F1 Race Stars (iOS) Walkthrough [Guide]

F1 Race Stars

On your marks, get set, and go for some intense racing action as you face off against some of the best drivers in the world with F1 Race Stars. Flaunt your driving skills and equip yourself with powerful upgrades and some highly skilled drivers as you go around the world and compete in various circuits. The game may seem like your standard Mario Kart clone made for the mobile, but that doesn’t take away anything from this easy to learn but extremely difficult to master driving game. With that, here’s our guide on how you can dominate the track.

F1 Race Stars is a racing game where in players will get to control drivers and vehicles as they compete in several series of tournaments and cups. Along the way, players will be able to get better upgrades that will provide them with perks, as well as drivers that will have more superior abilities than the default one. F1 Race Stars utilizes Mario Kart-esque combat dynamics, such that racers can attack each other using powerups that can be picked up in the course, and various other items like gates and boost pads would also be present that will allow players to change the tide of the race in an instant. Mutliplayer sessions are also available which would allow players to battle in races of two to four participants.

Coins and gems are the two main currencies within the game. Coins are earned by collecting them during the race, while gems are awarded each time players level up. Both of these currencies may also be acquired by exchanging real money for them.

Coins are used for purchasing bonuses at the beginning of the game, as well as to skip achievements that you do not want to complete the usual way. on the other hand, both coins and gems may be used to get new drivers, although the abilities of drivers bought using premium currency would be far superior as compared to those bought using only coins.

Acceleration of your vehicle is automated, and aside from using powerups or boosts, only steering is required. The game provides three different control mechanisms for steering, namely tilting, via thumbsticks, or using virtual buttons. The controls may also be flipped for left handed or right handed players. Players can find the best configuration that suits them, but this can also be modified any time under the Settings menu.

Leveling Up
Each race will earn players experience points. As players earn XP, they will level up and have their CC improved. This will mean that their racecars will become faster and would be able to compete easier against other drivers. In addition, leveling up will also earn players free gems, although the amount rewarded will differ from level to level

Powerups are available within the game as random pickups. These powerups can be triggered once collected, and they will be able to provide a variety of effects. These include giving you an increase in speed, trapping other racers in a bubble, or repairing your car in order to prevent damage, among others. Timely use of powerups is necessary in order to take full advantage of them. On the other hand, some drivers have exclusive powerups as well as additional perks whenever certain powerups have been used by them.

Upgrades are equippable items that will provide players with perks and special abilities. Some upgrades will allow players to earn more coins when drifting, while others will reduce damage taken from bumps. There are many other kinds of upgrades, and these can be acquired by completing achievements, after which players can spin a slot for free. Players may also choose to spend gems or coins during these moments in order for a chance to get better upgrades. Similarly, packs containing more upgrades are available in the shop.

Players may only equip three upgrades at a time, and once replaced, upgrades will be gone from your inventory. Upgrades that you don’t want to use and are not equipped can be sold off for extra coins.

Bonuses are items that you can purchase at the beginning of the race so that you will have an edge over other players. Bonuses include and experience doubler, a speed booster, a coin doubler, and various others. Equipping bonuses will require coins, but only three can be equipped for each race. Use bonuses if you have a lot of coins to spare, or if you are in need of just a little boost to win a particularly tough race.

Races are linear in form, such that previous races would have to be won in order for new stages to be available. The game also implements a star system where in a total of three stars can be won depending on how well you performed during a race. Among the modes available in F1 Race Stars are Classic, Pole Position, and Elimination. All of these modes will require players to be as fast as possible and to maintain the lead, or at least not end up in last place.

During races, drifting is an important aspect as this will fill up the KERS meter. This will in turn allow players to use a boost that will give them an increase in speed. Players should use this up quickly, however, as the meter will run out if not used. Other items that the players will be able to see during races are the aforementioned powerups, boost pads, as well as powerup gates where in players can teleport or be transported further in the track or have other racers slow down. Passing these gates, however, will require players to spend coins, which is why the game allows for the removal of these gates, and this can be done in the Settings menu,

There’s also a pit stop where in players can repair damage taken by their vehicles. Damage will affect performance and complete destruction will mean that you will lose the race.

Certain conditions will allow players to unlock new drivers that they can use to drive their vehicles, although most of the time, they should be bought at the shop. New drivers may be purchased using gems or coins, and while some of them may cost a lot, they do provide certain perks than your default driver does not have,

Advantages of other drivers include having special abilities and bonus powerups, as well as distinct advantages for certain conditions such as being in a specific country during a race. Selecting the right driver that suits your style will be best, and it is recommended that you read through what each driver has to offer before making a purchase. Of course, you can just switch between drivers if a better one is available, and you have currency to spare.


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