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WarCraft III: Frozen Throne Expansion Cheats for PC
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WarCraft III: Frozen Throne Expansion
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WarCraft III: Frozen Throne Expansion

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Wacraft 3 reference 100%
In the 1st Undead mission, King Arthas, you can find Little Timmy from the original Warcraft 3. He is in the woods, left of the town which is northwest of the 3 Altars. Little Timmy will sell you some Ice Shards, which are useful both later in the game and the campaign.
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Cheat List 100%
Enter the single-player game and hit Enter. Type in a code from the list below and hit Enter again. If done correctly, "Cheat Enabled!" will flash on the screen.

Instant Win - allyourbasearebelongtous
Instant Loss - somebodysetusupthebomb
View map - iseedeadpeople
Continue after death - strengthandhonor
Units do not need farms - pointbreak
Instant spell - thedudeabides
Turn off Tech-Tree - synergy
Turn off Victory - itvexesme
Invulnerability - whosyourdaddy
Gain # of Lumber - leafittome # (replace # with value)
Lumber and Gold - greedisgood #
Gold - keysersoze #
Level select - motherland [race] [level]
Instant doom - iocainepowder
Quick research - whoisjohngalt
Research all upgrades - sharpandshiny
Morning - riseandshine
Infinite mana - thereisnospoon
Night - lightsout
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Secret Orc level 100%
Select the "Custom Campaign" option at the menu, then choose the "Exodus Of The Horde". The game wukk launch a screen with the selection of the 1st level. This extra campaign takes place after Thrall leaves Lorderon, but before Kalimdor.
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Diablo reference 100%
In the last Human mission, Lord of the Outland, where you need to assault the Lord's castle, you can find the Butcher and Wirt's other leg (from Diablo) just northwest of where you start. The Butcher will also say the same sentence, that he did in Diablo, "Fresh meat".
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Guard names 100%
In the prison mission, you will find various humorously named guards, such as one called Trogdor. It is interesting that he is burninated almost immediately after you see him. Other guards will have names like Seth, Marcus, or Troy.
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Mini Games 100%
There are 2 mini-games available. Select "Custom Game", then "Scenarios" to find a mini-game where you have to dodge sheep, and another where you play as a hero and kill things.
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Chat to Illidan ghost 100%
On the 2nd Night Elf mission, you have to find Illidan and prevent him from taking Sargaras Eye. Just in front of the gate before him, use Blink to the other side of the gate. You can now kill Illidan and destroy the eye. Destroy the gate after that, and you will chat to sum1 who is not there, but Illidan's voice can be heard. *** Tote: This is easier if you enable the iseedeadpeople and whosyourdaddy codes.
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Grank the Rat 100%
In the fourth Night Elf mission, Wrath Of The Betrayer, at the top left side of the map is a small garden and a fountain that only Maiev can visit. Use your Blink-spell to get to it. In there, you can find a rat with the name "Grank the Rat", which has 100% Evasion and Spell Immunity. Therefore, you cannot kill it.

In the Night Elf mission where you have to escort the runner to the escape point, in the upper left corner of the map near the escape point is a creature named "Grank the Rat", who cannot be killed by normal means. In order to kill Grank, you must continuously click on him until he explodes. He will drop a Talisman of Evasion which supplies a 15% evasion rate.
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The Pandaran brewmaster 100%
Play the Night Elf mission where you have to escort the runner. In the lower left corner in the very back of the map is a Pandaeran relaxation area. A Brewmaster is here. He will spout some gibberish and drop Slippers Of Agility.
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Get other heroes 100%
In the scenario with the strange monoliths, go the Undead and make sure there are 4 other forest patrols. Enable the synergy, sharpandshiny (three times), thereisnospoon, whosyourdaddy and iseedeadpeople codes. Use the Banshees to posses the monolithic creeps and get their items. If you do not have a hero, you can get their heroes. The creeps can be the Murlocs, the Furbolgs, the Spiders, the Satrys, the Beasts (their peasant is a fawn), the Wolves (their hero is a werewolf), and the Trolls. Wipe out the other forest patrols, as they build in your base.
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Drunken Panda Picture 100%
Complete all the levels in the "Secret tower level" to see a picture of the Drunken Panda along with what seems to be his daughter. Then in the next chapter, you can use him to help.
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Giant Penquin 100%
In the fourth Undead mission, The Return To Nothrend, you will find a giant penguin in the left corner on the island that you started on. Kill the guarding sea lions and destroy the tent so you can approach it. Now, kill the penguin itself. You will get a Ring Of Superiority. A normal penguin will spawn next to it. You can kill it, but it will not give you anything.
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Bloodfeat the Abomination and Zombie 100%
On the Undead mission, The Flight From Lordearon, you can re-summon a Zombie Master and BloodFeast the Abomination near the end. On this mission you find a Staff of Animate somewhere (not hidden). You will find a room with Necromancers summoning something, and a few enemies such as Ghouls and Crypt Fiends. Kill them, then go on the pile of where the Necromancers were summoning and use the Staff to summon a Zombie Master for sixty seconds to help you fight. BloodFeast the Abomination can be summoned the same way.
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Albarto 100%
In the 1st mission of the 2nd campaign, near your encampment is a bird flying near the coast named Albatro. Kill it (try using a Rifleman) near the coast and it will drop a Robe of the Magi +6
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Hidden items 100%
Destroy huts, tents, or other homes. Some of them will have hidden items such as Scroll of Town Portals, Potions of Mana, etc. Pick them up for later use.
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Giant Golem 100%
You can get Claws Of Attack +3 by killing a Giant Golem after you exit the ruins of the 1st observatory. He is hidden between a lot of trees, and may be difficult to find.
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Secret tower level 100%
In the 3rd Human mission, where you need to escape a prison with the Elves, there is an entrance to a secret level. Around the horizontal center of the map, there is a winding corridor with several rooms you need to go into in order to get the power-ups and equipment. Look closely around the middle of the map to find a room. You need to bust through a door to get inside. The room has 3 different colored sheep surrounded by energy. In front of them are push-panels. When they are pushed, the listed sheep will say either "Bah", "Ram" or "Ewe". Push the panels in the following order: Bah, Ram, Ewe. You will get a door to a secret tower defense level after that mission.
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Phosphor beta cheat 100%
God-hp hack
ghost-wall walk
weapon all get 99999-for weapon 9999 amor
jumpvelocity-jumphight normal is 300 if you use god drow into the pit use jumpvelocity 2500 to out the pit

ok good luck for play
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Cheat mode 98%
Press [Enter] to display the 2 player message box, type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] again to activate the listed cheat function. The message "Cheat Code Enabled" will appear to confirm correct code entry. *** Cheats can only be enabled in single player mode and custom maps.

Effect Code
Invincibility and one hit kills whosyourdaddy
Full map iseedeadpeople
Instant victory allyourbasearebelongtous
Instant defeat somebodysetusupthebomb
Continue playing after losing in campaign mode strengthandhonor
Remove spell cool down thedudeabides
Disable victory conditions itvexesme
Gold; 500 is default keysersoze
Lumber; 500 is default leafittome
Gold and lumber; 500 is default greedisgood
Fast construction warpten
Fast death iocainepowder
No need for food pointbreak
Fast research whoisjohngalt
Research upgrades sharpandshiny
Disable Tech Tree requirements in campaign synergy
Set time to morning riseandshine
Set time to evening lightsout
Set time of day daylightsavings <1-24>
Toggle daylight progression daylightsavings
Unlimited mana thereisnospoon
Trees disappear abrakadabra
Your and allies heroes are level 10 ihavethepower
20 footmen lamisilat
Level select1 motherland

1. Example: motherland human 7. *** Intermission sequences are counted in the level number.
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No skill cooldown. 46%
Press enter when playing game then press whoareyou
By: phoenixboy(723)
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