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Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Money $$$ Money 96%
Go to Port Sarim, west of Draynor village, and ask one of the people in the blue uniforms to go to Karamja and pay them 30 GP. When you get there, walk off the dock and you should see a house. Enter the house and chat to a man named Luthas. He will ask you to pick bananas. Answer "Yes", pick bananas, put them in the crate, then chat to Luthas to collect your moderately earned 30 GP. If you would like more money in multiples of 30, ask him to get another 30 GP for doing the job again. Stay here for a long time if you need to spend several thousand on items..

Get your character's mining level up to level 38 by mining iron, etc. Now, go to the Barbarian Village and mine coal from the rocks, which you can sell for 100 to 300 GP per piece. You will also occasionally find a gem (from least valuable to most, sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond) which can be sold for good prices.

Get your smithing and mining levels up to 40 and mine gold in the Lessers Pits on Karajama Island. However, be careful of the level 21 skeletons. There are five rocks, so on a good night when no one is on, you can hit them in a row making your trip very easy. You can usually get 25 gold ore that becomes 25 gold bars. Put them into certs and sell for 1k a gold cert. Mine and smith until you are at level 20 at both. Make Bronze Bars and turn them into things at an Anvil such as: a 2-H, Mail Plate Body, Skirt, or Kite Shield and sell them at the market for good prices. You can also do this with Mithril, Runite (not Rune), Adamantite, Iron, and Steel.

Go to the house outside of Lumbridge and collect Iron Daggers on World 13. Also, defeat Goblins for items that can be sold or gold, which is common. Sell the daggers for 14 gold or less at the market.

Get your mining level up to 30. Mine coal and you can make them into certificates and trade them for 1,000 GP each.

Get your mining level to at least 15, and your smithing level to at least 30. Go to the mine south of Falador. Mine lots of iron, and take it to Falador Furnace. Go north of Falador to Doric's Anvils. Smith Iron Square Shields and Iron Kite Shields. Take them to the shield shop in Falador and sell them for fast and easy money.

When you begin smithing a particular type of metal, smith Daggers at 1st and sell most or all of them. Now, once you get your smithing level high enough to make Short Swords, create as many of them as possible then sell as many of them as possible at the Varrock Sword Shop. They give you the best value per bar. It is possible to make over 1500 gp by selling Steel Short swords. It is also a good idea to allow the swords to regenerate after each sale because you can then get the most possible money for each of them.

Go to Chaos Temple. Kill monks and take the Steel Maces. Sell them to the Mace Store in Falador for 138 gp. Do this repeatedly to get levels and money quickly.

Go to Varrock. Kill the level 21 guards there to get skill levels and up to 30 gp. Go to Lumbridge on any World (1-13, etc.) and go to the house where the Goblins (level 7) respawn. There are 2 fishing spots there. If there are people fishing, they will usually drop Raw Salmon and Raw Trout which you can cook (if your cooking level is high enough) and sell in the general store for 10 to 30 gp.

Put all your items in the bank (including weapons and armor). Go to the Red Spider fortress in the
wilderness. Ggo inside and dash for the Steel Legs or Gold Ore. If you die, you will keep the Ore and Legs and lose nothing. For higher levels, try getting 3 before dying or stocking up all the way before leaving.

Kill farmers, men, muggers, and thieves to get small amounts of money ranging from 3 gp to 20 gp. You can find people to kill in the inns.

Get your smithing level to 25 and your mining level to at least 15. Then. go to Falador Mine at the mining site behind the Falador Castle. Get iron and go to the furnace. Then. go to Dorics (the little dwarf) and smith battle axes and other items such as square shields and long swords, which all sell over 50 gp each at the general store. Do this repeatedly to get easy money. *** Sleep in the bed near Wayne's Chains.

Get your magic level up to 55 (high level alchemy) and buy a Runeite Medium, for 8,000 to 10,000 gp. Use it on the Runeite Medium to get 18,000 gp. Buy another Runeite Medium and repeat those steps to get easy money.
*** This spell uses 5 Fire Runes and 1 Nature Rune.

There are about 7 spawn points for coins. In the wilderness, go to the Dark Warrior's castle and kill them until you get the Rare Black Mace and Black Medium Helmet, which both sell for a lot of gp. Get your crafting up to level 40 and make all kinds of jewelry, which also sell for a lot of money. Make Strength Potions and sell them by the wilderness in Varrock for 1,000 gp. Also make food and sell by the wilderness.

Go to Karamja Isle and to where the people fish. Poeple will fish lobsters and swordfish until they cannot carry anymore. They will drop the fish. Take lots of lobsters and swordfish. You can make these into Certs in Draynor, and sell Swordie Certs for 2,000 gp.

To get easy money and weapons go by Lumbridge. You will find a house full of goblins. In that room will be an Iron Dagger that respawns. Get it, go to the store, and sell it for 4 to 20 gp or use it as a weapon.

If your smithing level is 34 and mining is 20, go to Falador and to the Dwarven Mines. Keep mining until you have about 100 to 200 iron ore banked. Now, make all the bars you can. You should have between 50 to 100 bars. Smith them into Iron Chest Plates then go back to Varrok and sell them to Hovick The Armorer. If your smithing is lower, then smith Bronze Bars and make bronze 2 handed and large helms and items until you can make Bronze Chest Plates. Make those until your smithing is level 34, then repeat the steps for about 10,000 gp every five to 10 minutes.

When at combat level 10 or 11, kill level 18 warriors in Alcarid. They drop money and Iron Daggers sometimes.

Go to Karamja and let people drop tuna. Pick it up until you cannot hold any more. For more money, put everything in a bank and go to Port Sarim with only 30 gp. Now, go to the edge of the wild and
sell the tuna for at least 10 gp each.

Fight enemies, such as Giants, that drop big bones, money, weapons, helmets, and steel axes. If you are a beginner, start off with chickens, then goblins, giant spiders, men, unicorns, bears, scorpion, giants, white knights, black nights, lesser demons, and greater demons. Greater demons drop items such as Rune Medium Helmet Runes Long and up to 3000 gold.

Get a pickaxe then mine at places. At 1st you will only be able to mine tin and copper. When your mining level reaches 15, you will be able to mine iron ore. When it gets to 20, you will be able to mine silver. You can use tin and copper ore in a furnace to create bronze bars. If you use iron ore in the furnace you will make iron bars, but sometimes the ore will be impure and will fail to create a bar. You can smelt silver ore to make silver bars, then craft that into jewelry. If you are level 30 mining, you can smith coal and trade them in at the Draynor Manor market for coal certificates. You can sell these certificates for 1000 gold each.

In Al Kharid, buy a lot of silk from the the silk merchant. Now, go to Ardougne and sell the silk to the silk stall owner. He will buy the the silk from you for up to about 180 coins. You can also steal his silk and sell it back to him, but he may catch you and alert a guard. The level 28 guards and level 56 knights may also spot you and attack if you choose to steal the silk.

Get a mining level of 25, crafting level of 16, and a smithing level of 20. Mine a lot of silver and buy a holy symbol mold. Make bars, then make holy symbols. Sell them to a shop for about 20 gold. This is a very easy way to make money.

For easy money and thieving skill (members only), go to Ardougne where the stalls are located. Behind the bakers stall are 2 houses. You can pick their locks. Go to the one with no upstairs.
Enter and search for traps on the chest and you will get 10 gp. Go out the door. Pick the lock again and search for traps on the chest once more. Keep doing this and you will have fast thieving skill and money at the same time.

Get to level 20 mining and smithing Go to Varrok and mine iron, then go to a smelter and smelt them into bars. You may have to do this repeatedly, as ore only smelts 50% of time. Now, go to back to Varrok and smith the bars into short swords. Sell them in market or at the sword shop. Do this repeatedly to get a good amount money. This is useful for low level players.

When at level 35, fight Black Knights. They drop runes, sapphires, rubies, and gold. Get as many runes as possible, then go to the center of Varrock and sell them. Let them make the price.

First, put everything in bank so that you have 25 open free spaces. Now, go west and then south of Varrock. You will find rocks that you can mine silver from. You can also mine coal in Barbarian Village. After you fill up your inventory, go to Draynor Village and trade silver or coal in for five certificates. Then go to World 1. In World 1, Draynor Market has many people buying and selling certificates. Here you can trade five silver or coal certificates anywhere from 500 to 1000 gp each. This whole process takes a minimum of fifteen minutes.

If you die, or are just begining, head north of Limbridge. Now, cross the bridge. You will see a house. Go into the house and get the Iron Daggers that respawn. There are also lots of bones for prayer points. Occasionally, Runes and Goblin Armor will appear. *** Do not do this on a busy server.

Information in this section was contributed by KingAlbert23. Do the Shield Of Arrav quest. Go to Varrock, then go to the castle. Go to the far room in the castle and look at the book shelves. The one with the book explaining the quest will be shown on the following diagram:

| |
| | *|* | | | |
| |
| | | | | | |
| |
At Karamja, chat to Luthas. He will ask you to pick bananas for him. If you can, use Bones To Bananas. Collect the bones from skeletons and use the spell to get lots of money.

Get your mining up to over 30 then go to the Barbarian Village. Mine coal for about 2 hours until you have up to or over 300 coal. Turn that into over 60 coal certificates then sell them in Draynor Market on World 1 or in Varrock Marketplace on World 1 for 50,000 to 60,000 gp.

First obtain a Rune 2 hander and buy it for 50,000 gp. Now, sell it for 55,000 gp. Re-purchase your Rune 2 hander for 50,000 gp and repeat.

To get money, fight Moss Giants. They drop things such as Black Squares, Magic Staffs, Runes, Uncut Gems, and 3 to 300 gp. They drop Big Bones which can be used for prayer. Moss Giants in free play mode can be found on Crandor Island and Varrok Sewers.

Get your Mining to level 40, then go to Karamaja and mine gold. Make sure your Crafting is about level 20, then take the gold you mined and make gold necklaces Now, go to Port Sarim to the jewelers and sell all of your gold necklaces. If you get a full inventory, you can get over 5,000 gp at one time.

This trick requires level 30 mining. Go to the Dwarven Mines. Go all the way back near the stairs that go to Varrock. When you get there, mine as much coal as possible. Now, sell it to people outside of the bank of Falador. High level people will usually buy coal for 100 gp each.

First, go to Al-Karid. Now, go to the house next to the silk trader. When you go in, you will see a range and a man. Attack the man. After you kill him, he will either drop at least 3 Fire Runes and 1 to 30 GP. After you kill him, he will respawn. *** This is risky for lower levels -- be careful.

Get your magic level to 33 and go to the basement of the NW bank in Varrock. Use Telekinetic Grab on the items. There are Gold Bars, Ruby Rings, and other good items.

Go to the chicken pen. Kill them to get feathers, then go to the center of Varrock to sell them. Feathers will be 3 to 5 gp each.

You can fish to make money. It is hard work getting your level up to the right one. Start by fishing Shrimp and Anchovies until you have level 35 Fishing. While doing that, just let Shrimps overflow your inventory because you do not get much money for them. Once you have level 35 Fishing, start to harpoon Tuna at Karajma. The best place to buy a Harpoon is at the fishing shop in Port Sarim. You can sell Tuna for 30 gp. Even though you can sell Tuna for 40 gp at the general store, the price goes down depending on how much Tuna is in the shop. Once you have level 40 Fishing, start to fish Lobsters and sell them for 50 gp each.
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Points of interests in the wilderness 94%
Varrock training ground: Wild level 1-10 north of Varrock. Level 13 rats, player fights, Body Runes to north, Altar to the north.
Falador training ground: Wild level 1-10 northwest of Falador.
Dark Wizards level 16 and 25. Wizards drop many runes, altar south out of wild.
Graveyard: Wild level 20, southwest of Skeleton Training Ground and northeast of Varrock altar, Skeleton level 25. Iron Dagger, Steel Dagger.
Dark Warrior Encampment: Wild level 13 northwest of Edgeville.
Level 21 dark warriors. Runes.
Ice Mountain: Wild level 40 west edge of wild. Ice Warriors level 67, Ice Giant level 68. Altar to the south.
Red Spider Village: Wild level 30, north of Hobgoblin training area. Level 36 Red Spiders. Inside are Steel Legs and a Gold Nugget. They take about five minutes to regenerate.
Bandit Outpost: Wild level 22 northwest of Edgeville. North of Dark Warrior encampment. Level 29 bandits.
Ghosts training ground: Wild level 17 northeast of Varrock after passage guarded by Giant. Ghosts level 25. Planks, Tiles, Steel Short Sword.
Skeleton training ground: Wild Level 25, north of Ghost training ground. Level 32 Skeletons. Crossbows, Iron Scimitar.
Lesser Demons: Wild level 42, eastern border of Wild. Level 79 lesser demons, Nature Runes.
Greater Demons: Wild level 45, north of the Lesser Demons, 2 level 87 Greater Demon.
Ashes Small House of Spiders: Wild level 45, east of the Greater Demons, 2 Giant Spiders level 31, Sapphire Cut.
Hobgoblin training area: Wild Level 30, northeast of Graveyard.
Hobgoblins level 32, mining area, Goblin Armor.
Maze: Wild Level 40, northwest of the Hobgoblins, King Scorpions
level 36, Black Knights level 46, Steel and Iron items.
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Prince Ali Rescue quest 94%
Speak with Chancellor Hassan inside the palace in Al Kharid. He will ask you to see his assistant Osman, as he is in a tough situation. Osman will tell you about how Al Kharid's archenemy, Lady Keli, has kidnapped the prince, Ali. He will tell you that there is a spy, his daughter, in Draynor Village who can help you further. Before continuing, collect the following long list of items:
Two onions: Onions can be found in a small garden patch south of the windmill near Draynor Village. The patch is behind a farmhouse.
Ashes: Light a fire (use tinderbox with logs) and wait for it to burn out. It will leave ashes.
Two waters: Get 2 jugs or buckets, and fill them up in a fountain or sink.
Redberries: Redberries can be found in the forest past the Circle of Pillars near Varrock.
Flour: Get a pot, and pick grain in the field near the windmill. Take the grain to the top floor. Put it in the hopper, and operate it, then go back to the bottom floor. Use the pot with the pile of flour in the chute.
Pink skirt: Can be bought in the Varrock Clothing Shop.
Eight balls of wool: Buy shears in the general store and use them with a sheep to get unspun wool. Take it to the spinning wheel in the west tower of Lumbridge Castle to spin it into balls of wool.
Three beers: These can be bought in almost any bar, and can be found in the Barbarian Village pub for free.
Clay: Mine this from a clay rock or buy it.
Bronze bar: Mine or buy one tin and one copper ore. Use one in a furnace, and they will both be used to make a bronze bar.
After collecting the items, go towards DraynorVillage. Find Leela (Osman's daughter) and chat to her. She will inform you of the plan. To prepare for the imprint of the key, use one of the waters with the clay to get soft clay. Get Ned (lives in a building in Draynor) to make a wig for you and rope out of the wool balls, Take the onions, redberries, flour, ashes, and water to Aggie to get makeup and yellow dye. Use the yellow dye with the wig, and you will get a blonde wig. In the jail, chat to Lady Keli. You can ask her to see the key. She will agree, and you will automatically take an imprint and return it to her. Run back to Al Kharid with the imprint and bronze bar. Osman will give you the jail key. Return to Draynor to carry out the plan. Quickly chat to Leela again, and she will remind you to offer the bodyguard some beers to get him drunk. First, chat to Lady Keli's bodyguard and offer him the 3 beers. He will accept, and immediately get drunk. Use the ropes on Lady Keli to tie her up, then unlock the door to the jail. Chat to the prince, and he will get into his disguise and go back to Al Kharid. Follow, and chat to Osman to get your reward.
*** There is an easier way to get ashes. Go to Draynor Manor and go to the 3rd floor. Inside the room where the machine is located, you can find some ashes.
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Adamantite and Mithril Ores 94%
Go to Lumbridge, then go to the back of the castle. You should eventually find a gate. Go around the gate, and at the far west just before the river, you should see a building. Just south of the building should be some mining rocks. Prospect the rocks until you see the rock that you are looking for (either Adamantite or Mithril). There are many other rocks there.
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Combat levels, prayer levels, money, and good items 93%
Get a Brass Key by any means necessary. You can find them far into the "dungeon/mines" of Edgeville. Go to the locked little house with a ladder leading down inside in between Varrok and the Barbarian Village. Use the Brass Key with the door providing access. Take the 1st turn to the left into a close room (with a gate) filled with giants (level 36). The giants give good experience, drop big bones (better for prayer than normal bones), money (up to 47 GP dropping at a time), and good items (steel and iron items, gems of all grades except for diamond, and all runes). *** Bring a fly fishing rod and feathers to fish for some food when down there.
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Hint Change text attributes 93%
To make wavy writing, type wave: before your message.
To make scrolling writing, type scroll: before your message.
To make glowing writing, type glow1:, glow2:, or glow:3 before your message.
To have a combination of them, 1st type glow1: (or one of the other 2 glow codes), then type wave: or scroll:.
*** Use a space after the ":" character in the code and the
start of your message. For example, glow1:wave: Want to duel?
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Prayer level up 93%
Use the following trick to increase your prayer points. Gather bones off the floor and bury them to get experience in the Pray area. If you continue to do this, your Prayer points will be high enough to increase your strength or other stats. It is also good to put everything (including armor) you have in the bank. Now, go around picking up and burying bones when you cannot carry any more. There is a chicken farm near the begining point. Go northeast from the begining point to find the bridge. Cross the bridge and head north to find the chicken farm.
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Black Kites 93%
Use the following trick to get Black Hatchets, Mediums, Maces, and Kites. If you want to get the Hatchets, Mediums, and Maces, go straight up from Edgeville to level 15 wilderness. There will be a
castle here. Walk in and kill level 21 Dark Warriors until they drop these items. For Black Kites; go all the way west to the wilderness until you reach to a big open ocean. Go straight north until you see the level 60+ Ice Giants. Kill them to get Black Kites.
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Pirate Treasure quest 93%
Use the following steps to get a gold ring, cut emerald, and some gold. Go to Port Sarim and chat to a pirate in front of a bar. Now, go to the clothes store in Varrok and buy an apron. Next, go to the island with the banana plantation. Ask for a job on the plantation. Get a bottle of rum. Put the rum in the crate and fill the crate with bananas. Return to Port Sarim and go to the food store. Put on the apron. Go through the door with the apron on the ground. The shop keeper will say that you cannot go back there. Ask him for a job. Search the crate and you will get the rum. Go to the bar. Give the rum to the pirate. He will give you a key. Go to the Blue Moon Inn. Open the chest upstairs. Go to the park in Faldor with a spade. Dig behind the south bench. *** Make sure you are in the soil.

To dig behind the soil behind the south bench in Falador Park, you must kill Wyson The Gardener.
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Rune essence 93%
Ok 1st you have to have already done a free quest called "Rune Mysteries"
after you have that quest go to either head wizard at the wizard tower or go to varrok and chat to aubury and ask him to teleport you to Rune Essence and he will. Make sure you have an empty inventory and have a pickaxe with you once your inventory is cleared out and you have a pickaxe fill up your inventory with rune essence and get about 300 it wont take long but once you get 300 you can sell the for 40gp and you get 10,000gp (10k) for 300 rune
essence it got me 100k.

good luck! =)
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Cook's guild 93%
To get into the Cooks guild, you will need a Chef's Hat and level 32 cooking. To get a Chef's Hat, kill goblins until you get one. To get your cooking to level 32, cook meat until you reach that level. Now, wear your Chef's Hat and travel northwest from Varrok to find the Cook's guild, or just look on the Runescape map.
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Recommended quests 92%
Do the Lost Ghost quest at the graveyard. If you finish this, you will get about 5 or 6 prayer points.

Do the quest in Falador. Chat to the man in the 2nd floor of the castle for a quest about black knights. Get the Iron Chain Mail found behind Falador Castle. Buy it for about 120 GP. A bronze helmet can be found anywhere. Get some cabbage and go to the black knight castle. Push on walls that are called "Odd walls" and drop the cabbage in a hole to complete the quest. The reward is 2,000 GP.
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Easy level ups 91%
Go to Rimmington, then go to the room where 2 logs respawn. Go in it, close the door, then wait until the little level 2 rats respawn there. Kill them until you reach level 5, then go back to Lumbridge.

Go to the room with goblins in it. Close the door and wait until they respawn. Kill them and level up to about level 10. Now, go to Varrok and kill any level 9 men and level 10 muggers until you level up five more times. Now, go to the Wizard Tower to level up to level 20. Continue with the higher five levels each time until you are at level 40.

An easy way to level up in your ranger level is to go to Port Sarim. Go inside the jail. *** You will not be able to get your undamaged arrows again -- bring a lot of them. Shoot at the goblin 1st until you gain some levels, then kill the mugger followed by the thief, black knight, and other prisoners. You will level quickly. Another place of interest for rangers is the wizard tower. Go down the stairs until you cannot proceed further. Look for the lesser daemon that is caged up. *** Once again, you cannot get your arrows back. Also, beware of the level 25 dark wizard with a beard who will attack you.

You can level your attack level (not strength) up to 8 at the Varrok training center (the one with five dummies in it) next to the east smithing area.

Go to the hut in which you chat to the ancient Gnome. Attack the level 47 Jungle Spiders. These give more experience than level 56 Knights or level 79 Lessers.

A good training location is the 3rd floor in the black knight castle. There are non-aggressive black knights respawning there, and an Altar. To get in, 1st make sure you have a medium Bronze Helmet and an Iron Chain Mail. Now, go to world one and enter the fortress. Go through both doors so that you are in the black knight meeting hall. It has 3 long tables. Now, go through the door (not the one you just came in from). The reason this is done in world one is because people are attacking the black knights and they will not stop you from going in the door. Once you get through the door, log out and go to a less crowded world. Now, go up the stairs to the 2nd floor, then up the ladder to the 3rd floor. If you have a high enough Pray level, put on Rapid Heal; whenever you are low on Pray points recharge at the altar. Another benefit of training here is that if you are very low on HP and do not have food, leave and to the monastery; then repeat the process to get back in.

An easy way to get your attack to any desired level is at Varrock. Go to the dummies by the museum. Hit the dummies until your attack level is 8. Once at 8, you will no longer be allowed to hit the
dummies. Drink beer until your attack is 0 then keep hitting the dummies. Once your attack returns to 8 or more, repeat by drinking the beer. *** The dummies only give 5 experience points for every

Go to Falador and get a Sleeping Bag, any kind of Pickaxe, and a Hammer. Go north to the mine. Stay there until you are satisfied with your mining level. Then go to Falador and smelt the ore. Go to Doric's house and smith the ore. Repeat this to gain higher mining and smithing levels.
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Recommended monsters to kill 91%
Go to Lumbridge where the chickens are located and kill lots of them. Collect their feathers for fly fishing, bury their bones for prayer levels, and cook their meat to get your cooking levels up.

Cows are another good thing to kill. Bury their bones for prayer; keep the cow hide for crafting, and meat for cooking.

Fight Black Knights. They drop quite good items and bones to bury. They also drop steel bars for smithing.
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Glitch: No magic experience 91%
There is a way to complete tutorial island with no magic experience. When you get to the magic part of tutorial, drop all the runes the wizard gives you. Chat to him again when the runes are dropped and you will be able to continue with tutorial without magic experience.
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Demon Slayer quest 91%
To complete the Silverlight quest, chat to the gypsy in Varrock Square. She will give you the details of the quest. To get the 3 keys to Silverlight, chat to Sir Prysin in Varrock Palace.
Silverlight key#2 is the easiest to get. Go to the Palace Guard's Quarters. Captain Rovin will give you a key. Key#3 is also easy to get. Go to the kitchen and fill the respawning bucket with water from the sink. Go to the drain outside, then pour the water down the drain. Hurry to the manhole outside the church and museum. Climb down and get the key. *** If you are below level 20, do not go any further. There are scorpions (level 21), zombies (level 19 but very difficult), skeletons (level 21), and ghosts (level 25) that will attack you. The last key is the hardest. It is in the 2nd floor of the Tower Of Wizards. Chat to Traiborn and he will give you the key after you give him 25 sets of bones. Put everything in the bank and search for bones from other player's battles. Once you have all the keys, chat to Sir Prysin again and he will give you Silverlight.

Go south of Varrock to the Stonehenge. *** You can complete the quest at any level, but level 13 and 25 Darkwizards are a hazard if you are at a low level. Wield Silverlight and attack Delrith. As
Delrith weakens, you are asked for the incantation is to kill Delrith. It is the last choice you have. Delrith will be sucked into a vortex and you will complete the Demon Slayer quest.
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Skull 90%
Use the following trick to get a Skull without fighting a Skeleton. Simply get the Skull before you start the Restless Ghost mission. The Skull can be found in the dungeon of the Wizard Tower. After you get the Skull, chat to the Priest to start the quest. Then you will not have to fight the skeleton.
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Easy Smithing lvling and money making for members 100%
Mine as much coal as you want then mine 1/2 as much iron as coal then smith it into steel bars then make cannon balls at a furnace.. Even is you buy all the coal and iron or the steel bars you still make a profit. You also have to have 35 smithing.

If you need any help my runescape name is MW3PL
By: gopuydoom(18)
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Awesome money and crafting xp 100%
Go to seers village flx fiekd pick the flax go to the spinning will make bow string 163gp each keep doing it until you get 1k bow string wich is 163k and 10k crafting xp
By: runescapekiller(48)
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Christmas Crackers 89%
On December 25, kill monsters of any level and you might get Christmas Crackers. *** The drops are random.
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Glitch: Raising Ranging 89%
In the northwest part of Varrock Castle is a door that looks strange. Stand in the doorway and close the door. Wait for a guard or warrior and attack it with your bow or crossbow. The guard will not be able to attack you because you are in the door.
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Easter Egg 89%
Kill high level monsters such as White Knight, Ice Giants, etc. on Easter. *** You will not always get an Easter Egg, but the higher level the monster, the higher the chance.
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Rune Two-Hander 89%
Get your mining to about level 35. Mine until you get 750 iron ore. Now, go to Draynor Manor to the location where the 3 men exchange fish, ore, and bars. Get all the ore into certificates at the man who exchanges certificates for ore. You should have 150 certificates. Go to World 1, where most of the high level characters are. Go beside the Varrock Castle. You will be able to trade your 150 iron ore certificates for a Rune Two-Hander.
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Rune Rock 89%
Go north from Falador and go past the mine. Keep going north until you find lava. Go left to the end of the lava, then go north past the Lesser Demons. After that, go right. You can only find it in wilderness at level 45. You will find the rune rocks, with Red Spiders guarding it. *** The rock probably will have been mined already.
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Silverlight 89%
Go to Varrock and chat to the gypsy. She will explain the quest. To undrain the key in the pipe, which is part of the quest, use a bucket of water over the drain and head for the sewer.
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Glitch: Raising Cooking 89%
In the tutorial, after burning the meat and getting another, keep dropping and talking repeatedly until you have enough Cooking.
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Red Spider Eggs 89%
Go to Karajama Island. Go past the banana grove until you get to the scorpions. When you get there, go down the ladder and pass the skeletons. You will find red spider eggs. *** You need to be at least over level 30.
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Survive in the Lava Chambers 89%
Get to the point where you are able to fight Lesser Demons or level 54 Skeletons or Red Spiders. After defeating the Dragon, or at least using the secret door the 1st time from the Crandor side, get enough Fishing and Cooking to be able to catch and cook Lobster. Bring a Lobster Pot, a Tinderbox and a Hatchet (any type). Reach the island from Karamja (through the secret door). Fight your monsters, etc. When you run out of food, return through the secret door to Karamja and fish for Lobsters. Now, cut a tree for logs, set it on fire, and cook your Lobsters. This allows you to survive in the Lava Chambers under Crandor/Karamja Islands almost indefinitely. This is
useful for leveling up against certain monsters and to also get a lot of one kind of item from a particular monster (such as Rune Mediums from Lesser Demons).
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Bronze Dagger 89%
Go to Lumbridge Castle. When inside, turn to your left and go down the hall past the cooking place. In the last room, go up the ladder then find the room with the Duke Of Lumbridge. Enter that room and go to the table at the end of it. If you wait long enough, a bronze dagger will appear.
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A Mining, Smithing and Money tip 89%
Mine the best thing, steel (coal+iron), iron etc. that you can smith into nails and do so. One steel bar made into nails can get 600gp in the grand exchange. This may not sound like much but it adds up to a lot.
By: PRE8UILT(15)
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Santa Hat 88%
Kill high level monsters such as White Knight, Ice Giants, etc. on December 25.
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Oil cans 88%
The following is the order of switches for retrieving the oil can at Draynor Manor.

A: Up
B: Up
C: Down
D: Down
E: Up
F: Down
The following is the order of levers to retrieving the oil can in the basement of the castle.

A: A
B: B
C: D
D: A
E: B
F: E
G: F
H: C
I: E
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Strong attacks 86%
Get a full body of armor and use your defensive attack. The attack will do at least 5 damage. *** The enemy will most likely drop nothing.
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Easier survival 86%
To survive anywhere, bring a sleeping bag and when you get low on health, sleep in it. It will heal while you are sleeping and you cannot be attacked during that time.
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Easter Ears 86%
To get Easter Ears, kill any monster on Easter.
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Blue Rune rock 86%
*** They are in wild about level 42. Go to the west side and north all way. Go east slightly to find red spiders guarding the only blue Rune Rock in the game.

The Blue Rune rock requires level 85 mining. Also, to make a rune item, the least smithing experience you need is level 85. *** Mining Runite on a busy server is not recommended, as people might be waiting there to kill anyone who attempts to mine it.
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Ernest the Chicken switches 86%
When you go into the place with the switches, pull them in this order:
A, B, D, A, B, F, E, C.
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Air Runes 86%
To get easy Air Runes, go to Karamja. Go behind Luthas's house. You will see 3 Air Runes there. Since they respawn fast, stay there and in thirty minutes you will have over 200.
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Change text color 86%
To talk in a different colored text, type @, then enter the 1st 3 letters of the color, then type another @, without spaces. For example, if you type @blu@, your text will appear blue. The following is a list of colors and letters to use:
bla: Black
blu: Blue
cya: Cyan
dre: Dark red
gr1: Green1
gr2: Green2
gr3: Green3
gre: Green
lre: Light Red
mag: Magenta
or1: Orange1
or2: Orange2
or3: Orange3
ora: Orange
ran: Random, flashing text
red: Red
whi: White
yel: Yellow (normal color)
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Liquid Armor 85%
If you are a member, go to the impassable mountain range. Get into the fort 1st to get through, then keep moving. If desired, you can fight the level 110 Dragons. Keep moving and you will find Liquid Armor, which is stronger than Dragonite Armor (must have level 200 attack defense strength).
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A Cooking, (Fishing) and Money tip. 83%
Go to a fishing spot, I would recommend Barbarian Village, and cook the fish that other people have caught. Sell the fish at the Grand Exchange. This makes lots of money after a short while. If you can cook salmon it will get you even more money and xp. Cook on a bonfire for even more cooking xp. I would catch the fish myself and cook it for fishing and cooking xp but that is your choice.
By: PRE8UILT(15)
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Chocolate 77%
Buy as many chocolate bars as you can a nd buy a knife, start making chocolate dust sell when your chocolate dust when done. Chocolate bars are usually just over 200gp, chocolate dust is about 300gp so you can make alot of profit!
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Easy level up to level 60 and over 75%
Go to the edgeville dungeon and find the cochroach soldiers and fight until you have the level you need or you get low on health and out of food.

if you need help with anything my account name is jkdude197546
By: gopuydoom(18)
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Magic 71%
1)If you want to level up ypur magic you should get a air staff.
2)Then got to the top floor
3)U should see a demon towards the back of the tower
4)Go to your magic list pick your first spell,besides the home teleport
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54k in a day! 70%
Kill hill giants take the money lying around and take b bones then sell b bones to G.E. at market price me and my frend made over 1mill in a 2days!
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Way to get rich 67%
Get to lvl 40 mining then go to the falador mine ps need 15 dungoeneering too tthen go in the dungoen door north of the stairs mine coal then beside the door there is a bank deposit box when you have a inventory of coal put it in the deposit box.

ps you can do this at lvl 40 but its better when you are lvl 41 and you have a rune pickaxe

By: runescapekiller(48)
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Way to get rich2 67%
Ok you have to be a member and you need a knife.

go to the lumbridge forest behind the castle get a whole inventory of logs then use the knife on them make arrow shafts worth 15gp each and if you have feathers attach them to the arrow shafts then you will have feathered shafts they are worth 35gp each

By: runescapekiller(48)
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#3 67%
2 Law Rune Trade Routes (Members only)
~first way~
OK the first route which is the easiest to do takes place in Al Kharid, First you need to do a quest for Ali Morrisai...After a short and easy quest talk to Ali M. again and he will tell you he will be looking forward to expanding his buisiness.First do runes go to auburny and follow given instrustions...Then Ali M. will tell you he has gotten the chests but they have strange locks that he needs you to unlock.This is quite simple to do as it is just a short game of soduko.Now after you have unlocked the large casket you can now buy laws for 300 ea...Now if you look carefuly people on the forums will be buying law runes for 500 ea!If you orignally buy 1k law from Ali M. for 300k...Which means that you get 500k for all on forums and make an extra 200k repeat and you can make 1m in no time!

~second way~
Make your way to Ardrougne and go to the shack behind the castle then pull the lever, you should tele to lvl 54 wildy (knife or sharp wep. required to cut webs).Go to the mage arena and buy laws from the shop and repeat the final step in the first way you should have about the same results!
By: Cheatmaster22(443)
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Get levl up faster 64%
Go under ground in the help dudes building and talk to the night he will give you 2 genie lamps and you can use them to get whatever you want up
By: zady1(20)
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Combat or any attack,magic, strength, etc. By:Grey Dark 64%
1)Go to the Goblin Village ,besides the black knights castle.
2)Attack any goblin you see.(GO CRAZY)
3)After a while you will hopefully level up your picked skill.
4)After you reach a higher level than the goblins you should try to attack the black knights.

P.S.The black knights are level 33 or something

PLZ vote helpful
By: Grey Dark(118)
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How to make colored words and make them move 63%
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Safty Gloves 60%
Go north from the ores in Barb Vil then go into the first hole you see (marked !).
If you have read all plagues and done the test up stairs thats a bonus, but if you have not you will have to. Go back down stairs then pull back the poster in one of the jail cells then when you go down the hole behind it walk around the same level until you see a door that you can not open, there should be stairs near. Go up them and you should see a lever uo there, its in the room with the rope. Once you pull it go back down and the door should open. In side there should be lvl 83 monsters (dont worry they wont attack if you dont attack) and there should be a chest further in. Open it and there should be 10k and some player safty gloves inside. The lvl 83, 56 and lvl 8 drop runes ore money and more.
There are also some muggers near the hole you came in by. If you need to get out quickly to put stuff into the bank go up the rope I mentioned before and then go north.

Good Luck!
By: RuneScapeGod(22)
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Mad money$$ 60%
Go to barbains(have to be mem)and kill unicorns for horn a inventory full is worth at grand e 52k it takes only 10min in a hour a mill$

go to gnone kindom and go though hole in fence and there is a hole go down and kill hob goblins for limp wart 1k a piese
By: skykim(15)
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Get lots of money and cooking,atk exp (for noobs) 60%
In lummy the generl store go right until you come across a house/farm with chickens
in the front and as you go in theres a fire place so basicaly cook the chickens you kill
then sell the chicken to people ,they will buy cooked chicken meat.
By: pokemonmaster13(201)
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All around runescape hints and tips from experiace 60%
Ok 1st off I will go over my methods of combat.
from lvl 3-10 yo wil want to kill with the best armor you can wear and kill goblins
from 11-30 go kill cows kill cows and collect hides for decent money at your level.
now your 30 =) time to move to somthing more dangerous, bring food go kill gaurds untill
combat 50 after 50 it is easy. after 50 combat kill moss giants in varock sewers collect all ranarr seeds and armor you recive bank and repaeat until about 80 cmb. now for good money/xp
go kill green dragons yyou have the chance to make 1m a day

as of skills just do them pull upi youtube and watch vids skiling and stick to it have fun =)
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Good pray!(member) 60%
Go to argnoge and go to the Moss Giants and start to kill them!(bring some food!) take there Big Bones and go to a house party world!(bring the bones) go into somones house with a g(guiled) alter and incence burners, light the incence burners and put the bones on the alter and the gods will accept the offering! And you will get a lot of exp! works with dragon bones too(and more exp)
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Cow money tip 60%
If you go to any cow field (i recomend the one in lumbrige) make sure you have a clear inventory. Kill cows until you have a full inventory of cowhides. Then sell them at the grand exgange for 100 each I got like 10k in like 5 min.
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Making HUGE money in a 1 1/2 (members only) 60%
You need a lvl 15 woodcutting
first empty your inventory all you need is a axe, and 6725gp or more.
chop a full inventory of oak logs.
the go to the saw mill and turn them all into planks and sell them at the grand exchange
and just repeat these steps and you will be rich in no time at all.
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#1 60%
First of all you will need 20k and 40 fishing.(It is esier with a high fishing level.) Next go to port sarim, and buy a lobster pot. After that go and take a ship to karajam.(It will cost 60gp to get there and to come back.) After that go to fish lobbies.**DO NOT COOK** Keep on fishing inventorys of raw lobs.(you should get 26 rawlobbies.) Go to draynor or fally bank, and bank your raw lobbies. Keep on repeating this till you have wasted the 20k. You should have 260k raw lobs. Go to world 1,3,4,5 (Best worlds to sell.) Go outside of Varrock big bank, note your lobbies, and sell them for 230 each. You will make 5980000gp!(5980k)

(This will take a while, but it is realy worth it!)

Thankyou, and please use this tip on making easy money.
By: Cheatmaster22(443)
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Black and mithril weapons and armor shop 60%
I sell mithril & black weapons & armor. I will make iron weapons and armor if you wont them. some times I mite give away iron things to someone who needs them. I can get some other items but they cost more than the things I sell. ( note: it may take sevrle minutes) enter my user name prince pat9 to your fiends list & tell me the item you want.
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Rune essence= easy money 60%
A 1000 pure essence youll get 134k its good for non mems as well as members check it out
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Get cooking and combat level up 60%
If you want to get your cooking and combat level up go behind lumbridge castle there should be lots of rats kill them and take there meat and cook the meat in lumbrdge kitchen if you want to get your pray up to you can pick up the bones and bury them
By: cgjb(7)
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Cooking guild 60%
You get in the cooking guild by geting your cooking to level 32 to enter you have you be wearing cooking hat
By: conor4100(832)
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Easy fishing exp 60%
Ok first get a net or fishing rod and bait or a lobster pot or a harpoon.Then get 30 gp and go to port to one of the people in a blue suit on the dock and pay the 30 gp.Next go though the bannana grove and go to the fishing spot and fish if you have a axe and tinderbox cut some dead trees by the volcano and cook your fish.So really your geting fishing,cooking,woodcuting,and firemaking experience all at the same place and you can sell your cooked fish at the genral store there too=)
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Bounty hunter escape 60%
When you are a low level in bounty hunter a hint is stay
near a exit just in case you get attack by a higher level.

Note: If you killed someone thats not your opponent
You will have to wait a while before you can

G00D LUCK! :)
By: RuneScapeGod(22)
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Having trouble with Pirates Treasure quest??? 60%
Speak to Redbeard Frank, at the pier, at Port Siam. To steal the Rum off the island you have to work for the guy in the first house you see. collect 30 bananas, and put them in the box, then put in the rum. When you done that, go back to Port Siam, and in the fishing shop, there should be a white apron. Take it, and go work for the guy at the food shop, but put on the white apron first. In 1 of the boxes, there should be the bananas, and the rum. Give it to Redbeard, and get the key. The chest is on the upper floor of the blue moon inn, in Varrock. After that get the note in the chest and it will tell you where to dig. The spade is in a nearby house, and the X is in the park at Faldor, the stones r in the shape of an X. After this you don't need to go back to Redbeard Frank.
If you lose the note it will be in the quest list.
By: Saltpot(1120)
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Fishing Lobsters 60%
Start at Draynor Bank and go a little bit north and then west. When you go south pay
one of the guys in blue to take you to Karamja. When you get there go west until you see a way to the forest of bananas which should be on your north side. Go forwards until you see a fishing spot make sure you have a lobster pot. Fish some lobsters until your invertory is full then go back to Draynor Bank. Repeat this until you have about 10,000 lobsters and then sell them at G.E. I think they all should sell for about 200-300gp each, so the total for 10,000 Lobsters should be about 200-300,000gp.
By: RuneScapeGod(22)
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Soft clay 60%
Okay go mine about 700-800 clays.then buy 14 buckets,then you take 14 clays out and go to middle of varrock and fill the buckets up with water,then you use bucket of water on clay and it makes soft keep doin this till all your clays are soft clay.Then you sell them at the grand exchange.and when all of them are sold you will have about 100k.
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$MONEY$ 60%
If you are a high level woodcutting you should cut yew trees. They usualy sell for more than 100 in the grand exchange. If you have enough space in your bank put evreything away and wield a high level hatchet ,so it's quicker,of course. Once you fill you your inventory go to the grand exchange and sell them for a little less for what the ordinary price is. After about a couple days you should have a couple million.

Plz vote this helpful

Grey Dark
By: Grey Dark(118)
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Easy gold 60%
Go to grand exchagetion then buy the brass key then go to the building with the locked door and go inside with the key and kill the giants or pick up the gold you must be a high level to do this or you will die
By: monksta09(107)
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500k-2m daily 60%
The way I got rich is by
Killing varrock guards and picking up the grapes for 917 gp each.
You will get about 100-200 grapes an hour.
Hope you enjoyed my idea, hope you get rich like me.
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Making 1000mil for free 59%
If you can cook lobsters then cook them and go to the chef in lumbridge and he will say that there is no need to give him them and then he wil give you 1000mil
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Good money for people with 40 minin and 40 crafting.u may need a little patience 58%
Go to the crafting guild and mine lots and lots of gold then go to grand exchange and sell them all for the price it starts at witch is atleast 500 gp each.i got like 33k for 66 pieces of gold.oh yeah dont smelt the gold because it is more valuble when it is username is Bradon 00 if you need help cause IF your stupid so I can explain it to you better but I think this is a pretty good explanation.AND DONT ASK ME FOR STUFF!.
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Easy and fast 57%
First you need about 400k ( buy if it is more its more good) then go the best worlds to buy yew logs (wrld 123456) then buy all yew logs 410ea with your money.. then when you get all yews sell them on grand exhange about 425ea 15k for 1000 yew logs profit for 10-15mins
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Easy Money And Range+Magic+Prayer Lvl Up 57%
Go To Barbaian Village And Go In The Bar Stand One Side Of A Table And Arrow A Barberian When Done U Can Get Money And Bury Bones [Also Works With Magic Spells!]
By: Cheat Spartan(14)
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Great Money Making For All 57%
First gather up about 3k of money by any means necessary, mining, woodcutting whatever you want, empty your inventory except from the 3k. Now go to the magic shop in Port Sarrim (the building on the mini map with a reddish blob inside it) and fill the remainder of your bag with eye of newt (3 gold each). Then go to the bank in Draynor and deposit the eyes and repeat this until ALL the 3k is gone (yes this does take a while but it is worth it, hour and 1/2 max). By the end you should have 1000 eye of newt, take this out of your bank in note form (so it fits in your inventory) and go to the grand exchange (which is north of varrock's west bank in case you dont know). You can now offer all the eyes for 80 gold each, they were 3 gold when you bought them so you have made 77 gold profit per eye. 1000 eyes usually sell for something in the margin of 80k, 3000 eyes are worth 250k! The best thing about this is that the eyes sell almost instantly so there is usually no waiting around for your hard earned cash.
By: Tizermankan(130)
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The easiest way to get your pray up 57%
In edgevill there's a house with full of man kill all of them for easy pray.
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#7 57%
Cooking Tips
Cook Raw Meat

Get some raw meat from Chickens, Giant rats, Cows or Port Sarim Food Shop.
Make Fire by using tinderbox on some wood
Use raw meat on fire or on Cooking stove (range)
If you are successful you will get cooked meat, if you fail skill check you will remain with black burned meat.
Icon Name Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
Cooked Meat 30 1 3

Get Water

Go to a water source fountain, well, kitchen sink (the fountain in Lumbridge castle for example) and use your jug or your bucket with source to fill it.

Make Flour

Get at least one pot
Flour can be brought in food Shop at port Sarim or you can make it like this.
Go to the wheat fields near the windmill (see the atlas for its location) and pick as many grains as you have pots.
Go to the top floor of the windmill and use the hopper to grind your grain into flour. Scarecrows points out that you need to put one grain in the hopper, then operate the hopper, then put the next in the hopper, then operate the hopper again. If you don't, you just get one flour.
Go to the bottom floor to collect the flour (use each pot you have on the flour pile to fill the pot). Don't worry -- only you can see the flour you mill. (Thanks to Serra for pointing this out.)

Bake Bread

You need Flour + Water
Use the full jug/ buckler on a flour pot to make dough. Select Bread dough.
Cook the dough on a stove (range) ONLY. (Thanks to Serra for this tidbit!)
Your success depends on your cooking skill.
Icon Name Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
Bread 40 1 4

Bake Pies

You need Flour + Water, pie pan and fill (cooked meat, redberries, apples )
Use the full jug/ bucket on a flour pot to make dough. Select Pastry dough.
Get a pie pan and dough the pan. Pie pan spawn in dwarven mines and Varrock Castle Kitchen, You can make it with crafting skill or you can buy it at Cooking Guild.
Use Fill (cooked meat, redberries or apples) on pie pan.
Cook the pie in a stove (range), hope it doesn't burn, and you've got a pie with two uses.
This is requirements and healing

Pie Fill Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
Redberries 60 10 6
Meat 80 20 8
Apple 100 30 10

Bake Pizza

You need Flour + Water, tomato, cheese and eventually fill (cooked meat, anchovies or pineapples)
You can buy tomato and cheese in Port Sarim Food Shop.
You can get anchovies by using a net with fish in the sea.
Pineapples are a members object and can be found southwest in the Jungle of Brimhaven. Use a knife to cut pineapple into slices.
Use the full jug/ buckler on a flour pot to make dough. Select Pizza dough.
Use tomato with Pizza dough, Use Cheese with pizza.
Cook the pizza in a stove (range).
Use Fill (cooked meat, anchovies, pineapple slices) with cooked Pizza.
NOTE: You are not getting exp. when you add fill to plain pizza your only reward is better healing item that occupy less space.

This is requirements and healing

Pizza Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
Plain Pizza 110 35 1 * 10 hp = 10 hp
Meat Pizza (110 + 30) 45 2 * 7 hp = 14 hp
pizza (110 + 30) 55 2 * 8 hp= 16 hp
Pineapple Pizza (members only) 110 65 2 * 10 hp= 20 hp

Bake Cake

You need Flour +eggs, milk, cake tin and eventual fill Chocolate
Cake tin can be only brought in Cooking Guild
You can buy Chocolate bar in Port Sarim Food Shop.
You can get eggs in chicken farms and milk by using buckler on cow (Both near lumbridge castle north as you pass bridge).
Mix flour, eggs, milk together in a cake tin.

Cook the cake in a stove (range).
Use chocolate bar with cooked Cake.
This is requirements and healing

Cake Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
Cake 120 40 3 * 4 hp = 12 hp
Chocolate cake 120 50 3 * 5 hp = 15 hp

Cook stew

You need bowl, potato and cooked meat
Bowl can be make with crafting skill or brought in cooking guild.
Potatoes are found in field to the east of Draynor village

Fill bowl with some water from sink, well or fountain. Add some potatoes and then some meat in.
Cook the stew by using it with a stove (range) or fire.
Icon Name Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
stew 90 25 9

Thanks for Help: Snyder, Serra,

Cook Curry (members only)

You need bowl, potato, pot of spice and cooked meat
Bowl can be make with crafting skill or brought in cooking guild.
Potatoes are found in field to the east of Draynor village
Pot of Spice can be stolen (thieving lvl at least 65) or bought from the Spices stall at Ardougne (230gp).

Fill bowl with some water from sink, well or fountain. Add some potatoes and then some meat in.
Put the spice into the uncooked stew and cook.
Cook the stew by using it with a stove (range) or fire.
Icon Name Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
Curry 125 60 19

Tasty Ugthanki Kebab (members only)

You need Bowl, Knife, Ugthanki Meat (cooked), Tomato, Onion, Flour + Water,
To get raw meat you need to kill an ugthanki camel (located in the new desert area below al kharid)
Knife found south from Lumbridge Castle and south west from Catherby in house, 1st floor.
You must have the knife in your inventory to make the mixture of tomato, onion, and meat.
Bowl can be make with crafting skill or brought in cooking guild.
You can buy tomato in Port Sarim Food Shop.
Onions can be found behind farmer's house in Lumbridge.

Step 1. Cook the raw ugthanki meat. (+40 exp)
Step 2. Use tomato and onion with the bowl.
Step 3. Use cooked ughtanki meat with the mixture.
Step 4. Use flour with water, making Pitta dough. (+40 exp)
Step 5. Cook the Pitta dough on a ragne for.
Step 6. Use Pitta dough on "Onion and Tomato and Ugthanki Mix" for finsihed kebab. (+40 exp)
Icon Name Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
Ugthanki Kebab 120 58 19


- It requires 58 cooking to make, and you can still accidentally burn the meat at level 70 cooking.
- It is important to note with the ugthanki kebab that though they do heal 19 they take a long time to eat, because when you eat one you say something along the lines of "mmmm delicious". There are a few different things that you will say, but the point is that it takes twice as long to eat the kebab as it does to eat other foods. This makes it a horrible food for pking or fighting high level monsters where you want quick healing. (by laws0074)
- I don't have information what level to cook Raw Ugthanki meat, but with cooking 1 you can use mix with pitta bread and make "Tasty Ugthanki Kekab"


You need Water, Grapes and cooking skill 35

Grapes can be found in 3rd floor of Cooks guild west of Varrock.
Mix Grapes and water to get wine
Each bottle takes off -3 from your ATTACK for a few minutes. This of course can compound.
By: Cheatmaster22(443)
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Easy crafting money 57%
Kill cows. Turn hides into hard leather. Make hard leather bodys. Sell to store. Repeat. After a while you get lots of money.
By: Theguy(97)
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Free 10k 56%
Finish the stronghold in barbain village
By: conor4100(832)
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Big $$$ 56%
Find some Hillgiants or any other monsters that drop big bones.
Once you have killed some and got alot of big bones go to the
closest bank and put the bones in. Keep and gathering big bones
and put them into the bank until you got at least 1K of them.
Sell them for around 400gp each, you should be able to sell them
all for 400K (400,000gp). You can bury the big bones for much more
exp then the normal bones and they sell for more too!

By: RuneScapeGod(22)
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Easy money 56%
The easyest way to make money (members) is to fish get your fishing lvl to 40 and go to cammy and fish lobster keep fishing till you got about 1k raw lobster's and go sell in ge you should get about 300k or more
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How get quick money 56%
Kill any creature for normal size bones sell them in the grand exchange for 82gp for the lowest price 1000=82k
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Easy level up guide (simple) 56%
Level 3-10: there is not much choice here, but why would there, your fresh from the game and don't need a large amount of monsters. At these levels I recommend you train on Goblins, rats (very easy) rams, cows and chickens. Don't worry these all can be found close by to the starting town you are in (Lumbridge)

At level 10 I recommend using one of the easy money cheats below, mainly the cowhide method. it wont take long but soon you will have enough money for full iron amour. this is recommended if you want to make it very far. I would also suggest at level 3 that you fish shrimps and up, as well as cooking them. This is to heal you and let you train for much longer periods of time.

10-30 now that I trust that you have iron amour, and food to let you train longer its time to gain attack, defense or strength levels in Al Karid, very close by from Lumbridge.
Inside the castle there are level 9 Al Karid guards for you to massacre with others for decent experience.

At anytime you can upgrade your amour type according to your combat level.

30-50 At these levels guards in Varrok are perfect xp.

Now for my favorite spot that I still use today.
By now there are many training spot's that you should have discovered

Go to the barbarian village
go down the ladder
now cross through the portal or go through the maze to the end clearing
now go down the ladder
now either use the portal again or go trough the maze again.
now go south to the ladder that goes upwards STOP
now go west and past the 2 gates in your way ad the nearest clearing is the training spot. these level 43 and 41 monsters automatacly attack you. FOOD IS A MUST to survive.
By: Cheatmaster22(443)
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Free shield and sword 56%
You can get a free traning shield and traning sword from the melee combat tutor next to lumbridge general store.

p.s please mark this as helpful
By: deondray(108)
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Fancy boots 56%
To get fancy boots you can go into the stronghold of player safety and keep climbing ladders entil you get to a chest inside will be a pair of fancy boots

p.s. plz mark this as helpful
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Good way to level up in members! 56%
Ok for this you will need to have completed creature of fenkenstrain quest. go to the mansion and then head to the east of the entrance of it until you come along a line of grave markers. one will open up as it did in the quest and it will take you down to the small cave where there are experiments in it. kill the lvl 25 experiments. these creatures have 100 hp and give about 400 xp (not completely positive on that) for each monster you kill. these are good to train on for as long as you like since they have such a low level.
By: cheating101(31)
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Read This And Be Rich!$!$ 55%
If you want money for a quest or you might want to buy something, just read this and be rich! So for starters you will need lvl 40 fishing, 60gp and a lobster pot ready with you... go to Port Sarim and sail to Karamja. Go through the banana tree forest then you will find a dock. Lobster pot fish off this dock and get as many as you can. Once you've done this (it make take awhile) walk to the grand exchange north of Varrock. Put all your lobsters up for pid and in seconds, someone will buy them. You will get 8k off that 1 load of lobsters! Thats not all I have to say... (If you are a member) Walk over White Wolf Mountain and go to catherby with the materials I said before but you do not need 60gp. There are many fishing spots in Catherby so cage fish in one of the spots. Get a full load of lobbies and bank them. (there is a earby bank in Catherby) Once you have banked around 100 of them witch doesn't really take long, take a long walk back to the grand exchange and sell the 100 lobsters. you will get about 48.7k off this deal. (this also can be done by fishing swordfish with a harpoon at the level of 50 fishing)

I got over 100k by doing this and it didnt take me long! So this was my advise to you fish killers out there.

Hope this helped! Thanks for your time.
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Hide in clan wars 55%
Near the top corner of the arena there is a small bummp theres a glich there you can go there and hide no one can see you unles you talk but they can see your dot on the map
By: chickmonkey7(12)
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More W/C xp money making 55%
If you have a higher level W/C then dont waste your time trying to sell willows at the grand exchange. People are always trying to cut those down. Instead just west of the varrock bank there is two oaks that are very close to bank and Grand Exchange. Cut down as many of those as you want and then sell them at grand exchange. Theres some good money!
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Easy money 54%
Only way to get easy money after all the new updates is to go to the barrow and kill the monsters and they drop rare items that you can even sell for 6m at the e.p.
By: kai(701)
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Colored words and cool effects 53%
Type cyan: for blue type red: for red type purple: for purple white: for white type glow1: for multiple colored contexts Glow2: glow3: and then their is flash1: flash2: flash3: Scroll: for the words to go across the screen. type slide for the words to come from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen
By: woom8(130)
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Easy money! 52%
Go to cow field over he bridge at lumbridge and and get as many cow hides you can then go to al kharid bank and sell for 100 gp each
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OK then easy way to get money!!! 50%
Need to be combat lvl 60 at least fishing 40 at least and mining 30 at least and woodcutting 70 at least. Okay you wont get bored or anything with this way. first you go and fight hillz for b bones then when you have a 100 b bones you stop hunting for b bones after that you need to go fishing and fish 100 lobs then you stop and after that you will need to go and mine some coals you need 100 of it when you have it you stop and then you go and woodcut 100 yews but if your woodcutting level is not enough you can go and woodcut willow instead, any way you need 100 of them. Then after all your hard work you change world to world 1 or 3 then you sell the 100 b bones you will get 40k from that then you go and sell your 100 lobs and you will get 20 - 25k from that then sell your 100 coal then you will get 15k from it after that you sell your 100 yews and then you will get 38k so altogether you will have about 113k by the way if this work you can contact me and my name is deadmach5 im lvl 32 coz I got hack my lvl 81
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$$$ Get money easy $$$ 50%
Go to the place north - east of Lumbridge where the Cow milker lady milks cows. pick up all the Raw Meat until your inventory is full. Go to The Grand Exchange and sell them. keep going back and fourth to The Grand Exchange and back until you get bored of it!
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Runescape cheat 50%
Have your person a high enough lv to kill hill giants and go to the wildy and they drop up to 600gp
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Great way to make money! i do it all the time! 50%
Here you will need about 100k to start off with. ok go to the g.e. and buy as many cowhides as you can. remember to save at least the same amount of coins as you buy cowhides. (for instance save 100 coins if you buy 100 cowhides) go to al-kharid when your cowhides come in. go to Ellis the tanner and have him tan your cowhides into leather. (regular leather costs 1 coin) go to the grand exchange and then sell all of the leather. you will make a really good profit off of this. I do this all the time and now I am like super rich. hope this will help you out.
By: cheating101(31)
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The big money 50%
You have to be a member to do this

Go to tree gnome stronghold

Go there to the toads swamp.Then pick up the toads and pull off their legs.Be

careful not to eat the legs,the are expensive.Get over like 100 or more.Last,you need to go to the GrandExchange and sell it for the medium price and in 2 days you will get rich.
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Free kzhard armor! (skull armor) 50%
Go to the battle feild west of castle wars then keep hedin north east then find a lady. talk to her and ask if you can help. then ull start some quest then keep movin tword tht place an then ull fid an empty room (grey florring) and it looks lika a sideways P. go in and look fr chest open chest and ther you go!
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How 2 get rare stuff 50%
Kill ice giant and white knights on halloween 2 get haloween mask kill same than on christmas 2 get santa hats also on easter kill same monsters and get bunny ears now go try em soon I hope.
By: Hunter1234(167)
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Kill powerfull monsters and get kool stuff 4 members 50%
Kill kalphite qweens and you can get dragon chains kill black demons and get half of dragon sqaure kill cockatrices and get same thang but you have 2 have a slayer now try it
By: Hunter1234(167)
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How to get 12,750 smithing xp ( free and mem ) 50%
All you have to do is complete The Knights Sword quest, and the Squire will give you 12,750 smith xp!
By: Saltpot(1120)
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Easy runescape£$£ 50%
All you need to do is go to the hill giants in varrok and get the bones btw there lvl 28 not 36
By: pwnmining99(4)
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Quick and easy money 50%
If you have any fletching level high or low and you a member cut some logs and fletch them into arrow shafts and either make them into arrows if you're a high enough level or you can just sell them in grand exchange cause it took me five minutes to fletch a thousand arrow shafts and sold them in g.e for 5k. so in just an hour you would make 70k even more if you make them into arrows
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No fighting for money 50%
Go to karamja if you have harpoon and high enough fishing lvl then go through th bannana forest fish a hole inventory of swordies then go and sell them to the shop
By: hookup7(11)
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How to make easy money in runescape.(non-members) 50%
First you need to have 412 crafting and 45 mining or 40 mining I am not sure any-way.And go to crafting guide and you could see gold ores.Mind those gold ores and you will get rich.Each gold ores coast 450gp or something anyway just mind gold ores and you will get rich.

Thanks for watching
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100 gp ea (be super careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 50%
Go to clan wars then head 2 the red dragon isle. on your way there will be lvl 48 chaos drawrves. they drop like... 100 gp ea. kill 10 then you got 1k! a good idea is to be lvl 50 or higher
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Money,money,money! 50%
Take cowhide dropped from the cows you killed by the border of al kairid to the grand exchange for full profit of 202 coins and a full inventitory of a full profit of 5656 coins hop this made you rich! cheat ace
By: Cheat Ace(16)
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Blurite sword for free! 50%
Well do the the knights sword quest until you get to the part when you have to mine instead of geting 2 iron bars and 1 blurite ore get 4 iron bars and 2 blurite ores nd go to the imcando dwarf and drop 2 iron bars 1 blurite ore quickly and get 1 blurite sword then pick the rest up and get onother blurite sword and go to the squire in falador castle and drop 1 blurite sword and talk to him and the quest is complete and pick up your blurite sword and enjoy but uv got to be quick doing this because dropped items vanish quickly.(i dont know if this works properly its luck really!:))writen by MASTER777.
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Runescape easy money 50%
Get your character's mining level up to level 38 by mining iron, etc. Then, go to the Barbarian Village and mine coal from the rocks, which you can sell for 100 to 300 GP per piece. You will also occasionally find a gem (from least valuable to most, sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond) which can be sold for good prices.
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Get combat and prayer level up and make money at same time 50%
If you want to make some money and get your combat level up got to lumbridge and cross the fist bridge on your right when you come out of lumbridge castles gardin cross that bridge and you'll see a house go into it and there should be alot of goblins kill the goblins(Better when no one els is in there so theres more for you to kill) and get your defence strength or attack up. Then after you kill them pick up there bones and bury them to get your prayer up and pick up the coins and wat ever els they drop if you pick up coins put them in your bank but if you pick up a sword or shile sell them and try to get more money.
By: cgjb(7)
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Varrock corn dog easter egg 50%
In the varrock smithing place where the platebody seller is, (i forgot, this is on wrld 60, hd fullscreen) theres blueprins of a sword on the wall. in wrld 60, its actully blueprints of a corn dog!
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Get a brass key from the grand exchange or get one cheap off me for 1k (conor4100) then go down to a house between barbarbain village and grand exchange. Go down the ladder and you should found hill giants lv 28 go behind the rocks (if you go behind the rocks the hill giants can't hit so to do this you can be 1-99 in rangeing just bring arrows) when you kill a hill giant they drop big bones and something else what is worth a bit
By: conor4100(832)
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Free air and mind runes 50%
You can get free air and mind runes from the magic tutor next to lumbridge store,but she only gives you 30 of each every half hour
By: deondray(108)
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4k every 10 mins-20 mins! 50%
Well first of all you need 20 mining and 20 smithing. If you have that, got to the south entrance of varrock go west to the mining area U NEED A PICKAXE! mine some silver and go smelt it in varrock and then go to the grand exchange and sell it for 4k! written by MASTER777.
By: Master777(134)
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Places2 train that r awsome 50%
If yuve done the horror from the deep quest you can go back were the daggonnoths are and train on them ther lvl 74 and 92 kill tortoises ther good if you want 2 train range try hillys (hill giants) or rock crabs
By: Hunter1234(167)
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Fast and FREE magic xp. 50%
Go to varrock' s east entrance (the one on this side ->) and head straight north into the wilderness. Wonder around slightly to the left after a while and you'll find the fist of guthix cave, which is a red blob on the mini map. Go inside and if you haven't been here before go talk to the giant earwig thing. Then go through the hole beside the earwig to enter the game. You get given FREE runes (and quite a lot of them) but they are fist of guthix ones so they are taken away from you when the game is over. If you get put against a higher level than you dont worry this is better as you will have to cast more spells to defeat them and get more xp. This way I went up from magic level 5 to 10 in 1 round, it doesnt matter if you lose unless you want fist of guthix tokens to use in the shop. Sometimes there are not enough players for a game, if this is the case go onto the world select and find the one where it says "fist of guthix" next to it. This always has enough players so this is the best world to use (it is either world 25 or 75 I cant remember). And if you do die in here it is completely safe as none of the items you afre wearing or you have in your inventory that are yours will be lost.
By: Tizermankan(130)
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Easy level up! 50%
Go inside the dungeon of security in barbarian village and keep going down the ladders and go tell you reach your lvl enemy's. This is the fastest way to lvl up if your not a member and you've done all the quests! no one goes in the dungeon so it should be easy to get many kills I did this with 55 attack and in 5 days it got to 60!
By: blargendefed(58)
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Easy money!!!! 50%
First, you have to have 400k then you buy as many cowhides as possible with that 400k then go to al karid bank and bank em then with draw the rest of your money then go to the tanner just a few steps north of the bank tan them into hard leather for 91 coins per 27 cowhides then do that until you have swaped all your cowhides into hard leather then go G.E and sell!
By: Master777(134)
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Deformed terky glitch 50%
Lite fire but b4it catches flame click on terky emote itlooks awsome!
By: Hunter1234(167)
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Increase range or magic fast!!!!!!!!!!! 50%
Ok you need runes(air and mind) or arows(alot if your magic or range is 1)so bring alot(you can get some air and mind runes or arows from the tuters in lumbrige by the general store)when you get some go to the wizards tower(south of lumbrige)follow the sea until you reach a brige cross it then go to the top floor were the leeser demon is locked up and start attacking it(dount wory it cant hurt you)NOTE:you cant get back your missed arows so bring alot.
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Free arrows 50%
You can get free traning arrows from the range combat tutor next to lumbridge general store
By: deondray(108)
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LOTS O GP$$$$$ 50%
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Money 4 nonmems 50%
Multiple ways 2 get money on non mem but it takes a wile get er wc (wood cutting) 2 were you cut yew trees full enventory 11k .cookin cook lobs and sell. mine clay ans sell mine and sell ores most likley mithril ,coal ,runite, and ,admanite buy 4 llow price sell 4 high.that try em out non mems.
By: Hunter1234(167)
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Earn fast cash 50%
Get mining lvl to lvl 61 then mine the rock bank then you need paicetse
then sell at ge :).
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How to make 100k in 1hour 50%
Easy and makes more even 500k!First go to your bank you hav to hav 10k or 5k to do this go to your bank take all your money out go to the grand exchange you need 5 crafting too.go to grand exchange see if a gold bar is worth less than a gold ring.If it is buy as many as you can.go to lum pay 10coins go trough the gate and take all your gold bars out of your bank and smith them in the smithing machine and you need a ring mould to do this when all the rings are done go the grand exchange.sell the rings for more than the gold bars wore worth.And if you spent 10k on bars you will get 30k and if you spent 30k you will get 70k and if you spent 70k you get 200k!
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Free iron arrows 50%
For free iron arrows go to stornghold of security and kill minotaurs
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Make money high levels $$$$ 50%
If yr mem a wa to make money is fungi from natures spirit quest. (members)
another way isto get 60 woodcutting and cut yews they sell like 400-480 ea.
fsh lobbies and put em in your bank then sell at ge raw
do falador mole (its combat 240 and it runs alot) it drops stuff worth 5k ea and sometimes100 yews that sell for 40k. (members)
mine adamant or mithril ore they sell in ge for 500gp-1000gp.
kill cockroaches at player safty they drop rune scimitars (31k) and rune squares (22k)

i hope this helps =)
By: morrison477(43)
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A nice way for runescape $$$$$ cash 50%
FIRST get your fishing until 40 or more get a lob pot and if your member it will be easyer go to catherby with a lobster pot fish lobsters theres a bank there so its easyer 400lobs 125k and they fish quickly n get your fish quick so fish lobs! :))) if your not member go to karamja and fish there DO NOT COOK THEM IT WILL BE 30 GP LESS for ea if U cooK SO fish lOBS :)))
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Noobie money 50%
To get money coins you can kill goblins at level 2 for money
By: deondray(108)
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Money makin way 50%
This iz a member hint: if you want 2 make a quick buck do toads ther 10k a eventory
By: Hunter1234(167)
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Easy money 50%
First you go to a magic store. Then teleport the magic guy. mine some blank runes. if you get 300 you get around 20k
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Easy money for little money (mem only) 50%
First get about 40K, chop down the oaks by the west exit of varock, bring them to the sawmill, cut them,and you get easy money
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Money for a Piece of Grass (members only) 50%
You should be any lvl level higher than 25 to get rich off herbs. First off, you need to get a weapon, armour and get yourself to barbarian village, Next you need to go down into the cave of security then(if you have already done the thing for litaria) teleport down to the second floor in the portal and then go to the place were you claim your prize on the scond floor. Once you've done that walk south-east to that door you come up to go through it and keep going down south til' you come to lvl 53 zombies just run around them and you will come to another set of doors, go through them and kill the flesh eaters (lvl 35) and they should drop herbs. Ranarrs are the best type and they sell for 6k at ge each, kwarmes sell for 3k each, and all the rest sell for about 300gp-1200gp.

thanks for reading this!
hope it helps! P.S.: You may want to bring a
a ring of wealth so the monsters
drop better items. P.P.S: The ring is a members
item also.
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A another method 4 money!!! 50%
Thid is if you have finished fremnik trials (a member quest) go 2 bovald and click travel 2 to waterbirth island now find all the snapegrass on the ground till evenntories full now travel back 2 rellaka the go 2 the north youll see a man and click travel 2 jatizo use bank there and go back2 waterbirth over again 2 get money 200k per hour
By: Hunter1234(167)
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#9 50%
Alright are you sick of taking a long time to get money...

Non Member- alright if you r a non member the easyiest way to get money would probly be too mine and smith steel bars 500 -600ea, getting feathers and selling for 10-20 gp ea, selling cowhides 100-150ea.

Members- I got a lot of money off of getting bow strings, all you have to do is to pick flax and spin it in to bow strings and sell for 180ea.
By: Cheatmaster22(443)
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Free magic or range exp 50%
Go to the magic tower and go upstairs where the lv83 demon stuck in a cage and can't hit you is. But if you are ranger you can't get your arrows back. if you are a mager (like me) the avdentage is yours because you can get the items from the demon with telepinc lv33
By: conor4100(832)
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Free runes (good ones) 50%
Go to the dark worriros fortress and look on your mini map then you will see lots of red dots they are runes and you will see some yellow dots they are the dark worriors (lv 8)
u pick you 5 at a time but don't stay there to long or this gost will come and kill you and he
is lv 70 or higher and you will lose all the runes! but u'll get about 6k for 20 cayos runes!
get 100 cayos runs and u'll have over 12k ! happy money makeing!
By: cheatlord567(81)
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Mage or range training 50%
A good way to train mage or range is by going to the wizards tower in draynor. when you get there go to the top floor and start to attack the lesser demon that is all caged up with mage or range.
By: amthecoolone(5)
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Easy/Quick Money and Mining+Smithing exp 50%
Go to Falador and make sure you have lvl 15 mining and 15 smithing. Grab a pickaxe and a hammer. Don't forget that there is the King Scorpion so equip your sword just in case. The King Scorpion is lvl 32. Go up to the where the iron ore is and mine it until your inventory is filled. Then go smelt them and after that go back to the Dwarf mines and find the 2 anvils there and then smith a bit. Once you're done smithing, mine some more. Go back to Falador to sell your smithed stuff. Then smelt the ore and repeat the process again and again and again until you think you have donbe enough. If you work for at least an hour, you get a good profit for about 10k-20k or more depending on your smithing. (Hint- You can do the same with coal and iron, mithril, adamite, runite ore.)

Happy mining/smithing!
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Great Money Making Scheme 50%
Ok, here is a great way to not only double, but triple your money on runescape. I admit that itmay take a while, but what maney scheme doesn't? Allright, so got to the Grand Exchange, with 14 vases from the general store, cheapest item. Buy as much clay as you possibly can, fill your jugs with water, convert the clay to soft clay, repeate. Once all clay is wet, sell for a profit of 78 or over per clay. 5k will get you 15k, I tried it my self.
By: Theguy(97)
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#8 50%
Easy 30k +++
Ok here the deal, you must be able to mine coal.
Go to the Falador Mines Located at the NE side of the kingdom and go to the coal ore section SW
of the enterance, mine coal until you are full, then leave the mines to deposit the coal in the Falavador east bank repeat to the process until you have 200 or more coal in the bank and withdraw at a note. then sell to coal at around 150-250gp each. Selling the coal at the Falador east bank is preferred (I never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a customer). And there you have it!--- You can always mine more coal to sell anyways, but that just how I do it. And!- A rune pick is preffered once you reach level 41 mining, which are usally sold at around 30-45k. (If you find it hard to get your hands on the coal becuase the area is most of the time crowded, go to a crowded world! people go to these worlds mostly for commerce and trade so there will be more coal to go around most of the time). Also if you have a low level in mining, I suggest that you go to the Al-Kharid Mining site (located just east of Lumbridge and SE from Varrock) And power mine iron ore!---Resulting in more coal count in less time. Another thing is that once you reach level 60 mining you will be able to use the Falador Mining Guild (just south of the Falador east bank), but you can go in there at level 59 mining how?--- simple all you have to is buy a miners stout at the bar just across the street of the Falador west bank, and the drink will momentarily level up once, which will result in admission to the guild. Inside the guild are hardily any people and tons of coal to go around and three mithril ore stones which can be minable and sold for the price of 300-500gp each.- A great way to get rich also. --- MINING IS THE BEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY FOR FREEPLAYERS!---
By: Cheatmaster22(443)
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#5 50%
(Members only)Get an Anti-Dragon Shield from the Duke in Lumbridge Castle. Go to Varrock go to the Green Drags in Wildy near the hunting place where you catch lizards and if your a high level fight them but if your a low level wait on the side for stuff on the ground then run in and grab it.

They drop:
Rune Daggers
Nature Talismans
Mithril axes
100-300gp per drag
Dragon Bones
Chaos Talismans
And lots more stuff

It works but don't bring anything in the wildy except the shield. Good luck
By: Cheatmaster22(443)
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Good wc place 50%
If you want 2 train xp on wc thers a wc spot full of willows by thergos place during knkighrts sword ques if you dont know were go 2 mudskippers point
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Easy money 50%
Im bubba 1012 and I make money by woodcuting,mining,and smithing I know you all want to know how its by smithing spears and hast,dart and cannon balls I made 2mil from doing this in a day so work work work to about lv60 in ever skill I put up and ull get money like crazy
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Members aewesome rewrds 50%
This iz a members hint: do mountains daughter and you can get a bear mask
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Easy money 50%
If you want money without getting hurt go to G.E (grand exchange)then pick up ashes that people leave from their fires and sell them for about 1g-4g(at the G.E)or if you don't care about losing health kill goblins and take goblin mail.If you're level 3-10 you may want to try killing men and women because they can drop chaos runes which sell for 90g--150g at the general store but a lot more at the grand exchange.10--15 should probably try killing the lvl 9 al-kharid guards because they drop coins.any body over lvl 15 should not need help getting money so Go AWAY IF YOUR OVER LVL 20 :-P
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#2 50%
***Very easy money and fast***
Members- Kill blue dragons. they drop hides and bones. I burry the bones and keep the hides but if you want more money faster keep the bones too.
Hides sell for about 2k
Bones sell for about 1.5k
Note: Prices will change over time.
**Note blue dragons drop lvl 3 clues so keep a eye out for them.**

I am lvl 61 range and kill them in like 1 minute so it is very easy with range but mage works good too. If you plan on using combat use anti fire sheild and bring some lobbies.

Non members- Go to lesser demons and kill them. Make sure you have food. I choose to use a rune b axe or any rune weapon aginst these.They have a low defense lvl and drop rune meds and lots of fire runes. They also drop mith chains and sqs.

For any more tips add me on rs2 and ill be glad to help.

I have tips that can make you millions in days if you are high enough magic and crafting lvls, But if you want to know my favorite one it will cost you because I can make 1 mill a hour easy, I have made 1.7 mil in 1 hour.
By: Cheatmaster22(443)
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#4 50%
An easy way to get money if you are a member is to pick flax and turn them into bow strings. bowstrings can sell for 150gp each.that means that if you sell 1000 bow strings, you get 150,000gp!and if you want to sell another 1,000 bow strings, you can make another 150k which is 300,000gp.
By: Cheatmaster22(443)
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Turkeyemote 50%
Kill terkystill you get cornupia andu will get emote
By: Hunter1234(167)
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