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Announced during Sony’s Gamescom press conference, P.T. is being advertised as a “demo”, but it is really a stand alone gaming experience. Its main goal is to confuse and scare the hell out of you, but with this walkthrough, you should be able to complete P.T. and discover the secret ending.

P.T. Walkthrough [Guide]
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough

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1. Introduction and Controls
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The story of P.T. is hard to explain. You wake up in a room and repeatedly walk down the same hallway over and over again. That about covers it without getting into spoiler territory.

The game is very simple by design, using just a couple of input methods.

LS – Move
RS – Look
RS (click) – Zoom

You need to click in the right stick to zoom in on certain objects at key points in the game in order to complete tasks and continue the story.

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2. Walkthrough
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At the start of the game, you just need to push forward into the door that is right in front of you after getting off the floor.

At this point, it’s just a matter of repeatedly walking through the door that is down the stairs and constantly looping through the hallways. Keep doing this until the door in the middle of the hallway cracks open a little bit.

Look through the crack in the doorway and click in the right analog stick. This will result in someone slamming the door. Now continue moving through the hallways. Eventually, the bathroom door will actually swing open. Go inside, and you will be stuck there with a fetus in the sink.

Get the flashlight. Zoom in on the sink, the mirror, the fetus, the bathtub, the door…eventually, the door will open and you will be allowed to leave. Cycle through the hallway again and this time nothing happens…

Just kidding, a ghost will attack you and you’ll wake up in the starting area, but with a flashlight this time. With the flashlight, turn around and examine the table in the corner. Zoom in on the weird brown sack that is sitting on it. Let the brown sack talk, and then you can exit the beginning area and move through the hallway again.

Keep going until it seems like you can’t progress any further. Then check the picture of the wife and husband sitting on the table directly across from the front door. Zoom in on the picture to see a blue “X” symbol and some writing. Tap the X button now to make the woman’s eye disappear.

The door to the basement opens up again, so go through. Cycle through until you see a refrigerator hanging above you and you’ll see that the hallway is red. Cycle through again and now the entire hallway will be red this time.

Written on the wall underneath the refrigerator is a message. Look at the message, then turn around and look at the words above the phone. Remember to click in the right stick. Move back and forth between the message written on the wall and the phone until the word “HELL” is completely spelled out. Some spooky ass noises will begin. Go down the stairs through the basement door to restart the cycle.

Go through the cycle again, and now the hallways will be even redder and you will be moving at a quickened speed. Just keep walking (yes, I know it is repeating) until eventually the wall right before you turn the corner to the bathroom has a peephole where a picture once was.

Click in the right stick to look through the peephole. Keep the right stick held in and keep your character looking through the peephole until it stops by itself. Now cycle through a couple more times and the hallway will become normal again. Keep cycling through until the door to the downstairs is shut, then just walk around until the game “glitches” out. I found that I could make this happen faster by pushing against the door to the basement stairs.

Eventually, the game glitches out and you will wake up at the start area again. Now it’s time to collect the photo pieces. Move back out into the hallway. Zoom in on the mess of cans underneath the clock. Then zoom in on the vase holding the potted plant, right next to the clock. You need to look at the “lip” of the vase, the upper part of it, in order to get this one to go. The screen will flash and weird words will be on the edges of the screen once you’ve successfully collected a photo piece.

Now go to the phone. Look at the floor to see a teddy bear. Zoom in around the teddy bear to get the third photo piece. Move down the hall away, just beyond the bathroom. Facing the basement door, turn right. Check near the ceiling of the wall here to get the next picture piece. It’s right above where some of the pain has chipped away, so it’s not too hard to spot.

Head to the basement stairs next. Start going down the stairs then look down on them to find the next piece. Guess where the final photo piece is? Well, press the “Options” button on the DualShock 4. Now click in the right stick again and it will zoom in on the brain that you use to set the brightness. A picture piece is here, so now you have all of the photo pieces!

Now in the final hallway, simply walk around until the clock says 0:00, indicating that it is midnight. You’ll sometimes see a ghost here, so avoid the ghost. The ghost will possess you and cause you to die eventually, so just keep your distance and eventually the ghost will disappear by itself.

After the clock goes past midnight, just walk around until you hear a loud, very audible baby laugh. You may hear smaller baby laughs, but you’ll know the really loud one when you hear it. After the first laugh, start walking around again until you hear the second laugh.

When the second laugh goes, STOP MOVING IMMEDIATELY.

Do not move your left stick, your right stick, or anything else. Just stop moving. The controller will start to vibrate. Let the controller vibrate to completion. A third baby laugh will play at that point, and then the phone will start to ring.

Go over to the phone. Zoom in on it and mash buttons. I am not sure if you need to actually do that, but it’s what I did and it’s better to be safe for sorry. Eventually you will hear a voice on the other end of the phone, and that will conclude this “demo”.


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