Wolfenstein: The New Order [Guide]

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein is back! The FPS franchise that started it all has been revived
for next-generation consoles with this new reboot from MachineGames and

Wolfenstein: The New Order
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough

Chapter 01: Deathshead’s Compound
Chapter 02: Asylum
Chapter 03: A New World
Chapter 04: Eisenwald Prison
Chapter 05: A New Home
Chapter 06: London Nautica
Chapter 07: A Mystery
Chapter 08: Camp Belica
Chapter 09: New Tactics
Chapter 10: Berlin Catacombs
Chapter 11: U-Boat
Chapter 12: Gibraltar Bridge
Chapter 13: Lunar Base
Chapter 14: Return to London Nautica
Chapter 15: Under Attack
Chapter 16: Return to Deathshead’s Compound

3. Perks
4. Enigma Codes
5. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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BJ Blazkowicz has the fate of the world on his shoulders. He is the only one
capable of saving the world from the Nazi threat in the 1960s. That’s right;
the Nazis won World War II.

LT – Aim
LB – Lean/Cover Mode
RT – Fire
RB – Grenade/Weapon Select
LS – Move/Sprint
Y – Previous Weapon
X – Use/Reload
B – Crouch
A – Jump
D-pad (up) – Dual Wield
D-pad (right) – Toggle Main Weapon Fire Mode
D-pad (down) – Map
D-pad (left) – Toggle Alternate Weapon Fire Mode
View Button – Journal
Menu Button – Pause

There are five different difficulty settings. They are as follows:

Can I Play, Daddy? – Very Easy
Don’t Hurt Me. – Easy
Bring’em On! – Medium
I Am Death Incarnate! – Hard
Uber – Very Hard

What’s the difference between the Wyatt and Fergus timelines?
At the end of the first chapter, you make a choice that splits the game into two distinct timelines:  the Wyatt timeline, and the Fergus timeline. The differences between the two are very minor, but if you are having trouble on Uber, you might want to go through both to see if that can make your life easier.

Why? Well, in the Wyatt timeline, you can collect armor upgrades that will improve the armor you collect in the game. You get these upgrades usually by unlocking lockers with the lockpick. In the Fergus timeline, you gain health upgrades that improve your overall health. There’s a hotwiring mini-game in the Fergus timeline instead of the lockpicking found in the Wyatt timeline.

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2. Walkthrough
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The first thing that you will have to do in the game is close the pipe. Leave
the cockpit, then take the first left. There will be a locker here with the
tools you need. Open it up and then grab all the tools inside. Go to the
pipe and close it by approaching it and pressing X.

On your way back to the cockpit, you’ll be told to get rid of the cargo in the
cargo hold. The door to the cargo hold is located opposite of the locker
where you got the tools. Head there now and go to the straps on each of the
items in the hold. Pull the right trigger or click in the right analog stick
when you are close enough to each strap to cut it and free the cargo. Now
return to the cockpit.

Pull the lever when prompted. Then enter the machinegun turret when prompted
to do that as well. Use that to shoot the Nazi planes out of the sky. You
have unlimited ammo, but keep an eye on your health, which is displayed by a
gear at the bottom of the screen.

Eventually, you will be forcefully ejected from the turret position. Grab
the medical kit when prompted, then open the door of the cockpit. Get a running
jump (after a short scene) by pushing in the left analog stick, and then press
A to jump out of the cockpit and onto the nearby plane.

Once inside this new plane, make your way to the cockpit of it. Help the
soldier to his feet by slapping him around a little bit, and then watch another
scene unfold. Once that scene has concluded, grab the yellow radio phone to
answer Fergus.

After talking with Fergus, you need to go underwater. Along the way, you can
grab extra medical kits to go into “Overcharge” mode, which simply means that
you will have way more health than normal, though that health will deplete and
return to 100 automatically after a short time. You’ll have to slide under
some wreckage to get to the water area. To slide, first sprint by holding in
the left stick and then tap the B button.

Once you’ve gotten into the open water, you’ll need to stick your head above
the water so that you don’t drown. That being said, staying above water for
too long will result in you being filled with holes. If you need to heal, the
various destroyed planes offer shelter and the occasional med pack if you’re
sick of staying under the water this entire time.

Swim your way to the turret. Use it to destroy the machines. Then hop out of
the turret and go talk to Fergus. Press X when you’re close enough, and that
will start another cut-scene.

Once that scene concludes, you’ll be equipped with a submachine gun. Sprint
through the trench in front of you and make it inside the bunker. There will be
a couple of enemies with their backs to you that can be easily killed. In the
next room you will find grenades. Grab them by pressing X, then throw them
using the right bumper.

Toss the grenades at the automatic turret set up in this bunker. Once it is
destroyed, it will create a hole that you can drop down into. This will lead
you to a room full of goodies. Grab all the armor down here as well. Armor
comes in the form of helmets and other metal pieces. Collecting it will give
you a buff against incoming damage. Very useful.

When you’re done looting this room, it’s time to learn how to lean. Hold in
the left bumper and then use the left stick to lean. You can “lean” all the
way to the ground this way. Approach the nearby door and lean as low as you can
go to see the enemy’s feet through the slots. Shoot his feet and then continue
into the subsequent trench.

The 1946 assault rifle can be snagged here. I recommend grabbing it. Hold X to
pick it up. You can dual wield with the assault rifle as well if you so wish.
Fight your way into the next bunker, where you won’t find an automatic turret
to destroy, but you will find a map sitting on top of a crate in the area
where the turret was in the previous bunker.

If you have the map for a chapter, it can be accessed by pushing “down” on the
d-pad once it has been successfully collected. Kill your way through more of
the trenches, and you will come across the terrifying Kampfhund 1946. These are
zombie dogs covered in armor, and they are particularly dead.

The first one will jump right on you and start snapping away. Push in the right
analog stick repeatedly in order to knife the hell out of the creature and
get it away. A little ways further and you will encounter another one, so
kill it and continue into the third bunker.

Of course there’s stealth kills. Why wouldn’t there be? And right in this
bunker are two chumps that are just begging for it. First, kill the commander.
Get up close enough to him so that the icon prompts you to perform the
“takedown”, which is the Wolfenstein way of saying “stealth kill”. Then kill
the guy that’s just up the stairs a bit before continuing out into more

There are five or so enemies here surrounding a commander. They walk around him
in a circle, all facing away from one another. This means that you can very
easily just stealth kill everyone here. And if you get in a jam, there’s plenty
around to help you out.

Kill everybody in this trench area. Now if you open your map, you will see two
yellow objective markers. These are two different ways to get to the same
area. You can toss a grenade in the room where the closest yellow objective
marker is, at the missiles lying on the ground (get the throwing knife
that is behind the shelf first though, assuming you have that perk unlocked).

Alternatively, you can place an explosive on the big metal door at the second
yellow objective marker. Whatever you choose, this will lead you into the
larger bunker, where your new goal will be to disable the cannons. This is a
large, open area. Notice all the question marks on the map? Those indicate
collectibles. You can go around and snag those as you like, otherwise make
your way to the first cannon by going up the flight of stairs. And by “going
up”, I mean “killing your way up”, naturally.

Enigma code piece 1:1 is found if you choose to blow up the big metal door and
go down that path. As soon as the door blows up, take a right. There is a door
here. Go through the door and open the steps. Take another right and you will
find the first enigma code piece in the entire game just sitting on a crate.

From the enigma code piece 1:1, step back outside. Straight ahead are two
stairs with a turret attached to the railing at the top. Sprint straight down
this path. You’ll find a vent on the far well. Crouch and move through. This
leads to a secret room. The gold medal is sitting on a desk near the door that
you can use to exit the room.

There’s a lot of enemies here, and you can choose to either take them out
stealthily or guns blazing. I think that guns blazing is the better option at
this stage in the game. There’s plenty of ammo just lying around for you to
use, and popping off headshots with the dual wielded assault rifles feels
really good.

Enigma code piece 1:2 is found just beyond the room with the first cannon.
There’s a small office with three levers on the wall. Pull the levers in this

left, right, middle

This will make a secret entry way open up, which in turn reveals a hidden
room. On the desk in this hidden room is the code piece.

Leave this room and take a right, which is on your way to the second cannon.
There is a bunk room to your right, with red light coming out of it. On one of
the bottom bunks in this room sits Oskar’s letter for you to collect.

No matter how you choose to do it, get to the first cannon. Kill the guy
operating it, and then head to the second cannon. Again, there’s going to be a
whole lot of killing between you and the cannon so prepare for some serious
bloodshed. Take control of the second cannon once you’ve killed the man
operating it, then turn it to the left. Destroy the wrecked plane blocking
the stairs by blowing it up, and then go there.

A golden goblet can be found in the room on the way to the plane wreckage
area. There are crates in the middle of the room, with a tarp over them.
Crouch and you can see the gold goblet underneath the tarp, on the floor
next to the crate.

Walk down this path and you will be attacked by a Panzerhund. Shoot at its
face, and then you’ll be saved by Wyatt. Wyatt will ask you to grab his hand,
but don’t do that just yet!

You see the bunker where the Panzerhund burst out of? Go there right now.
Inside you’ll find Enigma Code Piece 1:3 just sitting on a crate. There’s also
some health and armor in here as well for you to rest up.

Grab Wyatt’s hand when you’re ready to continue. You’ll then be scaling the
side of the wall. Enemies will peak their heads out of the windows to try to
shoot you down, so shoot them first. One of the windows you pass will have an
enemy at a mounted turret, so be weary of that.

Climb through the window at the top. Grab the ammo off the dead enemy, and then
go to the left. Go down the ladder and pull the lever. Climb down the chains.
These next halls have a couple of Kampfhunds as well as plenty of enemy Nazi
soldiers. Kill them all and make your way to the dining room, which has food
that you can eat to replenish your health.

Not only does this dining room have food and the like, but it also has the
third Gold Chalice of the stage. It is sitting right on the desk against the
far wall of the room.

From the room with the gold, look straight out the door. You’ll see some lights
set up. Sprint there. This room has wooden boards as makeshift bridges. Drop
between the gaps in the boards to fall to the room below. The enigma code
piece is located there.

Continue to kill the Nazis and work your way up by taking the stairs. You’ll
come to a room with a large painting of Deathshead. Loot the room for various
goodies and kill any enemies present. Then examine the statue that is to the
left of Deathshead’s picture. Interact with it to pull the sword, which will
reveal that the painting is a door blocking a secret passage.

In the room with the large Deathshead painting, there are statues lining
the walls of knights holding swords. One of the knights has a sword that is
made out of gold.

Take the secret passage. Stone blocks on the walls can be pulled out to reveal
peeping holes that can be utilized to kill the enemies in the distance. If
you have the silenced pistol upgrade, found in the previous areas, then you
should take the pot shots. If not, just continue down the secret tunnel.

The tunnel will lead to a grate. Remove the grate. Silently kill the commander
while he is talking on the radio. On the commander’s desk is the Enigma
Code Piece 1:5.

Keep slaughtering the Nazis and you’ll come across a couple that are wheeling
around a turret. Toss a grenade their way to blow them up. Then go out to
this courtyard area. Take control of the turret mounted on the railing and
use it to kill all of the Nazis in the courtyard. When they’re dead, head to
the right and you’ll end up right beneath your buddies.

In the room with the turret-wheeling Nazis, turn around after killing them.
There are various crates in the room that you can smash with your knife.
Smash them and you’ll find the gold floorball trophy. What’s floorball? I
don’t know, but I am going to see if I can get a scholarship for it.

On your way to meet up with the buddies after shooting all the Nazis, you
will see a crack in the wall. Go over to the crack and you’ll find enigma
code piece 1:6 sitting on a concrete slab just through the hole in the wall.

They’ll toss you a crowbar. Use the crowbar on the piece of scaffolding that
is blocking your progress. Then use it to climb up to rejoin your friends.
When it’s your turn to jump across the gap, get a running start by sprinting
first and then press A to leap across the gap.

After a brief loading screen, watch your fellow soldiers examine the room.
The incinerator will be kicked on, and you have to find a key. In the first
cabinet near the door that needs unlocked, you will find Enigma Code Piece
1:7. Not exactly what you’re looking for, but not exactly bad to have right
now either.

The key you need is in the last cabinet that there is to check. Rush to the
door once you have it. Then go back for the crippled soldier and carry him
into the next room with everyone else. Grab the armor, ammo, and health packs
on the ground because you will need them soon enough, as a new enemy type, the
Supersoldaten 1946, shows up.

This creature is a “heavy”. Its armor is extremely resistent and the creature
itself does a lot of melee damage. However, he is slow. With dual-wielding,
you can do serious damage and put him out without too much of a problem. Just
run away whenever he gets too close and turn around and fire at him as he
tries to catch up to you again.

With the creature defeated, go over to the door that Wyatt is examining. Just
sit tight as the walls close in. Once BJ comes to, you’ll be given a choice by
Deathshead. You can save either Wyatt or Fergus. Whoever you put your cursor
on and select will be the one that is killed.

This will split the game into two different timelines. You can start the
opposite timeline simply by restarting the first chapter and then choosing
the other person to die.

After picking the person to die, you will be able to free yourself with a
pipe. Use the pipe on the Supersoldaten, and then jump on the various beds
in the room and use the pipes to smash the nozzles where the flames are spewing

Go over to the window and pick the lock. To pick locks, rotate the right stick
until you find the green arrow. Try to make the lock match up with the green
arrow. If held in this position long enough properly, the window will pop open.
Climb into it and then jump outside for sweet free–

Oh, snap.

NOTE: If you choose to save Fergus, then you have to do a hotwire mini-game.
To do the hotwire, use the left stick and right stick to move the wires. Keep
them touched together long enough for the window to pop open. You’ll know that
you’ve held them in place long enough when the three green circles are
all completely green.

To Top

The first time you get control of BJ, you are supposed to click in the right
analog stick to kill the Nazi soldier that is about to execute you. BJ will
automatically grab the dude’s pistol, and you will still have the knife to

Your first goal here is to get to the door control room. Obviously, there’s
going to be a hell of a lot of Nazis along the way, so pick up the weapons
you find as you go. There’s machineguns, a shotgun, and more just lying
around the floor for the taking.

On the second floor, it’s worth visiting the bathroom and picking the lock on
the locker there. You’ll find an armor upgrade inside. Then you can continue
downstairs to the door controls. Press the button and then make your way to
the front doors yourself.

On the stairs, try going up instead down from the second floor. There is
debris blocking the way, but the enigma code piece can be found there as

Through the pantry, you’ll find another set of stairs. There is a hole in the
stairs that you can look through. The handle to a secret door will be
highlighted in red. Shoot it and then return to the pantry. The secret door
panel will be open now. Crouch down to enter. Izabela’s letter can be found
on the crate next to the mattress.

On the front lawn, Anya will be getting taken by the Nazis. Kill the Nazis
near the car, and then kill the rest in the yard. A vehicle will pull up. A
few drones will come out of the top of it and a few Nazis will pile out of it
as well. Kill all of them. When the drones fall out of the sky, be sure to
get away from them as they explode before being destroyed for good.

Look underneath the front end of the car that Anya is lying next to. On the
ground underneath the car you’ll find a golden hood ornament to collect.

Go to Anya near the car. Press X to pick her up, and then this will conclude
the second chapter of the game.

To Top

Enter the basement by going down the stairs. Open the nearby cupboard to
find an armor upgrade, and then check the desk for a…

Gold watch!

Loot the other cupboard for the chainsaw part you need. Then check the
drawer that is on the desk where the chainsaw is sitting to find the goggles
that you need.

Roman’s letter can be found in the same drawer as the goggles. Just look back
inside it after you’ve collected the goggles.

Pick up the chainsaw and then Keller will rush you. Keep pulling the right
trigger to repeatedly punch him in the face. Doing this successfully will
initiate a cut-scene.

Once the scene is over, go through the nearby drainage pipe. Keep walking
until you reach the end, and there will be a door on your left.

Sitting right next to the corner, the floor, is Enigma Code Piece 1:9.

Go all the way up the stairs to get outside. An enemy will have his back to
you, so stealthily take him out from behind. Go around the corner, ignoring
the other enemies for now (stay crouched to avoid detection). Walk by the
objective marker and stay on the muddy road. You’ll see a table full of

The goodies table has guns, grenades, and medical kits. On the wall right by
the table is Enigma Code Piece 8:1. It is being pinned to the wall with a
couple of throwing knives. Take the throwing knives to get the code piece.

Your goal now is to clear the compound so that it is safe. What that amounts
to is killing everyone in sight. It’s perfectly fine for you to go around
guns blazing, especially if you grabbed all the ammo and weapons at the table
I just led you to, but it’s a lot more entertaining to use the throwing
knives to stealthily kill everyone. Remember that you can retrieve a throwing
knife from a dead body if you successfully kill them with it stealthily.

On the side of the building with the weapons table by it, there are some
cracked boards on the side that you can see through. Sitting in the dark is
the gold egg.

Notice the signals at the top of the screen? These signals indicate how close
you are to commanders. The commander enemies have the ability to sound the
alarms and call in reinforcements, so they need to be dealt with right off the

The first closest commander is located just outside a building that has doors
you can lockpick. You should lockpick the doors, move through the building,
and then take out the commander from behind.

After that, make your way to the large structure that has a zipline attached
to it. Climb up the ladders until you reach the top. Then use the zipline.
Look below for guards, then drop down and take them out.

The room where the second commander is located is locked, so pick the lock.
Once inside, the commander will have his back to you. Kill him and start
looting the room. There is a map of the compound on the wall that you’ll find
useful, but sitting on the commander’s desk is Enigma Code Piece 8:2, which
you will probably find even more useful.

Now just kill the rest of the enemies. There will probably one be one or two
left. If you are having problems finding them, cause a ruckus to get their
attention and then you should be able to kill them much easier.

Return to the car once you’re done and ride along on the side of it. Once you
reach the checkpoint, you have the new objective of raising the checkpoint
platform. This will lead you through the complex, in a round-about sort of
way, and there are plenty of Nazis to kill during this. Initially, you will
be tasked with either riding a lift down a shaft or using the scaffolding to
get around. Opt for the scaffolding, as the lift will make you a sitting duck
for the Nazis to shoot.

As soon as you get the objective to raise the platform, in the first building
you move through and on the first floor, there is an open doorway just to your
right as you step inside. There’s some construction materials in here next to
a red and white road block. Sitting on these materials is the enigma code
piece 8:3.

Once the Nazis in this part are killed, check the floor. There is a grate on
the floor with a handle on it. Tap X to rip the grate open. This will lead
you through a tunnel that will take you to the next part of the complex.

Keep an eye out for crates to destroy in order to get the health, ammo, and
armor inside. If you’re going the stealthy route, it’s pretty smooth sailing
until you see the signal pop up. In this room, there will be a guard walking
away from you, just over the railing. Kill him and then move past him into
the garage room.

In this room, with the blue outline of the truck on the wall, there are lockers
that line the walls. Some of them are open. One of these opened lockers has
the next enigma code piece that you need to collect.

In the garage, there is a car missing its doors, near where the commander is
located. Check the passenger side floorboards to find another enigma code

The commander is located here. He will be facing forward, so the only way that
you can stealthily kill him is with a throwing knife. Kill him regardless of
the method, and then if you turn right, you can see through the door, where
there will be two enemies — one above, and one level with you. Kill the two
of them and then move forward to the ladder. Climb it to reach the final
enemy in this room. Press the button on the control panel and then leave
this place through the designated door.

You’ll then have to pull the lever attached to the wall to exit the tower.
Follow the car into the next place, which is, as you could have probably
guessed, also crawling with Nazis. The commander is located in the building
that’s down the road and on the left, the only real “building” here and not
just a structure housing a turret. He’s located in the back room there, but
for now you should focus on picking off the other Nazis walking around the
compound one by one.

The stealthy approach works here as well, and since the Nazis are spread out
far apart, you can pretty easily get this done. However, thanks to the
added firepower that the turrets provide, mowing everyone down is a lot faster
and an extremely viable option available to you.

Whatever method you choose, all of the Nazis in this west section need to die.
In the commander’s building, you will find a ton of healing items, such as
food (including dog food) and medical kits, plus grenades, throwing knives,
the whole nineyards.

In the back room sitting on a desk is Enigma code piece 8:6.

At the second turret tower, there is a panel that can be destroyed on the
side of the building, just next to the ladder you use to climb up. You will
see these panels a lot later in the game, but at this point, there are no
means to destroy them at your disposal…except for the turret, of course!
Get the turret and use it to blast away the panel. Also destroy the box
sitting in front of the panel. Then crouch and move through to find a secret
room filled with goodies. Among these goodies is the gold medallion, sitting on
a desk next to some type of TV or monitor.

Once all of the Nazis are dead, return to the car. Two Guard Robots will
come out, but luckily they will only actively engage you one at a time. The
turrets around here are very helpful in killing them. If you need to recharge
a turret’s ammunition, re-mount it until it has full ammo.

Toss grenades at the Guard Robots, shoot them with turrets, assault rifles,
whatever you have. Just throw the full force of your capability at them, but
only fight one at a time to avoid being overwhelmed. Once the first one is
destroyed, it will explode so make sure you keep your distance.

Avoiding the gunfire of the Guard Robots is of paramount importance. They also
have a grenade style move where they fire a red orb at you that will then
explode. Keep an eye out for the “grenade danger indicator”, which is
represented by three red arrows that point toward the direction of the
grenade in question.

Anyway, after one of the robots explodes, it will drop a lot of armor on the
ground. Run around and collect the armor to help make the fight against the
second Guard Robot a bit easier. Get into the trunk of the truck when you’re

After a short scene, BJ will find himself on a train. Pick up the coffee tray
and then put it down on the table with the Nazis. Pick any of the three
pictures that the woman displays to you, but do NOT try to pick up the gun, or
else you’ll just wind up dead.

On your way back to Anya’s cabin, there will be some cubbies on your left,
with an article to read. The cubby at the end will swing open just enough for
you to see the golden door knob on the top shelf.

When that’s over with, pick the tray back up and then make your way to Anya’s
cabin on the train. Enter her cabin (there’s a note you can read on the bed
if you’d like), and then wait for the dialogue to finish.

To Top

Read the newspaper clippings in your hotel room if you wish. When Anya asks
you to survey the situation, approach her by the hotel’s balcony door and tap
the X button.

When the cut-scene is over, you will be in control of BJ again, on the
balcony. Start making your way across the roof here.

There is a hotel room with an open door that you will come up to…it’s
impossible to miss. If you check inside the room, you will find a newspaper
clipping as well as a letter for you to read.

Continue to the pipe and press X to slide down it. Pull up the grate on the
ground and jump through. Go to the workshop and examine the laser cutter
weapon that is lying on the table. Go to the nearby generator and pull out
its battery, placing it on the laser cutter instead.

In the next room over, where you find the flight of stairs needed to
continue the story, there is a fenced in area with some boxes inside for
storage. Use the laser cutter to get inside and you’ll find the golden plate
sitting on top of a box.

Go up the next flight of stairs you find. On the wall there is a charger for
the laser cutter’s battery. Interact with it in order to utilize it. Then
turn your attention to the chainlink fence blocking the path. Cut a hole in
the face that is large enough to BJ to move through, and then proceed to go
through the hole.

A gold frame is in this room. Right near the windows that you have to open is
another caged-in area not unlike the one you cut through to get the golden
plate. Simply cut through it and then grab the frame.

Leap across the roof to get to a set of windows. Open one. To your left will
be a Nazi. Go up and quickly kill him before he can spot you. Move into the
next room and slaughter the Nazis here, though try to do it quietly since the
laser cutter is ineffective as a weapon.

The first enigma code piece of the level is tricky to find. In the middle room
with all the desks and monitors in this building, if you go to the far wall,
you will find a filing cabinet with files on top of it. Pick up these files
and then go to the filing cabinet on the other side of the room, with the
open drawer. Place these files in the drawer and close it. This will cause
the filing cabinets to move, revealing a secret room. Crouch down and go
inside the secret room. Code pice 8:7 will be found sitting inside a briefcase
in here.

Code piece 8:8 is sitting on the commander’s desk. Pick it up before killing

Follow the signal to discover the commander looking out his window, none the
wiser. Take him out from behind and then exit through his window. Shimmy along
the pipes here until another cut-scene plays.

Make your way to the roof now. Stay crouched so that you don’t make any
noise. You will come up to a Nazi on the roof. Kill him. Turn your attention
to the nearby door that is padlocked shut. Aim the laser cutter through the
gap in the door handle so that you can burn the chain off. With the chain
burned off, you are free to go through the door.

There’s some crates to break here with health inside them. Turrets are
mounted on the walls, and they are motion activated. There are a few guards
that are walking around in this area as well. Kill everyone and avoid being
detected by those turrets. You’ll reach a door that needs lockpicked, so
oblige it.

NOTE: If you are on the Fergus timeline, this part of the game is somewhat
different, but you end up in the same place. You have to go through a small
opening, and then a large robot dog will chase you. Turn around and sprint
to the pipes, hold B when close, and you’ll automatically slide underneath
of them.

No matter which timeline, you’ll be in the tunnel area, and there is a fence
blocking the edge of the platform. You know what to do. Cut through the fence
with the laser cutter, then drop down between the rock wall and the platform.
You’ll then find the enigma code piece 2:1 sitting on the stairs. There’s
also plenty of armor and health here as well.

As you come go down the subsequent hall, to your right will be a Kampfhund.
Ignore it for now and go into the bathrooms. Kill the guard that is taking a
piss, then go back to the Kampfhund. Ignore it again and go to the right of
it. There are two sleeping guards in here. Kill them both and be sure to
grab the key off the wall and the map off the table. Kill the dog.

The next area will feature a few guards as well as a commander. Use the signal
to reach the commander. He will be standing in a communications room with his
back to the equipment. Rush him and kill him. On the desk behind him is the
Enigma code piece 8:9 for you to collect.

In the coal mining area, check the pile of coal that the machine gets its
coal from. There is a gold nugget here.

The next area is a coal mining area. Not much of note here. Just a couple of
guards that are easily dispatched of. Exit this area, and then the 1960s
version of the Panzerhund will show up to wreak havoc. Sprint away from it
and then when you reach the two chains, use your laser cutter to burn them
away, allowing you access.

You’ll be in the cell block area now. Let the Nazi get away from you. Wait
for his conversation to be over, and then he will leave his friend. This will
allow you to kill him in a much simpler fashion. Kill his friend after that.
Then use the lift to get to the top.

Enter the cell with all of the resistance prisoners. They are all chained to
the walls via a helmet on their head. Kill the lone Nazi soldier in here, and
then go about using the laser cutter to free all of the prisoners. If needed,
you can recharge your laser cutter using the recharge station that is attached
to the wall.

Climb onto the table that is pushed against the door. Look up to see a chain
holding the duct shut. Burn through the chain with the laser cutter, and then
climb into the vent. Keep going until you drop into the control room. Kill
the commander there, and then pull the lever to open the door. Be sure to
grab the automatic shotgun, which will come very much in handy.

Silently kill the first two guards or so, then take out the rest (they will
become wise to what you are doing). When they’re all dead, follow Wyatt or
Fergus (depending on who you saved in the first mission of the game) out of
this area. Run with him away from the Panzerhund, and be sure to slide under
the door when that point comes, Indiana Jones style.

Continue to follow him as he cranks up the next door. Drop to a prone position
on the floor as there will be a Nazi doing the same on the other side in an
attempted ambush on you. Kill him and snag the supplies that are to your
immediate left upon entering the area. Believe you me, you’re going to
need them.

A Kampfhund will rush you, so kill him. Then sprint to the location of the
enemies and start mowing them down. More will come out of a nearby blue door.
Kill them and run in there to get more supplies. Across from this place an
enemy with full armor will come out of a door. Shoot the turret that is
above them to destroy it, and then kill them. Rush into that room immediately
as it is filled with grenades, throwing knives, and various other things that
will be helpful to you, such as health and ammo.

On the opposite side of the area, more enemies have now shown up. Kill all of
them, and then that will be the last of what you need to do for Wyatt/Fergus
to reach the next door to crank that open. Continue to follow him through
this next area, mowing down Nazis like none other. If you’ve been picking up
all the weapons possible so far, you should even be able to whip out dual-wield
shotguns, which practically makes you invincible at this point.

The next enigma code piece is found in the office area as soon as you go into
the next room, on the long, square-shaped desk.

As you are killing Nazis, you will pass their bunk room. This room is easy to
spot because it is lit up, whereas the rest of the area has a sort of pale
blue look to it due to the lighting. Check the bottom of the locker here to
find a gold helmet, just below the health that is on the second shelf up from
the floor in the locker.

Continue killing the Nazis in the next hallway. A Kampfhund will run up and
try to surprise you. You will reach a point where you have a choice of going
downstairs or upstairs. Choose to go upstairs first.

On a desk in this upstairs area, sitting inside of a briefcase, is Enigma
code piece 2:3.

Now regardless of if you backtrack or keep going through this area, you will
wind up in the same spot. A heavy type enemy will burst through the door, so
be ready to start just firing away at him. Outside, destroy the turret on the
wall, kill the two Nazis, and then drop down.

Go over to the car that has been procured for your use. You actually get to
drive it for a little bit. Use the right trigger to accelerate and the left
trigger to brake and reverse. Use the car to smash through the window.

After the crash, use the laser cutter to burn your way into the sewer system.
Then simply wait for Anya to remove the manhole. Point up at her and press X
to take her hand.

To Top

NOTE: If you chose the Fergus timeline, then there will be no character named
J. Instead, the character that takes his place is named Tekla.

Press X to jump into the water. Swim to the metal grate. Use the laser cutter
to get the crate open. Then press X again to turn the valve. Swim through to
the other side and then come up for some air. Walk with Wyatt/Fergus and Anya
to the door. Press X to embrace Anya and warm her up, which will also initiate
the next cut-scene.

Welcome to the resistance! Go up the stairs to the bedroom areas. What you need
is in Max’s room, but there are boardsblocking it. Exit this room, then take a
right. Go through the first room here.

A new collectible is introduced in the fifth chapter. They are records from
the Nazi version of The Beatles. Die Kafer Das Blaue U-Boot. Their first
record can be found leaning against the end table in this room. The song that
you get for collecting it is called “Mond, Mond, Ja, Ja,”.

Downstairs, if you go into J’s room (J is the musician), examine the desk.
BJ will build a little toy. Collect the toy off the desk for an upgrade to
your armor.

Your goal is to find the crowbar now. It’s in the room right next to the one
that had the record in it, just sitting in a box. However, it’s worth your
time to examine the rest of the place. If you go all the way to the top, you
will find the tools room, which as a box full of knives. You should grab as
many as you can possibly carry.

Return to Max’s room with the crowbar. Speak with Max and that will initiate a
cut-scene. When the cut-scene is over, use the crowbar on the board to remove
it. Grab the folder inside.

Before giving the folder to Caroline, go into her room. After you collect the
folder, it will make Caroline exit her room, located by the fridge, so that
can give you access. Rip the poster off her wall and you can find a secret
passage behind it. Take a left and look up at the grate here. Press X again
to remove the grate and then move through this area. You’ll find the gold
vase leaning against the wall in the room with the boxes in it.

When you’re ready to exit this level, speak with Caroline.

To Top

Just sit tight in the car for a bit. You can look around if you want, but
there’s not much to see. Then there will be a large explosion, which will
give you three paths to go down. One to the right, one in the center, and
one to the left.

The gold center plate can be found on the pedastal where the statue once

To find Enigma code pice 2:4, you’ll want to take the path on the right. You
will find the files for it next to a dead body. There’s also some pistol
ammunition to gather here as well.

The center path is a bust as it will just get you killed by a Panzerhund. So
go to the left path. Recharge the laser cutter using the battery that is
sitting in the rubble. Then use the laser cutter on the fence. Make sure you
cut a very large hole, as you’re going to need to move back through the fence,
so cut it in a way so you don’t have to jump or duck to get back through.

Slowly move down this path, and then quickly turn around and sprint backwards.
The Panzerhund will try to attack, but his head will get crushed by concrete
slabs. This will also open up a path that leads you down the center path,
over a car, and through more rubble. Whenever you see the blue signs with an
arrow pointing down, that means you are to slide underneath these obstacles.
Sprint away from the Panzerhund and he will be the object of his own demise.

A signal will pop up in the upper righthand corner of the screen, indicating a
commander nearby. The poor guy is just hobbling along. Sneak up behind him and
take him out. As you continue to move through the rubble, you’ll see another
Nazi, but this one is armed. Shoot him in the head and then move forward,
looting him and the area around him for more guns.

As you continue through the paths cut in the rubble, you will discover
various health items and ammunition. Be sure to grab it all, so you can’t
backtrack here. A Guard Robot will then attack. Don’t worry about pressing
anything during this scene, as you are helpless and BJ will automatically be
blasted backwards.

After the Guard Robot blasts you, immediately turn around. Sprint to the
wall and then behind some rubble, you will find Enigma code piece 2:5 just
lying on the ground near some ammunition.

Grab the grenades lying around and use them to stun the Guard Robot. Find some
cover and peak out just enough so that you can get clear shots at it. Once you
have exhausted yourself of grenades, blast away at it with your guns until it
blows up. Now continue inside the actual building itself.

A robot and numerous Nazis will pour into the area, so immediately dart into
the room on your left. Move through the destroyed portion of wall here to
reach an arsenal, with plenty of health, armor, and weapons. Utilize these
weapons to slaughter all of the Nazis in the next room.

You probably saw this code piece when you entered the mini arsenal room in the
first place. It’s sitting on a swivel chair. This Enigma code piece is code
piece 2:6.

A good strategy is to simply stay in this room and use the wall as cover while
you take potshots at the Nazis. The Nazis that go to the landing of the stairs
will try to throw grenades at you. Shoot at them while they are trying to throw
the grenades and they will end up dropping them and blowing themselves up,
possibly blowing up their friends around them as well.

Once you’ve cleared the area of Nazis, ignore the robot and fight your way to
the second floor. A few more Nazis will show up, but they are easily dispatched
with the amount of ammo, health, and armor that is littering this place. A
turret gun can be found on the second floor, so you can use that if your heart
desires. Just make sure you have a couple of grenades on you for the robot.
There are more rooms on the second floor just filled with supplies of all
kinds, so don’t forget to loot them.

The robot will not move from his position guarding the shutter, so you can
stand above him on the second floor and rain grenades down on him. When the
grenades stun the robot, unleash hell using dual-wielded weapons or whatever
you have until he blows up. Just an ammo conservation tip by the way:  when
the orange liquid starts to pour out of the robots, that means they are about
to explode, so stop shooting them at that point.

On the bottom floor of this area are various windows lining the wall. The
center display contains the gold carafe collectible item. Shoot the glass on
the display to shatter it and allow yourself access to the item.

The main objective marker will actually lead you to the marksman’s sniper
rifle that is leaning against the locker where the armor upgrade for this
chapter is located. After getting the sniper rifle, pick the lock on the
locker. Then simply loot everything inside, including the armor upgrade.

Go to the pantry attached to the cafeteria. On the ceiling is a grate. Pull
the grate open. Then climb inside the air vent. Crawl through and you’ll
see another grate. Don’t drop down the hole that’s there, but rather move
to the grate. You’ll find a golden knife on it.

Once you’re done looting this place for all its worth, approach the shutter
door. Have your sniper equipped. Hold X to lift the shutter up as high as it
will go. A lone enemy will confront you during this process, but with the
sniper you can take them out easily without even aiming down the scope. Just
aim the cursor at them with the right stick while holding X to keep the shutter
rising, and you can make short work of him.

Be sure to move quickly underneath the shutter once you let go, because it
will start sliding to a close as soon as you release your hand from the

This is the moon dome room. There is a large moon replica in the center, and
spiraling staircases leading to a control room at the top. A couple of drones
will attack you, so kill them. Various ammunition and health items litter the
floor, but there are Nazis that will be shooting at you from above, so you
better move quickly.

You can use the panels for cover as you work your way up to each floor. At
the top, kill the Nazis in the control room. A couple more drones will show
up, so blow them up and be sure to be out of the range of their blast radius
once you shoot them out of the sky.

Code piece 2:7 is found on the panels in the moon dome room control tower.

Pull the handle in the control room to make the satellite dish lower. Shoot
the chain that is holding it up with the laser cutter. This will cause the
dish to fall and create a bridge for you to get across. Kill all of the Nazis
until you get to another chain. Burn through it and proceed inside of it to
get to the elevator shaft.

Wait for the elevator cars to crash. Then jump across to the first one. Walk
over to the yellow rope and start pulling yourself up the wall. Two drones and
a Nazil will show up. Shoot all of them (you will be using whatever hand is
not on the rope at the time, so be prepared to use LT to shoot if need be) and
then work your way up until BJ pulls himself up onto the next platform.

Go down to the end of the next hall. Crouch and open the door to the next
elevator shaft. Look down and make sure that your feet are NOT on top of the
elevator, but rather on top of the counterweight that is attached to the
elevator. The counterweight will have yellow shoe print markings on it so
that you can tell that you’re standing in the correct spot.

The top of the elevator has brakes attached to it. Shoot out the four of them
to cause the elevator to crash and the weight to rise. Move through the next
air vent required, open the hatch, and then drop down into the next room to
initiate a cut-scene.

Check the counters in here. There’s plenty of items to pick up, including
Enigma code piece 2:8.

Collect all of the items off the counters. Push the button that controls the
experimental upgraded laser cutter device. When it’s done doing its first
round, climb up the ladder. Aim the laser cutter at the chains (you’ll just
BARELY be able to see them) holding up the sheet of metal that is protecting
the door to the upgraded laser cutter.

Now hop down and push the button in front of the experimental laser cutter
again. This will cut a hole through the grate and in turn allow you to access
the laser cutter. BJ will ditch the crappy old laser cutter in favor of this
upgraded one called the Laserkraftwerk.

The Laserkraftwerk has an alternate fire mode where you can shoot blue blasts
at enemies, effectively turning it into more than just a cutting tool, but a
weapon as well. Toggle between the fire modes by pressing “right” on the d-pad.

Toggle the new and improved laser cutter so that the fire mode is “cutting”,
which will allow you to cut through the heavy steel grate that is blocking
the path to continue the story. Don’t forget to use the recharger on the wall
before exiting this room.

At the top of the ladder, described in the next paragraph, turn around at the
top. You’ll see a panel on the wall. Cut through it to find a hidden
ventilation shaft. Follow this to the end to find the gold flask.

The elevator right in front of you is worthless. Ignore it and turn to the
left where there is a ladder. Climb to the top here. There is a piece of
body armor on the pipes, so smash through the wooden boards to get to that.
Then shoot the brakes off of the second elevator to make it fall, allowing you
to use the pipes to gain access on the panel on the other side, where you
need to use the laser cutter to burn through.

This is going to lead you to a large hangar area. There are two guard robots
and a ton of Nazis. Luckily for you, the place is littered with ammo and
health, plus there are helicopters here with turrets. You can’t rip the
turrets off of the helicopters, but they are still very useful in thinning
out the herd. Two commanders will also be here, so you should try to take them
out first so avoid having to fight the maximum amount of Nazis here.

No matter your methods, just get the killing done. You’ll probably notice
some crates that look like the panels you can cut with the upgraded laser
cutter. These crates have body armor, ammo, stuff like that in them, so they
are worth cutting through, especially if you’re in a bind.

Once everything is dead, a new type of Heavy Robot will show up. This robot
takes a TON of ammo to kill, but like the Guard Robots, it will become
stunned if you toss a grenade at it.

In the small building in the center of this hangar there is a kit on the wall
that you can use to recharge your laser. Switch the laser over to the blast
type of fire and use it to deal serious damage to the Heavy Robot while also
keeping your ammo supply from becoming completely and utterly diminished.

Underneath the various helicopter platforms are crates. One of these crates
has enigma code piece 7:1 just sitting on the top of it.

Code piece 2:9 is located behind the servers in the server room, which is one
of the room that is on the outside wall of the hangar.

Upon killing the Heavy Robot, go through the area that it burst through.
Climb the ladder here to reach the control room for their hangar’s ceiling

On the island in the center of the control room is a newspaper clipping. On
the opposite side of that is Enigma code piece 7:2.

Push the button on the control console when you’re ready. This will open the
hangar doors and allow your friends to get inside. Leave the control room and
press the button near the elevator doors. Stand on top of the elevator and
press the button that is attached to the top of it as well. Ride it down,
then go to Caroline. Press X to pick her up. Carry her to the helicopter and
press X at the helicopter’s door to fly away.

To Top

Back at the HQ. Talk to Anya to get your mission for this place. You need to
get her a file from the archives as well as a sample of concrete that is
covered in mold.

Check the cot near J. Underneath the pillow is a letter.

Go back to the same room that you did previously to get the armor upgrade in
the HQ. Do the exact same thing at the desk and you will get yet another
armor upgrade for your troubles.

First let’s go to the archives room. Attempt to open the door and J will
tell you to get the key from Wyatt or Fergus. Go to their room and a cut-scene
will trigger. You’ll automatically have the key afterwards.

Go back to the archives room and unlock the door. Grab the file off the desk.
Now go to the hangar. The mold sample is located near Max and the gang. Examine
it and BJ will deduce that he will need a circular saw.

The circular saw is located to your left, if facing the mold sample. It is on
top a bunch of plywood. Go to grab it and BJ will fall through the floor as a
result. He will automatically equip the laser cutter. Recharge it, and then
make sure it is set to “blast” mode.

When you round the corner, there will be a turret attached to the wall. Shoot
it to destroy it before it can do too much damage to you. The gate is bent up
enough on the right side of it for you to move to the other side of the gate
and through the subsequent door.

The second record, entitled “House of the Rising Sun” by the band called the
Volksmusik All-Stars, is located on one of the shelves in this room, in the

Loot the shelves for the aforementioned collectible and the armor pieces that
you will acquire from doing so. Then proceed into the sewer area, where you
will have to battle drones. Grab the shotgun that is leaning against the shelf,
as well as the shells that are on the shelf, and use it to dispatch of the

In the sewer area, there is a large hole in the center of the floor. There is a
railing blocking mot of it, but there is a section of the railing that is
bent and broken. Stand there and look down and across to spot a hole in the
side of the well. Sprint and jump to land on the pipes that are just underneath
this hole. Crawl through. This will be a new area. Go up the stairs and look
on the red barrel to find the gold ash tray. Use the laser cutter on the chain
keeping the next door shut, and you’ll be right back to where you need to

You’ll come across a door you can open. There’s not much interesting inside,
so continue to the next wave of drones. Destroy them all and then go up the
next ladder that you come up to. This will lead you back to the hangar. Use
the circular saw on the concrete to get the sample, however this will also
scare Max.

This will unlock a side quest. You have the option of finding all of Max’s
lost toys for him, or you can just go talk to Anya to complete the level and
start Chapter 08. If you want to do that, simply go talk to Anya and finish
the chapter. Otherwise, keep reading.

BJ gets the idea about the lost toys from a picture that is on Max’s wall.
The objective marker will simply lead you to the picture, so it is useless in
finding the toys. The first toy, a toy robot, is walking around the hangar
area. Snatch it up and then return to the main part of the HQ.

The toy telephone is found in Caroline’s room, just sitting on the desk. The
toy blocks are located behind the wall in Caroline’s room. There is a large
hole in the wall in Caroline’s room. Just step through and the blocks are
sitting right on the floor.

Max’s toy truck is located in the archives room. It is sitting on the shelf to
your right as soon as you step through the door. Once you have all four of the
toys, take them back to Max’s room. Examine the picture on the wall, and BJ
will automatically distribute them on Max’s end table. You will unlock Max
Hass’s character biography for your troubles. Now return to Anya and speak
with her to proceed to the next chapter.

To Top

Follow the other prisoners down the line. Then put your arm in the tattoo
machine. Afterwards, follow the instructions of the Nazis to go to your
job. Approach the concrete mixer and press X to start working.

The goal here is to sabotage the machine. Flick the left stick to the left to
twist the lever. Flick it to the right to pull down the lever that is on the
right. Pull the left stick back, towards yourself, in order to push the
button in the middle.

Follow the instructions on the machine. Lever on the right first, then lever
on the left. Then the button. The cover of the button will come off. Press B
to crouch. BJ will look straight down at the button’s cover. Press X to pick
it up. Now repeat the process with the mixer, pulling the levers and pressing
the button in the same order as before, and BJ will do the rest.

During the confusion, go to your right and speak with the B4 prisoner. He and
BJ will switch clothes. Once the scene is over, go out the door to the B4
area. You’ll wind up in the prison yard. Go to the building where all of the
cots are, and you will find Set Roth tending to the wounded in the back of
the area. Speak with him to trigger another cut-scene.

When that’s done with, head over to the chute where they dump dead bodies.
Speak with the prisoner near the chute to get a side quest to kill the Nazi
known as “The Knife”.

In this starting room, where you first when down the chute, check the far
wall opposite of the chute. Against it is a crate with the first enigma code
piece of the level sitting right on top of it.

Pry open the doors to the chute. Then go to the next set of double doors and
pry those open as well. Once the scene is over, you’ll find yourself with a
Kampfhund and a Nazi with their backs to you. Very slowly make your way to
the Kampfhund and stealth kill it. Then kill the Nazi. There is another Nazi
in this room with his back to you, so kill him as well.

If you return to the room where you started out, then you will find some armor
and another Nazi to kill. Otherwise go the opposite direction. There will be
Nazis here as well, but they are spread apart and very easy to get up behind
and murder.

After going up the stairs, there is a guard walking away from you, towards
the room where you find The Knife. Behind him is a door with a cross on it,
representing a medical closet. On a tray in here is the enigma code piece

The Knife will be washing his hands once you reach him. Just go up and stealth
kill him. Grab his knife out of the sink so that you have a throwing knife on

There is a shelf on the wall next to the sink where you killed The Knife.
It’s hard to see, but on the bottom part of that shelf is enigma code piece

Once you reach the control room, utilize the throwing knife to kill the Nazi
inside. Then press the button on the control console to disable the security
system in the entire concentration camp.

In the security system control room, there’s a few filing cabinets sitting
against the far wall. Enigma code piece 7:6 is sticking out of one of the
cabinets in the center. Grab it before leaving the area.

Speak with the person that gave you the side objective to kill The Knife after
you have successfully killed The Knife. They will give you the gold dagger as a

In the bunkhouse, talk to Christa. Her husband is dying and needs medicine.
Return to the medicine room where you find the enigma code piece before. On
the table in there is the medicine needed. Return to Christa and give her
the medicine. You’ll then get Christa’s letter in exchange.

Return to the yard and then seek out Set. He will be standing closer to the
entrance of the area, facing the wall. Talk to him and then when that’s done
with, enter the building. There are no Nazis to speak of here, so you don’t
have to crouch.

Outside again, use the scaffolding to get to the top of the building. Open
the doors. Crouch and turn left. In this room is a Nazi and his Kampfhund.
Use a throwing knife to kill the Nazi. Then slowly walk around the desk and
get behind the Kampfhund so that you can stealth kill it as well. A bonus
throwing knife is lodged in the desk in here.

Enigma code piece 7:7 is located in the room with the Nazi and the Kampfhund.
Like code piece 7:6, it is sticking out of the top of a filing cabinet.

Keep crouched as you explore the rest of the top floor. Go from room to room,
utilizing the throwing knives to kill your enemies from afar. You can very
easily wipe out the entire floor from Nazis without being spotted if you just
take your time.

How would you like to be the man with the golden gun? And also get a bunch of
knives? Now I’m speakin’ your language, huh? Well, in the first room you come
across up here, open the door. Go to the desk and open the drawer to find
a code. Go to the painting on the opposite side of the room and take it off
the wall. Open up the safe to find the gold pistol and a bunch of throwing

Down the stairs, be careful as you move forward. The room to your right has
two Nazis in it. Wait for the armored Nazi to move, and then the one without
armor will have his back to you. This provides the opportunity to knife him.
Retrieve your knife, then simply hunt down the remaining Nazi and kill him as
well. Proceed down the next flight of stairs.

Before going down that flight of stairs though, there is a locker to check
out in this room. It has an enigma code piece as well as a couple of medical
kits if you need them. The locker is open, no lockpicking or hotwiring

You’ll find three Nazis down here. Before going down the stairs completely,
send a throwing knife flying into the first one. Then use a throwing knife on
the second. Sneak up on the Kampfhund that is sleeping there, and stab it to
dealth with a stealth takedown. Then send a throwing knife into the third

A gold bust is located in this basement area. It is sitting on a mantle as soon
as you come down the stairs, in the part of the room where the first Nazi is

In the same area as the gold bust is a cart. On the bottom shelf of the cart
is code piece 7:9.

In the next area, a garage, there is an open locker. Inside this locker is
the final enigma code piece for the level.

As you proceed, you’ll wind up in the garage. Two Nazis are in here. Take
out the first one near the car when his back is turned, and then kill the
last Nazi. Approach the battery on the wall and attempt to pull it out, which
will result in a cut-scene.

Look at Set and press X to toss him the battery. Watch the ensuing (and
terrifying) cut-scene. When it concludes, you will be in control of the Nazi

While this Nazi mech isn’t quite as advanced as the ones seen in Titanfall, it
still packs a seriously dangerous amount of firepower. Use “right” on the
d-pad to switch between missiles and the chaingun. Kill all of the Nazis as
you push forward, and use the missiles on the other robots you come across to
kill them faster.

When you reach the roof of the garage, press X to give Set a way to get on the
roof and then into the garage. At this point, you will be absolutely bombarded
by Nazis. Kill all of them as fast as possible, especially the armored ones,
as they have RPGs that will deal serious damage to the mech. In case you
missed it, the mech’s health is located at the bottom of the screen and
represented by a gear, much like other vehicles that you have driven in the
game so far.

Once all the Nazis have been killed, you will have the option of exiting the
mech. Just tap X and BJ will hop out of the mech.

If you speak with Set, you will exit the level. So instead of talking with
Set first, search the room in the garage. This room will have a gold mask
on the desk.

Speak with Set when you’re ready to exit the chapter.

To Top

Set needs welding equipment. Go to the tools room on the top floor of the
HQ to find a note explaining where the welding equipment has gone to. Wyatt
or Fergus, depending on which timeline you are in, has borrowed it for some
reason, and they are in the hangar.

Charlotte’s letter is found on shelf that is next to the bed that Klaus is
sitting on.

Yet again, you can get an armor upgrade from J’s room. This time when you go to
the desk, you will find J’s guitar sitting there. Interact with it and then
when the cut-scene is over, don’t forget to grab your upgrade before you

Hiding behind the door of the archives room is Anne. Speak with her. She’s
upset because she has lost her wedding ring.

Go upstairs to the the area where the tools room is located. There is a
toilet up here. Next to the toilet is a bucket full of icky stuff. Examine the
bucket to find Anne’s wedding ring.

Return the wedding ring to Anne in the archives room. Doing this task will
get you the gold vase collectible.

Go to the hangar. Wyatt/Fergus will be at the helicopter that you dealt with
the last time you were in the HQ. Speak with them and they will tell you that
they dropped it in some water. Return to the main floor of the HQ and speak
with Bombate, as he is sitting in a chair that is blocking the door you need to
go through.

Use the laser cutter to cut through the panel, and then dive into the water.
BJ will grab the welding equipment. Swim through the tunnels until you reach
a ladder. Climb it.

Switch the laser cutter to blast mode. Aim it at the chain holding up the
ladder. Shoot the chain to make the ladder drop. Jump across to the platform
in the center of the water. Climb up the ladder and then you can continue
through to a large area with big concrete structures being held up by chains.

Shoot these down using the blaster function of the laser cutter. These all have
devices built into them so that you can recharge the laser cutter. Make sure
your laser cutter is at full capacity as a couple of heavily armored Nazis will
show up. Use the blasting functionality of the laser cutter to kill them.
Hide in one of the concrete structures you knocked down if needed.

As you continue to explore this area, the record “Tapfrer Kleiner Liebling”
by Karl & Karla is sitting in plain sight on the ground.

Use the laser cutter on the panel. Drop down into the archives room. Then go
talk to Set and deliver the welding torch. He will give you a note to give to
Anya. Hand Anya the note to exit the chapter and once again leave the HQ
behind for a dangerous Nazi killin’ mission!

To Top

Before using the tunnel glider, turn around and go through the door. There is a
crate on the floor that you can burn through with the laser cutter. 80 points
of armor are inside, so grab that and then return to the tunnel glider.

Operating the tunnel glider is somewhat difficult. The controls for it are
inverted. Hold the right trigger to make it move, and then maneuver it using
the left and right sticks, but just remember that the controls are in fact
inverted for whenever you’re in the tunnel glider.

After unlock the first gate with the laser cutter, stop in this section. You
will see a pipe blowing bubbles near an opening in the cliffside. Get out of
the glider and then swim down this rock tunnel. It will lead you to a secret
room that has a bunch of collectibles in it. The first of which is the gold
plate, sitting on a wooden platform near the beds.

There’s a letter in this room as well, sitting on the floor near the top of
the second bed.

Finally, code piece 3:2 can be collected from the desk in this room as well.

You will come up to a gate blocking the path. Exit the tunnel glider and use
the laser cutter to cut through the chain. Get back in the tunnel glider and
proceed. You’ll come up to another gate, but the chain is located on the
opposite side. Exit the tunnel glider and dive. There is a hole in the
rocks below, marked by a yellow objective marker. Swim through and then when
you surface on the other side, use the laser cutter to cut through the chain
holding that gate up. Return to the tunnel glider before you drown and use
it to continue through the sewers.

The next obstacle you’ll reach is a large fan that is blocking the path. Exit
the tunnel glider and climb the ladder. Hold the handle until the fan spins
its blades to the point that there is a gap for you to easily swim through.
Get back on the tunnel glider and swim through.

A gold ladle can be found if you ignore the path to your right that you’re
supposed to go down. Instead, start continuing through the next area
prematurely. The gold ladle is sitting on a platform. Exit the tunnel glider
and grab it.

Move through the door. You’ll have to exit the tunnel glider to do so. Take a
left and climb up the ladder. Up here you will find a lever that will control
the amount of water in here. Hold it until the water goes up to the platform
that BJ is looking at, then release.

Return to the tunnel glider and then use it to go through the next fan. There
is a tunnel in here. Go through the tunnel and then on the other side, you’ll
see a lit up area on your left. Exit the glider and swim here to find a room.
In this room is the gold lantern, just sitting on the floor, ripe for the

In this same, lit-up area, there is a second tunnel besides the one you used
to enter. This tunnel will lead to a dead-end and some rubble, but within that
rubble is the gold snake.

Go to the ladder that you used to climb up to the spot where you pulled the
lever to make the water rise. Opposite of that ladder is another door. This
will lead you to the other side of the blocked off door. An enigma code piece
can be found here.

Return to the tunnel glider and take it to that platform. Exit it and then
climb onto the platform. Through the next area, you’ll have to start swimming.
The path forward is blocked by boards. Dive and you’ll find an underwater mine.
Use the laser cutter to cut the chain attached to the mine, and it will float
over to the blocked path and blow it up.

Swim through the opening and then climb up to the next platform that you

Enigma code piece 3:4 is sitting on top of a barrel.

There’s a locked door here with a lock that can be picked. Pick the lock, it’s
a bit of a tricky one, and the armor upgrade is sitting on a crate inside.

There’s a second mine that you can free. Free it after you’ve freed the first
one. This second mine will float down to the next wooden barricade and blow it
up. After that’s done, you can swim through. You’ll find a secret area with a
shelf that has code piece 3:5 on it.

Go back into the water and swim to the next area. Dive underneath the water
to find another tunnel to swim through. Remember that you can push in the left
stick to increase your swimming speed. When you surface next, you’ll be in a
room with a metal grate on the ground in the center, a locked door to the
right, and a larger room in front of you with an elevator against the wall.

Enigma code piece 3:6 is found if you drop down through the hole in the grate
in the center of the room, sitting on a crate.

Also, if you continue going this way, you’ll end up in the elevator room,
behind the fence in there. A gold lunula is sitting here, against one of the
crates. You can then use the pyramid of crates to jump over the fence and be
in the elevator room.

Ride the elevator to the top. You’ll wind up in a tunnel with train tracks.
Follow the tracks on the left-most part. Stay crouched. This will give you the
perfect advantage to kill all of the enemies here stealthily and from behind,
whether with silenced pistols, throwing knives, whatever method of stealth
killing that you prefer.

Kill the guard that is closest to you and walking away from you. Then kill
the guard on the lower area. The first commander is then easy pickings. Kill
him and knife his dog from behind. Go around the corner and the second
commander will just be hanging out there, so kill him as well.

After they’ve all been successfully killed, it’s time to loot the place. Gather
the armor from the dog, the ammo from the dead Nazis, and whatever health you
can find.

During the looting process, you should go to the storage room in this area.
Inside are two shelves filled with goodies, including Engima code piece 3:8 for
you to collect.

The objective marker will lead you to a lever. Make sure you have plenty of
health and armor before holding it. This will cause the shutter to rise, and a
Supersoldaten, the 1960 model, will come through. Take shots at its knees and
legs when the shutter is obscuring the rest of its body, and take cover once
it comes through.

Use the laser cutter’s blast mode to take care of him much easier. There are
recharging stations all over here, so you can use them to keep from wasting all
of the rest of your ammo on him. Stay behind cover during this fight, and
then loot all the armor off him once he’s killed. Hold the lever again to
open the shutter and go through, smashing all the boxes inside for ammo and

There’s now three ways to go here. Upstairs is the direction you are supposed
to go, and then there’s downstairs and into the next hallway. The next hallway
has a shelf full of stuff to collect, and downstairs you’ll find body armor.
Go upstairs and then loot the first room you come to. Go through the vent to
find more goodies, and then drop down and go back up the stairs.

Proceed to the control room in the center and push the button to move the

Enigma code piece 3:9 is located in the control room, just sitting on top of
the console.

Turn around. Leave the medical kits in the locker. Exit the room and aim at
the shutter. Kill all of the Nazis that show up. A couple will try to flank
you from the left, so keep an eye on that area as well. Once the Nazis stop
coming, drop down.

Grab the weapon that the Supersoldaten was using. Use it on the Supersoldaten
that spawns from the crate on the train. Then drop it, pick up that one’s
weapon, and use it on the third Supersoldaten that shows up. Try to stay
behind cover, using the trains, and be weary of the other Nazis that will
spawn alongside these ones.

You can crouch and move underneath the platforms around this train station.
Underneath the stairs facing the tunnel that you used to get here in the
first place, you’ll find the last enigma code piece you need.

Once everyone is dead, go onto the train and pull the lever.

To Top

The U-Boat is filled with goodies right off the bat. You start out getting an
upgrade to your shotgun that allows you to fire shrapnel rounds. Basically,
pellets will bounce off the walls and tear through the flesh of the Nazis all
over the place, so even if you miss, you can kill a significant amount of

You start out in the torpedo room, which doesn’t have much things of interest
besides Nazis to kill. You can do it stealthily or not. I recommend the “not”
route, just because using the shrapnel function is so absurdly fun to do.

At any rate, fight your way to the second floor and then move through here.
You will come to a door with a valve on it that you’re supposed to turn, but
don’t do that. There’s a ton of collectibles to get before proceeding in these

There are TWO Enigma code pieces to get in the various rooms leading up to
this door. Pieces 6:1 and 6:2.

In the last door on the left before getting to the door you’re supposed to go
through, you’ll find this gold tray in the room.

Before going through the door, hunt for one that is locked and requires the
use of a lockpick. Use the lockpick to get inside. Raid the room for supplies.

Level to the floor in this room full of supplies is Enigma code piece 6:3. Use
the laser cutter to slice through the panel. Crouch and move through the
opening. This leads to a secret room where you’ll find the Enigma code piece.

This secret room also has a gold letter opener in the room.

Now go through the door with the yellow valve in its center. Go down the
spiral staircase. In the next room are two enemies with the shrapnel rounds
in their shotguns. Get rid of them as quickly as possible. Then loot their
corpses for ammo and armor as usual.

These next halls are tight and full of Nazis. Mow them down and continue
on through to the next large room, with even more Nazis of various shapes,
sizes, and abilities, and they come relentlessly.

Good thing there is a lot of cover around here, as well as armor and health.
I like using a shotgun combo on the bigger enemies, with one of the shotguns
using shrapnel rounds and the other shotgun using regular shells. Extremely
satisfying gunplay, plus it will murder the armored enemies with ease as well
as take out most of the surrounding enemies. Just a little protip for ya.

Once all of the Nazis have been killed, go up the stairs and check out the
upper level. There’s Enigma code piece 6:4 is sitting on the control console
near the red chair up here.

In the radio room, check the smaller room attached to it to find Enigma code
piece 6:5 sitting on a desk.

In the radio room, use the laser cutter on the buoys. Then use the radio
controls to trigger a cut-scene.

When the scene is over, you’ll be underwater in a diving suit. Wait for the
chamber to open, and then follow your comrades through to the pods. Go into
your pod when it opens and ride it to the secret underwater chamber. BJ will
automatically remove the diving suit during the ride.

In this chamber, if you’re facing the large structure in the middle, take a
left. In the water will be the gold skull.

Wait for Set to figure out how to get the bridge to come up. And then talk to
him to receive an upgrade to the laser cutter. Use the bridge to get to the
platform in the center. Switch the firing type to the “blast” mode, and shoot
the orbs with it. Shooting the orbs will cause them to extend as steps that
you can use to get to the top. If you need to recharge, you can do so using
the orbs.

At the top, press the button to lower the elevation platform. Wait for your
friends to get on the platform with you, and then press the button again to
ride it to the bottom of the sea.

A gold chamber pot (gross!) is located on the shelves lining the walls in
this new area. There’s also a gold robot toy here, plus a gold crown sitting
on a small pedastal in this room as well. Be sure to grab them all!

If you’re ready to exit the level, first grab the gold orb that is sitting on
a pedastal and examine the machine that Wyatt/Fergus is looking at…but if
you want a sweet upgrade to the laser cutter that will cause it to constantly
recharge itself, then there’s a puzzle in this room to solve!

First, push in the object that is to the left of Wyatt/Fergus. Then turn
around and go directly across from it and push in the orb. Then push in the
object that is directly to the right of the orb. Then push in the gold egg
shaped object. Then push in the object to the left of Set.

This will cause the wall to extend and it will open up to reveal the upgrade.
Grab it. Then exit the level when you’re done. If my descriptions on the puzzle
are too tough for you to figure it out, there is a pyramid etched into the wall
above Set, and it shows you the order in which to push in the objects. Start
at the top, and then go from left to right all the way to the bottom.

To Top

While on the helicopter, the first thing you have to do is push the weapon off
of the helicopter. Tap X. Then when that’s over with, jump off the helicopter
to the platform.

For these first parts, you’ll just move through trains and kill Nazis. In the
first train, you will find an upgrade to the assault rifle. This gives your
assault rifle a grenade launcher attachment.

Leave the train and you’ll find a rocket turret attached to a train car. Shoot
it with the grenade launcher to blow it up. Then in the next train car, you
have to fight a heavily armored enemy with his own grenade launcher. It will
take three grenade launcher shots to do him in, so blast the hell out of him
to kill him.

After killing the enemy at the end of the train with the armor and the
missile launcher, take a right after moving through the door he was guarding.
On the side of the train, there is a dead body hanging out of the window with a
briefcase attached to his wrist. Burn through the chain holding the briefcase,
and then it will fall to the ground and open up. Collect the enigma code piece
6:6 from the briefcase.

After killing the enemy trying to pull up his friend, go the opposite
direction you’re supposed to. You’ll find a door. Go through the door and
then go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, you’ll find code piece 6:7.

Drop through the next train. Walk to the end, and then go around the
corner. There will be a lot of dead Nazis on the floor here. The enigma
code piece will be located at the end.

Out of that train, there’s another enigma code piece located to the northeast
from where you’re looking out the door.

Check the aisle in the next train. Underneath the seat near the hole in the
train, you’ll find the next enigma code piece.

The gold army man is located through the next train, next to a dislodged
piece of concrete.

Gold compass is located on top of crates after you cut through the next set
of fences.

As you continue through the trains, you’ll encounter regular Nazis, armored
ones, and another rocket turret. When you’re mostly done with the trains and
moving across a large concrete section of the bridge, numerous enemies will
be in front of you. There is a train on your left that an armored enemy is
going to hop out of, so kill him.

A gold rabbit is located in the little crevice inside of that train where the
heavily armored, grenade launcher toting enemy came out of, so be sure to
grab that before proceeding.

You can climb the metal support beams to reach a secret area. The enigma code
piece is there.

Get behind cover and kill as many of the Nazis as you can from your position.
Once you kill all of them, another armored one will show up on the part of
the bridge above you. Killing him will cause him to fall off the bridge and
land on the car below.

Hug the left side of the area when you go across to the side with all of the
Nazis. There is a Nazi using a turret, plus more will spawn and swarm you. The
left side provides numerous health packs and large vehicles to use as cover
as you kill them.

Get to the compound and work your way to the top. Kill the Nazis, then open
the door. Press X at the controls.

Sitting on the desk right next to the controls in this room is an armor

Go back down the stairs. Kill the Nazis in the next room. You should just
throw a few grenades in there to do most of the damage, as there are plenty
of more grenades inside the many wooden crates there.

Turn to your right as soon as you enter this room. On the bottom shelf sits
Enigma code piece 4:3 inside of a crate. Smash the crate open to find it.

Proceed to the platform. Get a running start and jump to the next one. After a
short sequence, get another running start and jump onto the helicopter. Take
control of the turret attached to the helicopter. Use it to kill the Panzerhund
and other enemies at the dropoff point. Jump off the helicopter.

Go into the room on your right after you jump off the helicopter. Enigma code
piece 4:4 will be found inside.

Continue to the train car. Kill the grenade launcher using enemy nearby. Then
go to the car that is dangling off the bridge. Look into it. Shoot the enemy
that is holding on to the seat to send him flying down. This will cause a metal
sheet to land in place that you can safely land on. Drop in yourself and then
examine the Nazi in the white clothes that is lying on the bottom of the train
to finish the chapter.

To Top

Simply go to the X-ray checkpoint. Step in and let it do its work. Then step
out on the other side. Jump onto the conveyor belt and crouch. Walk into the
luggage room to retrieve your luggage from the yellow briefcase.

The conveyor belt has a gold cane sitting on it. You can also get a piece of
body armor if you look underneath the scanning device, just to the right of
the gold cane.

Move through the next couple sets of doors and wait for them to open for you
automatically. You can either do this room silently or not, but at any rate,
there are two commanders. If you want to go the stealth route, just start from
where you are, go around in a circle with the throwing knife, then kill the
two remaining enemies below, which will be one regular Nazi and then one

Proceed through to the next room and go down the next couple flights of
stairs. In between the two vending machines at the bottom are some grenades.
Crouch and move into the next hallway. Wait for the heavy enemy to pass and
then go into the first room on your left.

A Nazi will be sleeping here. Kill him stealthily and then go to his bathroom.
Cut out the panel and move into the ventilation system.

In this room with the Nazi sleeping, you can find the Enigma code piece 4:5 in
his bathroom.

Hunt down the commander and kill him. Then make some noise and kill the other
enemies, including the heavy, if you want the kills. If not, make your way
down the darker tunnel. A red light will be shining out of a hole in the wall.
Approach the hole and tap X to enter it.

When you’re out of the red light areas, you’ll be in a laboratory style place
with the chance to stealth kill everyone in sight. Turn to the left and kill
the first guy. Snake through the center lab rooms, and kill everyone there.
Then go out into the next hall and kill the enemy there as well to clean this
place up of Nazis.

From the starting point of this area, turn left (where you killed the first
Nazi). Go all the way to the end of the hall and take a right at the last
door. The desk here has shelves, and on that second shelf is the well-hidden
Enigma code piece 4:6.

Leave this place through the next door that you’re supposed to go through,
which is located at the end of the second hallway. You’ll then be in another
area, with two more commanders to take care of, and just a few armed Nazis
walking around. It’s cake to kill them with throwing knives or silenced

As soon as you move through the door, there will be a guard walking around
some beds with trays next to them. One of the trays has a gold mask on top
for you to collect. I don’t know how it got on the space station, but hey,
it’s there!

On the second floor of this place you’ll find another series of labs to loot
and explore. Health packs are literally all over the place, so don’t be
afraid to “overcharge”.

In the third lab room, there is a desk to the left of the door to the next
lab room. The letter for this level is sitting on the desk.

You’ll see a vent level with the floor with the red light coming out of it as
well. Crouch and move through the vent. Then go through the large hole in the
wall that is also sending out a ton of red light.

Before going through the second red light, there is an enigma code piece to
collect. From where you dropped down through the vent, go straight ahead into
the next room. To your right will be a desk. On top of that desk is the enigma
code piece 4:7.

You’ll find the space suit now, attached to the wall. Get inside of it and
then walk out on the moon! Kill the drones that you come across. Then platform
your way across the platforms to the next part of the facility. Press the
button to open the doors, and then approach the space suit holder to get
rid of your suit.

On the moon’s surface, in the area just before you leap across the wide gap,
where you first see the enemy drones, check the ground. You’ll find a gold
meteor rock to collect.

Go through the automatic doors just around the corner. Interact with the
table to initiate a cut-scene.

Through the next door, there is a lab room with an orange glow to it. On a
desk in here is the next code piece you need to collect, number 4:8.

When the scene is over, you have another room of Nazis to eliminate. You can
ignore most of them and get to the elevator simply by utilizing the vents,
but I recommend killing them for perk grinding. Hit the button on the elevator
to reach go up to the next floor.

As soon as the elevator reaches the top, run straight ahead. Go to the highest
part of this area, and go around the circle. You’ll come across the enigma
code piece 4:9 sitting on a platform in plain sight.

Now go up the stairs as much as you can and run around the structure until
you see a new set of automatic doors. Kill any Nazis and Nazi zombie robot
dog things that get in your way, and go through the new set of automatic
doors. You’ll go through some single automatic doors next, and then come
across two Nazis. Kill them both, and then go to the computer and use it to
get the decryption keys.

A Kampfhund and a Nazi will show up. Kill both of them. Your objective now is
to return to the hangar bay.

In the center of this room is a large round table. On the far end of the
table, from where you approach it, is Enigma code piece 5:1.

Go to where the Nazi showed up and you’ll find a grate on the ground. Lift it
up using its handle and then just follow the paths to the hangar bay. There
will be plenty of Nazis to kill along the way.

Right before you get inside the shuttle to be taken to the hangar, there will
be a suitcase on the ground near a bench. On the other side of the suitcase
is a gold bottle, the last collectible for this chapter.

In the hangar, loot it for health, armor, and ammo. A couple of Supersoldaten
enemies show up. Kill them and then get inside the ship. Go to the doors to the
cockpit and press X to exit to the level.

To Top

Wait for the explosion. Then it’s just a scene until you wind up smashing
through a window. Kill the commander in here first so that he doesn’t keep
bringing new Nazis into the fold, and stay behind cover while you pick off
everyone in the room.

As soon as you smash through the window, you can turn around and see a couch
against the wall. Sitting on top of this couch is a cardboard box. Inside the
cardboard box? The enigma code piece 5:2 of course! What else?

When they’re dead, go through the window. You’ll be on a wooden platform.
Burn through the two chains holding it up to drop down to the lower platform.
Now on this new platform, just burn through the chain on the right. This
will create a bridge of sorts for you to go down and then go through the

Before making that board bridge, look to your right as you are standing on
that particular wooden platform. There is a golden bangle sitting just in
front of a drain pipe on the platform there. Jump up, crouch to move under
the bar, and then you can snatch it up very easily.

Go up the stairs and then open the next door. These halls are filled with
Nazis, so kill everyone here.

In the meeting room, Enigma code piece 5:3 is sitting on the desk in the
middle of the room.

In the meeting room, ther eis a picture frame on the wall, but no picture in
it. Tilt this frame and a secret passageway will open up. In here you’ll find
the gold football, as well as some missiles.

Lockpick the next door. Drop down to the lower elevator. Use the laser cutter
to cut through the grate on top of it, then drop through.

You’ll be in a room with a gaping hole in the side of it, a helicopter, and a
number of Nazis. First get rid of the Nazis and then sprint to the right to
find a counter that provides great cover. Equip the laser cutter and make sure
it is on its “blast” setting.

Aim at the helicopter and blast the hell out of it. Remember to hold in the
left trigger when you aim for added damage. Retreat to the counter and use the
recharging station on the wall to replenish the energy of the laser cutter,
then move back in view of the helicopter to blast it out of the sky. It
should only take two or three blasts.

Code piece 5:4 is found in the room with the helicopter battle. Check the
rubble on the far wall. There is a chair that is overturned. On the chair, you
will find the code piece.

Also check the filing cabinet here. You’ll find the enigma code piece in one
of the open drawers.

Use the wooden platforms to go down to the next floor and loot everything in

Oh, and be sure to loot the Enigma code piece 5:5. It’s found on the floor in
the middle of an object covered in a blue tarp and a computer desk.

Now continue to the lift. Ride it down. This is a really tough boss fight now,
with the London Monitor. It reminds me of a similar boss fight from one of
the Crash Bandicoot games…I think it was Crash Bandicoot 2, actually.

At any rate, what you want to do is use the Marksman Rifle’s laser mode. This
is the most effective against the Monitor. The tunnels beneath the battleground
are useful as they are filled with recharge stations, armor, and health, but
only use the armor and health when you absolutely need it.

Avoid the gunfire coming from the Monitor’s base. Then when it starts to
charges its blast, its eye will be exposed. Shoot it right in its red eye,
and then aim at any one of the six shoulder-mounted rocket launchers it has.
When that thing opens up, open fire at it to blow it up. Do this for all six of
them, constantly retreating to the underground to avoid taking damage and to
get your armor, health, and laser energy back.

Once all of those missiles are destroyed, make sure your laser cutter is
fully powered. Then run underneath of the Monitor. Move along with its
bottom so that you avoid being stepped on, shot, or lit on fire. Wait for it to
open up its bottom, exposing its engine. Fire two to three times into this
hole to destroy the London Monitor.

To Top

Get behind the car. Two Nazis will show up above you. Kill them. Gather ammo
and healing items off the ground. Then two drones will come in. Kill them as
well. It’s easier to kill them if you switch to the shotgun, then hide on the
opposite side of the car and kill the other two Nazis that show up.

Max will open the door for you. Go through, and don’t waste your ammo on
those other Nazis that show up. In the main room of the HQ, a commander will
have his back to you while two Nazis pound on J’s door. Kill the commander
and the other two Nazis. Go upstairs.

Two armored Nazis will be here, so utilize grenades or something else to get
them good and dead.

After going up the stairs, go into the first door on your right. Inside you
will find a gold shoehorn to collect.

In Max’s room on the floor near Max’s bed is Max’s letter.

Make your way to the top of the HQ. Kill the Nazis and go through the Tools
room. Burn the chain on the air vent (you probably wondered how the hell to do
that up to this point), and then drop through the air vent.

Move through the ventilation system until you get a chance to talk to J. Do
that and then drop down to the next area. You’ll be in the hangar area. A
short scene will play. When it concludes, kill the Nazis. Then equip the
assault rifle and switch it to its grenade launcher functionality.

A Panzerhund has cornered Wyatt/Fergus. Use the grenade launcher on the
assault rifle to damage it. Lead it underneath the little archways that are
in the center of the room to momentarily stun it and give you an opportunity
to lay into it without worry of it chomping at you.

To end the chapter, get on the helicopter.

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Walk into the elevation room. Wait until the water fills up the chamber.
Then go to the controls. Wait for the order to “fire”, and then pull the right
trigger to oblige.

Dive underwater once you have control of BJ again. Sitting on a rock at the
very beginning of the chapter is a gold trowel.

In Deathshead’s compound, there is a bunch of bricks that you have to walk
up to actually enter the compound proper. There is a small alcove here with
gold armor in it to collect.

Enter the Deathshead’s compound. The first area is filled with ammo, so be
sure to collect it all. Go up the stairs and a Kampfhund will rush to greet
you. Kill it and then proceed into the next area. The large room to your left
is filled with Nazis.

The smaller room directly across from you as you enter this area has desks,
filing cabinets, and an armored Nazi. It also is home to Enigma code piece
5:7, sticking out of a filing cabinet in this room.

The amount of killing you have to do now is…well, it’s astronomical. Utilize
grenades and explosives as much as possible to kill all of the Nazis and the
robots here.

In the room with the scaffolding and ton of enemies, there is a wheelbarrow.
Inside of that is a golden teapot.

Check the last bench in this area before you open the shutter. Of course, you
might want to wait until you have killed everything, considering the insane
amount of opposition at this point in the game.

The final enigma code piece in the entire game is located in the lab that
comes right after you open the shutters. Just check the counters. Congrats on
collecting all of the enigma code pieces! Now you just have to input their
codes. Refer to the “Enigma Codes” section of this guide for more information
on that.

When everything is dead, pull the lever. Go through the shutter, and then
confront Deathshead. You’ll then have to battle whichever friend you chose to
sacrifice at the beginning of the game, but they are stuck inside of a

Toss a grenade at the robot’s feet. It will usually hop away from it, so be
prepared to toss another grenade at wherever it lands. Run up to it as soon as
the grenade blows, and tap X to grab the brain from inside of the robot.

Now that you have the laser cutter back, start cutting holes in all the crates
around the area. One of these crates will have the golden pot, the lost golden
item to collect in the game!

Deathshead himself will now attack in a mech suit. Go to the large shield that
is set up. Use the laser cutter to burn a hole in the fence. Then sprint to the
right or left. Give Deathshead a blast with the laser cutter to stun him so
that he doesn’t keep shooting you while you do this.

When you get to the first rocket turret, aim it at the blimp in the sky. Shoot
it. A single shot will blow it up. Then sprint to the turret on the opposite
side of whichever one you went to first, remembering to blast Deathshead to
distract him.

Blow up the second blimp. Now lay into Deathshead with your laser cutter.
There will be an explosion, and he will retreat. Before following down the
hole, be sure to gather any supplies in the area so that they don’t go to

In this creepy basement area, the fight with Deathshead will continue. Use all
of your explosive power on him right off the bat. I’m talking grenade launcher,
grenades, and the laser cutter blast. Also use the Marksman Rifle’s laser
functionality to deal serious damage as well.

As the fight goes on, it will become harder and harder to see. Deathshead
himself is not that big of a threat, but flames will start spewing all over
the place, and they do provide a serious threat. There’s plenty of health and
armor here, but it’s still a dangerous recipe for dying quick.

When enough damage has been dealt to Deathshead, go over to his mech. A scene
will play, and then you will be prompted to push in the right analog stick
like you are completing an assassionation takedown. Cue credits.


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3. Perks
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Wolfensteing utilizes a unique perk system. During the campaign, players can
complete various combat-related tasks and they will be rewarded with perks that
correspond with that task. This means that the more you experiment, the better
BJ will be in all of the different combat situations.

These are all the perks and what you must do to get them.

Scout 1 – Interest points added to map by killing commanders. Commander intel
displayed on screen. How to unlock: Stealth kill a commander.

Knife Throwing – Ability to throw knives. How to unlock: Five stealth kills.

Knife Sheath + – Carry one more knife than usual. How to unlock: Five stealth
kills using throwing knives.

Knife Sheath ++ – Carry two more knives than usual. How to unlock: 20 stealth
kills using throwing knives.

Silent Shot – Increased silence handgun damage. How to unlock: 10 stealth
kills using a silenced handgun.

Vampire – Receive health from performing takedowns. Health points added to
maximum health level. How to unlock: Five silent takedowns while having
overcharged health.

Scout II – Commanders displayed on map. How to unlock: Stealth kill five

Assassin – Sound when sprinting reduced. Crouching speed increased. How to
unlock: 50 stealth kills on soldiers and five stealth kills on Kampfhunds.

Deadeye – Headshot damage increased when aiming down sights. How to unlock:
Three assault rifle headshots while aiming down the sights and one handgun
headshot while aiming down the sights.

Quick Draw – Speed of equipping and unequipping weapons increased. How to
unlock: 40 headshot kills.

Quick Regeneration – Health regenerates faster. How to unlock: Overcharge
health to 200.

Gun Magazine + – Handgun magazine size increased. How to unlock: 15 handgun
kills from cover.

Shotgun Magazine + – Shotgun magazine size increased. How to unlock: 15
indirect kills from shrapnel mode.

AR Magazine + – Assault rifle magazine size increased. How to unlock: 80
kills from cover using assault rifle’s primary fire mode.

Marksman Magazine + – Marksman magazine size increased. How to unlock: Three
kills without exiting scope using Marksman.

Quick Reload – Weapon reload speed increased. How to unlock: 100 assault
rifle kills, 50 handgun kills, and 25 Marksman kills.

Double Reload – Dual-wielding reload speed increased. How to unlock: 10
dual-wield kills.

Endurance I – Increased dual-wield sprint speed. How to unlock: Three kills
while sprint-sliding.

Scavenger – Increased ammunition loot from dual-wield kills. How to unlock:
Three assault rifle dual-wield kills without releasing the fire buttons.

Bullet Feeder – Increased ammunition storage for turret guns. How to
unlock: 20 turret kills using a mounted turret.

Endurance II – Movement speed with turret gun increased. How to unlock: Five
kills within 10 seconds using a detached turret gun.

Autopanzer – Gain armor from quick consecutive kills. How to unlock: Empty a
fully powered LKW without missing.

Battery + – Battery size increased for all energy weapons. How to unlock:
Five indrect kills using the LKW reflection upgrade.

Dual-wield Expert – Increased ammunition storage for all standard weapon.
Increased chance of dual-wield dismemberment. How to unlock: 100 dual-wield
kills and 25 LKW kills.

Throwback – Ability to throw back grenades. How to unlock: Kill two enemies
with one grenade.

Grenade Pouch + – Carry one more grenade than usual. How to unlock: 10 grenade

Grenade Pouch ++ – Carry two more grenades than usual. How to unlock: Kill a
commander with a grenade.

Bullseye – Grenades detonate on target. How to unlock: Kill five mechanical
enemies with grenades.

Rocket Magazine + – Increased assault rifle rocket ammunition storage. How to
unlock: Kill five enemies at once with rockets.

Vaporize – Explosive vaporization increased. How to unlock: Five indirect kills
from enemies dropping grenades.

Sentinel – Damage reduced by own explosives. Ho to unlock: Kill five enemies
with thrown back grenades.

Hardened – Reduced damage taken from enemy explosives. How to unlock: 50
grenade or rocket kills.

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4. Enigma Codes
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Collecting the enigma code pieces in the game will give you the ability to
input the codes in the “Extras” section of the main menu. These codes will
unlock alternate game modes.

CODE 1 – 999 Mode
ROW 1 – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
ROW 2 – 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 9

CODE 2 – Walk in the Park Mode
ROW 1 – 2, 4, 6, 8, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9
ROW 2 – 7, 5, 3, 1, 8, 6, 4, 2, 9

CODE 3 – Hardcore Mode
ROW 1 – 3, 6, 9, 3, 6, 9, 3, 6, 9
ROW 2 – 6, 3, 9, 6, 3, 9, 6, 3, 9

CODE 4 – Ironman Mode
ROW 1 – 4, 8, 3, 7, 2, 6, 1, 5, 9
ROW 2 – 5, 1, 6, 2, 7, 3, 8, 4, 8

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5. Conclusion
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
I hope this guide helped you complete Wolfenstein: The New Order!

For more information on the game, including Enigma codes, videos to help find
collectibles, and more, please visit the game’s cheat page:

Wolfenstein: The New Order [Cheat Page]

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  1. There’s virtually no possible way that you can get to the end of the game without the rocket launcher attachment for the assault rifle…though it may be possible.

    The rocket launcher attachment for the assault rifle is equipped by first equipping the assault rifle and then pressing “right” on the d-pad.

    If you don’t have it, then go back to Chapter 12. It’s located on one of the broken down train cars near the beginning of the chapter. You’ll know you’re in the right car because it is the first one you come across that has an armored enemy in it that also has a rocket launcher himself. The upgrade/attachment for the assault rifle that adds the rocket launcher capabilities is just to the left of this enemy.

    Alternatively, if you just want to beat the game, you could lower the difficulty setting or replay old chapters to farm for perks to see if that will make it easier.

  2. avatar michael says:

    how do i kill deathshead at the end of the game.i also dont have the roct laucher for some reason.i kept getting killed.

  3. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! =)

    It will get even better next week when I finish adding all the collectible info, so stay tuned!

  4. avatar Larry Griffith says:

    Excellent walkthrough…very informative.. Thanks!!!!!