The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [Guide]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Beenox Studios has released yet another entry in their long running series of
games based on Spider-Man, this one taking inspiration from the latest
Spider-Man movie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [Guide]
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough

Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3
Mission 4
Mission 5
Mission 6
Mission 7
Mission 8
Mission 9
Mission 10
Mission 11
Mission 12
Mission 13
Mission 14

3. Side Missions
4. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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A serial killer is loose in New York City, and Spider-Man is the only one that
can stop him.

L2 – Web Swing/Wall Run/Boost Swing
L1 – Web Pull
R2 – Web Swing/Wall Run/Boost Swing
R1 – Web Rush Mode/Quick Rush
Triangle – Interact/Dodge/Roll
Square – Attack
Circle – Web Shoot
X – Jump/Propel Upward
D-pad (up) – Spider Sense
D-pad (down) – Heal
LS – Move/Rappel
RS – Rotate Camera/Photo Mode
Options – Pause

When you start the game for the first time, you will have the choice between
three different difficulty settings. They are as folllows:

Human (Easy)
Hero (Normal)
Super Hero (Hard)

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2. Walkthrough
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“I missed the part where that’s my problem.” Oh Peter. You silly, silly fool.
After leaving the convenience store, start walking into the street. As you
near the intersection, Peter’s spidey sense will start to go off. Hold R2 as
you move now to sprint to the location. You’ll find Uncle Ben there, and
unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, you know what that

The game will then shift to put you into the suit of Spider-Man to teach you
basic traversal mechanics. You swing your webs by alternating between L2 and
R2. L2 will control your left hand swing and R2 will control your right hand

Make your way to the location of the objective marker. Once you arrive, you
will find a group of thugs that are moving around weapons. Now you’ll be
taught how the basic combat works. But first, Peter’s Spidey Sense is going
off. Move the right stick so that you can control the camera. Look straight
up to find the source of the danger, which is a falling piece of a crane.
Tap the button that is on the crane to perform the QTE successfully and
avoid damage.

If you are at all familiar with the combat system in the Batman: Arkham games,
then you should definitely know what to expect here. When an enemy glows red
and when Spider-Man has his Spidey Sense symbols above his head, tap Triangle
to counter the attack. Use Square to attack regularly, and use Circle to
shoot webs at enemies. Defeat the first batch of thugs by using counters and
basic attacks.

Once they’ve been dealt with, turn your attention to the guy with the gun.
Just shoot him with webs and then run up and start pounding away until he has
been defeated.

To Top

There are other ways to get around the city besides just swinging around.
The Web Rush Mode will allow you to get around the city at a much faster
rate than normal. Press R1 to rush from one location to the next. Sometimes
you will need to push the left stick forward to maintain your momentum as you
do this.

Take this time on your way to the next objective marker to get used to moving
around the city. Hold R2 to climb up walls, stuff like that. Once you arrive
at the objective marker, you’ll find three weapon crates. Press “up” on the
d-pad to activate the Spidey Sense, which will highlight important objectives
in the area.

Use Web Rush on one of the enemies to get them when they’re not looking.
Take them out and then approach the weapon crates. Press Circle to cover the
crates completely in webbing, making them inaccessible to the criminals for
the time being.

Once these regular guys are defeated, you have to deal with Herman Schultz.
Schultz will come at you with a gun. Press L1 to rip the gun away from him,
and then press L1 again to bring him close. Beat him up and then Spider-Man
will attach him to a nearby vehicle for interrogation.

You can ask Schultz whatever questions that you’d like using the face buttons.
Each face button is dedicated to a specific question to ask. When you’re done
talking with Schultz, just say so.

To Top

At this point, you will have enough XP to level up. You can level up by
pushing in the touchpad and then going to the “Upgrades” section. Upgrade
Spider-Man however you’d like by spending the XP that you’ve earned so far in
the game, and then start making your way to the next objective marker.

Your objective is a cellphone tower. Go to the top of it. Then use your Spider
Sense to locate the three satelliate arrays that are acting as jammers. Dash to
each one and place the device on it. This will open up a few locations where
you can commit some good deeds to help people out. These dynamic events will
occur all the time while you explore New York City as Spider-Man.

Completing these events will get you XP as well as raise Spider-Man’s “Heroic”
level. The “Heroic” level is the public’s perception of Spider-Man. The higher
your level of heroism is, the more bonuses you will receive when playing the

I recommend clearing those two up before going to the main objective marker,
which is another situation in which you just need to beat up some thugs. The
fight is interrupted when a few of them throw Molotov cocktails into a

Aim the cursor at the window sill. Press R1 to dash into the burning building.
Flick on your Spider Sense to help navigate through the smoke and find the
person stuck inside, one floor above you. Blue doors can be broken, so smash
through them on your way to the next floor, where you will find Stan Lee in
the smoke. Save him by pressing Triangle.

Go to Stan’s comic book shop, called Comic Stand. Upon entering, Spider-Man
will switch his clothes out for his Peter Parker garb. Chat with Stan for a
bit. The collectibles you acquire over the course of the game can be viewed in
this store. You can do some combat challenges if you want on the arcade machine
on the back wall as well.

When you’re ready to leave here, simply exit the shop. Spider-Man will get a
notification about Uncle Ben’s killer. Go to the location of the meeting. Then
go to their escape car. Press R1 to attach yourself to the back of the car.
Maneuver Spider-Man so that he has on the left side of the car, and then
press Triangle. Mash on Square to rip the thug out of the car. Return to the

Push the left stick down. Then press L1 and mash on the button that pops up
to rip off the rear window and save the woman inside. Go to scene of the
crash that occurs next, and then whip out your cellphone. Use your phone to
snap a picture of the “CK” initials that are written on the wall in blood.

Now it’s time to return to Aunt May. Catch up with the subway train and press
R1 to return home. Get out of bed and then go downstairs. Talk with Aunt May
while the two of you watch the news broadcast. Say whatever you’d like. Once
you end the conversation and leave the house, it’s on to the next mission.

To Top

Make your way to OsCorp. Climb to the top of the tower and then do battle
with the Russians on the roof. When they’re defeated, pull the helicopter
wreckage out of the way. Go through the hole in the ceiling to enter the
OsCorp air ducts and tunnels.

Navigating through the tunnels is easy enough. Press Triangle to have Spider-
Man cling to the walls, which you can use to have him crawl through tighter
spaces. You can use the Web Dash to get around, plus you can rappel up and
down as you need to.

There are fans that get in the way at certain points. To disable the fans,
mash the Circle button so that they are so overcome with webbing that they
have to stop moving, which will allow you to bypass them.

A group of OsCorp scientists, including Max Dillon, are being held hostage.
Take out the enemies in the room and then Max will help you out. Wait for him
to open the door, and then proceed through.

You have to disable the core here by activating the cooling system. There are
three towers that need to be pulled in order to do this. Go to each one and
then tap L1 to pull out their support, which will cause them to sink into the
ground and start the cooling process.

Enemies will then populate the area, with bombs armed. You can silently take
out these enemies without too much hassle. To stealth attack an enemy, just
walk up behind them and tap L1. Of course, you can just fight them head on as
well and not have much trouble.

Disable all the bombs. Up next is a battle with Shocker, the first boss fight
in the game. Shocker will attack you with punches and will keep you from
attacking him by dropping to the ground and creating a wave that will
deal damage.

Spider-Man’s Spider Sense will be white instead of red at this point. As you
probably noticed, this means that there is something that could hit Spider-Man
if you don’t get out of the way. Dive out of the way by holding Triangle and
moving the left stick in any direction. This will happen a lot when an enemy
is about to shoot at you. When the white lines disappear, it means Spider-Man
is no longer in danger.

Another combat element introduced in this mission is countering the attack of
two enemies at once. When two enemies try to attack you simultaneously, you
have to double tap Triangle in order to counter the attacks.

Anyway, back to the Shocker fight…Press L1 to temporarily stun Shocker and
then mash on Square as much as possible. Dive out of the way when he starts
attacking. Drain his health below the halfway mark and he will start standing
on platforms to charge an attack. Pull away the platform supports to make
Shocker drop. He will land on his face, leaving himself wide open to multiple

Once Shocker has been defeated, there is another interrogation sequence where
you can ask him a variety of questions about the situation. Ask away, and then
when you’re finished with the conversation, press the Circle button. Spider-Man
will take Shocker’s weapons for his own, so the battle will give you some new
toys to play with.

To Top

Before you can really get going with this mission, you have to stop two crimes
in progress. You have a choice of three different crimes. Saving people from
the burning building, saving a hostage from a car, or beating up thugs. The
easiest ones to do are the latter two.

Once the two petty crime requirements have been met, head to the next objective
marker, where you will find the police in a standoff against a group of
armed thugs. There’s six thugs total. Take them all out. Then go to Central
Park and beat up the thugs there.

Next head to Kraven the Hunter’s home. Talk with him, and then when he goes
upstairs, snap a picture of the T-Rex skull. To pull out your camera phone,
click in the right analog stick. You may need to adjust the zoom using the
left analog stick to get the T-Rex skull properly framed. You’ll know it is
properly framed because the cursor will turn green.

Now take a photo of the gramophone sitting near the couch. Make your way into
the next room and to the stairs here. There will be a large stuffed bear. Take
a picture of the bear. Another scene will play. Afterwards, go to Kraven
upstairs and talk with him here as well. Afterwards, you are free to leave.

To Top

Head to the area as designated by Kraven. Keep an eye on the “awareness” meter
in the upper lefthand corner of the screen. This is how aware the enemies are
of your presence. Snap photos of the four different thugs, then snap a photo
of the crate they are transporting.

Tail the van to the garage it pulls into. Go into the manhole to get in their
secret base of operations. This is a stealth section, but you don’t have to
be overtly stealthy. Just take out anyone that sees you. Make your way to the
new suit and throw it on by pressing Triangle.

To Top

Go to the theater. Upon reaching the front doors, choose to enter. You will
automatically switch back to your civilian Peter Parker outfit. Once inside,
you can walk around a bit and collect tech for XP upgrade points, or you can
start following the waiter to the back hall (after the chat with Harry).

Go to the dressing room to switch back into your Spider-Man outfit. Rip the
vent off the wall and then climb through the ventilation system here. A
Spider Sense danger moment occurs. You need to move the right stick to look to
your right and press the QTE button that pops up in order to avoid the danger.

You have to fight a “Brute” style enemy here. This kind of enemy takes a lot
more damage and also deals a lot more damage than the usual batch of foes. Use
Shocker’s gauntlets by holding Circle and then releasing it to stun him. Then
run up and start mashing on Square to deal damage.

Three more enemies will show up to help him fight. Take out all four of the
enemies now. After the scene, Spider-Man will automatically return to the hall
with the dressing room. Use the dressing room to change back into the civilian
outfit and then walk to the bar. After another scene, you need to go talk to
Mr. Fisk.

When you’re done talking with him, leave the theater. Go to the gang members
and then you have to destroy the four different weapon crates. To destroy
the crates, press L1 to rip the panel off, then mash the Square button to
destroy their technological insides.

Afterwards, enter the building to deal with a hostage situation. You need to be
stealthy here, but the enemies are all very easy to deal with as they are all
spread out. If you need extra help during this stealth sections, upgrade
Spider-Man’s Spider Sense ability to include “Sight”, which will show the
line of sight of the enemies. It only costs 1500 points, so it is an upgrade
that is very much worth it.

Upon defeating all of the thugs in the area (there’s a total of seven of
them), be sure to free the hostage. To do this, go up to him and press the
Triangle button.

To Top

This is a short one. Go meet up with Kraven on the roof with the greenhouse.
There is also a comic book page there for you to grab. Then watch the cut-
scene that follows.

Afterwards, simply drop down and beat the hell out of Cletus Kassady. You will
want to rip the knife out of his hand first. Disarm him by pressing L1.

To Top

Security in the city from the “Task Force” will now be considerably more
beefed up than usual. Go to the police convoy and hop on the top of it using
the R1 Web Rush ability. Your goal now is to make sure the truck gets to its
destination without being destroyed by the gangs.

You’ll have to protect the truck from a variety of hazards. They include the
turrets on the walls of some buildings that are actually trying to hit you,
but will end up hitting the truck as collateral damage. You will also
have to fight off criminals with guns, and destroy the turrets on top of

Another hazard to be aware of is car bombs. Keep your Spider Sense turned up
(“up” on the d-pad) to locate car bomb threats. Then aim the cursor at the
cars that are rigged to explode and tap R1. Spider-Man will get rid of the
bomb and you can continue.

Sometimes the truck will drive without you, but other times you will be
required to be on top of it for the truck to continue. They’ll also need you
to pull any wreckage out of the way using your webbing by tapping L1.

Once the truck reaches its destination, head to the museum. Go to the roof of
the museum and go through the ventilation shaft that’s up there.

The museum sequence simply requires you to take out all the thugs that are
walking around with their guns and flashlights. Once they’ve been dealt with,
you have to do a boss battle with Black Cat. Black Cat is extremely fast and
has two types of attacks, melee and ranged, but you can’t take her weapons
from her like other enemies.

She has a tendency to zip around the area at ridiculous speeds, so it can be
hard to keep track of her. What you need to do is firs either dodge or
counter her attacks, then use Web-Pull with L1. This will bring her in close
so that you can nail her with a series of strikes.

Sometimes she will retreat and hide from you. Turn on your Spider Sense to
find her and try to get her with a surprise attack so that you can lay into
her without having to fear her being able to attack you as well.

When her health bar is only a sliver left, she will retreat to the front of
the dinosaur skeleton. That’s when you have to put in the last line of
attacks against her to finally defeat her.

To Top

Go to Harry’s apartment. Chat with Harry for a bit. Before leaving, be sure to
grab the tech points and the two audio logs in the room. Then swing around for
a while, maybe collect some comic book pages or something, until you get a
new objective to go talk to Harry as Spider-Man.

Hop on top of Harry’s limo. When that conversation is over, go to Kraven’s
loft. Enter his loft through the window on the roof. Go up the steps and to
his back room. Kraven will fire at you with sleeping darts. Move the right
stick so that you’re looking in their direction and mash on the Triangle
button to try to avoid them.

When Spider-Man wakes up, you’ll be in another boss fight, this time against
Kraven himself. Kraven is one of the more formidable bosses that you’ve faced
so far, mainly because he doesn’t give you a lot of opportunities to heal up
if needed and he does a lot of damage with his machete, which can’t be taken
away from him.

Kraven will come at you one on one for a bit, so just counter his attacks and
lay into him with attacks of your own like any other enemy. Kraven will
then throw down pellets that emit a smoke that will make you see multiple
Kravens running around. Hitting them will make them disappear, but you should
not just stick to them or stick to real Kraven. Just go with the flow,
countering whenever Spider-Man’s Spider Sense is red and otherwise mashing on
the Square button to get rid of the “clones” and do damage to Kraven as

Kraven will occasionally retreat to the tree tops as well. When he does this,
he is aiming a crossbow at you. Activate Spider Sense to find his position in
the trees. Then press R1 to Web Rush to him and knock him off whatever branch
he is perched on.

As the fight progresses, Kraven will start combining the clone hallucinations
with his tree-retreat. You’ll want to run away from the “clones” and then
quickly locate him in the trees and take him out, as his crossbow is far more
deadly than the fake Kravens.

Upon defeating Kraven, he will answer some of Spider-Man’s questions.
Interrogate him for a bit. There’s only two questions that you can ask him.
Then end the conversation to end the mission.

To Top

Head to the truck outside of Kingpin’s tower. Get in the back of the truck.
Once the ride is over, shoot your new Ionic Webbing at the back of the truck
door to weaken the metal. Then press Square to punch through the metal. There
will be an enemy waiting on the other side with armor. Use the webbing to
damage the armor, and then press Square to outright destroy it.

There are four enemies here with armor. They are the leaders of the Task Force
and need to be taken out. You should take out their goons as well as explore
the area for audio logs and other knick knacks lying around.

Defeating them all will open up a secret area in the destroyed subway. Go
there to be taken to Kingpin’s hideout. As you probably could’ve guessed,
you will now be in a battle with Kingpin.

The battle with Kingpin is extraordinarily easy, especially compared to the
recent battle against Kraven. Kingpin has a lot of easily avoided attacks. To
damage him, hit him with a charged Seismic Blast. This will anger him and he
will respond by charging at you. Wait at the last second (he will start to
gain great speed) and then dive out of the way.

This will cause Kingpin to run head-first into a wall. This in turn leaves him
wide open to a series of attacks from your truly. Beat the hell out of him as
much as possible, and then just keep repeating the process. Kingpin will also
call in some of his armored goons from the Task Force to help him out at
times, but they are easily disposed of and then you can get back to focusing
on beating up Kingpin as much as possible until his health meter is fully

To Top

Electro is destroying the city. There are four generators that are powering
him, so they need to be destroyed. Just go to the roofs with the generators on
them. Mash on the Square button to destroy them. Task Force drones will bother
you, but they are easily destroyed. Either spam your Ionic Webbing at them or
press R1 to dash to them and take them out of the sky that way.

Once the four generators are destroyed (be sure to grab the tech packs near
them, by the way), it’s time to confront Electro himself. Go to his position
and then complete the Spider Sense “danger” moment.

Electro will flee through the streets. Catch up to him and Web Rush onto him
to take him out of the sky and into the street itself. Spam webs at him to
get him all sticky, and be sure to avoid the electrical charges that he sends
your way.

Run up and beat on him after he is encased within the webbing to deal damage.
If his electrical attacks do hit you, this will disable your use of webs for a
short time. When Spider-Man stops glowing blue, that is how you know that you
once again have control of your webbing.

When enough damage has been done, a QTE button mashing event will be triggered.
Complete the QTE successfully and then Electro’s attacks will become more
aggressive, giving you less of a chance to properly dodge them. He will also
increase his speed.

Electro will flee through the streets again, leaving electrical orbs behind
him to keep you from following. Chase after him on foot and mash on the
Circle button to knock the orbs out of the sky. When Electro reaches his
next generation, it is revealed to be an eletrical panel that he uses to
replenish some of his health.

Quickly stop him by getting up there and using Web Strike/Web Rush on him. Then
the fight becomes just like it was previously, getting him stuck with the
webbing and mashing on Square to damage him while avoiding his various
electrical attacks. Fail to do the latter and your webbing will be
temporarily disabled, just like before.

The battle ends with another QTE segment where you must mash on Square a bit.
Completing this QTE will end the battle with Electro.

To Top

There are three bombs placed throughout the city. You can go to them in any
order that you wish. They are protected by baddies in some cases, so you will
need to take them out before you are able to pick up the bomb. The bombs
will not become armed until you get close to them. At that point, a meter will
be displayed in the upper lefthand corner of the screen. If that meter is
fully depleted, then the bombs go off and you lose.

To get rid of a bomb, take it to the nearby river. Once all three bombs are
dealt with, go to OsCorp. A few guys with gliders will show up, and there
will be two snipers watching their back as well, one on the roof across from
OsCorp and one on the ledge just above the front doors of OsCorp.

Take out the snipers first. Keep an eye for a yellow radius that will appear
on the ground. This indicates where a bomb is going to be dropped, and you
definitely do not want to be there for when the bomb explodes, as these
bombs do an incredible amount of damage.

Once the two snipers are taken care of, the glider guys are next. Rip them off
the gliders with L1 and then pound into them. Focus on one at a time, but
be weary of the other dudes so that you can counter any attacks that they throw
your way.

After all five of these enemies have been defeated, it’s time to rescue the
people that have been injured in the battle. First go over to the nearby
pile of rubble and press Triangle to free the civilian trapped underneath.
Then go to the ledge where you fought the OsCorp sniper to find two citizens
that are stuck there. How they got here, I do not know, but pick each one up
one at a time and take them to the designated spot in the street, just as if
you were saving someone from a burning building or whatever.

The Green Goblin himself will confront you next. Chase him throughout the
streets until you wind up on a roof. Toss his bombs back at him with L1 and
then wail on him while he’s off his glider. Drain his health to half, and
then you need to pursue him. Press R1 to get on the glider with him. Mash on
Square and use the left stick to slam him into the sides of the buildings
that he flies by.

He will do a complete circle and you will wind up back on the roof that you
just fought him on previously. Goblin will not have his glider now, but he
will use his drones a lot more frequently. The Triangle button will pop up on
the screen a lot, indicating that you can quickly counter the drone attacks if
you press the button fast enough.

When you get the chance to get to the Green Goblin, usually by throwing his
drones back at him to destroy the shield they’ve formed, just run up and mash
on Square to deal damage. Keep doing this until his health has been depleted,
but it won’t be done just yet.

Before the Green Goblin is truly defeated, he will try a last ditch effort to
take out Spider-Man. His glider will come flying at you in a Spider-Sense
“danger” moment. Use the right stick to flip the camera around so that you can
see the glider coming at you. Press the button that pops up on the screen to
avoid being hit by the glider, which will in turn take out the Green Goblin

To Top

At Ravencroft, there’s a riot ensuing. The inmates will battle the Task Force
members. Take them all out in this first area. Then free the civilian from
underneath the car. Go to the next area, get rid of the enemies, and free the
civilian trapped here as well. Then do it again for the third set of enemies
and a third civilian. Be mindful of your health during this process; dying
here will put you all the way back at the beginning of the level, as you
don’t get a checkpoint until you have freed all of the civilians and have
defeated all of the required enemies.

Next you have to defend the warden of the asylum from a bunch of inmates that
are beating the hell out of him. The Seismic Blast is extremely useful in this
situation, as you can blast away a bunch of them at one time. Stay in the
circle to keep the warden’s health from depleting too quickly.

Otherwise, just keep beating up all of the inmates. More of them will show up
to replace the ones you’ve taken out, but eventually you will get ahead of the
curve and their numbers will dwindle. After defeating them all, the warden and
Spider-Man will have a little chat about Carnage and possible ways to defeat

Take the warden, Donald, out of the vicinity. Drop him off in the parking
lot, and then get inside the actual asylum through the roof. In the first
area, you’ll be where they kept Electro. Go into the air vent directly
across from you, then crawl through to get into a control room. Take out the
enemies on the other side stealthily. Watch out for the mines that are
surrounding Electro’s cage, by the way, as they can practically kill you if
you are in their blast radius with just one blast. You can disable them by
covering them with webbing.

Use Web Rush to get inside the actual cage. Then exit the cage. Drop to the
ground and pull the pillar out of the wall to move the wreckage. Move through
the tunnels using crawling and your webs to stop the fans as needed. Avoid
the electricity-imbued water, and keep going until you find Cletus.

Beat him like you did before. Except this time, he will transform into Carnage.
Carnage’s melee attacks can be countered. He also will throw blobs at you
that can be easily avoided by diving out of the way. You can deal a lot of
damage to him if you trick him into one of the areas on the edge of this
floor, pull the lever there, and then catch him on fire. The fire will
continue to damage him even after the initial hit.

Carnage will climb on the walls sometimes. In that case, use your Seismic
Blast to knock him down. If you leave the fire on, you can oftentimes knock
him down into fire to deal even more damage.

When Carnage starts to spawn his clones, you need to take care of them. They
will be a nuisance, but just be sure to keep dodging Carnage’s attacks while
you take them out. Just like Carnage, they are very vulnerable to fire, so
keep that in mind.

To Top

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3. Side Missions
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has a number of side missions available that are
required to achieve 100% in the game. These side missions come in the form of
static and dynamic events.

Total: 5
There are five different gang hideouts in the gang. To liberate a gang hideout,
simply defeat all of the enemies that are found there. These are designed in a
way so that it is possible to get through them 100% stealthily if you have the
skills to do so.

On the map, the hideouts are represented by purple icons with eyes in their

Total: 30
All around the city are crime scenes that can be investigated further if you
snap some photos of them. You will take pictures of agents in black suits,
Cletus Kassady’s initials that he has painted on the walls with blood, and
police to get the evidence sitting on the hood of their squad cards.

To pull out your camera, push in the right analog stick. Then when you have
the correct subject framed properly, the cursor will turn green. Press X to
snap the picture.

Photo investigations are represented by a blue icon with a camera shutter in
its center.

Total: 13
Throughout the course of the game, Peter Parker will receive photo requests
from the editor of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson. Simply whip out your
camera and snap a picture of whatever Jameson wants a picture of.

To see your messages, push in the touchpad. Then use the bumpers to cycle
to the “MESSAGES” tab. The messages that have Jameson requesting pictures
have “Special Article” at the front of them.

Total: 12
Located in The Comic Stand, where Stan Lee sells comic books, is an arcade
machine at the back of the store. Play the machine to compete in Spider-Man
related combat challenges. Complete all 12 challenges to satisfy this
requirement for 100%.

Green Spider-Man symbols, races require you to move through all of the
checkpoints before the time runs out. The trick to being good at these is to
utilize Web Rush to the best of its abilities. Aim at the center of the
checkpoints and tap R1. Spider-Man will Web Rush to them. Just keep doing this
all the way to the finish line.

Total: 30
Scattered throughout the world are OsCorp crates. They can be destroyed once
you have Ionic Webbing, which will allow you to destroy metal objects. Just
cover the objects in webbing and press Square to destroy them. There’s often
goodies inside.

Total: 40
Audio Logs are collected simply by finding them in the levels or by completing
other tasks in the game. You can listen to audio logs as soon as you collect
them by pushing in the touchpad, or you can go back and listen to them by
finding the audio log in the “messages” tab.

Total: 300
Comic pages are very important to leveling up as they give you a lot more XP
than anything else really. If you see one and aim the cursor at it, you can
tap R1 and Spider-Man will automatically zoom right to it. If you level up
your Spider Sense ability all the way, the comic book pages will be marked on
your map to collect.

Total: N/A
Dynamic events are events that happen randomly across New York City and are
never ending. Sometimes they require you to beat up thugs or save people from
buildings, other times you are required to save hostages from criminals that
are speeding away from the police. Each dynamic event is introduced as a part
of a main story mission, so you should have a good handle on how to deal with
each one as they come up. Successfully completing dynamic events will raise
your Hero ranking, while ignoring them will raise your Menace ranking.

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4. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you complete The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

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Also be sure to check out the cheat page for Amazing Spider-Man 2 for extra
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that are in the game:

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