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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Cheats for PC
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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 PC Cheats

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Trainer by: Anonymous Nov 9,2002

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Hint 98%
When racing in the Mercedes-benz CLK-GTR try and redline the engine and then change gears
this means better acceleration and more chance of getting to top speed on costal parklands.
alsow on costal parklands(backwards)the roadblicks and spike stip is located just after the
start finish line, near the lighthouse, near the hairpin,near the gas station,on the short-
cut near the gas station and last of all near the s curves.
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Hint 98%
When using manual wait until the rev limiter goes to its maximum revs
before changing it. This will give u extra acceleration.
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Cheat Code 93%
This is a mad score cheat for getting a ton of air points that add up to credits to
unlock vehicles.
1. Go into world racing.
2. The challenge mode.
3. One player.
4. Setup no damage, no traffic
5. Race the desert heat circuit track. Or the rocky canyon point to
point if unlocked.

At the abandoned gas station with the bill board jump, 1st clear the cactus and
the 2 barrels on the left side directly behind the gas station. Then take your car
over the ramp and proceed in a circle back around the hill you just jumped towards
the gas station. Make the corner as if to nail the same jump, but instead of turning
for the ramp go straight ahead at full throttle to the left or right of the two
trees. At the right speed and angle you should be able to launch the car towards the
canyon wall and stick the car there on its rear bumper racking up air points for the
entire time on its bumper till the wheels fall. We had our car stuck for 5min till
it fell back down and we got 300,000 score and credits for it.
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Haha 100%
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Haha 100%
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Get unlimit no2 75%
Press x o and [] in the air and land on a cop then press all those bottons again  
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Haha 67%
* m_NumAvailableCars=3
* m_Availablecarlist[0]=ellise
* m_Availablecarlist[1]=speedstr
* m_Availablecarlist[2]=vx220

* m_NumAvailableCars=6
* m_Availablecarlist[0]=ellise
* m_Availablecarlist[1]=speedstr
* m_Availablecarlist[2]=vx220
* m_Availablecarlist[3]=mllm
* m_Availablecarlist[4]=clkgtr
* m_Availablecarlist[5]=f50
+ghost - player car is invisible to opponent
+opentree - locked events can be played
+nofrustration - disable confirmation
+nomovie - disable movie demos
+nomusic - no music
+nosnd - no sound
+noreverb - no reverberation
+nofrontend - no HUD
+nomipmap - disables mipmapping
+noparticles - disables particle effects
+minfront - enable main menu
+helicoptorsonly - cops only use choppers
+screenshots - screenshots enabled
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Unlimited nitro 67%
Unlimited nitro
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NFS 62%
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No matter in what type of race you r attempting...
If you have the option to choose cars,then always choose the low ride exotic type cars. . .
as ramming vehicles is not so important in racing,but the speed and acceleration matters a much...
try avoiding muscle type cars while playing as a racer...:-)
But while playing as a cop,just do the opposite...:-)
By: veuz(164)
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Unlock all cars 36%
Finish career
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