Clash of Lords 2 Walkthrough [Guide]

Clash of Lords 2

By the name itself, Clash of Lords 2 conjures up thoughts of the popular strategy game Clash of Clans – and you wouldn’t be wrong to think just that. Clash of Clans is a different kind of creature, however, because even though it shares some similarities with its famous pseudo-namesake, Clash of Lords still manages to be at least a little unique, especially with regards to hero management. Rather than bombarding enemies with dozens of troops, players will be deploying a handful of heroes with a few mercenaries in tow. The differences don’t stop there, and here’s our guide so that you don’t get lost as you embark on this epic adventure.

Clash of Lords 2 is a real time strategy and building simulation game where players must manage resources to both upgrade their offensive and defensive capabilities. The game revolves around building walls and structures around your base in order to fend off attackers, as well as to properly manage and strategize deployment of heroes for the purpose of pillaging both computer and player controlled territories. Each victory will allow players to learn loot that they can use to build up their forces, as well as glory that will help them or their guild reach the top of leaderboards and, consequently, to more rewards.

Gold and gems are the three types of currencies within the game. Gold is used for building and upgrading structures within your base, as well as for finding enemies during resource raids. On the other hand, gems are used for speeding up tasks, used as wagers in the pubs available within the game, recruiting heroes, and many more.

Both gold and gems can be acquired in a variety of ways. For gold, looting enemies and collecting from mines are the main sources, while for gems, it’s in-app purchases. Both of these currencies may also be acquired as rewards for winning stars in battles as well as for completing events and quests. Additional gold may also be acquired in exchange for gems.

Other resources include souls and rings, and these are used to improve your army of heroes and mercenaries. Rings can be acquired by recruiting heroes, and both of these currencies may also be acquired via rewards for completing missions of quests and events. Rings are used to improve on your heroes’ and other allies’, while souls can be used to upgrade the stats of mercenaries.

In the Cat’s Meow and the Dancing Dragons, players can earn more rings and souls via a rock papers scissors type game. Players can win double the rings or souls if they win, but can lose half of the amount if they lose. Gems are required in order to play the games, and mugs of drink are required to actually enter. Mugs can also be won as loot during missions.

Leveling Up
By battling, as well as by building and upgrading structures, players will earn experience points. These will allow players to level up which would in turn allow players to build more within their land. This, along with the current level of your Town Hall, will determine just which buildings would be available for construction and how many of each can be placed on your base.

Players can place different types of structures within their land, and each serves a specific purpose. For example, gold mines generate gold for you while vaults store it. On the other hand, the Heroes Hall is where players can house their heroes, and there are also different defenses that you can place around your base in order to deter any attackers.

All buildings will require coins to be both built and upgraded, and there are also construction times that must be considered. This, however, may be bypassed by spending gems. Also, there must be a builder available for both building and upgrading. Additional builders may also be purchased using gems so that more can be done simultaneously. Upgrading will allow your structures to be more productive or effective in their respective purposes as well as get increased health which would in turn make them more difficult to destroy during enemy attacks. Players will also have the option to put armor in certain structures later on.

There are various heroes that may be called upon in Clash of Lords 2, and knowing which ones to use and exactly when and where to place them is critical. Each hero has distinct attributes such as health, attack, range, attack patterns, as well as skills that can be activated in battle for as long as there is enough Rage in your meter, which charges up over time. There are active and passive skills that will provide players with advantages when attacking others.

Abilities as well as mercenaries can be upgraded using rings and souls, respectively, and these would upgrade the effectiveness of both hero and aid skills, whenever applicable, as well as the attributes and number of mercenaries that will support your hero. Sometimes, even the Rage requirement of skills will be lessened.

Heroes may also be upgraded by consuming other hero cards. Combining two heroes of the same kind will yield better results, and there are also experience cards that will be able to give players more experience that will cause them to level up. There is a maximum cap by which heroes can be leveled up, and different heroes may be stronger or weaker than others even if they are of the same level.

Heroes can be acquired in many different ways. They can be won as rewards during battles, or recruited using rings. Spins which would yield random heroes can also be done every two hours, or players can spend gems for a chance to get better heroes. Heroes are not only used for attacking, although reviving or waiting for them to revive may be done should they fall in battle, but they will also defend your base if you get attacked. The more Heroes Halls you have, the more heroes you would be able to call upon.

Many different game modes are available within Clash of Lords 2, and each would allow players to get resources and rewards in the form of coins, gems, new heroes, experience, and many more. There’s the single player campaign as well as the Lords League, where in rankings will allow players to earn souls hourly and weekly. There’s also a Resource Raid mode, which is essentially PvP, where players would attack others in exchange for loot and experience. Lords League battles will reshuffle over time, but players can force it using gems. On the other hand, Resource Raids will require players to spend coins.

In battle, players must deploy heroes in any acceptable location. Players can earn up to three stars depending on which bases they would destroy, and the more stars they win, the more prizes they would get. Players may also activate hero skills so that they would be able to get an edge in battle. Timely activation of skills and proper utilization and deployment of heroes is necessary in order to win.

Alternately, players must also place walls and other defensive structures like sniper towers and mortars near their structures to protect them against attack. Players may also purchase shields using gems, and these would prevent others from attacking you. However, attacking other players while your shield is up would make it disappear, allowing you to become targets once again.

Events and Quests
Events and quests are special offers ad objectives that players can try to win rewards like gems, coins, souls, rings, and other items. Events must be selected before prizes would be awarded, while players can try and complete any of the available quests. More quests will also open up once previous ones have been completed, and players must manually claim prizes that have been awarded to them. Events and quests include winning raids with three stars, upgrading your town, winning single player campaigns, and many more.

Players can form and join guilds comprised of other players. They must build the guild hall as well as win trophies via the Lords League in order to be able to join. Joining guilds will allow players to earn rewards based on their collective performance during a certain period. Thus, joining strong guilds will definitely be an advantage, although doing your share is certainly a must. Players will also have the ability to chat with guild members and others online.


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