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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Cheats for Xbox
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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Cheats

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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

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Hint - X-ray Vision 100%
. You need a see-through visor and a few minutes to kill at the pool. Only some swimsuits fall under this glitch; some do not.
At the pool, let your girl lay on the chair until the menu goes away. Now move the camera so that you're looking at the girl's body through the visor (the camera is at the girl's head).
You should notice that the swimsuit (depending on the swimsuit) is not visible through the visor, but the girls skin is. An there are nice little stars covering the naughty bits.
I've tried this with Christie, Hitomi, Lisa and Leifang wearing the Emu. I tried with other swimsuits and it works only with some suits and not others. Try with Tina wearing the Gimlet.
You can try it with the Venus, but it only makes the string vanish. Leaving the jewels held in place by will power. Enjoy!
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Unlock Swimsuits For Exhibition 100%
To have more swimsuit choices in Exhibition Mode, buy or acquire suits in the Zack's Island game. Whatever you gain in that game will be available for the Exhibition beach.
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Start With More Items 100%
To begin with a ton of items, give a bunch of gifts to a specific lady. Then finish the current game and start a new one (with your old save) and play as the woman you gave gifts to. Whatever she keeps will be in her Item inventory when you begin a game with her.
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Skip to Ending 100%
Once you've finished the game once, you will be able to skip to the end of the 2 weeks with any girl. Go to the Hotel or Poolside menu and select "Leave Tomorrow" to end the game after that night.
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Ditch Rodman 100%
To get rid of Rodman's voice, go to the Options menu and change Zack's voice to Japanese.
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Camera Lock 100%
To lock the camera moved with the left thumb stick, click it in the position you want to lock it in. To lock the camera moved with the right thumb stick, click it in the position you want to lock it in. To lock the zoom, zoom and then press x. To unlock any of these, just press the button you used to lock it. Courtesy of IGN's Boards
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Unlock New Songs 100%
Complete one vacation and you will unlock 2 new songs, available at the Radio Station: "How Crazy Are You" by Meja and "Is This Love" by Bob Marley.
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Survival Mode Clues 100%
The last clue in the manual that hints at a link to DOA3 refers to the items you get from attacking downed opponents. In DOA3's Survival Mode, when you successfully attack a prone opponent, the items that pop out are the ones that the character you are playing likes in DOAXVB.

Example: Christie attacks a prone opponent and a small red race car pops out. The clue is that Christie likes driving.

Example: Kasumi attacks a prone opponent and a strawberry millefuille pops out. The clue is that Kasumi likes that food item.

NOTE: This is the "link to Survival mode" implied by Tecmo/Team Ninja - not the 10,000 x number of wins hint (which is a fake board rumor).
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Nude Stars 98%
When you start look into the sun for a momemt and preas L2,R2,L1,R1,X,X,Tringle than the girls will be nacked with stars covering the nauty parts.
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Win big at ruelette 63%
First save about $1000000 or yen or... whatever and set your chips to 10 000 and play ruelette, the two colours closest to you are the red and black, if you put all your money on any of them that colour increases the chance of you winning by 50%.
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