Angry Birds Epic Walkthrough [Guide]

Angry Birds Epic

The Angry Birds franchise has recently been blasting itself towards different genres. From the simple physics puzzle game, they have branched out towards kart racing, and have even starred in their own TV show. Angry Birds Epic should come as no surprise, then, as it is simply another channel that the series would inevitably be a part of. Here, players can control their birds in RPG-styled combat. The premise may remain the same, and the characters will have to battle the same nasty pigs, but the mechanics have been altered to fit the genre.

Save your precious eggs with some amazing new abilities, and unlock more great content along the way. Read this guide in order to get yourself acquainted with Angry Birds Epic, the most epic Angry Birds adventure yet.

Angry Birds Epic is a turned based adventure game featuring characters and enemies from the Angry Birds franchise. Here, players can unlock and control birds with each having different types of abilities, and players must combine these abilities as well as equip them with better gear in order to progress through the many stages in the game.

The game also features a random element where in prizes and other factors are determined by the spin of the wheel. In addition, the game also utilizes a crafting feature where in resources earned can be used to manufacture different materials such as new weapons or consumable items.

The three types of currencies within Angry Birds Go are Lucky Coins, Snoutlings, and Friendship Essences. Both Lucky Coins and Snoutlings may be purchased using real money while Friendship Essences will require friends before you can get them. Snoutlings are the more common currency as this can also be dropped by defeated enemies or acquired from chests, while Lucky Coins are more uncommon, and only by completing harder stages will there be a chance for you to be able to get this resource.

Snoutlings are used mainly to unlock what are essentially blueprints for new weapons and consumables and purchase, while Lucky Coins are used for reviving your birds should you fail a stage, for additional resources, for spins in the Golden Pig Machine, or for buying some premium items in the shop. Lastly, Friendship Essences are used should you want to spin again during crafting or when getting rewards should you want to shoot for something better.

Resources are a very important part of Angry Birds Epic. Resources are required for crafting weapons and consumables, so having the right ones is extremely crucial. Players can acquire resources as rewards for missions, as well as by mining certain areas within your path. Additional resources may also be acquired by buying them outright using Lucky Coins.

Leveling Up
Your birds will earn experience as they defeat other enemies. Once enough XP has been earned, players will get to level up. The main benefit of leveling up is that all of your birds will get to benefit from increased attack and health. Also, new items may also be available for unlocking. The game will inform you as to what has been unlocked as soon as leveling up has been completed.

The Angry Birds will be your main characters within the game. Players can unlock different birds, and they can add them to their party depending on the required number of birds for each stage. Each Angry Bird can portray different classes by equipping headdresses which are exclusive to them, and these grant them different abilities for both attack and support. Headdresses will be unlocked as players progress the stage.

Your birds will also have a Rage ability as well as weapons and gear that are specific to them only. Having the right combination of birds in your team and knowing how to make them work with each other is essential to win especially during tougher battles.

Each bird also has a specific Rage ability that does not change. Rage can be triggered by using the Chili meter that fills up over time. This meter is shared by all birds, which means that anyone can use it once it has been filled up. Certain items can be purchased and used so that the Chili meter can be filled up either completely or partially. Take note that the meter carries over to the next wave of enemies within the level, but not across stages, so while this ability is very useful and can save you from defeat, learning when to actually use it is also essential.

Aside from headdresses, players can also acquire different types of weapon and off-hand items. These can be crafted using resources gathered, while some can also be collected as rewards. Take note how each weapon increases or decreases your stats, as well as the passive abilities that they will be able to provide.

Once crafting is done, a dice will also be rolled and the value it provides will provide the finished item with a boost, if any at all. Should players not be satisfied with the result, they may choose to roll again for a chance to get a better finished product. Keep in mind also that new items must be purchased first at the Workshop using Snoutlings, and that new ones may unlock as players level up.

Consumables may also be crafted or acquired as rewards. Like weapons, consumables will require resources and must also be unlocked first before they can be produced. Furthermore, the quantity of items produced will depend on the roll of the dice, just like when it comes to weapon quality.

The difference between weapons and consumables is that anyone can use them. Also, consumables will be gone from your inventory once they have been used. Examples of consumables include health potions as well as the ability to refill your Chili meter by a certain percentage, among others. Make sure to bring enough consumable items with you so that you will last better and longer in a fight.

Players will progress through the stages in linear fashion, but paths will regularly branch out and players can choose as to which area they would like to go. Some paths will lead players towards locations where they can unlock and win different items, although most will require players to battle through one or more batch of enemies. Also, players can go through completed missions again; however, they will become tougher the second time around.

Sometimes, players will find certain areas blocked by a gate, and they will only be able to open them by meeting the required parameters such as finding the corresponding key or having Facebook friends help you out. Opening a gate will lead you towards a path with new stages as well as give you the chance to get better items.

There’s also a daily dungeon that players can enter. These refresh daily and would give players the chance to earn lots of Snoutings. Make sure that you enter these dungeons and any other stage with the best team possible in order to increase your chances of victory.

Each stage allows players to earn up to three stars depending on their performance. This takes into consideration the speed and quality of the match, so make sure to take out enemies fast and hard in order to increase your score. The number of prizes that you can win will depend on the number of stars that you can get, so players must really try and get all three stars so that they can quickly gather any resources that they might need.

Lucky Pig
Another feature within Angry Birds Epic is the Lucky Pig, which is a slot machine type game where in players can earn prizes at random. The more Lucky Coins that the players are willing to spend, the better the prizes that they can get. Also, using the Lucky Pig will slowly fill up the rainbow bar, and having this filled up will ensure that you will get a far better prize the next time you try to draw from it.


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