Godzilla: Strike Zone Walkthrough [Guide]

Godzilla Strike Zone

The city is under attack by one of the most infamous – but also one of the most destructive – monsters in movie history. Along with the damage will come casualties, and it is up to your squad to ensure that as few lives as possible are not pointlessly lost during the monster’s rampage. Godzilla: Strike Zone will put you in the shoes of a soldier that will have to save survivors, as well as try to survive amidst the chaos and destruction being caused by the gigantic lizard. Here’s our guide on how to take on this thrilling game.

Godzilla: Strike Zone is an action game where in players must perform missions around the city while Godzilla is in the background and destroying everything in his path. Players will have different mission parameters, and failure as well as dying will have them return to the most recent checkpoint. There are different controls and mechanics depending on the type of mission involved, and completing one mission will unlock more for players to accomplish.

During this mission, players will have to jump from an aircraft and drop towards the ground. The main focus in this part of the game is to keep your character from hitting your fellow soldiers while in mid-air. In order to do this, players must tilt their devices to avoid others near you, which are indicated by red exclamation marks.

Although game tips say that you should try to keep your character at the center of the screen, this may prove to be more disadvantageous as this means that you may have a harder time distancing yourself from more soldiers. Regular gameplay would suggest that keeping yourself in the corners would be more beneficial. Also, controls do not stick as well as it should, so keeping yourself at the upper side of the screen and moving left to right would be much easier than taking into consideration vertical movements as well.

The second stage of the game will involve having your parachute open and gliding towards safety. As with diving, this mode utilizes tilting controls as players would try and avoid hitting the side s of buildings. Danger points are also indicated by red exclamation marks. Aside from tilting to the life and right, players may also tip upwards in order to rise higher in the air. This will allow players to clear low buildings without having to maneuver around the sides.

This mode may prove to be difficult as the air is often obscured by smoke and falling debris. In any case, players will restart from the last checkpoint should they fail the mission. They also have the option to restart the mission in order to start from the very beginning.

The last part of your mission will work like a first person shooter, and players can navigate around the area in order to complete objectives such as reaching checkpoints, destroying walls, and rescuing civilians. Players cannot directly attack Godzilla, rather, your weapon is used for shooting at objects so that they would fall or get destroyed.  Objects that you can interact with are indicated via a red border.

Players must also work around various obstacles such as falling debris, electrified water, or ledges that will plunge you to your doom should you wall. This art of the game employs some platforming mechanics where in players must find safe paths in order to reach the next objective. Layers will know where to go next as it is indicated by a yellow on the mini map at the upper left of the screen. Should players die, they will be transported back to the previous checkpoint.

Tips and Tricks
Except in instances where in you would have to actively run away from Godzilla, slow and easy almost does it. Controls within the game are a bit unresponsive, so players would really have to be careful when making jumps or walking across narrow paths. This would avoid unnecessary deaths and time wasted especially if the checkpoint is a bit farther away.

Take the time to learn the environment before making your move. Some areas have lots of debris, and sometimes the path towards the goal will not be straightforward. Look for debris that are aligned together or platforms that you can jump on. This also applies for areas where in you might feel as if you’re already stuck. Constant destruction around you may create new paths, so look around once you hear rumbles or any noises as this might just give you access to your next destination.

Don’t worry about dying too much. Dying will simply transport you back to your last checkpoint, so unless you would like to restart a mission and try to complete it without a death from the very beginning, just press forward until the stage has been completed.


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