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Final Fantasy VIII (8) Cheats for PSX
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Final Fantasy VIII (8) PSX Cheats

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Final Fantasy VIII (8)

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

How to attack everytime with a limit attack 100%
First thing, during a battle, keep a character in "yellow", then when it's time to attack press the circle button till you get the "special attack option".
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Hint 100%
On a equalizer there are 6 secret magic called The end,rapture,full-cure,percent,wall and even catastrophe Barret's level 4 limit break but they can not be junctioned.
4 of these are Selphie's limit break but catastrophe hit for mega damage and percent leaves the enemy with low health.
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Hint 100%
Haste isn't the best spell for speed. 100 Triples will boost it quite a lot more than Haste. In my game Squall kills something and his turn comes up again before it hits the ground.
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The ex Balamb Pupil 100%
The ex Balamb Pupil can help to eradicate rules as he only uses the one rule. He can be found at the docks at Balamb Town fishing after the occupation.
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Two Traps 98%
During Laguna's travel through the excavation site, you can actually open 2 traps instead of one. First open the middle trap. Now, when confronted with the fuses, blow up the farthest boulder, then the nearest boulder. This will cause a 2nd trap to open.
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How to kill a t-rex with just one shot 96%
Make junction with "death" magic to the status attack.
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How to get cloud 85%
When you are in the missile base [note you must have Irvin and Zell on your team. Once you are in the missile base and you get all the way to the compuyer room know matter how well you done you will fight these soilders. Draw off the red soilder not the blue ones it will be a question mark. once you get up to the top, and you fight that blue mrv you will have to use the drawn magic on it, once you beaten it you will get a buster sword. Later on go to Odins place and use the buster sword on him when you use it, it will help at the end in disc 3 when Seifer chops Odin in half instead of getting Gillgemesh you will get Cloud.
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Beat Omega Very Easily 80%
For this cheat to work you must start a new game.

when you start a new game try your best not to let rinoa learn any dog tricks. try to keep her out of the party whenever possible.

in disc 3 when you get to esthar go to the pet shop in the shopping mall and buy all the pets pals vols. teach rinoa invincible moon and shooting star and nothing else. after you learned these moves keep the cursor on a move already learned so she wont learn anything else.

In disc 4 fight omega have rinoa with you with death junctioned to status defense and use aura and hero in that order on rinoa and have someone else cast meltdown and someone like quistis because of (WHITE WIND) of selphies (FULLCURE) so that person can keep health high. continue to use rinoa's limit break and it will only be wishing star and invincible moon to keep the party invincible. also have squall use renzokuken.
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Infinite Rare Cards 75%
On disc 4 when you are at ultimecias castle,on the chain go to the third door.You should end up on a beach beside a forest.Look through that forest for the chocobo shrine.Take a chocobo and try and get to the island that Edea lives on.Go to Kashkabald desert and you should find the ragnarok.Go in and Xu should be there with the rest of the CC can play them to get all of the Rare Cards in the game.
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All Character's Infinite Magic's 33%
All Character's Infinite Magic's include's:
Scathenalatestiny & Apocalypnalatestiny
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