Second Earth Walkthrough [Guide]

Second Earth

From the long line of real time strategy, Clash of Clans-esque games comes Second Earth. This time with Second Earth we’re placed in a faraway planet where we are tasked to mine for resources and to build up our territories. As standard, there’s the occasional attacking and pillaging of other planets while preventing others from taking down what you’ve   probably spent hours putting up. It will take a lot of grinding, patience, and strategy to dominate this game. Of course, using up premium currency will certainly be an advantage, too. If you’re the stingy kind, however, then here’s our guide on how to make Second Earth the best home that you can.

Second Earth is a real time strategy and building simulation game where in players will take control of their own planets. Here, players can create structures that they can use to mine resources as well as defend their land. There are also places where in players will be able to hire, store, and even improve on troops. These troops will then be used to attack other planets in single and multiplayer campaigns. Proper management of resources is a must, and in battle, knowing what and where to deploy your troops is essential in order to gain victory. Second Earth has lots of missions to achieve, as well, and completing them will allow players to collect rewards much faster.

Ntrium is the main currency within Second Earth. It is used for the speeding up of tasks for building and upgrading, and it can also be used to purchase resources that you may not have. Ntrium can also be used to purchase premium items and to refill your hearts. While the game is pretty generous when it comes to providing this resource, use Ntrium wisely as you might quickly run out. Ntrium can be earned by completing quests, gaining achievements, acquired as daily login rewards, or buying them using real money.

Gold and plasma are the two resources available within the game. At certain points, these two resources have interchangeable purposes such as for building and upgrading structures. However, coins are used mainly for building and for starting multiplayer battles, while plasma is used for buying structures for your army as well as for hiring troops.

Both plasma and coins may be mined from your planet, but the quantity that you can store will depend on your command centers and storage facilities’ levels. These resources may also be acquired as rewards as well as by looting when attacking other planets. Take care, however, as other players may also steal from you if you are successfully attacked.

Players will also get to build different structures within their territory, and all these have various purposes such as for mining and storing resources, enhancing your defenses, and even for improving your army. The most important of these, however, is your command center, as this will define just what and how many items you would be able to build, and this would be the main target of any would be attackers as well.

Building will take time as well as resources and builder units, of which you are initially provided with two but have the option to get more using premium currency, but players can bypass these requirements by spending Ntrium. Upgrading will also require these items, and despite the cost, upgrading is very essential as these would make your structures more productive in serving their purpose.

Second Earth is not just about building anything in any available space, however, as strategic positioning of them is required especially when it comes to defense. Make sure that you have ample cannons, traps, bunkers, and other defensive units within your base and that they are able to cover every area of your base so that you will be prepared when other players attack. Buying shields will also prevent others from attacking you for a period of time. Take note, however, that this will be forfeited once you decide to attack other players.

Similar to other strategy games, players will be able to hire different types of units that they can use to deploy to other planets for pillaging. Unlike most games, however, Second Earth does not require waiting times for training as units can be hired outright, although hiring would still require resources. Different units have different statistics and attack patterns, so having a diverse variety of troops is essential so that you can deploy the right kinds of units depending on the situation.

The number of units that you can carry will depend on the number of level of barracks that you have. More units will also be unlocked once certain structures have been leveled up, and other buildings will allow you to enhance and upgrade units as well as introduce new ones so that you will have better offensive units that you can take into battle.

There are two types of battles in the game, namely attack and defense mode. Attack mode is divided into two – single missions where players will attack computer generated bases in a linear fashion, and PvP where players can choose to attack other players. Single player battles can be initiated at no cost, while PvP will require coins as well as hearts, which are regenerated over time but can also be refilled using Ntrium.

For both types of attacking, players will be able to earn loot based on what structures they would be able to attack and destroy. All troops that they send out will be gone, so players should make sure that they hire more troops in preparation for the next fight. Players must destroy at least the command center before the time runs out, and losing all troops and failure to destroy the command center within the time limit will cause players to fail.

Winning PvP battles will also earn players trophies, which would grant players the opportunity to be posted in global leaderboards and possibly even rewards. On the other hand, players may also earn stars depending on their performances, and there are achievements where in prizes will be awarded once players reach certain milestones.

Of course, players can get attacked and have resources stolen from them as well. This happens in the background with no player participation, and the best that players can do to avoid losing resources is to properly position their bases and to have good defensive units around, or to purchase shields that will prevent them from getting attacked. Should you have your command center destroyed in an attack, however, a shield will automatically be put up so that you will have some time to rebuild, but this will also be deactivated once you decide to attack other players.

Missions are special quests available within the game, and this will provide players with instructions on how to play the game as well as give them goals to complete in exchange for rewards. Missions will have to be manually begun, and awards will need to be claimed manually. More missions will be unlocked as players progress through them. Rewards range from Ntrium to other resources, so completing missions is very much recommended.

There are also daily missions where in players will get even better rewards.  Anew set is given each day, and bonus prizes will be provided should players be able to complete them all. Lastly, there are also achievements that players can complete. These are usually harder than regular or daily missions to accomplish, but finishing them will yield even better items, usually in the form of premium currency.

Social Function
Second Earth allows players to form and create guilds where in they can join up with other players. This provides a lot of advantages as having friends will allow you to give out and receive hearts as well as additional troops. There’s also a chat function as well as a leaderboard where in the best guilds with the highest trophies collected will be posted online.


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