessed by a demon. Ohhh boy!

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2. Walkthrough
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The first thing that you have to do in the game is choose your difficulty
setting and make your character. The character creation tools in the game are
very simple and easy to use. Just choose from a pre-made face and pre-made
hair, and also chose the gender of your character. After that, you’re good to

Following the cut-scene, use the mini-map to find your way to the Captain.
The main objective will look like a golden book on the map. Speak with the
Captain to get your first assignments.

Go over to the designated chest and loot it. Then push the touchpad. Go
over to the Bag use L1 and R1 and then press Square to craft 10 explosive

Once you’ve crafted the traps, go speak with Peeler. He is standing next to
Buffalo at the gates of the temple. Once you’re done talking to Peeler, drop
the traps at the four designated points at the edge of the cliff. Hold L1 to
bring up the weapon wheel and then choose the traps. Later you will be able
to use L2+X in conjunction as a quick way to lay traps.

At any rate, lay down all of the traps in their designated areas. Deadwalkers
will start climbing over the top of the cliff and engage you in combat.
This is where the game teaches you all about the combat basics. Hold R2 to
parry and block attacks. Use the face buttons to attack. The first set of
Deadwalkers are very easy to kill, but they still do a lot of damage, so
keep an eye on your health meter. Block often while stringing together

Different types of Deadwalkers will show up, with various attributes that
require different strategies for you to deal with them. There will be ones
with crossbows. Utilize your own crossbow by pressing L2+Square for the
quick press attack with it. It will take a couple of bolts to put down these
guys. If you want to just run up and attack them, they are basically

Deadwalkers with shields will be the final test here. To knock them back,
press O. Your character will jump up and knee them, ruining their defensive
stance and opening up a window of opportunity for you to start laying into
them with attacks.

Once they’re dead, retreat into the temple. There are Specters in here, two
of them to be exact. Your fellow Freeborn Blades will help in the fight
against them, so this is an easy battle. Basically just hack and slash the
hell out of them.

As you continue in the dungeon, you will be taught other combat techniques.
Switch between your two styles by pressing R1. Right now let’s use the
Ranger techniques, which will have your character using daggers. These
Deadwalkers are more deadly than the ones previously encountered, so watch for
them as you learn the nuances of this stance.

Instead of doing a jumping knee attack when you press Circle, this stance will
dodge backward. This will sometimes slow down time and allow you to get in a
bunch of strikes right in a row that can deal a lot of damage. You can also
slow down time if you parry at just the right second to deflect their attack.

You’ll get into more battles, culminating in a fight with a Spewer. This
bulbous creature is a lot tougher than anything else you’ve faced so far. If
you want to kill it easily, however, utilize those explosive traps that you
created earlier. You can quickly lay them down using L2+X. This is a great
strategy to use if you are surrounded by enemies, by the way…it will work

Also make sure that you are leveling up your character whenever possible.
The leveling process is simple enough. Push in the touchpad whenever you
get to a new level, and then spend your skill points as you wish. You also
have attributes. By completing a certain task X amount of times, you unlock
the right to purchase new abilities, such as being able to carry more items or
increasing your maximum health.

You’ll be told to retreat. Return to the beginning of the dungeon. If you
can’t remember how to get there, you can always just refer to the map. A
scene will play, and then you fight with the Juggernaut. This huge creature
has multiple weak points on its body, but it’s still quite tough. Luckily
for you, you learn a new trick at this point.

Your character becomes imbued with fire, and you can use that to your
advantage. You can shoot fireballs or imbue your weapons with fire as well.
To use fire magic, hold L2 and then press Circle or Triangle. Remember that
you can assign whatever you want to this quick wheel, but what I am telling
you is how the game assigns them by default.

Blast the Juggernaut with fireballs from a distance, or run under his legs
and hack and slash away with fire weapons. Cut down the amount of Deadwalkers
in the area, but don’t bother trying to get rid of them completely as that
is an impossible battle to win; they will just keep on respawning endlessly
while the Juggernaut lives!

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The first objective is to drive back the hostile creatures of the Swamp. In
the Swamp, you will encounter a variety of creatures. But first, there’s a
few talking scenes. You can choose a partner to take with you into the
Swamp. I recommend Sybil. Her ranged magic attacks are very helpful, and she
will also heal you in battle.

You can give your AI partners commands. Press L1 to bring up the item wheel
and then use R2 to switch over to the AI commands. From this menu, you are
able to tell them what to do and such. It comes quite in handy. Taking Sybil
with you will also open up an extra side quest. For more information on that,
please refer to the side quest guide in the next section of this walkthrough.

The most common enemy you will encounter while exploring the swamp is the
Chrysalid. The Chrysalid is a floating plant with pincers that do a lot of
damage. Their attacks are slow, so they can be easily blocked, but when they
land, they are very deadly. They are especially dangerous in groups, and
they are pretty fast, especially compared to the other enemies encountered in
the game so far.

The best way to deal with them is ranged attacks. The fireball spell does a
ton of damage to them because they are plants, but you can also use the spell
to imbue your weaponry with flames to make short work of them. The Chrysalids
are certainly the most common foes in the Swamp, but they aren’t the only
ones that you will be battling.

Parasites are another enemy type that you will fight in the Swamp. The
Parasites are round plants that fire poison gas and spikes from their bodies.
Again, ranged attacks are the best to use. And there’s also Whip Vines. These
are literally just a group of vines that whip at you. Using melee attacks
against them is virtually impossible, not to mention suicide, so use fireballs
against them. If you run out of magic, just order Sybil to only do ranged
attacks and she will keep attacking the Whip Vines until they’ve been killed.

Another creature encountered in the Swamp is the Impaler. These creatures walk
on four legs and are very violent. You’ll often come across them fighting
with the other creatures in the Swamp, so they’ll mostly be encountered near
death, thankfully.

The objective marker will lead you to the front gates of Valvenor. A battle is
going on there. Kill all of the enemies, and then speak with the man outside
the gates. Go through the village and go to the Village Hall. Once there,
speak with both the Captain and the Steward. This will get you your next set
of side quests as well as give you a new direction for the main quest.

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3. Side Quests
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Bound by Flame also has a number of side quests to play throughout the
course of the game. The side quests that you get differ based on certain
choices made, so it will take multiple playthroughs to get through every
single side quest that the game has to offer.

For more information on the side quests in Bound by Flame, please refer to
this guide:

Bound by Flame – Side Quests [Guide]

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