Dragons: Rise of Berk Walkthrough [Guide]

Dragons Rise of Berk

The land of Berk is a beautiful place to live in, teeming with fish and woodland… as well as a couple of dragons that you can tame and train. Help Hiccup build up their home so that Vikings and dragons can train in unity, and discover more of the land in Dragons: Rise of Berk. There are lots of things to do, and you wouldn’t be able to complete tasks without making sure that you have enough resources as well as both man and dragon power to meet objectives. Here’s our guide that will help you improve Berk in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Dragons: Rise of Berk is a building simulation game where in players are tasked to complete objectives, and these would require gathering resources, capturing and training dragons, as well as increasing the Viking population within the land. As with most building simulation games, there are wait times involved, and strategic building and upgrading is required in order to complete missions one by one. Proper allocation of tasks and resources is also necessary so that objectives can be met quickly. New contents will also be available in upcoming updates that will allow dragons to do battle as well as introduce new breeds and abilities in order to add more variety in the game.

Runes are the main currency within the game, and it is also considered as the main currency. Runes can be acquired by completing tasks and sometimes as drops for tasks such as clearing rocks. These can also be acquired as a bonus for connecting the game to your Facebook account or by watching videos and downloading other games. Lastly, additional runes may also be purchased using real cash.

Runes have several benefits, chief among these is the speeding up of tasks like building, upgrading, and training. Runes can also be used to buy wood or fish that you may not have, buying dragons and rebuilding structures outright, as well as to get more rewards for when assigning Toothless, your first dragon, to search missions. Having enough runes is very advantageous as you can complete tasks and get resources quickly, and the game provides you with just enough so that you can spend some on tasks without really needing to go the in-app purchase route.

Players would also need to gather and maintain resources such as fish and wood. These are resources required for tasks such as clearing debris and upgrading buildings, as well as training and feeding your dragons so that they can grow as well as do more tasks. Dragons can be set to work to gather both wood and fish, and clearing trees from your land will also net players with more of the latter. Both wood and fish may also be rewarded by completing missions, or acquired by spending runes.

There is a maximum cap by which you can store wood and fish, and players can increase this by upgrading storage areas. Players can also increase the number of spots where in they can deploy dragons to acquire these resources, and these would allow more dragons to perform the same tasks simultaneously.

Players can send for and search different areas in order to find different breeds of dragons, although they must first feed and train Toothless so that he may be able to search farther areas. From time to time, you will be able to find eggs that you can then hatch and place on Berk, after which you must feed it fish so that it will level up enough. Once this happens, you can train them in order to gather fish and wood for you, and the higher you train them up by first feeding them and then having them train in the Academy, the faster they will be able to gather more resources, and the longer they will perform the task that you have assigned to them. Dragons may also be called back from their current task should you want to deploy them to another mission in the middle of another one.

Dragons may also be purchased outright using runes, and rebuilding other characters’ home may unlock more dragons for you to purchase. Searching, however, is free, although players can also spend extra runes during searches so that they will be able to get more rewards. Runes may also be spent in order to speed up the search. Each dragon has specific abilities that will be unlocked as they level up, so gathering one kind of each dragon and then raising them is certainly a must.

Some tasks within Dragons: Rise of Berk will require players to have a minimum amount of Vikings living in the land. These tasks include clearing away bigger debris, as well as rebuilding homes and bridges. This can be done by upgrading Meade Hall, which would increase your maximum allowed population, as well as building homes, which would add more Vikings to your actual population. Building and upgrading will require both wood and time, although these could be circumvented using runes if you are in a hurry and if you have enough of this resource to spare.

Players have the option to upgrade existing structures within Berk in order for it to be more effective. For example, upgrading the Hatchery will allow players to hatch more than one dragon egg at a time, while upgrading the Academy will allow players to train more dragons and have them reach higher levels. There are also areas that can be rebuilt so that new missions and new dragons will become available. Lastly, some structures like bridges can be rebuilt so that players can expand to new areas should their space become limited. Upgrading as well as building will require resources as well as time.

Players can also clear debris by clicking on them, and sometimes these would also yield different resources such as wood and runes. Clearing debris will require resources as well as a required Viking count, and some time must be spent before these objects would be removed.

The game provides players with different tasks that they can complete in exchange for resources like runes, fish, and wood. Players can have multiple quests going at the same time, and they can check up on the progress of each. Completing missions will open up more, and rebuilding other characters’ homes will allow players to access even more missions and content from the game. Thus, players should really make it a priority to focus their efforts towards the completion of these tasks in order to get the most out of the game and to expand and improve on their land faster.


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