Sword of Phantasia Walkthrough [Guide]

Sword of Phantasia

The Demon King is back, and it’s up to you and your party of friends to ensure that the world is safe from the evil that will plague the world without your help. Customize your avatar and equip yourself with powerful gear, spells, and skills in order to defeat the most dangerous of bosses with your party. There are a lot of things to discover within this game. Read this guide so you don’t get lost in all the action. Are you ready to save the world? Then gear up and get ready for an intense and exciting quest!

Sword of Phantasia is a role playing game where in players can go on quests and defeat different creatures. As customization is the main focus of the game, players must acquire different gear and resources in order to make them stronger. There are also skills and spells to be learned, and different classes that players can play as. Getting the perfect combination of gear and other abilities is the best way to win fights more easily.

Sword of Phantasia also emphasizes socializing, and this is done through boss battles where in players must defeat bosses as a group. The more boss battles that players encounter and participate in, the more rewards they would be able to get.

Coins and SC, or Sword Coins, are the two currencies available within the game, and each serve a specific purpose. Coins are used for refining and upgrading your gear, while SC are used for acquiring more powerful gear that can really enhance your character’s abilities. Coins are regularly earned as drops from enemies defeated, while SC are usually acquired via in-app purchases. There are other ways to earn these currencies, however, such as by participating in raids and completing special events where in players can get great rewards in return.

Leveling Up
By defeating enemies, players will be able to earn experience points. Once enough XP has been earned, players can level up, and this provides players with several advantages. By leveling up, players can have an increase in health as well as have their SP and BP meter refilled. In addition, players will be able to earn Skill Points that can then be used to further improve your character.

Leveling up will also enable players to equip better gear as to have more powerful skills and spells later on. Also, more content will be unlocked as players reach certain levels. Thus, leveling up through regular gameplay is certainly a must.

SP is the energy resource within Sword of Phantasia. SP is required if players want to move within a stage. Different stages will require different amounts of P, so make sure that you have enough before questing. SP regenerates over time but players can use items to refill it. Leveling up will also refill your SP instantly so gauge as to whether it would be better to use items or to simply wait until you have leveled up whenever your SP runs low.

BP is also another type of energy that is used for battling. Rather than for regular quests, however, BP is used for boss battles, with attacks using up 10 BP and spells and skills costing more. Like SP, BP regenerates over time, and having enough is certainly a must especially since there’s a chance for bosses to escape if you and your party do not put them down within two hours of first encountering them.

Gear such as weapons and armor can be used in order to enhance your character’s abilities, and they can also be used to change your avatar’s appearance. There are four main equipment that can be found, and these are head and body armor, as well as your primary and secondary weapon. Equipping gear will affect your magical and physical attack and defense, and auto-equipping will automatically give you the best loadout given the choices.

Multiple armor and weapons may be equipped by your avatar for as long as they are within the allotted cost. Players can improve the quality of equipment by refining and upgrading them. Upgrading will require the consumption of gear that you don’t want to use anymore as well as coins. This will cause your equipment to level up. Refining, on the other hand, will require materials which, when used, will evolve your equipment, making them even stronger, and allowing them to be leveled up again even if they have already been maxed out during their previous incarnation.

Equipment can be acquired in different ways. They can be collected from treasure chests through normal questing, and spending resources such as SC and using keys, which can also be collected, will provide players with different equipment ranging from common to extremely rare quality, with rarity proportionate to its power.

Areas are divided into different stages, and players must explore through each one completely and defeat all enemies in order to complete them. There are also chests which can be opened, and these can provide players with items such as equipment or keys that can be used to open loot chests. Different equipment may be acquired for each stage, so make sure to go back to each of them in order to collect them all.

From time to time, players will also get to encounter bosses that can be dispatched quite easily. Defeating them will provide players with gifts that must be collected manually from the gift box. Entering these areas will require that you have an adequate amount of SP, and questing in these areas will provide players with gold and experience in addition to the aforementioned rewards.

Sometimes, powerful bosses will appear and you usually wouldn’t be able to defeat them on your own. This is where parties come in. Players will be able to create and join different parties and members can go on and cooperate in taking down bosses. Combos will deal more damage than usual, and this is done by having party members attacking within ten minutes of each other.

Taking down bosses will provide parties with Victory Points, and this will determine the rewards that will be provided once a boss event has been completed. The time by which events will end will be determined by the game, so make sure to participate in as many boss battles as possible and make sure to defeat as many as you can, as fast as you can.

Eventually, players will also be able to gain access to special skills and spells, and these can be used during boss battles. Skills and spells differ in effect, and different classes will provide a different set. Leveling up and using these is essential if you want to damage bosses more effectively. Of course, managing your BP is also essential as using these abilities will require this resource as well.


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