Watch Dogs [Guide]

Watch Dogs

Famously revealed at E3 2012, Watch Dogs is the highly anticipated open world
game from Ubisoft.

Watch Dogs [Guide]
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough

Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V

3. Side Missions

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Aiden Pearce is an incredibly skilled hacker that is out for vengeance,
searching for the person that killed his niece.

The following are the default controls for Watch Dogs while Aiden is on foot.

LT – Aim
LB – Draw or Holster Weapon/Weapon Wheel
RT – Sprint/Shoot
RB – Use Projectiles or Consumables/Aim Projectiles
Y – Use Object/Pick Up Item/Enter Vehicle
X – Profiler/Hack/Hack Takedown
B – Vault/Climb/Take Down/Exit Cover
A – Cover
D-pad (up) – Smartphone
D-pad (Down) – Waypoint
D-pad (left) – N/A
D-pad (right) – Next Song/Stop Music
LS – Move/Reload
RS – Move Camera/Focus
View Button – Map
Menu Button – Pause

And these are the controls of Watch Dogs when Aiden is in a vehicle.

LT – Break/Reverse
LB – Weapon Wheel
RT – Accelerate
RB – Use Consumables
Y – Exit Vehicle
X – Profiler/Hack/Hack Takedown
B – Handbrake/Hide in Car
A – Look Back
D-pad (up) – Smartphone
D-pad (left) – Change Camera
D-pad (right) – Next Song/Stop Music
LS – Steer/Honk
RS – Move Camera/Focus
View Button – Map
Menu Button – Pause

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2. Walkthrough
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The very first thing that you do in the game is aim at the man you’ve cornered
and pull the right trigger. The man will then try to attack you from behind.
Tap B, or whatever the melee button is for the system you’re using (the button
will display itself on the screen) to attack him instead. Then hack his
phone by aiming at it and holding in the X button to get an audio log.

Don’t leave the locker room just yet. Explore it a bit. There are components
to gather, things to hack, if you want. After you’ve looted it, leave the
locker room and step out into the subsequent hallway.

Continue down the hall until you see the policemen. Get behind the cover of
the crate by tapping A. To exit cover, tap B or pull away from it using the
left analog stick.

Wait for the cops to walk away, and then go up the ramp. At the top of the
ramp, climb up the dumpster by pressing B. Then vault over the next railing.
The door here is locked, so it’s time to put Aiden’s hacking expertise to

Aim at the security camera and hold X to hack it. Then bounce from security
camera to security camera until the panel that controls the door’s locks are
in sight. Hold X again to hack into that panel to unlock the doors for Aiden
to proceed.

Aiden will automatically get behind the cover as there is another cop in here.
Hold LB to bring up the weapon wheel. Go over to the “Lure” option, and then
craft a lure. Aim at the designated spot on the wall and tap RB to toss the
lure at the wall. Activate the lure with the X button.

When the cop goes to see what is going on with the lure, make your move.
Stay crouched and move behind the bar. You can sit and listen to the
conversation if you’d like, but move into the next room when you’re ready to
continue the story.

In this next room, there are two cops blocking the doors that you need to
get through. Hack the security camera, then hack the other security camera in
the room. This will allow you to see the security guard that actually works in
the baseball stadium. Focus the camera on him until you are given the option
to hack him as well. Hold X to do this, and then Aiden will have the security
codes required to cause the blackout.

Hack the panel on the wall (while still looking through the security camera),
and then hack the large machine in the basement area that the panel takes you
to. When you’re in control of Aiden again, bring up your weapon wheel and
select the “Blackout” option.

Doing this will cause all of the power in the stadium to go out. Now you can
sneak past the guards. Keep an eye on the mini-map to make sure you don’t
walk in front of their line of sight. When the game tells you about running
and free-running, it’s safe to sprint out of the stadium. To run, hold the
right trigger. To do free-running, hold the right trigger while also holding in
the B button. This makes it so Aiden will automatically traverse over any
objects that are in his way.

Walk through the sports bar and out into the city. Look at your mini-map to see
the car that is designated to you. Sprint there now. The police are out looking
for you, so that’s not any good. Once you’re in the car, drive out of their
search range. The perimeter of their search is marked by a white line on the

Once you’re free of the cops, drive to your hideout, which is a motel. Get out
of the car and then go up to your room. Aiden will have a conversation, and
then you’ll be taught how to level up. Use the d-pad to bring up the skill
tree screen, and then purchase the skill that the game demands of you. You
have five other skill points at this stage in the game, so spend those as
you wish, or wait and save them for later.

Now explore Aiden’s base of operations for a bit. There are crafting materials
to gather from the bathroom. The laptop sitting on the couch can be hacked
for an audio log. When the cut-scenes and everything concludes, your new
objective will be to get some rest. Go to the bed and just keep the time to
wake up at 6:00AM, which is what it will be by default.

In the parking lot of your motel, press X to bring up the profiler. Hack
everyone in sight to learn about them. This will get you a lead on a potential
predator. Head to his location. Tail his potential victim down the alleyway.
You can fail or complete this mission, it doesn’t matter. It’s just here to
show you different things you can do in the game to pass the time besides
the campaign missions that are available.

Go to Jack’s birthday party. In the backyard, speak with your sister and
Jack. Then go into the house. Wait for your sister to get a phone call (you
can raid her medicine cabinet for meds in the meantime). Then aim the cursor
at your sister and hold X to hack her phone call.

When the cut-scene is over, hop in the nearest car and chase the suspect
down. Get close enough to his car and the option to shut his car down should
become available. Tap X to make that happen. He will start running away on
foot. Chase him down by holding RT and B and Aiden will automatically tackle
him and knock him out with the baton when you get close enough.

With the suspect knocked out, hack into his phone. Aiden will then send this
information to the spooky dude he talks to, and then more info will be sent
your way about the situation.

Drive to the gun shop. Purchase the 416 assault rifle by speaking to the man
behind the counter.

However, with this guide, you shouldn’t even need to use the gun at all!
Go to the ctOS base. There is a guard blocking one of the doors, but to the
right of him is a gate that isn’t being watched. Hack into it to allow
yourself access.

Then move to the right to the scissorlift. Climb on top of it and use it to
climb into the building. Stay behind cover of the building materials. Hack into
the cameras so that you can see the center of the building. There is a man
leaning against a crate here that has the codes you need. Hack into this guy
and then return to Aiden.

Sneak over to the panel. It’s very simple to do this. If an enemy sees you,
a red alert symbol will start to fill up. Get out of their line of sight
before the symbol fills up, and they will just go about their business like
nothing happened.

Hacking into the panel is a bit of a process. You need to position the
connectors on the line so that the blue line goes up to the unlock button.
Use the right stick to select a connector and tap X to switch it around. These
puzzles are simple enough. When you are ready to unlock, move the cursor over
to the unlock symbol and press X.

This will get you access to the server room. Hack into the server and Aiden
will now have a lot more info available in this district. Exit the way that
you came, but wait for the guards to not be looking. Walk out of the area,
which means leave the area on the mini-map highlighted white, and then the
mission will be finished.

Assuming you are connected to Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, or the Ubisoft
online multiplayer servers on PC (or later the Nintendo Network when the game
releases on Wii U), you will be stopped from starting the next mission. Still
go to it and try to start it, but you’ll be forced into an online hacking

This is a 1v1 multiplayer mode, and the reason they are putting it in the
campaign is to teach you how to start multiplayer games. This one will start
with someone coming into your game and hacking you. When this happens, the
hacker will find you and start hacking you.

If their meter is completely filled, that means that they successfully
hacked you. Your job is to profile them using the profiler. Press X to pull
out the profiler, remember. When you find them, your objective becomes killing
them. The longer you take to find them, the smaller the area to search for
them becomes, so that makes it a bit easier.

Whether you fail or are victorious, you’ll then be prompted to start an online
hacking multiplayer game yourself. Pull up your smartphone and choose the
Online Contracts app. Start the Online Hacking multiplayer match. Wait for an
opponent to be find, and either reject or accept that opponent to play against

The objective is then flip-flopped. You are supposed to find the person, hide,
and hack them. If they kill you, you lose. You CAN’T kill them or else the
data you stole from them becomes meaningless. Regardless of if you win or
lose this exchange, it will count as a mission completed and you can then
start the next mission in the game.

Go back to that objective marker that didn’t work before (or if you’re playing
offline, then just ignore the whole online hacking mission I explained above),
and then you’ll be given a new objective marker, which is the garage where the
contact is located.

On your way there, you’ll be notified of the police doing a search around the
city. Various spots in the street will be highlighted in yellow. Being in these
highlighted sections for too long will result in a failed mission. Drive out of
them as quickly as possible to avoid police detection on your way to the

Drive the car out of the garage. Take a right. Keep an eye on the police using
your mini-map. Stick to the alleys and hide in the car whenever a police car
starts to look at you. The same alert system used when people are looking at
you in dangerous areas is utilized during driving stealth missions as well.

When hiding in a car, the police can still find you if they walk inside the
blue circle radius that shows up around your car’s icon on the mini-map.
Drive out to the edge of the map, near the water, because there you’ll find
some docks that you can drive by that lead right up to the freeway, which will
be out of the range of their search area. You’ll have to avoid the helicopter’s
spotlight, but this is by far the easiest way to get out of here without being
seen by the cops.

Now simply drive the car to its destination without getting the cops on you
for any other reason. That means avoid breaking the law, i.e. ramming into
other cars, running over pedestians, etc.

Go speak with Badboy17. When that’s over with, go over to the underground
garage. Distract the guard blocking the path by screwing with his cellphone,
and then enter the garage itself.

Knock out the first guard. Then snake your way to the guard blocking the door
that you need access to, using the cars for cover. There are a lot of things
in here that you can hack to distract the guards if you need a distraction to
get closer.

Hack the panel by looking at it through the security camera. This will unlock
the door that you need to get through. Distract the guard standing in front of
the door, and then knock him out if necessary. Go through this door and then
down the stairs into the storage room. There’s some crafting components in
here that are worth grabbing before you head into the main building.

When “Badboy17″ is done talking, start bouncing around with the security
cameras. The guard with the code you need is on the first floor, walking back
and forth at the wall that is opposite of Aiden. Once you get the codes, hack
up to the second floor, and take possession of the phone of the guard closest
to the room where you need to hack.

It’s tempting to zoom to the security camera in that room, but it doesn’t turn
far enough to grant you the access that you need. So instead, wait for the
guard to walk into the room himself. Then hack the panel. Another hacking mini-
game will initiate.

Upon completing this mini-game, you can see the laptop in plain view. Hack it.
The guards will then be alerted to your presence, so sprint out of there. You
can safely sprint right into the parking garage even, because all of the
guards that are typically there will be gone now.

Wait for an explanation about using jammers. You’ll be given three of them
automatically. Tap RB to use them. You need to get in a car and drive out of
the area. The police scanners will be activated and if they get to 100%, then
you will fail. Use the jammers to temporarily disable their scanners so that
you can get far enough away from them to evade them completely.

The next objective marker leads you into an alley. The ctOS scan box there is
tied to two other scan boxes. From your position near the first box, spot
the camera on the side of the building. Use the camera to hack into the box.
Complete the puzzle, then back out.

The second camera is a bit trickier to find. There is a forklift nearby that is
blocking its view. Lower the forklift by hacking it. Then hack into the
camera. Use the camera to hack into the second box, which is directly across
from it.

At that point, hack into the main ctOS box that you were initially introduced
to, and you will have access to the cameras inside the apartment. Hack into
the second camera in here and wait for the cellphone to ring. Hack into the
cellphone to get the message.

Now either escape from the hitters or stay put and fight them off. If you
want to stay put, this is where that assault rifle you purchased earlier will
come in handy. You can hack into the various objects around you to make your
job even easier. You have to either kill all the hitters or escape to
continue. I recommend killing the snipers first. Just follow the red lasers
of their rifles to them, take them out, and then kill the rest.

Whatever you choose, once you’ve either killed or evaded the hitters, go to
the meeting spot designated by Damien and have a little chat with him.

Go to the cemetery and visit your niece’s grave.

Got to go talk to Jordi Chin next. The yellow objective marker will lead you
just outside the place he is staying. Then you have to climb up to the balcony
and a scene will trigger. Your target is across the water, heavily guarded.

Walk across the bridge, then stay outside the fence of the construction area
where your target is hiding. Run all the way down the side of the fence to
find a short ramp that leads to a gate that will allow you access.

Hack into things to distract the various guards or throw distracting devices
around to get them in Jordi’s line of sight. This will allow Jordi to shoot
them and take them out. The enemies should gradually start migrating to
where you came in at, allowing you to quickly make your way to the door.

The door is locked. Hack into the nearby camera and then hack into the controls
to the door, which is a panel, of course. If you’re having troubles locating
it, remember that bringing up the profile will show you the electronic link
between various objects in the game, represented by a glowing blue line.

Go through the door to trigger another scene. When it’s over, turn around to
find grenades and crafting components. Then pick up the AK-47 leaning against
the crate. A ton of fixers show up, aided by a helicopter. Trying to escape
from these ones is very difficult because of the helicopter, so the best bet
is to hunker down and kill them all. With Jordi helping, it’s not so bad.
Don’t forget to use those grenades that you just picked up to your advantage,

Head to the girl’s location. Once you arrive there, walk into the building.
She’s in here, standing a few feet away from Aisha Tyler. Yes, that Aisha

Hack into her phone when prompted. Then when she makes a call to her uncle,
hack into her phone again. This will give you her uncle’s location. Exit the
building. There will be a fast sports car parked along the sidewalk. Get it
and then drive to intercept Tucci.

Smash into his car. All of his gang members will come out and try to kill you.
Focus on killing Tucci first because you will fail the mission if he manages
to escape. After killing him, take out his goons.

Go to the police station and walk inside. When the scene is over, you need to
escape from your cell. Peer out of the window in your cell door and hack
into the cameras in the police officer’s phones. Then bounce around until
you wind up in the security camera inside of the control room and hack
the control panel to let yourself free.

Make your way to the lower level, but be sure to hide from the cops. Grab
the folder that you’re supposed to grab to get a read on the prison schedules.
Then start making your way through to the next area of the prison.

There will be a guard at the gate, and another guard talking to him through
the window. Hack through the first guard’s camera to the second guard’s
camera. Stay inside his camera until he walks into the server room. Then aim
the cursor at the servers and hack that as well.

Upon completing the hacking mini-game, you have control of the cameras in the
prison yard. Go to the second camera and you’ll see the guy you’re looking
for sitting on the ground and leaning against a concrete wall. Wait for him to
be carried off by cops, and then exit the camera. Hack your way into the
elevator and ride it down to the basement level.

Hack through the cameras to allow yourself access to the laundry room. Grab
the shotgun leaning against the blue laundry cart and take cover. Kill all of
the cops in the room with the shotgun and be sure to grab the weapons that
they drop. An armored cop will burst in.

Take cover on the counters in the center of the room. Keep moving around the
corners and taking shots at the armored cop. He will keep trying to catch up
with you, but won’t be able to do it. Once he’s dead, two more cops will
burst into the room. Kill them quickly and then speak with your target.

Once that scene is over, grab the bag that Jordi left for you to change back
into your regular clothes. Move through the next door and look through the
window to see the controls for the gate. Hack into the controls to unlock the
gate, and then sprint to the parking garage.

Find a fast car and drive out of there. Lose the cops at any means necessary.

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Go to the meeting spot. Hang out until you see the scene on the three large
TV screens on the building. Then head to Nicky’s house. Go through the front
door and watch the scene. When it’s over, speed to the train that Jackson is

Get close enough to the train to hack it, but don’t let the enemies see you.
Hack the train and then get in a car. Ram the enemies off the road and kill

Go to the next train stop. Get on the train to find Jackson.

Drive to the pawn shop. Purchase crafting supplies. Might as well just max
out on everything.

Before you can do any more main missions, you need to unlock the district.
This is similar to how you took over the ctOS servers before. Find the code,
then use the code on the designated panel. You can do it stealthily or go in
guns blazing, it doesn’t matter.

Go to the hideout. Find the enemy that has the codes. Make your way to the
computer and then use it. When that conversation ends, an armored enemy will
be waiting outside for you. The game will automatically go into focus. Press
X to explode the propane tank near the armored enemy, blowing him up instantly.

Fight your way out of here and then hop in one of the cars you come across.
Chase down the target. Run him off the road and kill him. Then kill the other
people that have come after you or escape from them.

Go to the Owl Motel hideout and go to your room. When you’re in control of
Aiden again, aim the cursor at the enemy that is holding Clara. The game will
be in slow motion, so you can line up the shot much easier. Pop him in the
head and then follow Clara out of the room.

Take cover and start killing all of the enemies. They will line the rooftops
in attempts to snipe you. More and more will come. Stay behind cover and pop
up just to shoot them down. Grenades are especially helpful here, as you can
toss them at the base of their vehicles and blow them up along with the rest
of the enemies.

If you haven’t purchased the “Focus” skill yet, you should do it now. It
comes very much in handy in combat situations. To activate it, push in the
right analog stick. This will cause the game to go into slow motion, allowing
you to kill enemies with much more accuracy.

This is technically an escort mission, but you don’t need to worry too much
about Clara. She can handle herself. That being said, if an enemy does manage
to corner her, it can sometimes be disastrous. Keep an eye on her location
and her health meter, located on the upper left part of the screen.

A new objective will pop to get Clara to her car. More enemies will show up
across the street when you reach the car, so be sure to kill them. After she
escapes, find a vehicle yourself and drive out of the area.

Meet Clara over where she thinks is “the bunker”. Hack into the bridge systems
to access the security camera feed. ID Tobias and then follow Clara to his
shop. He won’t be there. Hack the phone call of the homeless person nearby.

Find a car and chase down the fixer. Run him off the road. Kill him. Kill his
goons. You know the drill. Now proceed to the basement where the illegal poker
game is taking place.

Sit down at the table. It’s a $200 buy-in, so you won’t be able to continue
the mission at this point unless you have $200, but there’s absolutely no
reason that you shouldn’t. Just play one hand and Tobias will flee.

Exit the basement and chase Tobias down. Remember:  RT + B. This will make
Aiden free-run and it will make your life a hell of a lot easier during the
Tobias chase. Aiden will tackle him to the ground once you get close enough to

Return to the bridge. Activate the bridge so that it spins around and allows
you access to the abandoned island. When you step foot on the island, three
different yellow objective markers will pop up on your mini-map. Each one of
these objective markers indicates a generator that needs powered on in order
for you to reach the legendary bunker.

Let’s start with the closest one. Run around the building until you find a
lift. Lower the lift, climb on, then raise it back to the top. On the roof,
you will come across a locked gate. Hack the cameras to get a view of the
gate controls. Hack the gate controls to unlock the gate and then move through.

The generator is on the next roof, connected to the one you’re currently
standing on by a ventilation shaft. However, there is a fence in the way. Blow
up the fence by hacking into the pipe. Make sure you’re a safe distance away
when you do this. After the fence has been knocked down, use the ventilation
shaft to get across to the roof and then pull the lever on the generator. Now
get back down to ground level and make you’re way to the second closest

Step inside the shipping container and then hack it to make it raise. Step
outside of it onto the other shipping containers. Use them to climb onto the
roof. Hack the gate, climb onto the lift, ride it to the ground, pull the
second generator’s lever, and then backtrack so you are back on the other side
of the building, ready to go after the third generator.

Approach the large locked fence. Hack the only camera you can see. Then from
the camera’s view, hack the shipping container in your way. Hack that camera
directly across from you, and then hack into the third camera, which is closer
to the ground. The shipping container you just lowered is blocking the view of
this camera, so raise that shipping container. You’ll then be able to see
the panel you need to hack in order to unlock the gate and allow Aiden access
to this part of the island.

Climb onto the shipping container you can hack here and ride it over to the
third generator. Pull the lever and then the path to the bunker will be
revealed. Backtrack to the big red shipping container and press X at its
door to step inside. Ride it to the bunker and watch the cut-scene. When the
cut-scene is over, loot the place. Go to the lever to turn the power back on
and do so.

Hack it. Free the world.

Drive to the area, which is filled with enemies. I recommend the silenced
pistol here. Your goal is to turn off the security system by going to the
three fuse boxes and shutting it all down. There are snipers that you can
pretty much ignore. If they start to notice you, just hide behind something.

Kill the first two guys in front of the compound, then take a left to the
first box. Take cover and watch the two guards talk. They have helmets on,
so you need to shoot them in the face to get a proper headshot. Activate the
forklift to lead the first one over to you for a closer shot. Then kill
the second one. Pull the lever.

Make your way to the second lever. It is near the snipers, so sprint away if
they start to see you and use cover a lot. There’s only one guard walking
around here to kill. Pull the second lever and then make your way to the
third one. There are two guards here. Kill the two of them, pull the lever,
and then make your way to the designated room.

Go inside. There is an audio log in here. Mess with the tower. Then simply
leave the area. The easiest way to do this is to open the nearby gate,
hop in a vehicle, and simply drive away.

This mission is simple. Simply go to the bunker and then hack your way from
camera to camera, to panel to panel on your way to the top floor of the
building. There are a few hacking mini-games, but nothing you can’t handle.
Remember that the red objects in the hacking mini-games means that you’re
going to be timed to complete the mini-game, or else you will lose the

Go to Bedbug’s house. Hack the panel on the side of his house and listen to
the conversation. When the conversation is over, you have to tail him. Get in
a car and follow him, but odn’t follow too closely. When he goes into the
dangerous neighborhood, go down the next street over so that you can still
keep an eye on him without going there yourself.

Start hacking the cameras to continue to tail Bedbug through the complex.
When given the prompt, hold X to cause the distraction. Then start giving
Rabbit directions by telling him to go from cover to cover. Rabbit will
get caught. Hack his phone, then make your escape out of the neighborhood.

Bring up the weapon wheel. Go to the grenades and use the d-pad to cycle over
to the IEDs. Toss an IED on the truck and then get a safe distance away. Aim
the cursor at the IED and hold the X button to blow it up along with the

Drive to the location of the meet. Use the computer in there to view the
security footage. Afterwards, gather the supplies in this room. You just need
three IEDs to make this first part very easy. First, attach an IED to the
red explosive barrel at one end of the area. Attach one to the middle crates,
and then the crates on the opposite end.

Go up to the second story and get behind cover. Just chill until the timer
runs out. When the thugs arrive, blow them up by activating the bombs. Then
kill any that remain. More will arrive on the scene, so kill all of them as

When that’s over with, hack the cellphone that is in the middle of the
compound. After a short scene, get in one of the cars and chase the remaining
Viceroy thug down. Ram him off the road and then kill him.

Now go to the place where Bedbug is located. Get behind cover and follow him
into the park. Hack into his cellphone to give him a call. Then hack into the
panel to upload the footage that you’re using to blackmail him.

Go to the location of the briefcase swap. Hide behind the kiosk and watch as
the briefcase gets handed off. Then vault over the railing. Climb back up over
the railing as you near the enemy down here. Hide behind the scene and keep
watching the briefcase getting handed off until they start to leave in a

The game wants you to use a bike to tail the boat, but a much easier way is
to simply use another boat. Chase after the boat on foot a bit and you’ll see a
boat that is docked and ready for use. Get inside and use it to tail the enemy
boat. Don’t get too close or else they’ll spot you.

Once they dock at the marina, dock at the marina yourself. Jump into the
water and swim to the ladder. Climb up the ladder and then work your way to
the briefcase. Shouldn’t have to engage anyone. Open the briefcase and snap a
pic of its contents. Now exit the area.

Do what needs to be done!

Hack into the panel on the side of the building. It requires a fast hack, but
you should only need to hit X four times to finish it up. When that’s done
with, go to the side of the building.

Crispin is inside the elevator. There are two guards protecting him. See the
purple car on display? Crispin is going to run into that car and try to
escape if you don’t kill him fast enough.

There’s a bunch of different ways to handle this situation, but I find that
the most entertaining method by far is as follows. Poke your head in the door
just enough to get a verbal warning from the guards, but not enough for them to
engage you.

Toss an IED on the car. Then shoot into the building or cause a blackout or
whatever. This will cause Crispin to make a dash for the car. As soon as he
gets close enough or gets inside or whatever, blow up the IED. This will
blow up the car and also blow up Crispin.

Hack Crispin’s phone, which must be a Nokia, because it will have survived
the blast. Then make your exit from the area. Go to the nightclub and follow
the host to Poppy. After the scene with Poppy, exit the nightclub and drive

At the auction area, follow your host to Mr. Quinn. You’ll pass Iraq on the
way. Scan Iraq’s dogtags when prompted. Then sneak out of the building. You’ll
find a bag full of your weapons and gadgets, so pick that up. Hack the
camera through the gate, use it to unlock the gate, and then go through the
gate yourself.

All hell breaks loose. Hold X to cause a massive explosion. Now just kill all
of the enemies as you push through this area. Get to a vehicle and drive

Jacks will text Aiden. After you get the text, drive to his location. Kill
everybody. Reinforcements will arrive, so kill them too.

Go to the bar. Then go to the base. You can easily just walk by the enemies
in the front of the area and go through the double doors. You’ll need to unlock
the doors first by hacking the panel next to it.

You have to lead Bedbug down the halls. Aim the cursor at the various crates
and things that he can use for cover. Things are pretty straight-forward
until you get to the room where there are three broken down walls and two
enemies separating Bedbug from being safe. Move him through the first
room, then activate the cellphone in the second room as a distraction. Lead
him into the third room now, but keep him behind cover.

This room has a shutter in it. Activate the shutters, then immediately send
Bedbug into the next area, which is shrouded in darkness so he’ll have plenty
of cover. Get Bedbug close to the door and then hack it. You’ll automatically
hack into Bedbug’s phone camera, so just hack the things that need hacked as
he goes to the server room.

When the scene is over, make your escape. Hop into the car and then drive out
of there. There is a bridge nearby that you can raise, which provides an easy
way to escape from the Viceroys that are pursuing you.

Time to find Raymond Kenney. Head to the area where he’s supposedly located.
There’s a computer there that has his files on it. Kill everyone there and
then access the computer.

Before you leave, start wiping the files. The hunker down and kill all of
the enemies that come in after you. You need to stay close to the computer
or else the wiping process will be halted. Once the wiping process is
complete, get in a car and chase down the fire truck.

Taking out the fire truck can be tricky, but like with most car chases in
this game, the truck will get to an intersection and you can take it down
just by pressing X. Taking it down just by ramming it until it’s broken will
work as well.

Once the truck has been destroyed, kill the fixer. You only have to kill the
main fixer, but you can kill his partner as well if your heart so desires.

To Top


This control center is out in Pawnee, a rural area, so it’s actually a lot
easier to access it and hack it. Kill or don’t kill. It’s up to you. Remember
that you need to hack the center and then leave the area fast enough or else
it won’t count.

In Pawnee, go to the designated house with the computer sitting inside. Look
through the window and attempt to hack into it. When that happens, go to the
docks and start scanning everyone. You’ll eventually find the person with the
password reset code. Return to the computer and then peer through the window
and hack into it yet again.

Drive to the abandoned ctOS center. Hack the camera you can see through the
compound fence. The antenna in the middle of the compound will rotate the
three satellite dishes. Do that and position the camera so that you can see
the controls to the door blocking your way in. Hack the door and then go

Go down the stairs. Hack the camera here, and then you’ll be able to unlock
another door. Go back up the stairs and hack the cameras some more. On the
roof of the building outside, near the third satellite dish, is another panel
to hack. Do this and then rotate the dishes so that you can use them to get
across to the lift.

Raise the lift, then get on it and lower yourself down. Go down the stairs
here. Move through the door and go down the hall. Look through the door and
you can see something to explode. Blow it up and then sprint away from all
the exploding pipes.

Return to the first stairs you went down in this area. You can now access the
box that you need to access. Interact with it, and then drive to the bar.
Go inside and talk to T-Bone. Complete the drinking mini-game that follows.

In drinking mini-games, you need to move the cursor and press the buttons that
are on the screen. Upon completing the drinking mini-game, a cut-scene will
play. Once the scene is over, follow T-Bone out into his compound. He will show
off the booby trap he’s built. Watch him use it, and then listen to him and
use it yourself by aiming at it and holding in the X button.

Now it’s time to get T-Bone’s truck. Drive out to where his truck is being
held. Kill as many of the thugs here and then get inside the truck and drive
away. Lead them back to T-Bone’s compound. Take cover and use T-Bone’s trap to
help kill all of the thugs that are after you.

Drive to the camping site. Get on a motorcycle and tail the helicopter. It
helps in some of the tighter areas on the highway if you use your “Focus”
ability while driving. You’ll tail the helicopter to a trailer park.

At that point, get off the bike and hack into the camera on the helicopter.
The helicopter will hover above the park for a while. Use its camera to find
the two chiefs of security. One is in the northern part of the park, by the
wooden fence that’s obviously breakable, with a car right behind it. The
other security chief is in the southern part of the park, standing between two
trailers. An armored enemy will sometimes go up and talk to him.

Once you’ve pinpointed the two security chiefs, it’s time to eliminate them.
Find the first one and kill him, which should be easy enough as he is near the
edge of the park, but watch out for the helicopter. As long as the nose of
the helicopter is not facing you, you should be able to avoid being detected
by it.

As you near the second security chief, he will flee in a car. Get a car
yourself and chase him down. Run him off the road and kill him. Hack his
data, and then either kill the rest of the enemies or escape. It’s much easier
to just kill them all, as the helicopter pursuing you makes it difficult to
escape. You also have to kill the helicopter gunner for it to count that you
have killed everyone chasing after you, so remember that.

Smash into the convoy. They’ll just be a few blocks over. Specifically, you
will want to target the large truck. An armored enemy will come out of the
truck after you run into it. Drive down the street a ways and then get out of
your car. Take cover behind the car and lure the armored enemy to you.

Toss an IED on the ground NEAR your car. Sprint away when the armored enemy
gets close to your vehicle. Detonate the IED, and the resulting blast should
not only destroy your car, but your enemy as well.

With him dead, it’s just a matter of killing the rest of the enemies or hiding
from them. Either way is easy enough. You can hide in the local bars for an
easy way to get the heat off you from the gang if needed.

Go to the Blume headquarters. Bounce around inside with the cameras and open
up as many doors as you can using just the cameras. Make some distractions,
disable comms, do whatever. Get the enemies away from the front gate, and then
go in the front gate yourself.

Walk over the large panel in the center of the area. Luckily, this place is
not watched very closely.

Shoot anyone that gets in your way, but remember that you can’t be caught.
Stay behind cover, use the silenced pistol, and this shouldn’t be too
difficult. Make your way to the room with the panel you need to hack. Upon
arriving there, you’ll find that it needs two ctOS switches activated in order
to function properly.

Tap X to bring up the profiler. Follow the lines to teh two different control
boxes and hack into both of them. Then return to the main box and begin the
hacking process. Hack into it successfully and you’ll be able to see the
server room. Upload the virus and then when the “elite” type enemy walks into
the room, hack into his phone camera.

He will lead you right by the room where Damien’s meeting is going down. Hack
into that room itself using the cameras in there and listen to the

When that’s done, the alarms will have been triggered and it’s time to get
the hell out of there. You can easily slip out through the back. Hug the
side of the complex where you hacked the large panel at the beginning of the
mission; the guards will all be looking the opposite way, and if any do see
you, you should have plenty of time and distance to get out of their eyesight
before it’s too late.

You’re thrown into this mission immediately. No respite. Just outside of the
Blume compound are some bikes you can swipe to rush to T-Bone’s junkyard.
Upon arriving, stop a ways away, then sneak around and murder all of the
militia that are here.

T-Bone will come out of hiding once you’ve done this. Your new job is to
escort him around while he lays bombs. Utilize his various traps to make the
job a bit easier as you maneuver around the place. Defend him, follow him, and
kill all of the red dots on the mini-map.

When everyone has been successfully murdered, go with T-Bone to his boat.
Take control of his boat and drive out of the marina. Start making your way
back to Chicago.

Upon arriving back at Chicago, a cut-scene will play. Then head to the
Viceroy hideout. You should be very well familiar with it at this stage.
They have upped their security, but it’s easy to just walk around them and
get to the front doors of the building.

Equip a blackout item and use it to get through the double doors. Then just
start slaughtering all the Viceroys from the bottom floor to the top. You
have plenty of opportunities to utilize explosives in the environment along
the way, so take advantage of those opportunities.

Once you reach the server room, hack into it. Another scene will play, and
afterwards Aiden will find himself on the roof. Go around and collect the
IEDs that are scattered here, and use the briefcase to replenish your ammo.

Toss the IEDs up and down the center of the area, but don’t put one too close
to the exploding panel on the ground. When Iraq is done rambling, a few Elite
type enemies will swarm in. Don’t waste the IEDs on them. Just stay behind
cover and pick them off from afar.

Afterwards, a heavily armored enemy will show up. The IEDs are for him. Lead
him down the row and repeatedly blast him. Be sure to stay behind cover,
otherwise his machinegun will kill you in mere seconds. Once he’s dead or
right before he dies, Iraq will show up as well.

Iraq might not have any armor, but it takes four to five headshots to get rid
of him. I recommend using Focus, lining up the shot, and then just blasting
him to hell before the Focus runs out and you should be able to get rid of
him that way.

After Iraq dies, go through the designated door. Congraulations, you completed
the third act of the game.

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Return to the bunker. Once there, you have to complete a series of hacking

Go to the meeting spot in town to talk to Damien. When the cut-scene is
over, Damien will have plastered your face all over the electronic billboards.
The civilians will start to recognize you. Run into the street to get away
from them before their yellow caution signs fill up.

Find a fast car. There are plenty just parked on the side of the road around
here. The truck that the signal is broadcasting from will appear on your map.
Drive there and then follow it until you get the chance to neutralize the
truck by having it crash at an intersection.

Get out of your car. Use Focus, pop the guy in the truck, and then open your
map again. Damien will have the police scanning for you, and their ctOS scan is
impossible to avoid. Mark the location of the bunker on the map. Then craft as
many jammers as possible and start driving straight there.

Use the jammers whenever you’re in trouble of them finding you completely.
Go across the bridge that leads to the bunker island, then hack the bridge
again so that the cops in cars can’t follow you. You can’t go inside the
actual bunker itself, by drive past it. There are a few shipping containers

Hide in one of them. The helicopter will still be able to pursue you, and they
WILL find you no matter what. However, if you hide in the shipping container,
the helicopter will lose sight of you. Run in between the two shipping
containers here to avoid the helicopter’s spotlight. Keep doing this until
your wanted rating goes down. You can gauge how much time is left on the
wanted meter by looking at the bottom righthand corner of the screen.

Drive to the coffee shop in the city. Then go across the street and hack the
panel on the wall. This will allow you access to the camera in Defalt’s room.
Watch the scene. When it’s over, go around the corner and up the stairs just
enough so that you can get an eye on the camera up there.

Hack into the camera. Now you can activate the car alarms and allow a good
enough distraction to lead T-Bone to safety. If T-Bone does get caught, then
just run up there and kill all of the fixers with him. He does have a shotgun,
so he can defend himself without you having to completely babysit him.

Once T-Bone drives away, fixers will be called to your location. Just murder
them all or escape to complete the mission.

The Ambrose Theater is your next destination. Upon arriving, casually walk
towards the bouncer. Hack into his phone when prompted, then walk through the
door he was guarding as he walks away. A short video will play, and then you
will be able to access the club.

Walk around with the profiler out. Whenever you highlight a person that has
a red profile, keep the profiler aimed at them until it gives you the prompt
to hack them. Walk around and keep hacking people until you have the
information needed.

Look up. Hack into one of the cameras. You’ll see a panel. Hack into that
and then complete the mini-games. This will land you in another office looking
at another server to hack. Hack into it, complete the mini-game, and then
you’ll be staring right at Defalt.

Defalt will make the lights go out. When you can, start sprinting toward the
back of the club. Climb the crates and then chase Defalt to the roof. He
will activate various traps to try to slow you down, but it’s no matter at
this point.

On the roof, get behind cover. Kill the fixers that Defalt has hired to take
you out. When they’re dead, get down from the roof and get into a vehicle.
Start chasing Defalt throughout the city. Stay close to him so that you can
steal all of his data.

Defalt will then get away, but he’ll leave his car in a parking garage. T-Bone
will locate it for you. Go to the designated parking garage and approach
Defalt’s abandoned vehicle.

Nicky is being kept at the abandoned factory. Go there and then hack the panel
for it on the outside to get a view of her. Blow up the guard in her room
and then hack his phone. After talking with Nicky, you have two ways of
going about this, the easy way and the annoying way.

The annoying way is to lead Nicky to her car by giving her commands through
the camera. The easy way is to simply kill everyone in the factory and then
Nicky can just run there herself.

For my method, aka the easy way, back out of the camera, Go around the side
of the building and you’ll find a single guard standing near a shutter. Shoot
the guard, open the shutter. Ignore the Enforcer (the heavily armored enemies)
that is guarding Nicky’s room, and instead just go around and pop all the
other enemies in the head with a silenced pistol.

Go up the stairs and on the catwalk to get a bird’s eye view of the Enforcer
enemy. Equip a grenade launcher and blast him a few times to kill him. With
all of the enemies dead, Nicky will go to the getaway vehicle and drive out of
there safely.

Pick up Nicky and Jackson. You have to drive them out of town without the
police finding you. Open your map. On the west side of the map will be a
restaurant. Your goal is to get to this west side of the map without being
detected. An easy way to do it is to take the first left, then the next
right. Drive almost all the way to the end, and then take a left again before
the next intersection. Drive to the very end of this road and then take a
right and just ride this road until you are out of the radius of the police.

When you’ve escaped from the police, simply finish the drive to Pawnee.

This lengthy mission begins by you going to a speech given by the mayor and
Quinn. Hack the side of the building and watch through the camera to watch
him. When he walks away, hack through the other cameras to keep an eye on him
and the mayor in the other room.

When that’s done with, it’s time to infiltrate the building. The first floor
is guarded by an enemy at the front door. Shoot him in the head with a
silenced pistol, then silently take out the rest of the enemies in the lobby
and the room beyond it.

Go to the elevator and call it. An enemy will be aboard, so quickly kill
him. Get on the elevator yourself and ride it to the top. A scene will play,
but don’t put the controller down just yet. The scene concludes with a QTE
for you. Press the button that pops up on the screen.

Collect the items in the room and then go onto the roof through the nearby
door. Kill the Enforcer here with explosives, then kill the rest of the
enemies. Blow up the helicopter that shows up or shoot the enemy on it that
is trying to shoot at you, at least. Work your way across the rooftop and you
can get into the room where Quinn was last located.

Open up the profiler. Hack the computers and audio files in here. Hack your
way into the camera in the room where Quinn is hiding out. Hack the shutters
to open it up, and then confront Quinn by talking with him through the glass.

When prompted, hold down the X button to screw with Quinn’s pacemaker. He
will continue to talk. When the scene concludes, mess with the pacemaker
again. After Quinn dies, Aiden will talk to T-Bone. When that conversation is
over, hack into the computer in his room to download the video files.

Make sure you have a blackout equipped. Then go out onto the roof. Disable
the helicopter (you should have the perk for this by now…if you don’t, then
you can still get through using blackout, it’ll just be tougher). Jump off
the roof. There is a glass overhanging just below. Land on it, then drop off
it, and make a break for the docks that are nearby. Use another blackout if
necessary, just make sure those cops are blind.

Get on a boat and zoom out of there. Once you’re safely out of the radius of
the police, hang tight until another objective marker pops up. Hurry to Clara’s
location at the graveyard. Watch the scene, and then you’ll be given an
opportunity to utilize an extended amount of Focus. Kill as many of the hitmen
as possible while in this mode.

If they’re all dead, great. If not, get behind a headstone and then continue
the fight. Then when they have all been killed, go over to Clara.

To Top


Fast travel to the Bunker. Enter the base through the usual methods, using the
fancy shipping container. Watch the cut-scene, and then set your next objective
marker after the call with Damien. Get in a car and go.

Drive to the location of the “weak point” in the ctOS. Try to hack it, and
Damien will shut you out. Now as soon as the yellow objective marker pops up
on the mini-map, OPEN the map. There will be three objective markers. Memorize
where they are, as it will make this much easier.

Basically, Damien will now start screwing up the entire city. Everything will
go nuts. Not only that, but police will constantly be scanning for you. Jam
them as much as possible. Damien will also glitch out the objective markers so
that a bunch appear on the map simultaneously. However, the only ones you have
to go to are the ones that actually spell “HACK” correctly. They are the three
that you should’ve looked at before starting this, as it makes it much easier
to get to each location.

Upon arriving at each location, hack into the system there, then hang around
the area until the virus has been fully uploaded. Then go to the next one
and just keep repeating the process. Once the viruses have all been fully
uploaded, hide from the police until they go away.

Now return to the ctOS panel in the building that Damien shut you out of
initially. Hack into it again and this time complete the hacking mini-game.
You’ll then be in control of a satellite. Hold X when prompted to rob Chicago
of all of its power.

Open the map when the next objective marker comes out and mark it. This will
lead you right to the docks so that you can get a boat and make this much
faster. Drive the boat out to the lighthouse, then get out and ascend to the
top of the lighthouse.

A scene will play, interrupted by a QTE. Tap the button that pops up, and then
pull the trigger on Damien. When that scene is over, the credits will play.
In the middle of the credits, you will be prompted to complete another game

Remember Maurice? Well, now you get to decide his fate. If you want him to
die, shoot him. If you want him to leave, turn to look at the shutter in here,
open it up, and then simply walk away. Doing this will end the campaign in
Watch Dogs and the rest of the credits will start to roll down the screen.


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3. Side Missions
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Watch Dogs has a variety of side missions available with varying objectives
and goals.

For a guide designed to help you master all of the side missions in the game,
please refer to this guide:

Watch Dogs – Side Missions [Guide]

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