Keroblaster Walkthrough [Guide]

Kero Blaster

It’s unclear what you are doing for Cat & Frog in Keroblaster, but the one thing you need to be certain of is that you should do a good job if you don’t want to end up in the hospital or, worse, get chewed out by your boss. Clear the various levels and beat different creatures in this simple but very challenging game. Fans of classic platforming games will get to appreciate the old school look of Keroblaster, as well as the challenge that it has to offer. Read through this guide to help you get off to a running start… and to avoid getting yelled at.

Keroblaster is a side scrolling platformer where in players will get to control a frog character that can shoot at enemies using weapons of varying abilities. There are also different pieces of equipment that may be used to better navigate the terrain. Currencies earned can be used to upgrade weapons as well as purchase items that will help prolong your survival. There is a checkpoint system where in, if you die, you will return to that location. Should you run out of lives, however, then you would be forced to return to the beginning of the stage.

Coins are the main and only currency within the game. Coins can be acquired as drops from monsters that you have killed, as well as acquired from chests that can sometimes be found. Coins are used to purchase items at the store, such as upgrades for your weapons as well as health items and extra lives, among others. Keroblaster does not offer in-app purchases for coins, so grinding is definitely a must if you want o get stronger weapons and other equipment and enhancements.

Health is very important within Keroblaster, as only a few hits will kill you. Players will be returned to the last checkpoint should they fall, but only if they still have lives left. On the other hand, they will be returned to the beginning of the level if they have no more lives remaining. Item at the store may be purchased so that you will be able to survive more hits, and players may also get to acquire more lives so that they can die more before being forced to return to the beginning.

Players can get different weapons by defeating the boss at the end of the level. Players can switch between them, so they can choose which one works best depending on the situation. Take note that some weapons are better suited for certain enemies and even certain surroundings, such as when you are submerged in water. Weapons can be upgraded to make them stronger, but this process will require coins. Players can shoot to the left, to the right, or upwards, although some weapons will behave more differently than others.

Tips and Tricks
Learn your enemies’ attack patterns, especially the movements of the boss. Some will not engage you until you are close by, and you should definitely know how they would attack you, especially when it comes to projectiles. This will allow you to better deflect their attacks and to move out of the way whenever necessary.

Buying additional hearts and lives is also a must. Make this a priority rather than weapon upgrades. Most of the time, your weapons will only matter during boss battles, as minor enemies are pretty easy to kill for as long as you are careful. Additional hearts are very important, but having heart jars and extra lives will also be beneficial especially in tougher levels.

There is also special equipment like jet packs that can be acquired. Make sure to get acquainted with how you move with or without them in order to gain a better control of your character. The same practice goes for weapons, as you would need an in-depth knowledge of how your weapons behave before you can take full advantage of them. Level up your weapons consistently but equally, and don’t forget to switch things up if a certain weapon is not as effective against the enemies that you are facing currently.

With that, don’t forget to spend your coins whenever you see a store. Make it a point also to collect coins immediately once they appear as they would vanish after some time. Keep on a lookout also for hidden passageways as they often lead to chests that will be able to provide you with tons of coins that you can spend to upgrade your character and weaponry.

Lastly, don’t go rushing into battle all the time. Learn the environment and react to them. This goes double for boss battles as, oftentimes, positioning is key in order to get an easy win. Spend a few seconds determining the proper strategy against your opponent, and you will be able to have a much easier time to clear the level with less hits taken.


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