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Adventure games have changed bit by bit over time, although the core gameplay of walking around and interacting with objects in the environment has remained mostly the same. While there has been a resurgence for the genre, especially with the advent of crowdfunding services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, it seems that there’s a demand for a certain style of adventure game that goes back to the 90′s. That is what this game is about, and it pulls all the stops to be so.

Quest for Infamy is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Infamous Quests and published by Phoenix Online Publishing. As it can be seen from the studio’s name, this is their debut effort, and it does look like they put their all into making this game. From the look and feel of it to even the 4:3 aspect ratio, this game does a lot to emulate the old school style of adventure games while adding in more role-playing elements to it.

Perhaps its old-school trappings is due to it being the spiritual successor to Sierra Entertainment’s Quest for Glory series. Development had been going on for several years, and it was said to have even been cancelled once back in 2010. For those who have played the King’s Quest series and other PC adventure games from the 90′s before, then they should be very familiar with the gameplay here. It does take a lot from that classic series, even down to the visuals that makes you feel like you’re playing it on MS-DOS.

The hand-drawn visuals are quite charming at times, especially when the lush environments are shown in full view (as lush as they can be in this pixelated style) and the very lifelike characters with lipsyncing to go with voice acting. You’ll most likely want to play it in windowed mode, unless you’re alright with playing it in full screen that’s not in your native resolution if you have a 16:9 or 16:10 monitor. At least with Shovel Knight, another game that does a lot to be faithful to old-school visuals, it does have HD widescreen resolution support so you can play it in full screen without guilt.

You play as Roehm, a handsome rogue with a penchant for getting into trouble Casanova style. After being chased out of a young lady’s bedroom by her baron father, he ends up in the Valley of Krasna where he gets involved in various local plots that could affect the future of that area and its people. You get to explore the town and everywhere else, interact with various things, and talk to NPCs by changing your cursor to the appropriate action with the right mouse button. If you happen to do something like making Roehm talk to a wall, he’ll tell you how that’s impossible.

But then again, just about everything in the game has voice acting in them, which really gives incentive for players to explore in order to get every little tidbit. There are times that it gets kind of questionable as attempts at humor in this fantasy adventure game boil down to some pop culture references and other out-of-context jokes that most likely won’t work for most people. It’s not really that cringeworthy, but it could dampen the experience for some players, but only if they’re patient enough to get there as this game does start slow, as most old school adventure titles did back in the day.

For a point-and-click adventure title, there is a good bit of character progression involved here. You can choose between three class paths, namely Brigand, Rogue, or Sorcerer. You also get an Infamy score, which serves as Roehm’s reputation meter that holds true to the game’s title. As for combat though, that’s perhaps the most boring part of this game as it’s dull compared to the rest of the game. Perhaps it does get a bit of variety by being different depending on your chosen class, but that’s about it. The enemies won’t be that hard as long as you are strong enough and have the best items at the moment, but you will miss quite a bit. This makes the fighting bearable, but also slow and tedious.

There’s no helping the fact that it looks and feels quite dated in this day and age, but that’s most likely the effect that they’re looking for anyway. If you’re someone who likes adventure games in general, then you’ll find this game to be quite a treat.

Tested in PC. Final Score: 7/10


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