Dead Route Walkthrough [Guide]

Dead Route

You’ve been woken up in the middle of the night with zombies banging at your door. What else is there to do other than to take out your guns and run into the night killing any undead that you see? Dead Route is a different kind of running game where players can run and find the best path to go, and they will also have the chance to blow zombies away with a variety of weapons. There is also a lot of content to unlock, as well as some great outfits for your character to wear. Make your route the deadliest for zombies, while also trying to keep your skin from getting detached from your body with Dead Route – and here’s our guide on how to play the game.

Dead Route is a running game where in players must try and reach the safe house by avoiding obstacles and shooting or getting out of the path of zombies that will be encountered along you way. New weapons and upgrades as well as special items will be available so that you will get some additional help. Different missions will have different objectives, and completing missions will provide players with new episodes and even harder challenges which would require quick reflexes and absolute focus on your surroundings.

Cash and Zombie Coins are the two main currencies available within the game. Both currencies may be used at the shop for purchasing and upgrading weapons, buying items like grenades and health packs, and even some optional skins and accessories. However, Zombie coins are reserved for superior items, and these can also be used to revive you should you fall in a run as well as to regain your energy.

Cash can be acquired by finishing stages, killing zombies, as well as via daily login bonuses, among other methods. On the other hand, Zombie Coins are awarded each time players level up, and while there are other ways to acquire this currency, the most ideal way is to buy in-app purchases where in players can purchase more Zombie Coins as well as other packs like exclusive costumes, accessories, and even new episodes should you not want to wait until you reach a new rank for it to be accessible.

Dead Route uses a rank system where in players will level up once they complete certain objectives during a run, such as killing a minimum number of zombies or using grenades a specific number of times. Once the set of three objectives have been completed, then players will increase in rank, providing players with Zombie coins as well as possibly unlocking new slots in your backpack or new episodes which would feature new missions.

Energy is a very important resource in the game as it is used whenever players want to go for a run. Energy is replenished at a rate of one every fifteen minutes, but players can speed up refills by spending premium currency. If you are serious about playing the game, then make sure to exhaust all of your energy before leaving the game, and then come back after about two hours so that you can return to a full bar of energy.

Missions will end if you hit walls or other obstacles and fall off ledges, or if zombies are able to make you fall. However, getting swiped at by zombies in passing may also cause you to end your run. Getting swiped at will decrease your health, and players must look out for this and to replenish lost health by using medkits. Medkits can be provided as rewards or collected as loot, but players may also opt to purchase them using either cash or Zombie coins.

Controls within Dead Route behave must like any other endless running game. Players can swipe to the left or to the right in order to switch lanes for the purpose of avoiding zombies or obstacles, or to collect any boxes that are ahead. Players must also swipe at the displayed arrows in order to turn corners. Swiping up will cause the player to jump, and this is a great strategy if you don’t want to switch lanes to avoid zombies, as well. Lastly, swiping down will cause you to automatically reload your weapon. There are also dedicated buttons that can be used to use medkits and grenades, the latter of which will be able to destroy a large group of zombies.

Players will also be able to purchase and upgrade different types of weapons. Stats will include power, range, ammo capacity, and many more. Basic weapons will require cash while premium ones will need Zombie coins. Upgrades may also cost either currency.

Shooting at enemies will simply require players to tap at the screen. In order to ensure accuracy, tapping once the white border appears on the border will avoid the wastage of bullets. The stronger your weapon and the longer your range, the faster you will be able to take down enemies. Keep in mind, however, that ammunition is finite, and players must reload as well as get ammo reloads either via crates or in the shop in order to be able to use their weapons.

Other items available for purchase – aside from medkits and grenades – are flashlights, which allow players to enter special stages. On the other hand, there are also costumes that players can wear so that they will be able to enjoy perks such as increased health or attack power, among others. There are also accessories that provide additional cosmetic changes to your character but will not provide any other boosts.

During your runs, players may be able to collect mystery crates which, at the end of the level, will have its contents revealed. Contents may include cash, medkits, grenades, and many more. The capacity that you can carry will depend on the number of available slots in your backpack, however. This limit can be increased by ranking up or by buying them outright. It is also important to open the crates once you have collected them in order to free up space.

Players will be able to unlock different stages in each area, and each may have different objectives that players must complete. The more basic ones will have players reaching the safe house at the end of the level, while other will be more of the endless runner variety where in players must survive for as long as they can and collect crates. Each stage will require energy, and players have the option to revive themselves should they fall or restart the stage from the beginning.

As players rank up, new chapters containing new missions will open up. Players may also get to check the difficulty rating of a mission before they begin.


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