Nintendo E3 2014 Report Card (The Legend of Zelda and Smash Bros.)

E3 Update

Nintendo’s special Digital Event was full of Robot Chicken sketches, but it was also full of truly awesome reveals. Previously announced games were made even more epic by some announcements and gameplay footage shown, and new games were announced that have Nintendo fans the world over extremely excited.

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New Super Smash Bros. fighters

Nintendo kicked off their presentation with new information about Super Smash Bros., after an insane battle between Iwata and Reggie, of course. This resulted in a new type of fighter for Super Smash Bros., the Mii Fighter. The Mii Fighter comes with three different types. Mii Brawlers are fast, powerful, and close quarters combatants. Mii Swordfighters are the masters of melee weapons, and Mii Gunners use “mysterious arm cannons”.

Each of these types has access to four out of 12 possible special movies they can choose from. This means that the Mii Fighter potentially has 36 special movies in total. Some celebrity Mii Fighters were shown as well, but it’s unknown if they will literally be in the final product or not. The celebrities (and historical figure) shown were Abraham Lincoln, Elijah Wood, and Ice T. “You can fight, anyone can fight.”

An update was given in regards to the 3DS version of the game as well. Evidently, the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. was slated for a summer release. However, it is being delayed so that they can do more debugging. There will be many different game modes besides the vanilla fighting in Smash Bros., such as a game where you balance coins, the home run derby, the ability to remove the thick black lines around the 3DS fighters, something called Flower Smash, and more. Coins seem to be a big part of the game, and it looked like you can bet on matches using coins.

There will be new assist trophies as well, based on characters from Zelda, Wii Fit, and more. There also appeared to be a mode where the trophies were able to battle it out in some way.

At the very end of Nintendo’s show, they revealed a new fighter for the game as their “one more thing”. This new fighter was introduced with an anime opening that saw Link and Pit having an epic battle. The fighter in question is Palutena from the Kid Icarus series. Dark Pit also showed up at the very end, and he’s likely to be an alternate costume for Pit.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS will be available on October 3rd. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will be available holiday 2014.

Nintendo Skylanders

It’s a little known fact that Nintendo was originally approached with the idea and technology that would later go on to birth the popular Skylanders franchise. Nintendo turned down the offer. They’re probably regretting that now, but in the meantime, they have developed their own technology based on the idea. They’re calling it amiibo, and it involves toys based on Nintendo characters.

Using the NFC built into the GamePad, players can place their figures on the GamePad to download them into the game as well as store data inside of the figures. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will be the first game to support amiibo. The toys will work with other Nintendo games as well, and their data will be saved between all of the games. In Smash Bros., the amiibos can be used to help you fight in the middle of the battle.

At some point after the amiibos launch with Smash Bros., amiibo technology will be made available in Mario Kart 8, possibly to add new characters to the game.

Yoshi’s Wooly World

Yoshi’s Yarn is now known as Yoshi’s Wooly World. The game is using a three dimensional world instead of the strictly 2D world used in Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The yarn mechanics have to be changed slightly to accommodate this shift in perspective, but they will be more realistic as a result.

The game will have no time limits and will have a focus on exploring the game world. Yoshi functions like he does in all of the other games he’s in, except he can transform to different objects as well due to the fact that he’s made out of yarn in this game. The game also supports two-player co-op, and players can turn each other into eggs in order to throw their partner to higher, out of reach areas.

Yarn Yoshi originally started his life as a yarn figure akin to how Kirby appeared in Epic Yarn. However, after much trial and error, his appearance is now that of a “stuffed yarn” Yoshi. The developers are using this and a textured design to give the game the appearance of being hand made.

Yoshi’s Wooly World will be available in 2015.

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Toad: Treasure Tracker

Based on the popular mini-levels from Super Mario 3D World, Toad is now getting his own game. It’s called Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and it plays very similarly to those levels from 3D World. The game has a pending release date of holiday 2014, and the video shown ended with Toad riding on the head of a gigantic purple dragon.

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Open. World. Zelda

As promised, Nintendo pulled back the curtain on the new Zelda for Wii U. The visuals seemed like a marriage of the more realistic take found in Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess and the cel-shading that has been used in Wind Waker and Skyward Sword.

This Zelda is going to be very different from the others. The game is an open world. It’s completely nonlinear in structure and looks absolutely amazing. Think Zelda Skyrim, and you have a pretty good idea of the concept behind this game.

The video that was shown during the presentation featured Link riding Epona, moving through a game world that looked fantastic. A giant robot spider then starts to chase Link, burning up the landscape with its laser. Link moves across a bridge, and the spider drops into the water and shifts into an octopus. Link then jumps off Epona (Link was wearing blue, by the way), and then fires into the robot with his bow.

This new Legend of Zelda is releasing in 2015.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Revealed before E3, we got a little more info on Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The games will feature new mega evolutions for the starters from Ruby and Sapphire as well as mega evolutions for the legendary Pokemon that grace the cover.

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Bayonetta 1 and 2

Bayonetta 2 was shown next. It has the traditional Bayonetta, over the top gameplay and extreme action. New costumes for Bayonetta were revealed, such as sexually suggestive ones that are rare to see in Nintendo games, as well as a Samus suit! Not only that, but Link is in the game as a playable character, which prompted Bayonetta to respond with, “Flock off feather face!”

As icing on the cake, Bayonetta 2 is releasing with the first Bayonetta game as a part of the package as well. Nintendo fans will now be able to enjoy the entire Bayonetta saga in one package when Bayonetta 1 and 2 release in October 2014.

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Hyrule Warriors

The more I see of Hyrule Warriors, the more I am impressed with this game. There’s just so many enemies on the screen at once with no slow down, and multiple battles going on the battlefield. This game will also feature giant boss fights that require Zelda esque strategy to defeat as well as two player co-op.

The co-op implementation is particularly exciting. One player plays on the TV screen and the other plays on the GamePad. I’ve been wanting this kind of implementation done ever since the GamePad was first unveiled.

The game will feature a lot of playable characters. Four were mentioned in this presentation. Among the playable characters are Link, Zelda, Impa, and Midna. They all have their own special moves, and these moves cause serious destruction to their enemies. Zelda was particularly impressive with her attacks. She uses an awesome bow that fires three light arrows simultaneously.

Hyrule Warriors releases September 26th.

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Canvas Curse 2

I was a big fan of the original Canvas Curse on DS, but now there is a sequel on its way for Wii U. It looks to play a lot like the original game, except with claymation visuals that look absolutely brilliant. The game is entitled Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and releases in 2015.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X

Monolith Soft revealed more about their game that was previously only known as “X”. The official title is Xenoblade Chronicles X. There’s a character named Elma, there’s giant space ships, space battles with mechs, and it is one hundred percent a sci-fi game. Numerous other characters were shown, such as potential alien species, a ninja chick with a cool staff, and other intriguing creatures.

The game will release in 2015.

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Mario Maker

Mario Maker was leaked before E3, but it was still exciting to see. The concept of the game is that you get to create your own custom Mario courses. You can create the courses with the graphics of the original Super Mario Bros., or you can create them in the vein of the New Super Mario Bros. games. You can switch between the two graphical styles instantly with the press of a single button.

A new power-up is being added to the game. There is a thin mushroom that makes Mario taller, but it also makes him skinnier.

One funny thing shown in the video was that the guy playing allowed Mario to get to the flag pole at the end. He then paused the game and drew blocks around the exit at the end, so Mario was just stuck endlessly walking into the blocks.

Mario Maker is releasing in 2015 for Wii U.

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Nintendo is making steps into the online multiplayer realm with a brand new game that was revealed during their presentation. It’s called Splatoon, and it is a 4 vs 4 multiplayer online action game.

In the game, two teams battle to control the level by splattering the map with ink. Whoever has most of the map covered with their color of ink by the end of the match wins. The characters will be in two forms. One form is their human form, in which they are able to shoot their gun. The other form is the squid form, in which they can swim in the ink, launch themselves in the air, and climb up walls. Your own ink will increase your movement speed when you’re a squid, but the enemy ink will actually slow you down.

GamePad motion controls can be used to aim. The GamePad also displays an overhead map that is updated in real time. You can tap the icons of your allies while looking at the GamePad screen to launch to their location.

Other powerups were shown, such as a paint roller, some kind of explosives, and something that can only be described as the Hammer of Dawn from Gears of War, except with ink.

Splatoon releases in 2015.

Star Fox U

The final image of the presentation showed Shigeru Miyamoto playing a game on the GamePad. He talked about how he has projects in the pipeline that are all designed to take good advantage of the GamePad functionality. It was blurry, but it was clearly visible that Miyamoto is working on a Star Fox game for Wii U.

And after the show…

Nintendo continued the excitement after their conference wrapped up. They announced numerous things which kept their momentum going strong, and there’s still more to look forward to even later!

First of all, The Devil’s Third, the new game from the creator of Dead or Alive and the popular Ninja Gaiden Xbox games is going to be Wii U exclusive.

Mario Party 10 is releasing gin 2015. The game will be compatible with amiibo. A new mode was announced that lets you play as Bowser if you have the GamePad and screw with the other players on the board.

Shigeru Miyamoto was said to be working on three projects for Wii U all designed to take full advantage of the GamePad. The first one is Star Fox and it will release in 2015. The second one is a game called Project Giant Robot. It is a game about giant mechs. The final game is called Project Guard, but nothing else was revealed about the title at this time.

The GameCube adapter was given a release window and pricing information was release. It will release in holiday 2014 and it will cost $20. It will launch the same day as Super Smash Bros. The new GameCube controllers with the Smash logo on them will cost $30. In addition, there will be a bundle that includes Smash Bros., the adapter, and a GameCube controller for $100. The adapter will also support wireless controllers, such as the Wavebirds.

Level-5 was announced to be working on a new 3DS RPG that is releasing October 27th. It’s called Fantasy Life, and it allows you to live out your days in an RPG town taking on various occupations, or you can go on an epic quest. Speaking of Level-5, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney was confirmed for North American release this fall.

Art Academy for Wii U is releasing by the end of 2014. Mario vs. Donkey Kong for Wii U was announced as well, and it will have both GamePad and Miiverse integration.

Tomorrow there will be a special event hosted by Nintendo in which they will reveal a brand new game for 3DS.



+So many awesome games shown
-Smash Bros. portions weren’t as exciting as I had hoped
-Star Fox didn’t get a proper unveiling


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