Flappy Golf Walkthrough [Guide]

Flappy Golf

Flappy Golf combines the control mechanics of Flappy Bird (remember that game?) with the rules of golf. This adds a further challenge to the already difficult task of controlling your character, which this time comes in the form of a golf ball, as you need to make it to the goal within a certain number of flaps. It may look easy in principle, but further levels will prove to be a test for your skills. Here’s our guide on how you can become a great flappy golfer.

Flappy Golf is a physics puzzle game where in the goal is to guide your ball into the hole by flapping. The level ends once the ball has been sunk, or if the ball has been submerged in water. Of course, players may also choose to restart the level at any point in time. Players must be able to finish the round within the specific number of flaps in order to unlock new maps. With that, players must not only be able to control their ball well, but they must also be able to work with the various objects and obstacles within the stage.

Flappy Golf offers both single player and multiplayer modes via either online or local. Different courses can be opened up, and while some are already available at the start of the game, some will require players to collect a certain number of stars. Stars can be earned by achieving the minimum number of flaps for each category. Golf, silver, and bronze stars may be collected and levels can also be repeated in order to get the star of the highest value.

Tips and Tricks
Know the difference in movement and momentum when doing long and short taps, as well as when tapping continuously or waiting until your ball drops before tapping again, This will allow you to learn more on how the ball behaves, and you will be able to move your ball upwards or sideways much more easily and with less flaps.

Learn also how to interact well with the objects around you. While some items in the stage will make things more difficult, some will be able to help you finish the course. For example, sand pits can be used to stop your momentum, allowing you to change direction easily. On the other hand, there are portals that you can use to travel from one area of the course to another. Look around the level first before flapping so you’ll have a more definite plan of action.

Also, take very important notice of how momentum behaves within the game. Changing direction will require more flaps if you are moving in the opposite direction. With that, you may use slopes or sand pits to slow your movement. In addition, flapping near the hole will make your slink towards it rather than make it fly, so understanding the physics of your ball will be absolutely necessary, too.

If a particular course is too difficult for you, try levels from other maps. Each map follows a certain theme, and you might learn an important piece of strategy or two from a certain stage that you would be able to apply to another. You might even learn a new strategy that will allow you to finish previously completed stages with less flaps, allowing you to get better stars for that particular round. Always remember that the less the number of flaps you make to sink the ball, the better the star that you will be able to earn.

Be on the lookout also for shortcuts, particularly narrow pathways as most of these would lead you closer towards the goal. As rolling will not use u any flaps, you will be able to save up on travel time especially if you would be able to continue your movement through flapping while still rolling in the right direction.

Of course, it is very important to steer clear of the water. Most of the time, these are unavoidable, but certain strategies like moving around it may be possible. That is, of course, if you would be able to do it within the required number of flaps. Otherwise, learn better controls of your ball in order to pass water puddles and other obstacles that may appear within the game.


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