Ruzzle Adventure Walkthrough [Guide]

Ruzzle Adventure

Ruzzle Adventure is a great game to play, especially if you like word games such as Scrabble or Book Worm. Here, players can form different words in order to accomplish tasks, and what’s great about this title is it actually allows players to form curse words – one of the very few games of its kind that permits these! Go forth in an adventure for glory and for the enhancement of your vocabulary, and here’s our complete guide on what to expect with this game for word lovers everywhere.

Ruzzle Adventure is a word finding puzzle game where in players must connect letters in a grid in order to form words of two or more. Creating words of more than three letters will provide players with powerup tiles that can help you eliminate more tiles or get further ahead in the game. and boosts can also help get you a distinct advantage especially in tougher stages. Different missions will have different objectives, and these would keep the game fresh even though game mechanics would more or less remain the same.

Coins are the game’s main currency. The most common way to earn coins is via in-app purchases, but tasks such as collecting from the Daily Board will also provide you with some of this resource. Coins are spent for purposes such as refilling health and powerups, or to buy yourself out of failing a round, among others. Having coins would be desirable, but they are not required as almost all resources in the game can be acquired by waiting, and all puzzles are solvable via regular means.

Players are provided with five lives, and each time players fail or quit a round, a life will be lost. Lives will regenerate over time, but players can ask for as well as give other players lives if they connect the game to their social media accounts. Players can also spend coins to refill their lives, as well as to add an additional one life to their maximum capacity.

Players will have to go through different stages in order to progress in the game. There are different missions available, including having to score a minimum number of points, clearing wood or stone tiles from the grid, and having to drop gems to the bottom of the grid with a set number of moves. There are also levels where in players must race against the rising water levels until they are able to form the required number of words.

Only by completing the current stage will the next mission come up, but previously completed levels can be repeated over and over again in order to acquire all stars or to try and get a higher score. Should players fail a round, they will be asked if they would like to continue their progress rather than quit and lose a life. This, however, will cost coins.

Up to three stars can be collected per stage, and stars will be awarded depending on performance criteria such as total score or completion time. The easiest way to earn all stars, in most situations, is to either create longer words that will then create bombs that will clear away entire rows or columns, as well as creating words using tiles with higher multipliers. Completing the main requirement with moves left will also be a good way to earn higher points as higher score multipliers will be randomly assigned to letters, and players can still form words for as long as they have moves left.

On the other hand, the best way to get stars in well missions is to form words as fast as you can. Boost tiles can also help as forming words using these tiles will help you rise faster and complete the stage with less time.

Powerups are special items that can be used to provide players with a helping hand during puzzles that they find hard to beat. Different powerups will be available depending on the stage currently being played, and these can be triggered by tapping on the powerup button above.

Like lives, powerups will regenerate over time and can also be refilled instantly using coins, so players can either wait or pay in order to get more. However, using powerups is not a surefire way to win a puzzle, and all puzzles can actually be solved without using these items. Check up on what each powerup can do by clicking on it before the start of each stage.

Players should be very careful when forming words, especially in stages with a limited number of moves. Creating non words will cause in one move being lost, and the only way to cancel out a move is to trace the letters back until only one is highlighted. Also, make it a point to try and form longer words and even words in plural form in order to maximize each move and to score more with each turn.

Daily Board
The Daily Board is a special board that will appear once a day. Players can form any word that they want out of the letters, but there’s always one word that will use up al the letters in the grid. Forming this word will earn players lots of coins, but they can also opt to collect less by forming words with lesser letters. Make sure to play the Daily Board whenever this pops up in order to get coins without spending real money.


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