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Halo 2 Cheats for Xbox
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Halo 2

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Using a destroyed machine gun 100%
You can use a destroyed machine gun; for example, in Zanzibar after you fire a rocket to one of the turrets on the left and right on the main base. Just go back to them and the screen will prompt you to hold X to operate. This can be useful during heated sessions.
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Outskirts: Blind mode 98%
When you begin the mission, your vision will get blurry. When it
returns to normal, you will see a blinking door. Enter it, then
stop. Look up to see a fluorescent light over the door you just
used, and another one on the opposite wall. Jump and duck at the
same time to get on one of thos lights. Do the same thing again to
get onto the ledge next to the lights. Look to the left on the ledge
and you should find a dark passage. Follow it to find some grenades,
a skull, and a camera at the end. Take the skull and your HUD will
disappear and the word "Blind" will be displayed. You will not be
able to see your weapon, body, shields, ammo, or HUD. You can use
the skull as a melee weapon, which does good damage to opponents.
However, using a grenade, firing a weapon, trying to drive, or using
a turret will drop the skull. However, you can be a passenger in a
Warthog and still keep it. To return to normal vision, save and quit
the game, select the Cairo Station mission in campaign mode, save
and quit the game, then return to the Outskirts level.
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Defeating Brutes 98%
Get a Plasma Sword from a dead Covenant Elite and get close enough to the Brute for the half-circle surrounding the crosshairs to turn red before attacking. You will lunge forward and get rid of half the enemy's life. Jump into the air immediately afterwards, and do this a 2nd time to kill him instantly. Both attacks combined cost only 10 ammo points, so this process can be done 10 times in succession, making it an effective way to crowd-clear Brute patrols near the end of the game. Make sure to jump in-between each strike so that the Brutes you are fighting cannot continue to ram you and drain your life.

On the last level when you are fighting the head Brute, wait for his shields to go off (when the blue gas-like thing around him shuts off). Now, shoot him in the head as many times as you can until it turns back on. Repeat this process until he is dead. Do not use an energy sword. It will not work, and he can kill you with one hit of his hammer.

On the final level, once you reach the door that leads to the final battle, a group of Brutes will come out. Instead of fighting them, use your invisibility gear and sneak through the door without having to fight. *** You must be fast or the door will lock.

When you are facing several Brutes together, such as in the Uprising level, use a weapon with good accuracy, such as the pistol. However, this may be difficult because it no longer has a scope on it. The Covenant Carbine is a good choice because it has great accuracy, a zoom, and a usable clip size. When using the carbine, aim for the skull plating they have on the top of their head. If you are a skilled shot, this should kill the Brute in about 4 to five shots. Have something like the energy sword as a backup in case there are too many and they charge.
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Defeating Floods 96%
Get a Plasma Sword from a dead Covenant Elite and get close enough to the Flood for the half-circle surrounding the crosshairs to turn red before attacking. You will lunge forward and kill the enemy instantly, sometimes killing 2 or even 3 if they are in close-enough proximity to the target. This attack only uses between 2 to five ammo points, so it can be repeated at least twenty times. *** Do not use this trick on either the small spider-like Flood or the large bulbous Flood, as the explosion that follows will damage your shields.

To kill the Flood, easily use the sword. It cuts right through the Flood in one shot, unlike any type of plasma gun.
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Piggyback ride on vehicle 96%
With almost any vehicle, you can get a piggyback if you are not
skilled at driving or need a fast ride when sum1 on your team is
already on a Ghost. This also works with the Scorpion, Banshee, and
the Warthog when you have sum1 in the gunner seat, when you are
all far enough away from the enemy.
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Glitch: Fall through floor 96%
On the 2nd level near where the Elites come out of the coffins, there is this support object coming out of the ground. When a Grunt is shooting you, jump on the floor support and you will fall through.
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Glitch: Extra ammunition with dual wield weapons 96%
Have 2 dual-wieldable weapons (for example, a Needler and an SMG), but do not have them out at the same time. The Needler would be the weapon that you want extra ammunition for. Have the SMG out and find another Needler to dual wield with it. Now, find yet another Needler and trade that with your SMG. You will now have 3 Needlers, and have 3 times the ammunition.
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Change splitscreen orientation 96%
To change the screen orientation in a cooperative game from horizontal to vertical, enter the Xbox console settings and change the video to widescreen. On a regular display, this will change the splitscreen from horizontal to vertical.
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Defeating the Scarab 96%
Instead of following the Marines, go staight across the bridge. You will find a sniper. Take it, then jump on the Scarab and shoot all the Elites and pilots.
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Stealing vehicles 96%
When playing a multi-player map with vehicles, you can steal vehicles such as the Wraith from your opponent. Approach the vehicle while holding X. *** This removes your opponent from the vehicle only; you must press X a 2nd time to board the vehicle.

To hijack a Wraith, you must get up close to it by 1st destroying the side guns. You will get a message to press X. Do so, and you will be hanging on the side of it. Now, tap B to punch the door in.
Next, press L and throw a grenade in. Jump off and go back in by
pressing X, and you will now be driving the Wraith.

Use the following trick to knock enemies out of vehicle safely.
*** This only works with a fast moving, non-flying vehicle. First,
stand by a wall or something that they can crash into. Try to get
the opponent to run you over, then jump out of the way after about a
2nd of contact. He should then crash into the wall. When he does,
go directly next to it and hold X. You should now be in the vehicle.
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Defeating Royal Guards 96%
To easily take down Royal Guards (red Elites with strange helms), attack them with the energy sword. Do not be afraid -- keep slashing. They will fall after about 3 hits. *** If it has a energy sword, you must get the 1st hit or it can kill you with one shot.
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Blood Gulch reference 96%
Go to multi-player mode and scroll to the Coagulation map. Read the description. It will describe "a bloody gulch".
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Defeating Prophets 96%
To kill Prophets, you must dodge there laser attacks and get up close until the message to hold X to board appears. Do so. Once onboard, tap B to attack them. Three hits should kill them. If not, repeat until it falls.
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Have the same primary and secondary weapon while not dual wielding 96%
This trick can only be applied to weapons that can be dual wielded. For this trick to work, you need 4 dual wielding weapons in one place. Two or 3 weapons of the total 4 weapons must be the same, but remember a minimum of 2 of same weapon is necessary in order to have same weapon for both primary and secondary slot. For example, have 2 needlers, an SMG and a plasma rifle. To get 2 needlers, carry one needler as your primary weapon then select anything else but the needler (such as the SMG gun) as your secondary weapon. *** You cannot select the same weapon as your secondary any way. Dual wield plasma rifle with the SMG then go to the needler that is on the ground, hold X, and substitute the 2nd needler with the SMG gun. Now, throw the plasma rifle away by pressing B. You are left with the Needler as both your primary and secondary weapon.
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Defeating Hunters 96%
Get a beam rifle (the Covenant sniper rifle) and fire it in the middle of their bodies where it is pink. This is more effective then pumping shell after shell into them. Because they have the new gun, getting close to them no longer works. There is another way to defeat them, but it is more costly. First, take your plasma grenades and throw about 2 or 3 of them on their pink skinny area. Now, get a shotgun (or the strongest gun you have) and pump the pink spot full of rounds until it is dead. Since they usually appear in pairs, this can waste a lot of ammunition and grenades.
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Lock on with rockets 96%
To lock on with rockets, target a person, vehicle, etc., then hold R until it says that it is locked. The red reticle will follow the item. Release R to fire.
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Defeating Elites 96%
When battling with Elites, do not hit them once with your weapon. Always hit them multiple times. If you hit them once, they will have a faster time and kill you with one hit or take down your shield.
Information in this section was contributed by Game_Freak15.
An easier way to kill Elites quickly is to double-wield the SMGs and aim for the head. Be careful, as the SMGs tend to send the reticle upward. Also, try meleeing him before using the double strategy.
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Flying sword 95%
Have the sword when an enemy is very close. You can jump and do it, or run and jump to them, then press B. This is a one hit kill for Flood, and a 2 hit kill for some Covenant and the shield Flood.
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Blood Gulch: Sniping location 95%
At the Red base, get a Banshee. Get on top and face toward the Blue
base. Turn right and go over. Follow the wall up and close to the
top. You can get out there and snipe from this location.
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Snipe from vehicle 95%
Piggyback on a Banshee. Before one member of your team gets into the Banshee, jump on top of the Banshee's pilot cover. When you get in, you can just stand on top of it. Only make turns with the Right
Analog-stick. They are slower and do not tilt the Banshee. More than one player can stay on top of the Banshee. This provides extra fun if you want to do aerial tricks with friends by jumping from Banshee to Banshee.
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2 on 2 on 2 on 2 on 2 on 2 on 2 on 2 94%
Make a new Slayer game, and set the active players to two. Leave
most selections at default, except turn off active camo and
overshield. Set the begining weapons to the battle rifle and the
shotgun. Turn off all vehicles except for 2 Warthogs, and turn off gun emplacements. Turn on teamplay, and turn off team switching. Set the betrayal penalty to 5 seconds. Play at Coagulation. This should allow you to have 8 teams of 2 people each, making for some really fun teamwork games. If it does not, play with the active players setting until it works.
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Unlimited ammunition or power 94%
This trick requires levels that have either Covenant or Marines following you. If you have a powerful weapon that has very limited power (for example, the energy sword, or Covenant sniper), or weapons that are very powerful (for example, Human sniper or rocket launcher) give them to the A.I. following you. As they use them, the weapons will never run out of power or ammunition. Also, they can use them very well.
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Zanzibar: Sword 94%
To get the sword in the middle (if it is on) go to the Ferris
wheel-type object in the middle. Line up with one of the blades. Let
it push you up the circle until it is parallel with the floor. Now,
run forward to the center of the circle. Jump down so that you can
see through the center of the "Ferris wheel". Wait until a gap
appears in the floor, then jump down and forward to the sword.
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Active camouflage 94%
When in campaign mode as alien, press White to turn on the active camouflage. *** It does not last long.
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Jump faster 94%
Keep pressing Jump to jump faster.
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At ease position 94%
While in a multi-player game, press D-pad Down. To other players, you will have your weapon lowered or down to your side. This may help if you are on your own turf and run into one of your friends right around the corner.
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Dual wielding recommendations 94%
when dual wielding, it is best to think about things before you just grab a needler and a plasma pistol, and have a pistol as your 3rd weapon. You should make it so you have a good backup weapon; when dual wielding, ammunition can go quite quickly. Have 2 plasma rifles (or your choice) and have something like a particle beam rifle, shotgun, Covenant carbine, or perhaps a rocket launcher so that you have something to fall back on. Some suggestions are as follows:
Needler x2
Plasma rifles x2
SMG x2
SMG and a plasma rifle
SMG and a plasma pistol
*** Having 2 plasma pistols is not a good choice because you cannot hold the 2 triggers down, or you will power them up. You must keep pulling, making this somewhat difficult.

When wielding 2 weapons at once, use only one at a time, and when that runs out of ammunition, use the other one while reloading. Do this to keep up a steady stream of fire.
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Banshee tricks 94%
When in a Banshee, press A and a direction on the Left Analog-stick.

When in a Banshee, hold A and press Left Analog-stick Down. The Banshee will do a backflip.

To do tricks in a Banshee, press Left or Right on the Left Analog-stick and hold A to do a barrel roll, or hold Down + A to do a loop.
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Foundation multi-player map 94%
Win the game in single player mode under the heroic difficulty setting.
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Howard Dean scream 94%
At some point in the game when you are playing as Master Chief, one of you allies will do the Howard Dean scream while they are attacking.
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Switch grenade types 94%
If you have picked up a frag grenade and a plasma grenade, press Black to change from one to another.
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Defeating Regret 94%
To easily defeat the prophet Regret, jump on his vehicle then hold X to board it. You can then press B to melee him to death.
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Defeating hijackers 93%
Use the following trick in multi-player mode with sum1 that is trying to steal your vehicle. When you definitely know that they are trying to board your vehicle, press X to hop out as they board. This will give you about 3 or 4 seconds to blast them before they can get a bead on you. This requires some skill, but works very well. It is possible to take out a Banshee, Ghost, and Warthog with one SMG by doing this.
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Glitch: Shoot into space 93%
Shoot the machine gun turret on level one in a phantom tube. Instead of ricocheting, they usually go into space.
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How to infiltrate the giant spider looking ship 100%
When the ship that looks like a spider
you have to follow an allie going into
a building when you get out there
will be 2 bridges 1 in front of the door
you came out and another ahead
there will be a rifle and ahead there
will be a rocket launcher get the
rocket launcher then go to the
second bridge next to a box
turn your back to the box right
before the spider ship is under you
then jump hopefully you will land on
the roof of the spider ship use
the rocket launcher to kill the aliens
outside if you survive go down a ladder
and kill the aliens inside the ship
wen your done I think you have to destroy
the ships control centerthen your done
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Flying high 89%
This cheat is how to go flying with no bansee or anything. first drive a scorpean tank at a wall till it flips over.then drive a second scorpean on top of the fliped over scorpean. now get out and get an over sheild. now jump on top of the 2nd scorpean it will say hold x to flip scorpean. hold x you go flying but it kills you if you dont have a over sheild. trust me you will go higher than the cliffs ov coagulation must do this on multieplayer
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Getting a Scarb Gun 83%
Alright this is very hard but you can get the most powerful weapon on the map first you scroll to the third mission as Master Cheif then you take your al. rocket and take the warthog sitting by you. (warthog is the best way to get it) next you keep riding all the way on the bridge until you get to the bottom when you hear Cortona say " that's quit a welcome party"next you go in reverse making sure the banshee is following you close by. Next you have to kill your guys that are in the other warthog or bye bye banshee then when the banshee gets stuck in a corner shot its wings off with the battle rifle then all you do is back up and it will fallow you the whole way. You can kill the guys that are in the next tunnel I do cause it is easier tryin to get it to follow you and you do not have people following you shooting at you. Alright this is the tricky part you have to get it to follow you all the way through the red tunnel and into the little one that takes you to the next part BUT do not go all the way because once it starts to go into the tunnel board it before it says loading done cause you will only have a couple seconds before it disappears. Once you are in the banshee fly out of the tunnel and head towards the first bridge you see and once their you will see a gun above a pyramid and there is the scarab gun also IT NEVER RUNS OUT!
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Juggernaunt on single player 83%
This is a hard trick but its cool.All you have to do is go to the mission where you kill Reget,go on the first gondilla,and the first temple you go to,in the inside (first room) there is a giant cube,jump on it and you will see a ledge somewhere,go on it and you will see 2 plasma turrets,around the left-hand side there are heaps of ledges jump around them and you will see a skull hold x and you pick it up you can bash enemys.its hard 2 get back but possible have fun!
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Glitch: Cairo Station 80%
In the middle of the level Cairo Station, when you come to the part where the two elites with Jet-Packs open the door (when you first exit the ship), kill them, and proceed forward or backwards for two glitches. The first glitch: As you walk out, jump forward and proceed to a slanted pole in which you can jump on. Jump up onto it, take a left and walk upwards. You will come to a platform, and if you jump from there, you are free to explore a normal unaccesible part of the ship. The second glitch: As you jump out of the ship, turn around and on your left you should see another slanted pole. Jump onto it and jump over to the dark/faded part of the ship. If you make the jump, you are now free to explore yet another part of Cairo.
By: TheFinalBullet(279)
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Tip: Warthog or Scorpion? 80%
On the Single-Player/Co-op Campaign level Metropolis, you have a simple choice of either the powerful and generally indestructible Scorpion Tank, or the lightweight and manuverable armored Warthog. The choice may seem simple: The Scorpion. But as long as you take the Marines with you, the Warthog is a much better choice because you will finish the first half of the level in half the time. You will also be able to sneek past the Wraith on the bridge and the innumerable Ghosts guarding it.
By: TheFinalBullet(279)
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Use distroyed turret 75%
On every level campain and multiplayer where is and marines turret and brute shot
shoot 2 times on the turret and pres x jou now are using a distroyed turret/this works not
on the ailens turrets
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Skip to tautrus 75%
After the scarab shoots down the door in great journey fly to it and when you get to the door go to the bottom right corner of the building and a white screen should come up skipping past the brute battle and right to the tautrus battle. if that dosnt work then wen you go to the bottom right corner face up and you will see a big thick ring around the building fly between that and the builing and the white screen shud come up. if that still doesnt work then go shoot down some banshees and make the time go by.
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Killing the regret guy 75%
When trying 2 kill him dont shoot just kill all the crappy guys and elites then climb on his chair and beat the living crap out of him
By: the darkness101(9)
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Skip hunters in outskirts 75%
Ok all you have to do is when you enter the hallway kill the grunt and instead of going through the hall just jump on the lights near the first doorway then crouch jump on the room( it may take a couple of tries) then turn around and go to the right when you look down you should be looking at where you where jump across then grenade jump up the right wall. run and jump off the left side edge go up and to the right then jump off the edge you should be at the part where jonson gets picked up in a pelican
By: jackfrost82(10)
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Go down the elevator 75%
Jump in to the elevator and press down on the analog stick and you will go down the elevator instead of going up the elevator
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Easy kills with Battle Rifle 67%
No, this isn't pressing the B button and a swift gun beat to the back. This cheat is to kill facing them! Run up to the person or alien your going to kill, press the B button to hit them. Right after the B button is pressed down, quickly hit the trigger to fire the rifle. This should make it where the batte rifle hits them, and then automatically goes into fire w/o the having to put the gun back to your side sequence. Life for them will drop dramatically, allowing you to kill them easily and not use up much ammunition.
By: doomlover410(52)
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Sword cancel 67%
In order to sword cancel all you have 2 do is press the right trigger an x at the same time and it will cancel any damage to your opponent
By: jackfrost82(10)
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Suggested Weaponry (Single-Player Mode) 67%
Here is a list of the suggested weaponry (each of their own class) for the Single-Player/Co-op Campaign mode in Halo 2.

Armor Piercing:

Covenant Carbine
Battle Rifle

Dual Weld:

Plasma Rifle w/ Brute Plasma Rifle
Sub Machine Gun w/ Plasma Pistol


Sniper Rifle (more ammo and doesn't overheat)

Recommended Vehicles:

Ghost - Quick Manuverability Rapid-Fire Twin Plasma Cannons Unlimited Boost
Gauss Warthog - Speedy and easily manuverable powerful single-shot Gauss Cannon
By: TheFinalBullet(279)
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Tip: Extra Ghosts on Outskirts 67%
On the Single-Player/Co-op Campaign level Outskirts, you will eventually come to a tunnel swarming with Covenant reinforcements. Their are plenty of vehicles within including 2 friendly Warthogs (marine reinforcements) and an oversupply of Ghosts. If you choose the Ghost as your primary vehicle, and you need to switch from being damaged, there are over 20 ghosts planted in various locations in the tunnel in need of use. Some Ghosts may need to be hijacked to be used, however.
By: TheFinalBullet(279)
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Sniper on roof 67%
In the mission outskirts when the seargent goes into the ship keep walking till you get to killing all the buggers and alien snipers jump on the roof and keep jumping till you reach a hotel like room and go inside and you will find a sniper
By: manuel1491(35)
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Warth tank 67%
On the level after arbiter once you have the warthog go to the enemys bridge go to the door then go inside kill the cockroch then go to the commandroom you should see one of the councilers go infront of him you should see a blue diamond press x to extentd the bridge.once the bridge has extended go across on the ghost then jump on the warth tank then press b to hit it then a eleite should come out jump in there you are you got a warth tank.
p.s remember to kill the eliete. hope it works
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How to beat level 4 67%
When the pelican arrives, it will drop a tank. You can get across the bridge easiser in the tank
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Mysterios music. 64%
There some mystery music in halo and i'll tell you how to get it. push evrey rock that you see and listen.
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HINT: presher tank 63%
On the level headlong where the warthogs respan, the building next to it where the soda machines are and the shotgun is, go upstares and there are two round tall presher tanks, shoot the top of them where the little cap is and they will go flying aroud for about 10 seconds. ps. they will kill you if you get in the way! have fun!
By: moorefun(66)
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Dual wielding recommendations 63%
When dual wielding, it is best to think about things before you just grab a needler and a plasma pistol, and have a pistol as your third weapon. You should make it so you have a good backup weapon when dual wielding, ammunition can go quite quickly. Have two plasma rifles (or your choice) and have something like a particle beam rifle, shotgun, Covenant carbine, or perhaps a rocket launcher so that you have something to fall back on. Some suggestions are as follows:

Needler x2
Plasma rifles x2
SMG x2
SMG and a plasma rifle
SMG and a plasma pistol
Note: Having two plasma pistols is not a good choice because you cannot hold the two triggers down, or you will power them up. You must keep pulling, making this somewhat difficult. When wielding two weapons at once, use only one at a time, and when that runs out of ammunition, use the other one while reloading. Do this to keep up a steady stream of fire.

Dual needlers is probably the most underestimated weapon pairings available in the game, and probably the most powerful as well. Needlers have an incredibly fast rate of fire, are heat seeking, do initial damage then explosive damage, and you can pick up usually 80 to 160 ammo after each bout of gun fighting (in campaign mode). The only bad thing about needlers is the fact that they ricochet off shields and some body armors (for example, Hunters and the Elite Guard). They are not recommended for fighting shield wielding enemies, Hunters, Elite Guard, or Infected Flood (as they are extremely quick and will most likely do damage to you before the needler shots explode in them). In multi-player mode with friends, there should be nothing more feared then dual needlers.
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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How to fly in Halo 2 63%
Ok first you play split screen slayer make sure it is the sand dune deserty 1 then flip a tank one person stand on fliped tank and the other person stand whereever it says to flip it right side up then make sure person on tank is there and push x to flip the tank and by doing that your buddy/enimy is sent flying through the air to his death! jk(youle probable die though)oh and when you flip talk person on tank may not fling he may just get crushed by tank well there ya go your souring through the air wit your wind in your hair
By: MasterYoda(430)
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How To Get A Ship On A Level When Your Not Ment To 63%
On the level when you need to cross the bridge, at the and of the bridge there are ships flying over you and trying to shoot you. all you do is jump near the ship and click the button that gets you into the ship. chief will kick out the monster or whatever is in the ship and then you will be able to fly around the bridge.

P.S. you now can get up to the tall ovol at the top of the bridge :)
By: bigski(210)
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Friendly brute 63%
On the final level, board an enemy banshee. the brute that drops out will not shoot at you, go berserk, throw grenades, or melee you, but will grunt and roar. I named him Bimbo and taught him tricks.

p.s. if you board while on top of the scarab or on a cliff, the brute will die from the fall. so try to do it from a rock on the ground, the ground itself, or on one of the forerunner structures.
By: LordGame(536)
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Kill the guy on the last mossin 62%
You have to be on co-rop to do this go on the grond and Jonsin will be sniping go up to the brodt and hit him in the back will player 2 is destaratin him

mehheheheheh! he's died
By: bennettvododo(118)
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Using a destroyed machine gun 61%
You can use a destroyed machine gun for example, in Zanzibar after you fire a rocket to one of the turrets on the left and right on the main base. Just go back to them and the screen will prompt you to hold X to operate. This can be useful during heated sessions.
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Sign on Zanzibar 61%
On the beach on Zanzibar, you will see signs that say NO SWIMMING. Well, go to your xbox dashboard, go to the Settings, Clock, and change every number you can to 7 , then pop Halo 2 back into your xbox and load it up. WARNING: Do not sign into XBoxLive, it resets your clock. Now go to Split-Screen and start a game on Zanzibar. Go to the beach and look at the sign, it will mention something is missing, and there is a bloody dog's head.
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Why am I here? Message in Beaver Creek 61%
This easter egg is very simple. Go to beaver creek. Run to where the sniper rifle spawns. Jump up on to the ledge in front of you and push all of the rocks down. When you push the big rock down loook at the wall that was behind of it. If you look carefully, you should see "Why am I here?" Scratched in to the wall. (Note: if you can not see it then back away from the wall some and it should look much clearer.)
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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You people that all have halo2 here is a good cheat 60%
Go to split screen play by your self I dont care or with a person then go to zanzibar's location go to the part were there are two machine guns go get a sword or use any kind of grenade then use the X button on it so now you should holding on to it right okay then click X again break the machine gun then quickly hold X on it you will be holding nothing but shooting I hope this helped
By: hippiman27(96)
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Mysterious sign 60%
On the map Zanzibar, there is a sign at the beach.It says "no swimming". Now restart your X-Box. Go to your setting(don't start halo 2 yet) and go to time. Try and change as many digits to "7" as you can. Now start halo 2. Play Zanzibar, go to the beach and look at the sign.Instead of saying "no swimming", there is a different message- a very bloody message.
By: MatthewNg(116)
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The REAL way to do flying sword 60%
There are probably 2 ways you can do it. First you get out your energy sword, then you find an enemy and when your energy swords target or aimer thing turns red or is red you can press the attack button then quickly press the x button before you kill the target or enemy. The second way to do it is harder and is probably based on luck (and you have to NOT have the NEW MULTIPLAYER MAPS SAVED ON UR XBOX OR IT WONT WORK) you have to have a rocket launcher(or any gun that turns red with their aimer from a long distance) as your other gun (when you switch guns) and an energy sword on the other. Then find an enemy(i'd find a non moving one or when your playing story mode i'd choose a wraith) and have out your rocket launcher and aim at em while or until your aimers red and press the Y and the ATTACK buttons fast (probably at the same time) or just press them both fast until it works.((I used to do it then when I got the multiplayer map packs it couldn't work anymore.))
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Hint-[HALO2] 60%
On the multiplayer map with the windmill, get in the windmill and ride it up. at the top, jump off, go to the middle of the windmill, the place that looks like a giant spinning hamsterwheel. go through it, turn left,turn left again, and the energy sword should be in front of you.
By: coolcheatguy(54)
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Hijacking Ally 60%
Hijack a wraith. Kill the person inside.Don't get off yet!Get another player to get in the wraith.You can press B to melee your ally, and not inflicting damage in the process.
By: MatthewNg(116)
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Kill hunters easy 60%
Get a hunters attention shoot at him when he tries to ram you (co-op recomended) shoot at his back with a rapid firing weapon
By: pokerstar99(369)
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Indestructable turret? 60%
Throw a plasma grenade at a machine turret. It will explode, causing the gun to detach from the stand. Go to the stand and amazingly, you can press "x" to get on it.
By: MatthewNg(116)
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Defeat the prophet of Regret 60%
To defeat the prophet boss battle easily first you kill most or all of the honor guards then you run towards the prophet and board him(using the x button)then while boarding him you hit him(the b button)then if he falls of his throne you've beaten him and the mission enjoy the cutscene!
By: MasterYoda(430)
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Free swords 60%
When versing a silver elite (think its silver) take down its shields and shot it up a bit, if it starts screaming yelling thing it will throw down its weapon and pull out sword, even if its weapon is already a sword
By: OATMAN(74)
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The code of zanibar 60%
In halo you can get skulls the best thing to do is take out the halo disk don't put it in yet go on setings and go on the clock change it to 7:07am 7/7/77 then go on the mulitplayer mode ilaned called zanibar near the sea there will bea sigh whith say are you fing skulls and then when you do find a skull on ledgindary only it upgrades you fighting abilaty but you have to save at a checkpiont otherwise there will not be a afect :) I hope this works out for you.
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Weeee!!!! 57%
On the gravemind level you will start by killing every one by that time in the middle where the brutes where the next two will come up before they come up wait until you stop backing up then jump you will fly high
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You 57%
This is a very good cheat I figured out. You can through asses at people by clicking AXY right right left left left down up up XYB
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Twenty people mega laser space ship 57%
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Hay you guys that have halo2 map pack listen up 57%
You can download all maps just so you know then after that click update
By: hippiman27(96)
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Bouncing plasma grenade 57%
In an elevator throw a plasma grenade straight up and it will bounce.

By: brantheman
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Infinite energy sword ammunition 56%
When the energy runs out, do not trade it for another weapon. When you get to the next level, try to use the sword. The ammo will be at zero but you will do full sword damage instead of melee damage and can do sword moves.
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Melee combo 56%
When caring an item (bomb, flag, etc.) quickly press Melee, X, Melee to perform a combo melee attack. Continue pressing Melee, X, Melee, X, etc. to make the combo continue indefinitely.
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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How too destroy people when there in a vehichle without using a rocket launcher! 56%
Ok here is how to take care of vehicles.

Ghost: if there in a ghost, go up to the front of the ghost, press X
and you will jump on, swing around and get on the ghost and they will fall out.

Scorpion/Wraith: ok when there in tank of any sort, go to the front and press X. you will jump on and keep pressing B, that will punch and the door should open after several hits. Then you may press the grenade button and it will lay a plasma and kill the other guy.
now you can get in there tank/wraith!

Hint: I think you have unlimited grenades when you do this?>
By: Fredbruger(278)
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Destroying a Ghost 54%
To destroy a Ghost in one hit (sniper rifle) or three shots (battle rifle), look on the left side of it, just under the driver's seat. You will see a gas tank of sorts. If you shoot that directly, the Ghost will explode with one hit or one burst from the battle rifle.

One of the best ways to take down a Ghost is with a sniper rifle. Wait until the Ghost is facing away from you and open fire at the pilot. If the pilot does not die, the Ghost may explode, because it is very vulnerable in the back.
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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How to Get Unlimited Ammo 54%
1.go to multiplayer.
4.quick options.
5.unlimited ammo on

there you go unlimited ammo
By: shorty14(141)
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Thunderstorm Mode 53%
On the level "Cario Station" on legendary, make your way to the "Priority Shift" checkpoint. Progress until the room with mounted plasma turrets, right after the armory with the Elites. Clear out this room, and get on the raised area with the plasma turret that is on the side of the wall where the window curves. Look for two parallel beams on the ledge above. Climb up the supports for these beams and crouch jump up onto the upper ledge, then onto the beams themselves. Walk in the direction you came from and there will be a small ledge sticking out to the left, jump on it and pick up the Thunderstorm Skull from inside the trash container. This turns all Covenants into their spec ops rank.
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Infint bullets 53%
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Changing Split Screen Type 53%
The multiplayer split screen type is determined by the video settings on the Xbox dashboard. For Horizontal split screen, the Xbox must be in fullscreen mode. For Vertical split screen, the Xbox must be in widescreen mode.
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Sputnik Mode 52%
At the start of "Quarantine Zone" on Legendary difficulty turn directly around, and you should see a tunnel. Head down the tunnel and go straight until you exit it. Go straight across the open area, and you'll come across a broken pipe tunnel on your right. Straight in front of you is a small ledge running across the wall, above the green pit. Carefully get onto that small ledge and walk all the way to the end of the ledge to find the Sputnik skull. In this mode explosion force and melee force is greater.
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Punching Bag In Metropilis 51%
On the Metropilis( on one player or co-op) get a Ghost and go to the part where you need to jump on the Scarab. Use the turbo on the Ghost to get on top of the Scarab( this might take a few tries). Then drive towards the front( on top) until the Ghost doesn't move. Next get out and pistolwhip the Ghost, it should spin around every time you hit it. Even when it blows up it will also spin. Have fun!----Megacheif
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How to get 2 energy swords 50%
U have to have it be on slayer then go to weapon menu and have energy swords word out beast greg im me if help needed
By: beastgreg(160)
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Flying sword 50%
Have the sword when an enemy is very close. You can jump and do it, or run and jump to them, then press B. This is a one hit kill for Flood, and a two hit kill for some Covenant and the shield Flood.
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Infinite Invisibility 50%
Find and Claim the Envy Skull,
Effect: Master Chief can turn invisible in Campaign, just like the Arbiter, the Elite that gets punished by the prophets and the other Elites.
Difficulty: Legendary
Mission: Delta Halo
Mission Status: Part must be loaded, you can't just skip everything and go to the location or it won't be there.
Location: After you take the tank [Don't need the tank but it may be useful]Kill all the Covenant in building [well I made a mistake about the tank], well you kill the Covenant in the building after you kill the snipers, put down the bridge to the wraith, Covenant Tank.
Then a Pelican will drop the tank, take it [don't need to but it is useful.] go acrossed the bridge and kill the alien tank, then go to the entrance to your right, fight the ghosts, destroy them, once you go out, turn left, until you reach another entrance then turn left again, kill the Grunts on the turrets. Once you reach a wall, go right and it should say "You break it, you buy" in huge black rectangle at the bottom of your screen. Kill all the Ghosts go foward get up that place to another entrance and inside you have to fight more Ghosts, and kill them, then go outside, once you go outside, go past the turret next to the Ocean, then jump on the box, then jump crouch on the ledge you are looking at, then look to your left, either grenade jump or crouch jump up there, then either go left on the mountain or grenade jump to your right on the ledge [same location if you take the mountain, you just don't need to waste a grenade.] Then go foward, and there will be two invisible elites with plasma rifles, just dancing, and the skull is between them.[I'd suggest making a profile name called "Envy Skull" and save it right after you get the skull without getting another checkpoint. Then play a different profile.] OK after that, oh and make sure you listened to the parenthesies I posted, then with envy skull active play any Master Chief level, then you must be invisible during a checkpoint, then Revert to last checkpoint to see if you are invisible during the checkpoint, Save and Quit, if you are, then at the main menu, turn off and on your Xbox, then when you load it back to your profile, then hit Campaign then Resume, then you find yourself invisible for the whole Master Chief level, you can do this on any Master Chief level.
By: Daedric Cuirass(159)
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The easeist skull to get 50%
If you go on the level before metropilis and g on legindary wen the pelican crashes go through the infront of you and get on the lamp up above the door infront of the door you came in do a crouch jump onto the ledge to the left.once yur up there look left and youll see a dark path,go all the way to the end and theres the skull along with grenades.
By: theslinser432(356)
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Quarantine Zone: Sputnik Skull 50%
You must play on Legendary difficulty:
On the level titled "Quarantine Zone", you start out facing several elite allies.Turn around and go into the cave ahead. When through the cave, go straight ahead around the rocks. There will be a ledge that goes across the left side of the map over an eerie blue hole that you can fall in. Go across the ledge to the end. There will be a floating skull at the end. Hold X to pick it up (the "hold X" message will not appear). The word "Sputnik" will appear on the left side of the screen.

Effect: All grenades will do 1/2 damage, but the enemies will fly much much farther.
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Two person flying motorcycle with turet 50%
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Random destroys 50%
Ok you can destroy these vehicles with these weopons ( there true! its happend to me )

brute shot+sniper+SGM+rockets+plasma rifle= banshee

rockets+plasma grenades+ = scoprion/wraith

sniper+rockets+brute shot= ghost/wharthog

these kill are real! they have happend to me and my friends!
By: Fredbruger(278)
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Head shots 50%
Head shots kill quicker
By: joshkay(557)
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Scarab gun 50%
How to get scarab gun on metropolis.

It is two ways to get it
1. use a banshee

2. a box to blow your self up to the bridge.
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Get a secret building well on top of it ^_^ 50%
On level2 go to the destroyed area dont kill yourself from the drones(wasps)it's okay if you die a couple of time's x_x then go to a trash can once you go all the way to the right then look up make sure a top is not there then look at the left then there should be a well I mean there should be atleast 3 or 4 parts of the top and jump but get a running start there you go.
By: hippiman27(96)
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Hearing recharging sound when you pause. 50%
When your life is low pause and then youwill hear that noise.
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Bouncing jump 50%
To bounce hold A to bouncing jump
By: hot166(183)
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Sputnik 50%
There a skull in the library called sputnik it increases the radios and damage of frags and plasmas
By: notsweet(102)
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