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Crazy Taxi Cheats for PC
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Crazy Taxi PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer by: ILA Nov 28,2004

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Crazy Taxi

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Instuctions 100%
A trainer is a program that lets you turn on and off certain features in the game. For example, you may be able to turn on/off unlimited money, unlimited lives and so on. A trainer is a 3rd party program that alters the memory locations, in effect allowing you to 'cheat' when normally you wouldn't be able to.

The trainer must be running in the background as you are playing the game. For best results, start the game and begin playing. Then switch back to Windows (press ALT + TAB) and run the trainer program.

Select your options and return playing the game. DO NOT close the trainer program - leave it running while playing the game.
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Trainer Option 88%
T : Unlimited Total Time (Alt-T: Off)
Y : Unlimited CustomerTime (Alt-Y: Off)
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Cray taxi 58%
Press l and hold it
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Crazy speed 56%
If you want to go fast on the game what you do is first keep the car in reverse by pushing (x) to start off with and then when it say's go that's when you push the (s) button and the up arrow rapedly one after the other and there you go....
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Cheats 50%
Crazy Pole:
In Crazy Pole, do a Crazy Drift to hit the pole. This will allow you to stop in both destination points of each person.

Crazy Parking:
In Crazy Box mode complete the following levels to receive the bonus: 1-2, 2-2, and 3-2.

Crazy Speed:
Press [Reverse] then press [Drive] very fast. If done correctly, your car will speed off very fast.

Crazy Dash:
Press [Drive] + [Accelerate].

Crazy Stop:
Press [Reverse] + [Brake].

Crazy Drift:
Press [Lef or [Righ while shifting into [Reverse] then into [Drive] while driving at a high rate of speed.

When driving down a straight road, build speed, then press [Drive] + [Brake]. Your car will jump up as if has hydraulics.

Easy drive off:
When you are dropping off someone, press [Righ + [Brake] to drive off easy.

Crazy Drift Stop:
Do a Crazy Stop immediately after a Crazy Drift.

Crazy Pins:
Drive slowly down the middle of the lane of pins. At the end, use a Crazy Dash drive and accelerate.

When "Go" appears, put your car in reverse and do the Crazy Dash. When you reach the pins, use the back of your car to knock down all the pins and get a strike.

Extra time:
Select arcade mode and ten minutes for the time limit. Pick up a customer, then go under the water and remain there for two minutes. You will get ten extra minutes.

Execute a Crazy Drift, wait until you have spun 180 degrees, then press [Reverse] + [Drive]. You can earn as much as a 450 combo and $99,999.

Hidden customers:
Drive off the freeway (with the high and low lanes) and go past the police station. Take the first right, then take the first left. On the next right there is a ramp. Drive up it and to get on the roof of a building with a customer.

Enable the "Another day mode" code, then begin the game in original mode. There is a hidden customer in the water by the pier.

There is a subway station downtown. Get in by driving down the stairs to find a customer that wants to be taken to another subway station. Just follow the railroad to the next station (the destination may vary) to get some extra cash. Try not to crash, because it will take a lot of time to get back on your way.

A hidden customer is near the parking structure. Drive up the ramp and slowly falloff the end of the structure on the far left side. You will see a green customer on the roof of the building you just landed on. Pick him up. He wants to go 2000 yards and will pay $975 to go to the police station.

Strange customers:
Drive down to the beach and into the water in arcade mode. In there are about three or four customers that usually want to go to Pizza Hut. Watch them closely when they hop in and out of the car -- they have unusually big ears.

Find the highway easily:
Follow the big blue bus to get to the highway.

Shortcut to the baseball stadium:
Just when you suppose to go around the hill, cut through the small hill and go through the parking lot with buses.

When taking people on the freeway, weave in and out of buses, trucks, and cars.Your passenger will get excited and give you tips. Be careful not to crash.

Sometimes when you have a customer, you can go against a wall or a solid straight side and ram side by side against it. If done correctly, you can get a Crazy Drift combo even if you did not do one. You can get up to an 8-combo.

Go to the girl that is waiting at the car store. Pick her up and ride through between the car aisles. She will scream "Yeah!" and cash symbols will begin tosurround you car.

Get to first place:
Start the game with your fastest character and shift into reverse gear. Reverse all the way until you reach a passenger. When you have collected her, stay to the center of the road (so that you get more combos for Crazy Through). When you get to the rail
car station at the top of the hill, go anyway you want (preferably straight down the middle). Try to stay to the center of the road. Go as fast as you can without crashing into any of the other vehicles. When you get to the bottom of the hill, drop off the
passenger. After that, pick up any Red, Orange or (if desired) the Yellow. This will allow you to increase your time, passengers, and money.

Select arcade mode and when you asked by computer to select driver press shift+alt+ctrl+f9 on any one driver the taxi change into cycle rickshaw.

for expert mode:
during driver select screen in arcade mode press shift+alt+ctrl+f8

for speedometer:
during gameplay press shift+alt+ctrl+f10 or f10 key


Make the Car Fly:
Click the reverse button four times and then click the start button. Click Arcade or Original. Select a driver, and when you go fast or jump, your car will fly for 15 seconds.

Make $700 on first fare:
While you are at the beginning of the game, hit reverse instead of going forward. Pick up the client who will pay you $700 for a ride to the bottom of the hill.

Make $975 for a fare:
Go up to the roof of the parking garage by driving up the ramp on one of the corners. To the left will be an old lady standing on an umbrella. Give her a ride to the police station.

Warp Speed:
While driving forwards, let go off both pedals and hit reverse. Then, throw it back into Driver and hit the gas. Your car will instantly reach top speed.

While you are picking up or dropping off a client, hit the brake. Set it into Reverse until the FMV sequence is done and put it into Drive while holding down the gas.

Swimmer Client:
To pick up a snorkeling customer, do the following: Start by picking up the person closest to you, who wants to go to the cable car stop. After leaving her off, make a sharp left and pick up the client in a large hat. She will want to go to the West Side Beach. Drop her off and go straight into the water.

Be a Motorcycle:
Insert the coins and hold the gas and brake pedals. Push Start and push the clutch up, then, release the pedals. Choose your driver and push the clutch down and press Start.

Start at Tower:
While choosing a driver, hold the clutch in reverse and press Start.
Finally, release the clutch.

Flip over trucks and buses:
Go to the highway in arcade mode and drive on the high lane. Then, knock a truckthat says "wow" off the high lane onto the low lane into a truck or bus.

Change Music:
This involves the changing of files on your computer. Proceed at your own risk, and remember to make back-ups of any files you change. To change the music in the game to your desired tunes (preferably the tunes found on the Dreamcast version), go to the folder in which you installed the game in. Go to the SoundData
folder, and then into the music folder. In there, you can delete or overwrite the music files labeled "game(then a number)". These files only go up to four, which means you're only allowed four tracks.

Taxi Bike:
To get the taxi bike, complete all Crazy Box games with one character. To use the bike, when selecting a driver in arcade or original mode, press up. Customers pay more to get taken by bike.
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