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Final Fantasy VII (7) Cheats for PSX
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Final Fantasy VII (7) PSX Cheats

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Final Fantasy VII (7)

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Sneak Glove 100%
When you get back in to Midger go to wall Market and go in the Weapon shop chat to the owner of the shop and he has another special item for sale the Sneak glove it cost alot of money(129,000 Gil!!)With this item it makes it easier to steal from eneies
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Tip 100%
Hold L1+L2+R1+R2 to gain stamina in the chocobo races.
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Hint 100%
To get an enemy skill without your using it first.Here is what you do, equip a player with the manipulate materia and Hyponcrown.Get into battle and manipulate one of your enemies.Use the skill on one of your allies,their spin around and there.You have your enemy's skill.
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Gain Megaelixer 100%
When your in Kalm town go to the inn and go up stairs.
Go to the wardrobe and check it there's an item that Cloud cant reach. Keep checking untill Cloud Kicks the wardrobe and you've gained an Megaelixer
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Key to Midger 100%
Go to bone Vilage and and chat to the site foreman tell him your looking for"Normal treasure." Place your workers around the top area and set off the blast. They should all point to the location of the "key to sector 5". Now you can enter Midger
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Turtles Paradise Flyers 100%
The Restrunt owner in Wutai has placed 6 flyers around the world and is offering a prize to anyone that finds them all.

In sector 5 slums look inside the house on the east side of town(where the boy is sleeping)

On the Bulletin board in Shrina HQ at the back of the Lobby's level

In the ghost hotal at Gold saucer Next to the item shop

Attached to the Tiger lily Arms shop in Cosmo canyon.

Go to the Inn in cosmo Canyon and check the wall next to the Innkeepers desk

In Yuffies basement check the banner on the wall outside the traproom

That all of them go back to the Restrunt in Wutai and collect your prizes.
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Lucky 7's/Easy Emerald Weapon 100%
This is a great way to make Emerald Weapon easier.  The trick involves exploiting the game's "lucky 7" attack mode.

Luck 7 is available to any character that enters a battle with the exact HP of 7777.  Generally, this won't happen, but you can force it to happen by following the instructions below.

First, make sure that your character has over 7777 HP max (preferably 3 characters should).  Next, travel to a place on the overworld map that has really easy enemies and make sure that your characters have close to, but less than 7777 HP (just unequip your armor and let the monsters attack).  Once you're below 7777, cast stop on all the monsters and cast either small or toad on one character.  Now, use the small/toad character to attack one of you full sized guys, they will take off 1HP of damage every time.  Keep attacking until your HP is a number 100 HP off of 7777 (such as 7677 or 7577).  Now kill the monsters, swap your 7677 character out of the party and then fight another battle.  In the new battle, repeat the above steps for another character, then do it again for the third character.  

Now you have three characters with HP values such as 7677.  Now, in the menu screen, use potions on your characters.  The potions ALWAYS restore exactly 100 HP so its easy to make sure all three of your guys have exactly 7777 before the next battle!

Hop in the sub and go looking for Emerald Weapon.  Once you touch him, sit back and enjoy the show!
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Silver Chocobo 98%
To get a silver chocobo mate 2 gold chocobo's with a zeio nut. then go to where emrald wepon floats in one spot and dig.with a silver chocobo you can dig and go under water!!
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Cursed ring 98%
Enter Mideel BEFORE IT IS DYSTROYED Go up the stairs towards the Accessory shop and turn right check the floor and you should find a key go back down stairs and use the key in the secret door in the Item shop.
After the long talk the guy will give you a Cursed ring.
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