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When the virally popular Flappy Bird hit the app stores for Android iOS, it triggered a wave of rage around the world that lasted for around a month before its creator opted to pull it out due to pressure and personal reasons. But while it lasted, it had people talking about it, both positively and negatively. Perhaps it’s time to talk about it again though with this new release by the same guy.

Swing Copters is the follow-up to Flappy Bird from .GEARS Studio and the designer Dong Nguyen, who had caused a bit of drama with how he handled his first hit title. This game is like a vertical version of Flappy Bird, taking the same basic formula and tilting it up 90 degrees, and added a bit more to the touchscreen controls to make it feel different.

The graphics are mostly the same as that of Flappy Bird, from the background sprites to the color scheme. But instead of a mutated-looking bird, you have a helicopter thing that could be slightly inspired by Bowser’s clown copter or something else like it. As you start the game, your copter turns on and starts going up, but it then veers to the side and the game ends when you hit something.

You have to change the direction of where the copter goes by pressing on either side of the touch screen. Like tapping in Flappy Bird, you tap on either side of the touch screen to control the copter’s movements. You then have to go through gaps, each with a pair of swinging happers on both sides of the gap that you must avoid in order to get past. The counter on top tells you how many gaps you’ve crossed, just like in Flappy Bird.

This is definitely not a game that can be played right the first time around due to how hard it is to control the flight direction of the copter. As it ascends, it just swerves hard to one side, and it goes just as hard in the other direction when you tap on that side. You then have to tap on the other side to make it go on the other direction, so you have to tap alternately on each side quickly to make it go roughly straight. It’s not easy at all, so it can take time for a lot of people to get it right.

Perhaps there are some people who think that this game is more rage-inducing than Flappy Bird due to difficulty. However, what made Flappy Bird rage-inducing is whenever the player makes a mistakes either trying to beat a high score or doing well then having a lapse of concentration. In order to be upset with a game, there has to be some sort of momentum before the mistake. With this game though, there may be less who would rage due to its difficulty.

However, it does feel more rewarding whenever you do get the copter through a gap. Best of all, it’s also free to play, so it’s not like you’ve got anything to lose when playing this other than a bit of your sanity maybe.

Tested in Android. Final Score: 7/10


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