Zombie Stampede Walkthrough [Guide]

Zombie Stampede

Humanity is on the brink of extinction with only a handful of survivors struggling against the relentless zombie hordes. Luckily, other groups are taking the fight to the undead, and together they are searching for a cure against these ghastly ghouls in order to take them out once and for all. Recruit your own team of hunters and obliterate waves of zombies with Zombie Stampede. If you are a fan of zombie games with tower defense and card collecting elements thrown in, then this is the title for you. Here’s our guide in order to ensure that humanity will survive and that your brain will be kept intact.

Zombie Stampede is a card collection and tower defense game where in the goal is to manage a group of characters, called Hunters, that will clear areas of waves of zombies while also defending their vehicle, which is both their means of luring zombies as well as their way of escape. Players must be able to recruit good Hunters, upgrade them, as well as place them strategically in order to maximize their capabilities. There are skills that can also be put to use so that zombies will not be able to break your defense and destroy your vehicle or even kill your Hunters. Failure to defend your vehicle will result in failure of your mission.

Coins, FP, and Gold are the three currencies within the game. Coins are earned by completing missions, while FP is awarded in accordance with the game’s social function where in other players can follow you and you can follow them back. Gold, on the other hand, is much rarer and the most conventional way to acquire this is via in-app purchases. Bonuses in the form of these three currencies may also be provided, such as via daily log-in bonuses.

Coins are used for evolving and powering up your Hunters, while FP is used for getting items and Hunters by buying Card Packs. Gold may also be used for rarer Hunter picks, and getting all Gold packs from the collection will ensure that you will be able to get a bonus item. Gold is also used for reviving your team should you fail a mission, as well as refill your BP and increase your storage space, among other benefits.

BP, or Battle Points, serve as the energy within Zombie Stampede. Energy is required whenever players want to replay a stage, and players will either have to wait for it to refill before they can play again or spend Gold to refill it instantly. Reaching a new level will also refill your BP meter, so hold off on spending premium currency for refills if you are very near leveling up.

Leveling Up
By winning missions, players will be able to earn experience points. This is extremely necessary as leveling up will not only refill your BP meter, but this will also possibly increase your team cost and friend capacity. Thus, the more you level up, the better team you will be able to bring and the more friends you can add as potential allies. Players will level up naturally as they progress through the missions, but grinding through lower stages will also serve the purpose. Take note also that your rank is different from the level of the Hunters under your control.

Players can acquire hunters by spending FP or Gold in order to randomly get a new recruit. This recruit can then be added to your team, but take note that your team is limited in terms of the number of members, and by your total team cost. Each hunter has a specific type as well as a weapon of choice. The latter will define that particular hunter’s range and speed of attack, both of which should be taken into consideration when formulating your team and arranging them during missions.

Each hunter also has skills that may be activated during battle, provided that they have collected enough zombie juice. These range from providing boosts to either themselves or also other allies, healing them, dealing a lot of damage to enemies, and a lot more. They also have leader skills which are passive in nature, and this would only be activated if they have been selected as Commander of the team.

Hunters may be upgraded by spending juice on them. XP and Skill juice are available, and players can benefit more if they consume juices of the same color as their cards. Increasing the level of your hunters will increase their health and attack stats, and they can eventually be evolved into a whole new character altogether once they have maxed out their level. Upgrading skills, on the other hand, will decrease the required juice to activate said skills. Powering up and evolving hunters will require coins, too, so make sure that you have enough.

Keep in mind that there’s a limit as to how many excess hunters you can store. Players can thus either spend premium currency to increase this limit, or sell hunters to free up precious space in exchange for coins. The same premise applies with regards to storing juice that can be used to upgrade your hunters.

Juice is a very important resource within the game. Throughout the mission, players can wipe blood, or juice, dropped by fallen zombies. This juice can be used to activate your players’ skills which would require different amounts of juice. While this would provide you with a great advantage in the short run, having more juice remaining will definitely be beneficial as this will provide you with more XP and Skill juice that you can then use to permanently improve your characters.

Thus, make sure to have a proper balance of using juice for skills as well as to have some remaining for more permanent upgrades later on.

Players will have to progress through a linear set of stages, with new areas unlocking once current ones have been cleared. Each stage will require players to spend BP, and players will have to progress through one or more waves of zombies in order to clear the stage. Players will fail the mission if they quit the stage, close the app, or get their vehicle or all Hunters destroyed. These instances will cause you to lose any rewards that you would have acquired. However, players can choose to revive themselves and continue with the mission, but this will require players to spend gold each time.

At the beginning of each wave, players will have the chance to rearrange their team, taking into consideration their range and other attributes, as well as the attack patterns of the zombies. Players must be very careful during this phase as positions can no longer be changed once the wave begins. Wiping zombie juice must also be done in tandem with ensuring that no zombies will be able to break your defenses. This will ensure that you will get enough juice to activate skills and to have more remaining for upgrades later on. Be careful, though, as even if zombie juice disappears if left on the ground for too long, sometimes keeping an eye on your team’s progress would be more important.

Additional hunters may also be brought in to help for each mission. These are often represented by other players’ commanders, and they can be controlled just like any of your own hunters for the duration of the stage. After the battle, players can then follow the player so that they can call upon them again. This will also provide you with FP, but this will only happen once a day per friend. Sometimes, though, there will be stages that will force you to add a guest commander to your team, and oftentimes this will cause you to adjust as challenges will often be tougher than usual but the rewards will also be greater.

Players will get to enjoy the leader skills of the guest member on top of your commander’s leader skill, so take this into consideration when choosing the ally to bring along. It would also be a good strategy to target priority zombies, such as those attacking your hunters or your vehicle or those who are tougher than usual, even if the game has an automated targeting system. Players may also target oil barrels which can deal large damage to zombies surrounding it, albeit at a risk of damaging any nearby hunters as well.

Although not yet available, there would seem to be a feature where in players would be able to acquire new vehicles. This is because your vehicle also has an HP attribute as well as attacks specific to them. In the case of your initial vehicle, players can activate napalm once per stage. This will deal a large damage to zombies without harming any of the hunters in the line of fire. In addition to ensuring that your vehicle does not get destroyed, keep an eye out as to when would be the perfect time to use your support attack, especially if you will be using it as a last ditch effort to save the round.


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