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Jack the ripper Cheats for PC
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Jack the ripper PC Cheats

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Jack the ripper

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Codes 100%
Press ctrl + shift + c in the game and then type any of the codes below:
Get ThisBy Doing This
1000 Simoleonsrosebud
Add new family history stat to the current familyhist_add
Writes the route destination list to AllRoutes.txt when a new route
is foundwrite_destlist
Architecture tools automatically set the level as neededauto_level
Automatically import and load FAM fileimport [FAM file]
Automatically load househouse [house number]
Check and fix required lot objectsprepare_lot
Create moat or streamswater_tool
Create shrunk_text_#.bmp filesshrink_text [font_size] [ text ]
Create-a-character modeedit_char
Display personality and interestsinterests
Draw all animation frames enabled/disableddraw_all_frames on/off
Draw colored dots at each person's origindraw_origins
Dump entire memory to core_dump_[date:time].txtcore_dump
Dump selected person's most recent list of scored interactions to a
Dump selected person's motive contribution curve to a filedump_mc
Enable debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs for social
End sim loggingsim_log end
Execute "file.cht" file as a list of cheatscht [filename]
Floorable grid enabled/disableddraw_floorable on/off
Say "porntipsguzzardo"porntipsguzzardo
Say "xyzzy"xyzzy
Selected person's path displayed/hiddendraw_routes on/off
Set event logging masklog_mask
Set free thinking levelautonomy [1-100]
Set sim speedsim_speed [-1000-1000]
Set grass change valueedit_grass [number]
Set grass growthgrow_grass [0-150]
Set lot sizelot_size [number]
Set maximum milliseconds to allow simulatorsim_limit [milliseconds]
Set z offset for thought bubblesbubble_tweak [z offset value]
Sets whether menu items appear for in use objectsallow_inuse
Ticks enabled/disabledsweep on/off
Tile information displayed/hiddentile_info on/off
Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the
Toggle assets reportreport_assets
Toggle automatic object reset featureauto_reset
Toggle camera modecam_mode
Toggle musicmusic
Toggle soundssound
Force an assert for testingassert
Log animations in the event log windowlog_animations
Map editor enabled/disabledmap_edit on/off
Move any objectmove_objects on
No tutorial object generation when tutorial house is loadedtutorial
Prevent web browser crashesbrowser_failsafe
Preview animations enabled/disabledpreview_anims on/off
Programmer statstile_info
Quit gamequit
Read in behavior tuning constants from Tuning.txt#import
Rebuilds entire control panel/UCP from scratchrebuild_cp
Refresh the BMP_ resources for all people whose IFF files are
Rematch dependent textures and regenerate bitmaps for all user
Restore tutorialrestore_tut
Rotate camerarotation [0-3]
Routing debug balloons enabled/disabledroute_balloons on/off
Run series of random operations on unhoused familiesfam_test
[opcount ]
Save currently loaded housesave
Save family history filehistory
Say "plugh"plugh
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New cheats added in Unleashed 100%
To bring the cheat window press ctrl + shift + c in the game and then type
any of the codes below. All these cheats only work on the neighborhood
screen (some cheats also work in the vacation and downtown screens though)
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Get ThisBy Doing This 100%
Brings up the loch ness monster when on the neighborhood, downtown
or vacation screennessie
Change lot positions in the neighborhood(press escape to
Turns zoning outlines around lots on or off.show_zones (on|off)
Type 'show_filter (number)' to show lot filtersshow_filter (0-7)
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