Bill Killem Walkthrough [Guide]

Bill Killem

At first glance, Bill Killem may seem like your standard platforming game. There’s more than meets the eye, however, as this game combines both side scrolling and endless running, and players score depending on enemies destroyed and distance covered. There’s a lot of customization to be had also, despite its simplistic graphics. How much mayhem can you cause before dying yourself or getting abducted by aliens? Get ahead in the game by reading this guide.

Bill Killem is a side scrolling and endless running game where in the goal is to cover as far a distance as possible while killing enemies. Powerups and special weapons can be purchased or picked up in order to help you get a higher score. However, the game is timed, and players can prolong their run by collecting items strewn within the stage. Should players die by getting hit by enemies, falling into pits, or triggering traps, their run will end. Similarly, the game will also end if the clock runs out, which would cause your character to get abducted.

Coins are the game’s currency. Coins can be acquired in a variety of ways such as collecting them during runs, completing achievements, or completing special offers. Coins may also be acquired via in-app purchases. Coins are particularly important as these can be used to purchase and upgrades powerups as well as new disguises. Coins may also be used to continue your run should you die in a stage.

Controls within Bill Killem are pretty basic. Players can move left and right as well as jump. Double jumping may also be done in order to make long jumps or to avoid certain hazards. Of course, there’s a shoot button that can be held down so that you can shoot continuously. Having good hand eye coordination as well as quick reflexes will certainly go a long way towards helping you survive for longer.

Your character is provided with a weapon that, although strong enough, may require multiple shots in order to take down tougher opponents. From time to time, players will be able t pick up new weapons that are more powerful and would behave differently from your default weapon. Take advantage of these as their effects would only last for a short period of time. Once you get a new weapon, blast away in order to get the most amount of points.

Players are also able to gain access to different powerups, which are purchased at the beginning of each run. There are many kinds of powerups available, such as running shoes that will increase your speed, jetpacks that will give you the ability to fly, magnets that will automatically attract nearby coins towards you, and a mega boost which would launch you forward automatically,

Only one powerup can be used at the beginning of the game, and succeeding ones will have to be unlocked one after the other. This can be done either via in-purchases or by using the preceding powerup a certain number of times. Powerups may also be upgraded in order to make them last longer. It is important that players focus their expenses in upgrading powerups, but only the ones that they would be using for the long haul.

Bill Killem has an achievements system where in players will be able to complete certain objectives during their run. These may include traveling a certain distance, killing a minimum number of a certain type of enemy, collecting a required number of coins, avoiding traps, and man more. Achievements always come in threes, and completing one will display more for players to complete. Focus on completing these achievements as these are the easiest way for players to earn big coins aside from the fact that it provides you with more things to do than just to run around and shoot at stuff.

At the shop, players will also be able to purchase different disguises. These, however, are only cosmetic changes and will not help in improving your performance. All costumes may be bought using coins, although it is recommended that you buy these last, at least until after all possible powerup upgrades have been maxed out.


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