Delivery Outlaw Walkthrough [Guide]

Delivery Outlaw

Jack Dunnit was a former racecar driver, adored by fans all over. Now, he’s a delivery boy for his parole officer who isn’t quite on the right side of the law. Breaking the law when you’re already technically serving time isn’t recommended, but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be fun. In Delivery Outlaw, race against the clock while protecting, but oftentimes endangering, life, limb, and property as you perform assigned tasks that will get you that much closer to freedom. Test your vehicle handling skills with this game, and here’s our guide to get you off to a roaring start.

Delivery Outlaw is a racing game where in players must get from point A to point B without running out of gas, getting stuck on the way, and destroying whatever package it is that you are carrying. With that, players can gain access to several vehicles that can be upgraded, as well as gadgets that will help you complete requirements within each level.

Good balance and control of your vehicle is necessary, especially with the rough terrains and hazards that you will be driving across, and players must be able to complete objectives that will in turn allow them to unlock more content in the game.

Coins are the main currency within Delivery Outlaw. Coins are used to unlock new vehicles as well as buy upgrades in order to make them perform better. These are earned by completing missions, and more can be earned by performing actions within each race that are deemed as desirable such as performing tricks, sticking landings cleanly, destroying stuff, having new gear, and many more. Players can also earn coins by completing daily missions and via in-app purchases.

Deliver Outlaw only has two button controls, namely Brake and Gas. Gas is used for accelerating, while Brakes are used for slowing down and driving in reverse. These buttons are also used to control your vehicle in mid flight, and this is especially important as landing out of balance may cause damage to your package or, worse, turn you over long enough that your vehicle would then explode. Playing with these controls are also required when going up steep hills or sharp inclines, as both speed and balance are important in order to go over these obstacles more easily.

Controlling your vehicle while in flight will take some skill as players will need to tap and hold either buttons depending on their current position in order to tilt forward or backwards. With practice, however, players will be able to perform flips and wheelies that will grant players additional coins. Using either buttons while turned upside down may also, at times, help you right yourself so that you will be able to continue with your delivery.

Players will start each race with a full tank of gas. This will deplete quickly as you drive, though, and having an empty gas tank without reaching the goal will cause you to fail the stage. Gas containers can be picked up during your run, and these would help refill your gas tank and prolong your run. Certain vehicles and upgrades will also provide you with more fuel, and these would allow you to last longer even with long intervals of not being able to pick up containers.

Gears are resources that are required for players to unlock new content within the game such as new parts that can then be purchased and equipped to your vehicles. Gears are earned via one way only, and that is by racing. Players can earn up to five gears in each round, but players must complete certain criteria before they can be acquired. The first five stars are earned depending on how quickly you are able to finish the race as well as on your package’s health. The other two stars are for exceeding the percentage required for three gears with regards to speed and package safety.

Players will be able to acquire different types of vehicles, but these can only be unlocked by reaching certain points of the game. Also, they would still have to be purchased before they can be used. All vehicles will have base stats in many different areas namely speed, power, grip, weight, fuel, and shocks. These attributes may be improved by equipping and upgrading the right parts that will affect your vehicle’s overall performance. Players can switch between vehicles that they have already bought depending on their personal preferences.

Vehicles may be able to equip parts that will help in improving their performance. Parts include the engine which would increase top speed and give you extra fuel, wheels that would help you improve your grip against different types of terrain, the gearbox which would give your added power, and many more. Players will inevitably be able to purchase and upgrade gadgets as well, and these would be able to give them an edge during races especially if they want to perform better. New parts will be available once players have acquired the required number of gears.

Parts that have already been purchased may also be upgraded. This will increase their performance by a certain percentage. Buying and upgrading parts will require coins, and parts are independent of each vehicle, so focus on upgrading only those vehicles that you know that you will be using. Take note, however, that new parts that have been unlocked at base level are almost always better than earlier parts even if they have already been upgraded several times.

Daily Missions
Players can also try and complete daily missions, which are special objectives that players can try to meet in exchange for coins. Daily missions come in threes, and these would refresh automatically. If you have the time, try and complete these missions early as these are one of the easiest ways to earn extra currency as well as to test your skills with your vehicle of choice. Take note, however, that daily missions are only available if you device has access to an Internet connection.


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