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12 O'Clock High Cheats for PC
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12 O'Clock High PC Cheats

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12 O'Clock High

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Hints 100%
As the Allies, you should watch from which airfields
enemy interceptors are launching, then bomb and fighter
-sweep those fields the next day to pound the enemy
fighters on the ground.

As the Axis, do not overcommit to the 1st raid that
you pick up, because it can often be a feint. Plot your
intercepts to harass a bomber stream over the length of
its route, instead of doing one large cluster attack,
which leaves you without any follow-up ability for quite
some time.

As far as fighter combat goes, escorts should always have
at least one group flying high cover at 3,000 to 5,000
feet above the main group, and interceptors should be set
to take this high cover into account.
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