Legends of Persia [Review]


Back in 2012, during the height of the Kickstarter craze, there were quite a few projects that looked like they could be biting off more than they could chew. We’ve seen some of their results, and it has made a lot of gamers more cynical about crowdfunded projects on either Kickstarter or Indiegogo. There are exceptions of course, but a lot of them got done but didn’t impress as much as they should. Here seems to be one of them, one among many in a genre that has been having a resurgence as of late.

Legends of Persia is an isometric action role-playing game from Sourena Game Studio that came out of a successful Kickstarter campaign that asked for $3,000 and got $3,797. Sourena had made other games like Rush and Gears, but Legends of Persia is their most ambitious project yet. There have been quite a few isometric RPGs coming out recently, so there has to be something unique about this one to make it stand out.

Set in the eponymous location during the height of King KayKavoos’ reign wherein he had already conquered most of the known world, he suddenly thought of conquering the heavens. Unfortunately, this wasn’t as much of a cakewalk as he thought and he was effectively about to get bit in the behind when an angel came down to exact punishment for the blasphemous act. But just as the angel was about to strike the king down, the spirit of a child suddenly appears.

The child is the son of the Persian prince who has been named Keykhosro. Having been born in a dire time when darkness looms over the kingdom, he is destined to take the throne and go up against the threat posed by the King of Tooran. It’s an interesting premise, but the narrative in the game itself is fairly routine at best. The cutscenes are quite cool though, although there’s little to no voice acting to complete the experience.

The visuals look a bit like that of Path of Exile, although a bit more bare in some of the environments and textures. It’s not bad at all in terms of graphics, and there are even some parts where it looks all lush. But then again, you can see this from free-to-play online RPGs as well like Path of Exile and Cabal (actually a pretty good example). That’s not bad at all for a game with that kind of budget, and you can also play with it through the Simorgh 3D World Editor, which is one of the bonus rewards from their Kickstarter campaign.

In terms of gameplay, there’s not a lot to talk about that hasn’t been said about its counterparts. It’s mostly standard and linear, with enemies coming in droves that you must take out before getting to the boss, which isn’t bad at all. However, it suffers from the basic RPG problem of having too much grinding without something else to alleviate its tediousness. It goes through the same RPG motions with not much else to make it feel different. The only real hook here is the same as in other action role-playing titles, which is killing more enemies to gain experience and progress the story.

Having seen all of this, maybe it’s understandable enough since RPGs are notoriously hard to produce, so perhaps a project that asked for only $3,000 was expected to go down this route. There are many other action role-playing titles though in the same price point that offers more value. Legends of Persia is not that bad though with its presentation and how it plays for the most part, but maybe you’d want to wait until more content is added as the developers promised that would give more value to this title.

Tested in PC. Final Score: 5/10


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