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Turok Evolution Cheats for PS2
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Turok Evolution PS2 Cheats

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Turok Evolution

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Unlock All Levels 100%
To unlock all levels, go to the Cheats menu at the Title Screen and enter the code "sellout". Then turn on the Cheat at that menu to activate it.
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Silly Sleg's 100%
This is a way to make the Sleg's silly.Sleg's are the scaly reptillian enemie's that try to kill you.If you go to the main menu and select cheat's, enter in the cheat SLLEWGH.It has to be entered exactly the way it is spelt.You will be invisible from living enemie's.When you are invisible the enemie's do thing's like walk into wall's.They also walk into you.Warning:Do not stand in front of a cliff edge because they will push you off the edge.Have fun!
By: Dinogirl3000(1085)
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Less Enemies! 100%
There may seem to be a lot of enemies in Turok Evolution on Playstation Two, but really, if you have Turok Evolution on Xbox and PS2, then you will realise that there are less enemies on the PS2 version of Turok Evolution!
By: Dinogirl3000(1085)
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Safe Place From Tyrannosaurus Rex. 100%
On Chapter 3, on the second level, there is a large Tyrannosaurus Rex eating a dead dinosaur. Run behind the dead dinosaur and the Tyrannosaurus Rex cannot get you! You can still kill the Tyrannosaurus Rex when you are behind the dead dinosaur!
By: Dinogirl3000(1085)
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Secret Target Practise! 100%
If you go on the Main Menu, then click on Cheats, enter HUNTER as a code. You will be automically taken back to the Main Screen and a target will show up on the screen. This allows you to shoot all of the animals and tress and everything in the background!
By: Dinogirl3000(1085)
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Walkthrough To Turok Evolution Level 1 100%
I am about to tell you how to beat level one, for begginers!

Turok Evolution Walkthrough - Level 1

When you start the level, you will be facing a pathway and you will see that you are holding your War Club. Behind you is a closed gate, so there's not much point in turning around. Walk forward and then turn right, bend down wack the small Compsognathus (mini raptors) where the mini raptors were, then walk up them, there is a small medkit there if you need it. Continue to follow the path untill you see a sleg. Sneak up behind him and shoot him with an arrow, then collect the arrow and go to the rock infront of you. The sleg will also give you a small medkit when you kill him. Use your arrow and shoot the sleg on top of the cliff. Then pan the camera right and shoot the babboon on top of the cliff. Walk toward where you killed the babboon and go to the back of the cliff. Where you should see a large medkit, jump up and follow the path, avoiding the small gap. You should eventually come to a jump, but continue on the path and and at the top you will see a pistol, get it. Go back to the jump and jump across, grab the key and run to the door! You have completed level 1 of your adventure!
By: Dinogirl3000(1085)
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The Locations Of The Three Keys On The First Level Of Chapter Six. 100%
When you start this level there will be a target that you must find the three keys to progress on. The keys are found:
. The first key out of the three is located above a high clifftop. Shoot the tiny Compsognathus, (Little dinosaurs), by the edge and look down. You will see a drop onto a platform. Carefully drop down onto the platform and turn around. You will see an entrance in the cliff wall. Walk in and climb up the ladder you see, then keep going forwards when you are at the top.
. The second key is located on a ledge where a log is balancing. Shoot the Raptor, (Bigger dinosaur), that come by and get the key at the end of the ledge.
. The third key is located inside a log at the end of the level. Bend down and crawl through the log. When you have crawled through the log, you will be in a room. You will see the key, but there are mini Compsognathus (Littled dinosaurs), kill them and get the last key.

When you have gathered up all three of the keys, go to the gate and progress to the next part.
By: Dinogirl3000(1085)
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Unlimited Ammo 98%
To get unlimited ammo, go to the Cheats menu at the Title Screen and enter the code "madman". Then turn on the Cheat at that menu to activate it.
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Invincibility 98%
To turn on Invincibility, go to the Cheats menu at the Title Screen and enter the code "emerpus". Then turn on the Cheat at that menu to activate it.
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Unlock Everything 98%
To unlock everything, go to the Cheats menu at the Title Screen and enter the code "FMNFB".
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Unlock All Weapons 98%
To unlock all weapons, go to the Cheats menu at the Title Screen and enter the code "texas". Then turn on the Cheat at that menu to activate it.
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Invisibility 98%
To turn on Invisibility, go to the Cheats menu at the Title Screen and enter the code "sllewgh". Then turn on the Cheat at that menu to activate it.
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Secret level 78%
Type in zoo and you will go to a secret level

by jeffrey
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The Best Weapons To Use. 75%
The Rocket Launcher and the Fletchet Gun (Machine Gun) are the best weapons to use in the game.
By: Dinogirl3000(1085)
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How To Be A Dinosaur On Multiplayer. 71%
When you go on Multiplayer, (You need two Playstation Two controllers), and you select a place, you will be taken to a character selection. Go right to the end of the character selection and you will see two dinosaurs! One is called Anep and one is called Malk.
By: Dinogirl3000(1085)
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Turok Evolution Glitches 67%
Now, I've been playing Turok Evolution for a long time on both the PS2 and the Xbox, and during that time I've discovered many fun and interesting glitches!

. Taming the Compsognathuses

To tame the Compsognathuses, click on Multiplayer, select a character that isn't a dinosaur, and select the map Oasis. Here, there are four small dinosaurs. To tame them, throw a Dark Matter Cube at them. Your friend can also help by firing rockets at them when you throw the cubes. Use the first function of the cube and not the second. It works best if you throw a cube to get them down, your friend fires at them with a rocket, then you throw another cube just before they get back up. It may take a few goes, but if you're successful, they'll just stand still and look around without harming you, and you can even push them around! Sometimes they're transparent after you tame them, making them look like ghosts!

NOTE: You can also do this with the Invisibility cheat on, as they automatically leave you alone, but then it doesn't count as a glitch.

. Climbing Walls

Find a slightly slanted wall on a Multiplayer map (Tears of Horatio is best because it's surrounded by cliffs), select a character (human, sleg or dinosaur), and walk up the wall whilst looking upwards. I can't remember if raptors can climb forwards or if they can only climb with their tail in the wall, so you'll have to try it out. If your friend looks at you whilst you're climbing, they'll see you flailing your arms around madly! Be careful that there isn't a drop at the top.

NOTE: On Tears of Horatio, go to the wall on the right of the cave and climb up (make sure it's the cave that's nearest to the water near the ship that's sticking out of the ground) to the very top, move sideways and go down when you're on the top of the cave.

. Flying Raptors

Go on Multiplayer, select Palace of Lamia, and select a raptor (Anep or Malk). Go underwater, press L2 twice, then hold X. It may not always work, but your raptor should begin flying! It walks in the air! You can keep on going up forever! Push down on the left toggle to go down.

I hope these work for you!

~ Dinogirl3000
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HeadXplode! 29%
Shoot an arrow on a lizzards cranium with a poison acomplish with one shot,charge up a shotgunshell all the way.
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