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Resident Evil 0 Cheats for GC
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Resident Evil 0 GC Cheats

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Resident Evil 0

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Unlock Ending Bonuses 100%
Ending bonuses are unlocked by earning gameplay ranks, which are based on the amount of time it took for you to finish. The ranks and what they unlock are [listed below in table]:
D (9:01 or more): Leech Hunter and Closet Key.
C (7:01-9:00): Leech Hunter and Closet Key.
B (5:01-7:00): Leech Hunter and Closet Key.
A: (3:31-5:00): Submachine Gun, Leech Hunter, Closet Key.
S (3:30 or less): Rocket Launcher, Leech Hunter, Submachine gun, and Closet Key.
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Get New Costumes/Outfits 100%
Simply win the game on Normal or Hard Mode, and you will find the Closet Key in Rebecca's inventory when you begin a new game. Take this to the room where you got the Hunting Gun and use it to get into a costume/outfit room.
What can you wear? Billy gets a suit and Rebecca gets either leather or cowgirl apparel. Gzrau.
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Unlock Leech Hunter Game 100%
To unlock a special Leech Hunter game, win the game on either Easy, Normal or Hard mode.
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Unlock Extra Weapons for Leech Hunter 100%
Earning a rank in the Leech Hunter mini-game will give you bonuses to use in the game. Here are the rankings and what they will give you:
E (1-29): Submachine gun bullets
D (90-99): Magnum
C (60-89): Hunting Gun
B (30-59): Handgun
A (100): All weapons
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Kill scorpion boss!!!! 60%
When you get to the scorpion boss,run to the opposite end of him,go into the room,there,yuo will find a shotgun reload it and go back and kill it with 10 shots or more.after you kill him,go to the part with the big hole he came out of,look to the bottom right,you will find a crowbar pick it up,go on the top of the train and go in the room to unlock the door.if you get stuck,jump,grab on to the top and pull yourself up.

good luck because your going to need it!
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Resident Evil 0 520985Where can I find the second bangle for the case? Answers: 2
Resident Evil 0 520986How can I get the hook shot? need answer rush^^ Answers: 1
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Resident Evil 0 686318How do you clear the leechs on the second floor of the train? THANKS! Answers: 1
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Resident Evil 0 380541Where do you find the sharp object to push the thing out of the door lock on the train where you fall in the room Answers: 1
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Resident Evil 0 16257How do you get mercenary mode for this game i realy want that mode. Answers: 1
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Resident Evil 0 355873Were do you get the special key Answers: 0
Resident Evil 0 355901Were do you find the 2nd bangle for the case Answers: 1
Resident Evil 0 5656How do u get off the train Answers: 1
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