Summoner’s War: Sky Arena Walkthrough [Guide]

Summoner's War: Sky Arena

In this world, disputes are settled in the arena, and players are able to gain access to and control different monsters – as well as runes – that will grant them with more power. Can you establish yourself as one of the best summoners in the world? Summoner’s War: Sky Arena will let you prove just that as it will allow you to play both against the computer as well as against other players. With that, here’s our guide on how you can be the best among the others who would like to claim the title.

Summoner’s War: Sky Arena is a card collecting battle game and RPG where in players can collect and upgrade monsters in a variety of ways. This team of monsters will then face off against teams either controlled by the computer or those created by other players online. Runes as well as materials can be used to strengthen your monsters, although being able to give them the right commands and formulate the correct strategies is as important as having the right monsters in your party.

Mana stones and crystals are the currencies within Summoner’s War: Sky Arena. Both of these currencies can be used to summon monsters, although using premium currency will obviously allow you to get better monsters. Mana stones can also be used to powerup or remove runes from your monster and build structures in your island, while crystals can be used to refill energy and purchase other premium items, among other benefits.

Mana stones are automatically generated in the pool located in your island, and these can also be earned as rewards via fights. Crystals and mana stones may also be won by completing quests or missions, and can even be acquired via daily login rewards. There’s also the in-app purchase route, although this is a completely optional method to get additional resources.

Players would also be able to use glory points, which are earned during Arena battles, in order to purchase items at the store. Thus, the more you enter the Arena and win, the more and better items you would be able to purchase.

Leveling Up
By going on quests and doing battle, players will earn experience points that will then allow players to level up. Leveling up will unlock new content within the game as well as refill and increase your energy. Players will also get to earn crystals that they can then use to get more powerful monsters and other items later on.

Energy is a resource that is spent whenever players go on single player battles. Energy regenerates over time, but players should make sure that they have enough. Players can also spend premium currency to refill this instantly, and they can also wait until they level up after which energy will be completely refilled and increased in capacity. The best way to take advantage of your energy is to use it all up before leaving the game and then return to full energy after a couple of hours.

Monsters can be summoned in a variety of ways, the most common of which are scrolls, mana stones, and premium currency. Different monsters have different rarity, which more or less dictates how strong their attributes are. Each monster also has a certain elemental affinity which makes them stronger against certain types of monsters while weak against other ones.

Monsters have one or more commands that have different effects which include dealing damage to enemies or healing allies. It is recommended that players read through each action carefully and to choose the best one that fits the situation. Commands also often have a cooldown time, which means that they cannot be used after a certain number of turns.

Summoned monsters may also be strengthened in a variety of ways. These include engraving runes on them as well as absorbing monsters so that they will level up. Absorbing monsters of the same type will also have the added advantage of upgrading the effectiveness of skills. Monsters may also be awakened, and this is done by using up materials that are collected in different areas of the map. Awakening monsters will create an evolved monster with upgraded perks and may even unlock a new skill for them.

Having the right combination of monsters that have mixed elements as well as abilities that support each other well is important to win battles. Thus, improving a select number of monsters while using others as fodder for absorption is essential. Taking monsters into battle will also level them up, making them strong enough for even tougher challenges ahead.

Runes are special items that can be collected within each stage of a particular map. There is a particular rune that can be won in each location, and each area will contain a complete set. Runes can be engraved into a monster, and this will provide them with boosts in certain attributes. By spending mana stones, players will be able to powerup these runes in order to make them stronger. In addition, completing a set will give a much bigger boost than usual.

Removing runes will allow players to remove runes from a monster, after which they can be attached to another one. Make sure to collect all runes and to complete sets in order to take advantage of these powerful items.

Players can do battle in either single player mode or in PvP. In single player battles, players must go through different areas and defeat one of more groups of monsters. Here, energy is spent and players can get to earn runes, experience, and other rewards.

On the other hand, Arena Battles will have players battling others’ defense teams as well as NPCs in their Arenas, and they will have to contend with the defense team that they have formed as well as structures such as towers. Here, wings serve as the energy system and players can earn glory points that they can use to purchase items. More winnings will also mean that they will increase in rank.

Players must also raise their defenses by building a strong team as well as constructing defenses in their island. They can check up on battle logs as well as get revenge on players that have attacked them. This also uses up wings, so make sure that you are strong enough to battle your opponent’s team before starting the fight.

As players level up, they will also be able to unlock buildings that can be placed on your island. These can provide different benefits such as dealing damage during Arena battles, as well as dropping items from time to time. Buildings will require players to spend currencies, and new buildings as well as expansions will be available later on as player’s progress further into the game.

Quests are missions that push the story forward. Completing quests will provide players with rewards such as currencies, scrolls, and experience. Quests will also serve as tutorials as they will teach players on how to better play the game and to use any new feature that has been unlocked. While players can do other tasks for grinding purposes, it is recommended that players do quests in order to be able to advance in the game.

Like quests, players can also prioritize missions in order to get more rewards and to level up faster. There are missions and achievements to complete, as well as daily missions that are much easier to accomplish. Completing all daily missions will provide players with big rewards, so make sure to always check up on your progress. While most missions can be completed through regular gameplay, going out of your way to complete these will also prove to be advantageous to you in the long run as you will be able to get lots of prizes in return.

Social Function
Summoner’s War: Sky Arena rewards players that links the game to their social accounts and interacts with friends. Players can add their friends’ leader monsters into their party, and players may also invite others to use their leaders as well. In doing this, players will be able to get social points. Social points will also be earned by players that invite others to play the game, and rewards may include different quantities of gems and other prizes depending on how many people they can get to join. Thus, invite friends and help each other to have an upper hand in battles as well as to get some great prizes in return.


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