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James Bond 007: NightFire Cheats for PC
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James Bond 007: NightFire PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer by: Anonymous Dec 2,2002

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James Bond 007: NightFire

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Code - Result 95%
god - God Mode
noclip - No Clipping
notarget - Invisibility
fly - Fly Mode
map X - Change to Level X
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*** Some of these codes may cause problems in the game. Restart the game if this happens. 95%
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Cheat mode (demo version) 93%
*** This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "autoexec.cfg" file in the "ea gamesnightfire demobond" folder. Add the following lines at the end of the file:

sv_cheats 1
console 1

Begin game play, then press ~ to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the listed cheat function.
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Map names (demo version) 92%
Use one of the following entries with the map code.
map m3_japan01
map m3_japan02
map m3_japan03
map m3_japan04
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Cheat Mode 91%
To activate the cheat mode, create a file called autoexec.cfg in the "C:Program FilesEA GamesNightfireBond" directory. Use notepad or a similar editor and add the lines as noted below and then save the file.
sv_cheats 1
console 1

Now, when you are in the game, press the "`" (tilde) key and the console will drop down. Enter any of the codes below followed by "Enter" to enable the following cheats:
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Effect - Code 91%
God mode - god
No clipping mode - noclip
Invisibility - notarget
Flight mode - fly
Level select - map
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James Bond SPIKEY hair 17%
For James Bond to have SPIKEY hair type SPIKEY
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James Bond 007: NightFire 824759When I go in exit door in 4 level an error is stop my game Answers: 0
James Bond 007: NightFire 851361I still dont get it how to take photos of the girls,i have read answers to that in other sites too but they doesnt help I just dont get it? I have the camera (screen comes green) and then I press my mouse left side bottom when im taking picture of all girls and then I go to waitress and press F ... but what is that orange thing up above the screen? Answers: 1
James Bond 007: NightFire 963283How can I complete level 4 after destroying servers in server room? Answers: 0
James Bond 007: NightFire 964810What do you mean by clasps on vents in hints of mission 5? Answers: 0
James Bond 007: NightFire 989257I dnt knw wat nxt to do after I resque d girl. @ d tower up. I killed all guards bt still, unable to move to d next level. I cnt unlock walldrobe where d guys document is Answers: 0
James Bond 007: NightFire 995776How to click the photos of women by q gadget in the party, level 1 please give complete discription Answers: 0
James Bond 007: NightFire 1000507How i get the codekey from bedroom in mission 3 Answers: 0
James Bond 007: NightFire 999385How to eliminate yakuza assassin? Answers: 0
James Bond 007: NightFire 11162I am remiming 4 level but every securty is stand the alarm side , so where i come the next gate Answers: 1
James Bond 007: NightFire 409708How to escape from the tower lift in level 4? Answers: 0
James Bond 007: NightFire 11159I need alarm is stop Answers: 0
James Bond 007: NightFire 102519I can't activate cheat codes in james bond 007 night fire installed on D drive of my pc. Answers: 1
James Bond 007: NightFire 97895I can't get in the astronaut training facility Answers: 1
James Bond 007: NightFire 100164Some of the codes like god do not work! Answers: 1
James Bond 007: NightFire 215433I have problems finding the b'edroom with the code key in mission 3 Answers: 4
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