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Jurassic Park Operation Genesis Cheats for PC
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Jurassic Park Operation Genesis PC Cheats

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Jurassic Park Operation Genesis Cheats

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Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheat Code 92%
*** This cheat procedure involves editing a file! Please create a backup copy of the file before editing it to be safe.. Use a text editor to edit the "constant.ini" file in the game directory. Change the number in the "PlayerStartMoney" line to any desired value. You can also change the maximum number of visitors, dinosaurss, and fences in the park.

Hint: Site B:
To unlock the Site B option at the MAIN MENU, successfully complete all the missions

Hint: Avoiding visitor deaths:
Never build a Safari Adventure in your T-Rex cage. The visitors inside of the car will not live too long.
Never put more than one T-Rex in one cage. One will be killed and the other badly injured; and the visitors around the cage will get scared to death. This costs you a lot of money, for the T-Rexes and the fines.

Hint: Saving money:
To save a little money, build a small enclosure around a hatchery. When you hatch a dinosaur, sedate it, and move it to its cage.

Hint: More visitors:
If you want more people to visit your park, build 4 or five entrances on all different sides
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Starting Dinos 83%
The groups of starting dinos you get in Operation Genesis Mode.

Dryosaur and ceratosaur

Pacycephalosaur and albertosaur

Parosolophus and torosaur

Sorry for any missed groups.
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JPOG Cheats 71%
These are all tried and true cheats that require no changes in game files. Note:Do not type in cheats while an object is selected. Do not include hyphens or commas in cheats. :)

Gimme Some Money (adds $10,000)- [+, Up, [+, Down, [

Open To The Public (unlocks 4 free dig sites)- Left, Down, Right, Up, [+], [+]

Seal Of Approval (adds one star)-Right, [, Up, [, [, Down

Plague Outbreak (plagues all dinosaurs)-Down, Up, Down, Left, ],],]

Rampage Time (all dinosaurs go on a rampage)-[,[,[, Left, Left, Left

Mr. DNA (Upgrades all extracted DNA to 100%)-], Up, ], Right, [, Right

Three Stars (adds three stars)-[,],Down, Down, [, Right

All Research (all research completed)-Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, [, Down, Up

Gimme Lots of Money (adds $250,000)-[, Right, Right, [, ], Down

Pax Jurassicus (No rampages)-[, Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, [

Market Day (new shipment in the fossil market)-[+], +, Down

Exodus (eliminates all DNA from stock)-[, ], [, Right, Down, ]

Isla Muerte (dinosaurs appear to be the living dead)-],],],[,Right

Welcome to Melbourne (makes it rain)-],],Left, Right, Up, Down

Dial-a-Twister (creates a twister)-Left, Up, Right, Up, [+]

Extinction Event (make all dinosaurs in your park die)-[, ], Down, ], [

No Red Tape (no cost for fatalities)-[, ], Left, Down, Down, Down, Down

Happiness Is... (makes all guests happy)-], Down, [, Up, Up, Up

Instant Alcatraz (lowers strength of fences)-Down, Down, Left, Rght, [, [, Up, Up

Minimum Security (strengthens fences)-[, Left, Left, ], ], Right

Ooops (all fences destroyed)-Up, ], Down, [, Left, Left

Rocky Road (destroys all paths)-Right, Right, ], ], [, Down

Impossible Mission (Makes all missions, exercises, and Site B avalible-], Right, Right, Right, Right,, ]
By: JPOGMaster(16)
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Jurassic park codes 71%
These are only the good cheats not the unnecessary

[, RIGHT x2, [, ], DOWN............................$250,000 is aded to your money.
], DOWN, ], DOWN....................................A heatwave will last for the next three weather forcasts.

], UP, ], RIGHT, [ RIGHT............................DNA for every dinosaur is 100%.  

], RIGHT x3, ]...........................................Multiple safari cars.

LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, [ + ], [ + ]..........You can now select your three digsites without the needed stars.

], RIGHT x4, ]............................................All missions, exercises and Site B opened.

[, ], DOWN x2, [, RIGHT..............................Adds three stars to your park rating.
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Better Authenticity[how real ur park is] 62%
To make a better Authenticity,press down,down,right,[,].Then your authenticity should be 100%.And fine authenticity should be found on safari ride.
By: Jakester(103)
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Hint List 50%
Here are some hints to help you out throughout the game.

Displaying higher star dinosaurs will make it easier to get more fame.

Research the Visitor Shelter first and research every vaccine after.

Use the Dinopedia to see what fence should be reccommended for each dinosaur.

Use viewing domes,jeep rides and even balloon tours to let guest get closer to dinosaurs.

Make sure you have alot of money,visitor shelters and quick building skills before Twisters!

These tips should help you alot!
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All dinos for SITE B 36%
When you press site b on the menu and get to the fossil hunt,just click back.[whick takes you to the island] then press,[ down right right.then go to the fossil hunt screen and you can unlock every site.
By: Jakester(103)
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Get Herrerasarus. Very easy 24%
By: Jakester(103)
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Dino day 24%
To have the ablility to Build a water hachery and make liproadon and elasmosaurus by pressing up down left right.
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THis is a hint, 23%
Dryosaurus is almost the dinosaur that is called compy
By: Jakester(103)
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Weird hint 23%
The brachiosaurus speed is 0.5
By: Jakester(103)
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All digsites[diffrent way] 19%
To get all digsites with out going to game files rune your computer,just so you know.well anyways to get all the digsites press [,],down,right,right,left.then go to the fossil hunt and unlock all the digsites.

not a scam really works!
By: Jakester(103)
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Few Cheats 19%
1. Diseases is spreding out: down up down left + + +

2. The Visitores are 100% statisfied: + down up up up

3. The park is exempt from disease: up up + up up

4. All the experiment are finished: down down down left right up up

5. All the meateaters are nervous: left left leftz

6. Tornado: left up right down +

7. 10 000$: up down

8. 250 000$: right right + down

9. Dino DNA is 100% develepd: +up b+ right down

10. All the Dinos die: + down +
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Hint: 19%
DONT EVER do cheats that include game files.It will rune your game and the computer. It will 95% of the time take 5 days to fix it.
By: Jakester(103)
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All animals red 19%
Get a t-rex and a dodo in the same exhibit
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Make dinos get no coma 16%
IF you want to get no coma's for your dinos.Press [[]],down,down,right.Then you dinos will get no coma's.
By: Jakester(103)
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Dodo 16%
Get all animals on the game in the same exhibit
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No money 16%
Press []
By: Jakester(103)
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Get 1,000,000,000 13%
By: Jakester(103)
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Bonus Dinosaurs And How To Get 8%
Here are some bonus dinosaurs that you can get

Mammoth: All exercises completed in under 2 minutes, you do them separately
Mammoth is a large herbivore.
Sychania: Same as mammoth but with missions. For people who don't know what a Sychania is, its in the ankylosaurus family.
Sychania is a large herbivore.
Dimentrodon: Get a 5 star zoo in Operation Genesis while only using small herbivores and small carnivores, you will unlock it for that PARK only!
Dimentrodon is a small carnivore.
Quagga: Have a five star zoo ONLY using herbivores.
Quagga is a small herbivore.
Stokeosaurus: Have a five star zoo ONLY using carnivores.
Stokeosaurus is a small carnivore. (Its like albertosaurus and ceratosaurus size)
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