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Pokemon: Sapphire Version Cheats for GBA
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Pokemon: Sapphire Version GBA Cheats

Rating: 3.2/5 VOTE
Pokemon: Sapphire Version Cheats


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Pokemon: Sapphire Version

Rating: 3.2/5 VOTE

Full tm list 100%
TM1- Focus Punch - Find it on Route 115, then Surf Up until you get to another land. Then follow the rocky path after that. It is an item that is shaped like a Pokeball.
TM2 - Dragon CLaw - Find this powerful move in Meteor Falls
TM3 - Water Pulse - When you beat the 8th Gym, you get this TM.
TM4 - Calm Mind: The 7th Gym's gift to you after you beat it.
TM5 - Roar - Find this on Route 114 and talk to the guy with the Poocheyena.
TM6 - Toxic - Find this in the Fiery Path.
TM7 - Hail - Get it in the Shoal cave after helping the Old Man find his items.
TM8 - Bulk Up - After beating the Dewford Gym Leader, he will give this to you.
TM9 - Bullet Seed - Talk to somebody on Route 104 for him to give it to you.
TM10 - Hidden Power - Get this item at Slateport City, or the alternative way is to get this TM at Fortree City.
TM11 - Sunny Day - Find this item in the Scorched Slab.
TM12 - Taunt - Solve a certain puzzle in the Trick House to get this TM.
TM13 - Ice Beam - Buy this item for 3,000 dollars at the Mauville Game Corner.
TM14 - Blizzard - But this TM for 5,000 dollars in the Lilycove Department Store.
TM15 - Hyper Beam - Lilycove Store for 7,500$.
TM16 - Light Screen - Lilycove Store for 3,000$.
TM17 - Protect - Lilycove Store for 3,000$.
TM18: Rain Dance - Get this item in the Abandoned Ship underwater.
TM19 - Giga Drain - Get this item in Route 123.
TM20 - Safeguard - Lilycove Store for 3,000$.
TM21 - Frustration - Get this item in Pacifidlog Town after showing a certain man a Pokemon that hates you.
TM22 - Solarbeam - Find this item in the Safari Zone
TM23 - Iron Tail - Located in Meteor Falls.
TM24 - Thunderbolt - Buy it in Mauville for 4,000 coins.
TM25 - Thunder - LilyCove Store for 5,500$.
TM26 - Earthquake - Located in Seafloor Cavern.
TM27 - Return - See how to get the Frustration TM except get a Pokemon that likes you instead of one that hates you.
TM28 - Dig - Get this item in the Fossil Maniac's House and talk to the first person you see.
TM29 - Get this item in Victory Road
TM30 - Shadowball - Find this item on Mt. Pyre
TM31 - Brick Break - Get this item in Sootopolis City.
TM32 - Double Team - Get this item at Mauville Game Corner for 1,500 coins.
TM33 - Reflect - Get this item in the Lilycove Department Store for 3,000 dollars.
TM34 - Shock Wave - Get this item after you beat the Mauville Gym Leader.
TM35 - Flamethrower - Mauville Game Corner for 4,000 coins.
TM36 - Sludge Bomb - Get this item in Dewford Town.
TM37 - Sandstorm - Located in the desert.
TM38 - Fire Blast - Lilycove Department Store for 5,500 dollars.
TM39 - Rock Tomb - Beat Rustboro Gym, then you get this TM.
TM40 - Aerial Ace - Gift after beating Fortree Gym.
TM41 - Torment - Get this item in Slateport City.
TM42 - Facade - Gift after beating Petalburg Gym.
TM43 - Secret Power - Find this item in Route 111.
TM44 - Rest - Get this item in Lilycove City.
TM45 - Attract - Get this item in Verdanturf Town.
TM46 - Theif - Get this item when Team Aqua or Team Magma invades the Oceanic Museum.
TM47 - Steel Wing - Get this item in Granite Cave after talking to Steven.
TM48 - Skill Swap - Located in Mount Pyre.
TM49 - Snatch - Found on the S.S. Tidal.
TM50 - Overheat - Gift after beating Lavaridge Gym.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Regies Full Guide 100%
OK here's a full guide to the regies.
Part 1: unlocking the caves
moves/pokemon required: surf, dive, dig, wailord, relicanth

to get the regies (regirock regice and registeel) go to Pacifidlog Town and surf left near the bottom until you reach route 134 and there should be a place where you can dive on that route. go down until you reach some braille on the wall and go up. when you're in there go to the crumbly wall at the back and use dig. in the second cave you have to have the relicanth in your first slot and wailord in your second. click on the writing in the back of THAT cave and you will open the other caves.

Part 2: Island Cave
moves/pokemon required: surf

Surf south from petalburg (or north from dewford) and the cave is on the west of route 105. once you are in there read the writing DON'T MOVE! after awhile the wall will open to the second cave.
Regice Lv40 type: ice

Moves: curse, superpower, ancientpower, icy wind
weak to: fire, rock, steel, fighting

Part 3: Desert Ruins
moves/pokemon required: strength

go east from lavaridge onto route 112 (the desert) and go to the south part of the desert. there will be another cave. once in there click on the writing then take 2 steps left and 2 steps down and use strength (there's no boulder there so don't worry about that). that will open the second cave.

Regirock Lv40 type:rock
Moves: curse, superpower, ancientpower, rock throw
weak to: water, grass, ground, steel, fighting

Part 4: Ancient Tomb
moves/pokemon required: fly

Go southeast from fortree (or west from lilycove) to the area where the route bends right and there are a bunch of puddles (but NO rain). go above the pond on the left and you will find the tomb. once in there read the writing ( I don't think reading is necessary but I would do it to be safe) then use fly in the middle of the room. for the last time the second room will open.

Registeel Lv40 type: steel
Moves: curse, superpower, ancientpower, metal claw
weak to: fire, ground, and of course fighting
Immune to poison

they all have the ability clear body so you can't reduce their stats
By: ckjkj(1291)
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How to get Gyarados 100%
Capture a Magikarp and raise it to Level 20. Magikarp will evolve into Gyarados. You can also give it to the Lady-Care found in the house in between Verdanturf and Mauville City. If Magikarp is higher than level 20, just make it get to the next level and it will evolve. This is how to get Gyarados instead of trying to make it appear in the wild
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Safari pokemon 100%
Pokemon you can find in the safari zone:
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Selling non-buyable items 100%
Here are some items you can sell but you can't buy and how much they sell for:

Nugget: $5000
Pearl: $700
Big Pearl: $4900
Master Ball: $0
Rare Candies: $4900

Items you can't buy:

Rare Candies
Master Ball
Big Pearl
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Double money 100%
After you battle May for the third time she will tell you to go see your mom after she gives you HM2 fly to littleroot and talk to your mom she will give you the AMULET COIN equip this to your first pokemon defeat a trainer in battle and get twice the money you would normally get.

The Amulet Coin can be obtained as soon as you defeat Norman.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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How to get some stones 100%
WATER STONE: Go to the abbonded ship in route 108. (you need surf !)

THUNDER STONE : If you beat the Elite Four ...Go to Mauville City . There is a gymleader. He give you a key to his base.(his base is in route 110. You have to surf there.

FIRE STONE : Go to MT.Chimney. There is a entrance.Then you have to go in and you see steam on the flour. There is boulders. You need strenght then. Move the boulders a way and you see a pokeball. Pick it up and you have a fire stone.

MOON STONE : Go to Meteor Falls. And you will be find Moon stone
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Breeding Lileep 100%
First of all, get a Lillep. Do this by choosing one of the fossils from the desert ( Not sure which one )and taking to one of the scientists in the Devon Corporation building in Rustboro City. Then get a tentacool, fish with a good or old rod by sea or surf over some water. Then put both of them in The daycare Centre west of Mauville. You'll soon have another Lileep! You could bring back the whole specices!
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Easier Catching Pokemon 100%
Have a Pokemon that knows the move "Endeavor". Get into the Pokemon battle that you want to catch, make sure you have only 1 HP left. When you get into a battle with a Pokemon that you want to catch. Use the move "Endeavor". You will get the Pokemon down to 1 HP. Use an Ultra Ball, and you will have a lot better of a chance to catch the Pokemon.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Shedinja 100%
To get a shedinja make sure you have 5 pokemon in your party (including your nincada) and you have at least 1 pokeball in your bag.train nincada to Lv20 and it will turn into ninjask.Look in your party and in your 6th slot you will have a Lv20 pokemon called shedinja! It only has one hit point, but is undamageable by anything but super-effective attacks!
By: ckjkj(1291)
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All Secret Base/Your Room Items 100%
Small Table Fotree City 3000 Gold
Pokemon Table Fotree City 3000 Gold
Heavy Table Fotree City 6000 Gold
Ragged Table Fotree City 6000 Gold
Comfort Table Fotree City 6000 Gold
Bricks Table Fotree City 9000 Gold
Hard Table Fotree City 9000 Gold
Camp Table Fotree City 9000 Gold

Small Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Pokemon Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Heavy Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Ragged Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Comfort Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Brick Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Hard Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Camp Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold

Surf Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Thunder Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Fire Blast Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Powder Snow Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Attract Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Fissure Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Spikes Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Glitter Mat Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Jump Mat Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Spin Mat Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold

Ball Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Green Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Red Poter Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Blue Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Cute Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Pika Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Long Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Sea Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Sky Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold

Pichu Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Pikachu Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Marril Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Jiiglypuff Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Duskull Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Waynaut Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Baltoy Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Kecleon Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Azzurill Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Skitty Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Swablu Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Gulpin Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Treecko Mauville City Casino 1000 Coins
(20000 Poke)
Torchic Mauville City Casino 1000 Coins
(20000 Poke)
Mudkip Mauville City Casino 1000 Coins
(20000 Poke)
Wailmer Sootopolis City (given by someone) -
Lotad Given by Lanette (Sapphire) -
Seedot Given by Lanette (Ruby) -

Pika Skin Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Round Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Zigzag Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Spin Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Diamond Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Pokeball Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Grass symbol Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Fire Symbol Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Water Symbol Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold

Red Plant Flower Shop near Petalburg Woods 3000 Gold
Tropical Plant Flower Shop near Petalburg Woods 3000 Gold
Pretty Flowers Flower Shop near Petalburg Woods 3000 Gold
Colourful Plant Flower Shop near Petalburg Woods 5000 Gold
Big Plant Flower Shop near Petalburg Woods 5000 Gold
Gorgeous Plant Flower Shop near Petalburg Woods 5000 Gold

Red Brick Slateport Market 500 Gold
Blue Brick Slateport Market 500 Gold
Yellow Brick Slateport Market 500 Gold
Red Baloon Slateport Market 500 Gold
Blue Baloon Slateport Market 500 Gold
Yellow Baloon Slateport Market 500 Gold
C Low Mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
D Mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
E Mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
F Mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
G Mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
A Mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
B Mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
C high mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
Blue Tent Trick House final prize (Sapphire) -
Red Tent Trick House final prize (Ruby)

Note: There are a few more items not listed.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Premier bal 100%
Buy 10 poke balls at a mart or department store or anywhere you can get poke balls.And she will say ill throw in a premier ball in free.(you will still have the poke balls though)
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Using Theif 100%
After defeating the Team Aqua one of them will give you TM theif. Teach it to a high level pokemon with high speed high defense but very low in sp. attack(theif is a sp. att)
OK here goes:
ex: linoone holding nothing
battle something that holds an item use theif make sure it will not faint because you will not get the Item.

~Pokemon you can use theif on:

vulpix--rawst berry
numel--rawst berry
zigzagoon or linoon--oran berry
Spinda--chesto berry
Dragon tamer Nicholas' shelgon--dragon fang
Luvdisc--heart scale
lunatone--moon stone
lairon--hard stone
clamperl--blue shard
relecanth--green shard
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Leftovers 100%
You can find leftovers in the S.S(The Boat) after getting the ticket, and beating the Elite 4, in the down-stairs bin you find leftovers. The only other way to get leftovers is by getting past 42 wins in the battle tower.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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How to get the Hidden Power TM 100%
First go tho Fortree City. Then go to the second house at the top where you will see an old lady. Talk to her and she will test your hidden powers. When she asks what hand she placed the stone in tell her right, right, and then left and she will give you the Hidden Power TM.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Free Return/Frustrarion TMs 100%
Every week, the man in the house on the east of Pacifidlog Town will give you a free Return or Frustration TM depending on whether the 1st pokemon in your team likes or dislikes you.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Getting rare berries 100%
Talk to the Berry Master's wife, and tell her these codes to get the following berries:

31. Spelon: GREAT BATTLE
33. Watmel: OVERWHELMING LATIAS ( must have latias in pokedex )
34. Durin: COOL LATIOS ( must have latios in pokedex )
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Breeding 98%
Have you ever wanted an Eevee, but all you have is one of the evolutions, and no eevee on your pokedex? well, in the daycare centre, just put it in there with a pokemon of the opposite gender that looks like it, and you will get an egg! There are many things that eevee can breed with:
Absol, Electrike, manectric, poochena, miteyena, things like that can breed easily with eevee.
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Stuck on The Sealed Chamber? 98%
Guess again! Go to the rushing currents and find the place to dive. Find the inscription. Its says " Dive up here " In the 1st chamber room, You must cut or dig, I forgot wich one. Before you go to the 2nd room, catch a Relicanth and Wailord. To get Wailord, Ayou have to evolve a Wailomer. To catch Relicanth, dive in the seaweed in Route 126. It took me an hour to find, because he is rare. Go back to The Sealed Chamber and put Relicanth 1st in your party and Wailord last. Go to the big rock in room 2 and press A near it. If you read it, it would be a waist of time. After you get out of the Brail writing, you will hear some sounds and the writing " It sounds like 3 caves opened in the distance ". Regice can be found on Route 105. To get there, go to Dewford town. Go all the way left and surf to the cave. I will keep the other 2 locations secret.
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Find Latias 98%
Once you become the Pokemon League Champion, pay extra attention to the TV. It will broadcast information about a super-rare Pokemon. After that, be on the lookout for the Latias, which is exclusive to the Sapphire version of the game.
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Rare Berries 98%
To get the rarest berries, there are several sources.
1. Visit the berry master EVERY day, and he will give you berries, often rare.
2. In sootapolis, on the west green area, there is a girl called Kiri. Chat to hre every day, and she will give you berries
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Watch TV for Hints 98%
Watch television to see commercials advertising bargains and the like. Here are some occurences to keep your eyes peeled for:
A commercial for the Mauville Game Corner. When it plays, head over there for increased prizes.
A commercial for the Lilycove Department Store. Get a discount after you see the commercial.
Pokemon sighting information. When the TV tells you a specific Pokemon is spotted, go to that location to find the monster in question.
A commercial for the Slateport City energy guy. Go to him to get energy items at a reduced price.
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Battle Tower Prizes 98%
Complete tasks in the Battle Tower to earn the following prizes:
1-5 Victories:

6 or more Victories:

Bright Powder
Choice Band
Focus Band
King's Rock
Mental Herb
Quick Claw
Scope Lens
White Herb
50 Victories in a row:

Award Ribbon
Silver Shield
100 Victories in a row:
Gold Shield
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Fill your party with starter Pokemons at the beginning of the game without cheats. 96%
These are the steps and items needed.

2 Gameboy Advance or SP
2 games(Sappire/Ruby/Emerald)
1 Link Cable

First,when you start a new game in game#2 catch any Pokemon.Now,trade the starter Pokemon with game#1 for a useless Pokemon.Turn off game#2,start a new game and repeat the process as many times you want.Note,you can also get all of the starter Pokemon and form an arsenal of starters.
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Best starter 95%
The best starter to pick is torchick.if youre going to fight roxanne get torchich to level 16 and it will evolve to combuskin.combuskin will try to learn doble kick.double kick is very effect to rock types.and if you fight the elite 4 use double kick to the 1st guy's pokemon and it will be super effective.for the 3rd use either a fighting or fire move,but if you are fighting seleo or walrin use a fighting move.
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The True Best Starter 93%
The best starter is mudkip. Because when it eveloves,it becomes water and ground type.water is weak with:grass and electric.Groundis weak with:grass,water and ice.Water isn't very efective with water,ice is not very efective with water,and electric doesn't efect ground.So,water/ground type is only weak with grass.But Swampert can learn ice moves.And grass is weak with ice.
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How to catch a hard to catch pokemon 93%
If the pokemon you want to catch always escapes, then use this cheat. When you throw the ball, press UP + A button when the ball closes. You should be able to catch it.
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How to get the coincase 4 the game corner 89%
To get a coin case go to the house with the guy next to it, go inside the says she wants harbr mail, go to slateport's mart and buy one , now go back to the girl who talks about the bike and mail, give her the mail in exchange for the coin case. I didnt know this the irst time I played
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How to Get a Jigglypuff 83%
Fly to Rustboro City and go up up up until you see the Sea Surf in there and go up again until you see a Land after you see a land go and find a green grass(where the wild pokemon lives) and now search for a Jigglypuff in that Grass.The only problem is the only chance that you will get a Jigglypuff is only 45% but if it's your Lucky Day or your Birthday you will get it fast.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Egg 75%
In the pokemon Day Care they raise pokemon. If you put like say, a Female Delcatty
and a Male Delcatty. they will have a egg. It will probaly be a female skitty, or a male
skitty. Try some other pokemon too!
By: abby5079(20)
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To get the regies #2!!!!!!bad spelling again!!!!!!! 71%
To get regiesteel go t route 120 then find a cave then go in then read the riting then go in the middel use the move fly then itll open! then now regirock yea regirock. go to route 111 then go in the desert!go find the cave then go in then read the riting then take 2 steps back then 2 to the right then use the move strength.ITS OPEN!now regice go to route 105!u have 2 surf then go find the cave then go in side then read the riting and then,DO IT AGAIN!and then dont move!wait 2 or 3 min.THEN ITS OPEN!hoped I help 2 get you the regies bye look 4 zamer202 4 more tips!=-)
By: zamer202(15)
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Got Itemfinder 71%
Beat May on Route 110,then you'll got an itemfinder
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Better chance of cathing pokemon 69%
After the pokeball closes repeatedly tap A.If done right it should work.
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Beat Elite Four Easily 69%
I easily beat the elite four with only two pokemon. I used Blaziken and Kyogre. Blaziken knew double kick, blaze kick, slash and earthquake, Kyogre knew hydro pump, ice beam, thunderbolt and take down. For Sydney Blaziken's double kick and blaze kick easily got him out of the way. Then Phoebe, the most sensible moves to use are Blazikens blaze kick and Kyogre's thunderbolt. Then Glacia is easily taken care of with Blazikens blaze kick and Kyogre's thunderbolt. Lance can be kept at bay with Kyogre's ice beam. Finally, Steven can be taken out with Kyogre's hydro pump and occasionally Blazikens blaze kick.

And That Is How You Beat The Elite Four With Two Pokemon.

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How to get regice,regirock and registeel 68%
To get Regice,first,open the three caves,then go to the sea and find Regice cave,then read the middle of the writings for two minutes.Then it will open.Now you have Regice.Then go to Fortree city and find Registeel`s cave[in the south of fortree].when you go inside the cave,walk to the middleof the cave and use Fly,then the cave will open.there`sregisteel.Next go to the Desert[at the north of Mauville city]then go down or south the desert.There you will find Regirock`s cave.then follow this movements walk to the middle of the writings then use these movements[right,right,down,down]then use Strength.And there you have it the three Regis.And rememeber to save the game BEFORE you battle them.

Hope you follow these cheats!
By: scorpion098(20)
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HM Location 67%
HM#1-Cut: You get cut at the Cutter's house in Rustboro.
HM#2-Fly:You get fly from May after beating team Aqua at the weather plant.
HM#3-Surf:You get surf from Wally's parent's house next to your Dad's gym after you beat your dad.
HM#4-Strength:You get strentgh after you break one of the rocks seperating the couples in the cave to the right of Rustboro.
HM#5-Flash:You get flash from the first guy you see in the cave next to Dewford.
HM#6-Rocksmash:You get rocksmash in the house on the right side of Mauville as soon as you enter from the bottom of Mauville.
HM#7-Waterfall:You get waterfall on top left corner on the third,or fourth floor of the Cave Of Origin.
HM#8-Dive:You get dive at steven's house in the top left corner of Mossdeep.
By: pokemonmaster12(72)
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Master ball 64%
In the Team Aqua Base, after some exploring, you will come across 4 items! Two are electrodes playing roles, 1 is a nugget, and 1 is a master ball! A master ball can catch any pokemon on the first try. Use it carefully, use it on a very good pokemon such as latias or rayquaza
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Hints to find Registeel, Regice, and Regirock 63%
Go to southeast part of Route 134 and dive into water. It is difficult to get due to the currents, and it is the only deep part of that route. When you entered the entrance, there are some braille writing on the wall. Don't go anywhere after you read it just face to that braille n float to the top of water, where you will end up in a cavern. When you in there, go forward until you found the last room that has braille. Use Dig, and in the next room you must do this, put a Relicanth on the top and put a Wailord at last place ( etc. Relicanth, ?, ?, ?, ?, Wailord ). Walk to the top of the room and read the braille. You will trigger an earthquake, which will unlock the Regis.

REGISTEEL: To find Registeel, you can access a big rock and 6 small rock around it in the southwest region of route 120. Enter it, then move towards the center of the room. Use Fly to find Registeel.
NOTE : The braille writing for catching Registeel is:"With new time, hope and love, aim to the sky in the middle".

REGIROCK: To find Regirock, fly to LAVARIDGE, bop down the mountain at the right, and enter the desert. Go down and you will find a big rock with 6 small rock around it. Enter the cavern. Walk up to the center tile at the top of the room. Go two steps down and two steps right. Use strength to open the passage to Regirock.
NOTE : The braille writing for catching Regirock is :"Right, right, down, down. Then use strength".

REGICE: To find Regice, in route 105, there is a big rock with 6 small rock too on the island. Enter and stand in front of the tile. Press A, read it, press A again and do not do anything else. The door will open after 20 seconds and the last Regi is yours.
NOTE : The braille writing for catching Regice is:"Stop and wait. Wait for time to pass twice".
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Fast Leveling Up 62%
First make sure you have 10000 dollars. Then put the pokemon you want to train in the day care. Then go to a mud slide and tape your up button down so you keep walking. Then put your game boy on the charger and close it. When you wake up the next morning your pokemon will go up around 20 levels.
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Berries!!!! 56%
Type this to the Berry Master's wife.
Cool Latios:Durin Berry
Overwhelming Latias:Watmel Berry
Super Hustle:Belue Berry
Challenge Contest:Pamtre Berry
You can only type in one daily!.!...=]
By: pokemonmaster12(72)
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Fighting Wally Again 53%
After you beat the ELETE 4 go to VICTORY ROAD then you see Wally. Talk to him then you will fight him again
By: ian22(240)
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Hint: Bring My Fossil to Life 53%
Go to the sandstorm in Route 111 and go all the way up and all the way to the right. There you will find two fossils--The Claw Fossil and the Root Fossil--and you'll need to pick one. Then go to the President's office in Rustboro City. Enter the room with lots of scientists and talk to the one in the lower right hand corner. Next, exit the building and walk around for about 30 seconds. Go back in, talk to the same scientist that you talked to the first time and you will have the Pokémon from the fossil.
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More than one mudkip 52%
First,choose mudkip and then go to the near pokemon day care..
1.catch a maril that the opposite gender of mudkip.
2.put them both in the day care...
3.go outside and talk to the old guy next to the day care.
4.check if they like itch other or not.
5.if they play with the other,catch another maril and check again.
6.go do something else like lvling or something.
7.after 2 minute,go back to the old man. to him if he standing in front of the fence.
9.he will give you an egg.
10.sometimes you will get maril,try getting a mudkip more.
11.if you got more than 1 mudkip,trade it to your friend with ruby...

By: pokeFREAK555(136)
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REGIES!!!!!!!!!!!HOW CATCH!!!!!bad spelling. 50%
To catch he regies you have 2 go tp pacificlog town and after that you probably want 2 save and then keep on going there gonna be sum currents go to the bottom sum where there go on the current im not gunna tell where because its to long but there gonna be a place you can dive keep going under water then thers going to be riteing that mean go up next 2 the rock go up but heres a problem you have 2 have relecenth and wailord put relecenth first and wailord last then go up then go to the back read the wall then use dig then go in theres a earthqueak.UV UNLOCK THE REGIES!more my next tip.
By: zamer202(15)
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Return of the fossil 50%
Go to the area close to Mauville city:the sandstorm area
just as I did it, I encountered a wild glitch. so in that area, keep searching until you found the glitch. once you've found it, use item finder and root fossil will show up and I know there should be two but root fossil showed up in my item finder..when you are done go to rust boro city Devon corporation and look for the scientist on the bottom right hand corner and he will try to resurrect your fossils to Pokemon
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Sootopolis Wall Cheat 50%
Go to the right side of Sootopolis City. Go up the stairs until you get to the 2nd to last staircase. Take your 1st step on it then walk left. Then, you'll find yourself on a wall!:)
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How to get 10 berries in one day 50%
1. Talk to the beryy master and he'll give you 2 berries sometimes very rare like
- Rabuta berry
- Spelon berry
- Tomato berry
2. go to Lilycove city in the corner where theres a house there should be a man that looks like a gentlemen and he'll give you berries
3. Head to Sootopolis city and surf to the west and there will be a girl who gives you rare berries
4. Go to Rustboro city and head south to a pretty petal shop where there will be 3 girls go east in the house to ask that girl for a berry
5. (the only codes I know) Go back to the berry masters house but this time ask his wife and type in these codes to get some very rare berries
Cool latias (you must catch latias before you can enter some of these codes)
Great battle
Beautiful latias
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Read it 50%
I am not copying anything but throw a pokeball and wen the ball bounces hold up and a and it should catch it I cote ragousa (I don't no how to spell his name)on the second throw.
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Unlimited Safari Time 50%
To stay in the safari zone forever, all you have to do is:
1. Get the acro bike from Rydell
2. Go to the safari zone
3. Go to the patch of grass in which you will catch the pokemon you want. (Anywhere)
4. Get on the acro bike
5. Keep doing bunny hops (hold B) until you find a pokemon.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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How to get heaps of ashes 50%
OK, so, if you have the Soot Sack to carry ashes in for the guy in the Glass Workshop on route 131, there is a much easier way to get ashes rather then running around, finding all of these pokemon (like Spinda) that you already have or don't want and then waiting for ages while the grass turns grey again. What you could do though, is get a couple of Repels (any Repel will do, I use Max Repel because you don't have to use that many), run around in the grass until all of the grass has turned green, then go to the glass workshop and talk to the guy there who will ask you what you would like him to make for you.

Blue Flute
Yellow Flute
Red Flute
White Flute
Black Flute
Pretty Chair
Pretty Desk

Choose what you want and if you want an item that you don't have enough ashes for then go outside and VOILA (I don't know how thats spelled so bear with me here, I'm not a good speller...)! The grass should all be grey again and if you use up your Repel, just use it again and just keep running around the grass and going to the Glass Workshop until you get enough ashes for your dream item or you just get bored
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Lottery prizes 50%
To win the lottery, found at the Lilycove Department Store, you must match up certain numbers of your ID card with the lottery number. The more numbers that match up, the better and rarer the prize.

Matching all of the numbers gets you a Master Ball.

Matching 4 of the numbers gets you a Max Revive.

Matching 3 of the numbers gets you an Exp. Share.

Matching 2 of the numbers gets you a PP Up.

And obvioulsy only matching 1 number doesn't get you anything

Also try using your friends pokemon as well as yours so you have a better chance of winning.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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How to get all of the baby pokemon 49%
All you have to do is trade a ditto from your leaf green or fire red. Next put it in the day care with a pokemon and after an 1 hr you'll get that pokemon.
By: Supernova5(215)
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Catch pokemon easily 48%
Find a wild pokemon and hold down and hold (L,R,A,B) left right A and B.
By: Megamaster52896(12)
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How to get to rayquaza quick 47%
First go to the sky pillar located east of pacifidlog then go to the second floor and use dig, it will take you strait to rayquaza he is at level 70 so make sure you have lots of strong pokemon
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Attacks to let Kyogre learn 47%
Kyoge is one of the best pokemon. There are four attcks that will enable it to beat ANY type of pokemon. Here they are:

Strong against: Water, Ice, Bird, Bug

Ice beam:
Strong against: Dragon, Grass

Strong against: Steel, ground, fire, rock

Water Spout
Strong against: Steel, ground, fire, rock
By: Dragonzygirl(982)
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Staryu 47%
You can find a staryu in lilycove city. Go to team aquas base but dont go inside. use surf. if you are facing the hole to the cave you are the wrong way. turn araund and go fowerd six times. then use the superod. when you start fishing move all four arows on the gameboy and you have it.
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Mudkip Secret 46%
This Right Here is a Doozy if You want Your Swanpert to learn Hydro Pump then when Your Mudkip is about to evolve DONT LET ITat Level 42 Mudkip Learns Hydro Pump But Marshtomb and Swampert Dont Learn it Period
By: NorthernStar(248)
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Want Pichu? 46%
To get Pichu first get a Pikachu then put him/her in the Day Care Center. Then a few days later go there then talk to the man then he will give a egg. When it hacths well hey you should thank me. P.S Hey my freinds did.
By: ian22(240)
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National Pokedex 45%
If You Have One Of The Pokemon Leafgreen Or Firered Versions And Got All The Way To The Sevii Islands And Brought Celio The Gems/Stones To The Isl 1 Pokemon Center Then All You Have To Do Trade A Pokemon From Either The Johto Or Kanto Regions That Arent Available in Saphire And Ruby And Your Pokedex Will Be Updated Into A National Dex
By: NorthernStar(248)
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Hidden Nugget 45%
In the Copy Cat's house, Go to her room. On the table at the top is a doll. Talk to the open space on the table next to the doll.And you now have a nugget.
By: pokemonmaster12(72)
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Catching wailord 43%
You can get wailord very easily. Just surf on route 129. It will take some time to catch but don't loose your patience as it's one of the rare pokemon.make sure you have pokeballs to catch it.
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Why blazkien is useful 43%
You see its because after you break the rocks sorrounding the couple when you bust the rocks then youl get strength and the guy says itll only work on muscle bound pokemon like lucario or makuhita and blazkien
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Streaty 42%
Hi pokemon fans here is a good streaty for defaeting trainers. First catch a smooshmush in the pestberb forest and evole it to a breloom. then teach it mega drain and leech seed. when you are in a battle first leech seed it. if you ever get in trouble use mega drain. it's that easy.
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How to find shiny pokemon easlily (still really hard though!) 40%
You need a pokemon with illumanate (staru is best) also you need a pokemon that has sweet scent (oddish for best results) and most of all a whole lot of time! This works because I have found a shiny kadabra (absolutly nothing can top it) also a shiny jumpluff (well a hoppip) on my fire red! And a shiny magikarp on my sapphire. Well good luck you all to shiny hunting.
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Orange hands 40%
If you press select in move,withdraw and diposit the hand will turn orange and it will move pokemon automatically
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First start with any starter and catch pokemon only to put the hm.beat all the trainer with only your starter pokemon.this will make the starter pokemon level up fast..
mudkip(high in attack and its the best starter)
trecko(high in speed and its evolve to septile that know false swipe)
torchic(never tryed)

hope it help :d
By: pokeFREAK555(136)
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How to get Regice 40%
Go to Regice's cave if you see brail it will say ''Stop and wait. Wait for time to pass twice.
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Getting a Corpish to Crawdaunt 39%
First you need a SUPER ROD then go to the reflecting water in Verdrunaf (sorry for the spelling) Mauvile route for Corpish. To get a Crawdaunt you have to catch a Corpish with a SUPER ROD at level 45 . Raise it one more level and there you have a Crawdaunt
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Torchic is the only one out of combusken and blaizekien to learn flamethrower in level 42
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Feebas + Milotic! 36%

Go to Dewford tell the guy outside the trendy saying club that the new saying is "DUDE WHAT'S UP?" until he believes you. Go to the big long river west of Fortree. Go near the waterfall and there's a bridge. Stand on the fourth tile from the left where you can see your whole body above the bridge and fish on your left. You should edit:WILL get a Feebas. This even worked on my friend's game, so it's not bogus.


Adamant, impish, jolly, and careful natures will not work for this, so don't even try. make a lot of blue/indigo pokeblocks and max out your feebas' beauty. Level it up and it's a milotic.
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How 2 get an egg faster 35%
When u want 2 breed pokemon put them in day care and run around mauville 4 a while then go back
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Pink or green pokeblock? 35%
Us the razz berry in the oldtimer and it will make a green or pink pokeblock
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Easy elvolving 33%
Get a exp share give it to the any pokemon and get kyogre at level 70+ with moves surf, waterfall, water spout, and thunderbolt. not bogus mines level 90 and I can beat it without using other pokemon and hypper potions!
By: underdog619(16)
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How to get castform 33%
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Stevens gift 33%
After you defeat the Elite four, you will fight Steven, the champion. After you beat him, you are the new champion. Then, go to his house in Mossdeep. You will see an item on the desk. It is a pokeball containing a Beldum(steel, Level 5)
It knows take-down, and will evolve into a metang at level 20(steel, psychic). Sometime around level 45 it will evolve into a Metagross,(steel, psychic), Steven's most powerful pokemon!
By: ckjkj(1291)
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( this if only if u have a gameshark ) AWSOME CODES!!! 31%
[M] Must Be On
Change PLYR Name (Note 1)
Infinite Cash
Infinite PP
Quick Level Gain
Quick Level Gain(DayCare)
No Random Battles
Access all Fly To Areas
Access Fly Map [L+B+Up]
Have Running Shoes
Free DayCare
Eggs Hatch Faster
Wild Pokemon Easily Caught
Max Hearts in Contests
Have Pokedex & Pokenav
Have all PokeBlocks+Max Lv
PokeBlocks have No Feel
PokeBlocks have all Traits
1st Pokemon - Max Stats
2nd Pokemon - Max Stats
3rd Pokemon - Max Stats
4th Pokemon - Max Stats
5th Pokemon - Max Stats
6th Pokemon - Max Stats
Have all Berries
Have all TM/HM's
Have all PokeBalls
Have all Desks
Have all Chairs
Have all Plants
Have all Ornaments
Have all Mats
Have all Posters
Have all Dolls
Have all Cushions
Trainers Eyes Complete
Complete Pokedex
Rain Maker [Press L+R]
Access Birch's Bag [L+R+Up]
Access Your PC [A+R+Up]
Access Mod Shop [L+A+Sel]
All Key Items (Note 2)
All Misc Items (Note 2)
By: noelabean(32)
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The true best starter is treecko ,why???, simple!!, train yor treecko until it becomes a grovyle then teach it the -tm rock tomb- it will beat all fire types especially like flannery's pokemon and then after you beat winona (its all up to you to beat her) teach your grovye/sceptilethe -tm aerial ace- thats how to beat may's combusken.....

to beat winona catch a linoone teach it thunderbolt,ice beam,slash,the rest (not the tm rest) is up to you.

si gelo ang nag send nito!
By: dunonecheat(37)
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The land of the shiny pokemon 29%
Go to rout 138 and use dive it\'s hard to findand you will see a pyrmiad, go to the front and Hold L+R +A+B+select+start and go to the top of sky pillar and all the pokemon at sypillar are shiny.
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How to get raquaza with ultra ball 29%
First go to the sky pillar and challenge raquaza the use an ultra ball and press A+B and you should catch it.
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Tedeursa 28%
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Where to find a Girafarig heracross or apinsir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 27%
You can find aGirafarig Heracross or a Apinsir at the safari zone.
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Mystery... 25%
To get a high lvl pokemon starter simply follow the following:1.start a new game 2.set your clock to 9 oclock 3.get any starter. 4.then go and turn birch's computer on it will say this pc is for reasearch dont mess then. 5. then turn the game off without saving it then type:a,b,r,l,left,right,r,l,start select WARNING YOU MUST HAVE MYSTERY GIFT ON YOUR MAIN MENU TO ACTIVATE:GET 5 BADGES ON A OTHER MEMORY THEN GO TO PETABURG POKE CENTER AN TALK TO MAN BY PC AN SAY TO HIM IN UR PROFILE(MYSTERY GIFT IS EXITING).
By: sigmaste(8)
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Warning Shiny wurmple will evolve to a Casccon then Dustox 22%
Whenever you catch you might think it will evolve in Silcoon then Beautiflybut istead it will evolve to a green Cascoon then a dustox with gold wings
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How to catch The 3 Regis and requirements. 20%
Heres how to catc the 3 regis=Registeel,Regice,Regirock.If you want to catch them you first need to catch a wailmer that can be found anywhere by fishing and relicanth by diving near sootopolis and when you got that you just need to go to pacifidlog and go left and go near the current to go there go to the lowest part and go to the current and when you see a trainer there go down and surf let the current carry you and then let it and then you will land in a small land and surf again then you will land on a water with 2 trainers go straight and let the current carry you again then you will land in route 134 surf again until you go to a place where there is a diving spot at the middle dive there and you will go underwater then go to the bottom of the underwater and face the dots in the wall called braille and use dive and you will float now in the sealed chamber then go to the top wall with a braille then face the wall and use dig then it will open up then enter and you will go in a place with 6 stones go straight after entering until you hit the wall and it is written there "PUT RELICANTH AT THE TOP AND WAILORD AT THE BOTTOM" after arranging click the wall and then there will be an earthquake then the caves containing the regis will open.
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How to catch mewtwo 2!!! 19%
Yo ever wanted mewtwo 2 ? well just go to digglet's cave and and press up, down, L, and right and soon anough you will find it "i cought mine in a footstep at level 100! so go to digglet's cave and try to catch mewtwo2
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Obtaining pokemon not in the list. 18%
Im playing pokemon saphire in pc. just the same in game boy advance. go to granite cave wer u find steven to deliver the goods from devon corporation at dewford town. pokemon that i caught are entei, raikou, suicune, articuno, aeroducks, kabuto, the level is around 7 to 10 mewtwo is level 10 eeve is level 9 try ur best catching its really hard to caught a pokemon in the granite cave. the rear grass in the granite cave. i think u can caught bulbasaur in route 102. grass after literroot town. send u gba sapphire in pc tell me if theres differrences.
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Master ball 18%
82025c94 0001
82025c94 0150
82025c94 0152

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Running shoes quiqer 18%
Run out of littleroot town and go to rustburrow town then go back and you mum gives you the running shoes
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Pokemon sapphire code breaker 17%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Rare candy 17%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Pokemon saphire cheats 14%
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Missingno returns!!! 14%
This was a bad experince for me because this one must of been bad. (Hint do not catch any missingno type pokemon because it might delete your game) this one looked like a voltorb but all black with a big $ in the middle wait it was ether a $ or an S I cannot check due to my game. The only safe on is ? And its on emerald. I hope you ppl don't mess up your games. . Peace
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How to get an eevee 13%
No matter what was said you CAN get eevee in pokemon sapphire. True you can't cath it but you can abtain one. You'll just have to put in the poke' daycare with a ditto to breed more. All you have to do is go to Lavarigde (sorry if selled incorrectly) and go to the pokemon center. (to clear a space in your pokemon party). Go left towards an old lady next to an old man resting under the sand. Talk to her and she will give you an egg. That very egg contains the pokemon eevee.

P.S this is NOT from a different web site. Believe me you won't find this info any were else. For I had forgotten how to get the eevee and went to other websites looking on how. But they all said that there was NO WAY to get an eevee. SO HA!

BY: archangel
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Finaly a solved mystery: catch a ghost! 11%
This is really simple save before you enter the tower. Go find a ghost. Throw a master ball. As it is saving turn off during the message at saving don't turn off th... (... is where you turn off any sooner or later it dosent work) oh and another note: you must have a spot open!
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Ghostly pokemon 11%
Alright, these are really rare I guess because I've only found one and it was a latias its cool. Call it a ghostly pokemon due to it being a faded pinkish and dull grey. Don't even bother looking for these because they look too hard to come by. (If you do get one don't breed with a shiny the baby will be normal waah!) good luck :)
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Jirachi 8%
The easiest way to get a jirachi is to buy a pokemon coluseum game for game cube that comes with the second disc. it can be transfered to pokemon sapphire and pokemon ruby.
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