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Pokemon: Ruby Version Cheats for GBA
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Pokemon: Ruby Version GBA Cheats

Rating: 3.7/5 VOTE
Pokemon: Ruby Version Cheats


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Pokemon: Ruby Version

Rating: 3.7/5 VOTE

Rare Stones 98%
Find Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow Shards. These may be found near Mossdeep, under the water. Go to the Hunter's House. Trade him Blue Shards
for Water Stones, Green Shards for Leaf Stones, Red Shards for Fire Stones, and Yellow Shards for Thunder Stones.
Get ThisBy Doing This
Water StoneGive the Shard Hunter a Blue Shard.
Leaf StoneGive the Shard Hunter a Green Shard.
Fire StoneGive the Shard Hunter a Red Shard.
Thunder StoneGive the Shard Hunter a Yellow Shard.
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Unlock Statues and a Sculpture 98%
Win at least 50 battles in a row in the Battle Tower. You will receive the Silver Trophy. Win at least 100 battles in a row in the Battle Tower. You will receive the Gold Trophy. Get 5 pictures painted in the Lilycove Art Museum. You will receive the Glass Sculpture.
Get This-By Doing This
Silver Trophy-Win at least 50 battles in a row in the Battle Tower.
Gold Trophy-Win at least 100 battles in a row in the Battle Tower.
Glass Sculpture-Get 5 pictures painted in the Lilycove Art Museum.
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Heartscales 98%
If you want to have heartscale, you should have a Pokemon that knows thief or trick then go to pokemon center at ever grande city then go to the lake above the waterfall then use your super rod then use thief or trick at LUVDISC.
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Scarfs 98%
Go to Slateport City. Chat to the Chairman in the Pokémon Fan Club. If
your lead Pokémon has maximum coolness, he will give you a Red Scarf. If your lead Pokémon has maximum beauty, he will give you a Blue Scarf. If your lead Pokémon has maximum cuteness, he will give you a Pink Scarf. If your lead Pokémon has maximum smartness, he will give you a Green Scarf.
If your lead Pokémon has maximum toughness, he will give you a Yellow
Get ThisBy Doing This
Red ScarfHave maximum coolness on lead Pokémon.
Blue ScarfHave maximum beauty on lead Pokémon.
Pink ScarfHave maximum cuteness on lead Pokémon.
Green ScarfHave maximum smartness on lead Pokémon.
Yellow ScarfHave maximum toughness on lead Pokémon.
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Unlockables 97%
Trick House You need to win the trick house on Route 110 for these. The HMs needed are annotated.

Get This-By Doing This
Rare Candy (HM1 Needed)-Beat 1st challenge.
Timer Ball-Beat 2nd challenge.
Hard Stone (Rock Power Up) (HM6 Needed)-Beat 3rd challenge.
Smoke Ball (HM4 Needed)-Beat fourth challenge.
Taunt (TM12)-Beat fifth challenge.
Magnet (Electric Power Up)-Beat sixth challenge.
PP MaxBeat seventh challenge.
Blue(Sapp)/Red(Ruby) Tent-Beat for the eighth, and final challenge.
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Helpful Groudon move 97%
Go to the safari zone and go to the lake all the way north.Surf to the other side and grab the TM(Solarbeam). Teach this to Groudon because Groudon always summons the sunlight making solarbeam a one turn attack.(Solarbeam is also a powerful grass type move good for water type or ground type pokemon your friends try to use on u=D)
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Passwords 96%
Berry Master's Wife Passwords
Tell the Berry Master's Wife certain phrases to receive the following
berries. You can only tell her one of these each day.
Get ThisBy Doing This
You will receive a Spelon Berry.GREAT BATTLE
You will receive a Pamtre Berry.CHALLENGE CONTEST
You will receive a Watmel Berry.OVERWHELMING LATIAS
You will receive a Durin Berry.COOL LATIOS
You will receive a Belue Berry.SUPER HUSTLE
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Small ruby hints 96%
These are just some helpfull tips about evolving pokemon and what attacks they laern.
zubat evolves lvl 20 or 22
golbat is hard to evolve buy 10 carbos,zinc,calceim,protein feed it to golbat.
then keep traning it and it will evolve it evolves out of happeness.

swablu evolves lvl 35 peck,persish song,
into altaria safeguard,dragon breath,refresh,sky attack

baygon between lvl 30and 35 bite,head butt,ember,
shellgon evolves between lvl 50 or55
salamace dragon breath,ember,fly,scary face

trapinch evolves between lvl 30 or35
brivava evolves 45
flygon bite, crunch,sandstorm,dragon breath,sand tomb.
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Glitches 96%
Berry Glitch
After a year of gameplay, the glitch frezzes all time events, berries stay
in the same state (cant grow), and the PokeRus stays in effect. To fix this glitch:
a) Transfer Jirachi from the Bonus Disc to your game.
b) Connect w/ Pokemon Colosseum and upload your team.
c) Link w/ Fire Red/Leaf Green to get the National Pokedex
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Watch TV for Hints 96%
Watch television to see commercials advertising bargains and the like. Here are some occurences to keep your eyes peeled for:
A commercial for the Mauville Game Corner. When it plays, head over there for increased prizes.
A commercial for the Lilycove Department Store. Get a discount after you see the commercial.
Pokemon sighting information. When the TV tells you a specific Pokemon is spotted, go to that location to find the monster in question.
A commercial for the Slateport City energy guy. Go to him to get energy items at a reduced price.
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Get regirock and registeel for ruby/saphire and maybe emrald 96%
First get a relicanth and put it in the top of your team.then put a wailord and put it at the end of your team. then go to pacificlog town and head west you will come across some islands. on one you will go west and pass a open place where you can dive in .keep on doing this until you get into that spot. on that last island orI mean shallow water go to the most south-west and go 3 steps north.then go into the waterand you will be able to get in.then dive in and go to where it has writing on it and use dive again.then go to the very back where it has writing on it use dig in front of it go in and goto the back where it has writing and press a (i think I do not rememberthis part that well) but make sure your relicanth is in front and your wailord is in the back. it will start to shake when it is done get out and fly to fortree city and head west.once you go over the 2 bridges you will see stairs. go around the wall up some stairs and up THE stairs. go around that area and you will see a rock with a whole in it.I do not remember if you are asposed to go in the middle of the room and use fly or maybe that was for regirock so try that and going straight to it go right 2 times and down 2 times and use strength. one of them will make it open go in it and there is registeel)You might want 2 save before battling so maybe if you want to catch it but you didn't you can just turn it off and back on again with out saving.also before battling you might want to put a strong pokemon in front but just to let you know relicanth is pretty stong or atleast stronger than you think! Next go to Mauville city and up to the dessert then go right some and down alot and in that area there will be a rock with a whole in it.go inside it.either use fly in the middle of the room or go up to the writing and go right 2 times and down 2 times and use strength.woulch ever one did not work for Registeel.after you do that walk in and there is regirock.I have the cheat for regice but it doesn't seem to work!
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Battle Tower Prizes 96%
Complete tasks in the Battle Tower to earn the following prizes:

1-5 Victories:

6 or more Victories:
Bright Powder
Choice Band
Focus Band
King's Rock
Mental Herb
Quick Claw
Scope Lens
White Herb

50 Victories in a row:
Award Ribbon
Silver Shield

100 Victories in a row:
Gold Shield
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Pokemon Diploma 96%
Get This-By Doing This
Pokemon Diploma-Have all 202 pokemon Seen and Caught in your pokedex.
Then go to the hotel in Lilycove City and chat to the Game Designer.
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Battle in a Friend's Secret Base 96%
Once you link up at Pokemon Record Corner, your friend's Secret Base will appear in your game. Once you enter the Hall of Fame, find the Base, and you will be able to fight your friend there.
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SunStones!!! 96%
If you want to have sunstones, go to mossdeep space center then chat to the guy with blue shirt. Aside from that, you can also get sunstones by using thief or trick at solrock which can be found at Meteor Falls. If you have already the sunstoneuse it to Gloom to evolve to Bellosom.
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National Pokedex 96%
Get This-By Doing This
National PokedexTrade any pokemon from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire to Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green, and you will receive a pokedex which you to view 386 pokemon
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How to get a Master Ball. (2 ways. Easy and hard) 95%
The easist way to get the 1st master ball is in the team Aqua/Magma's base. Keep stepping on the white dots until you come to a room with 4 poke'ball things. 2 will be poke'mon, 1 will be an item I can not remember,Now, the last one will be the master ball. Now, in the Lillycove's huge store, there are 2 weman behinde a counter when you walk in. One will say Welcome to the store for BLAH BLAH BLAH ECT.The other will say This is the lotter center so on. She will say would you like to buy a ticket? Say yes. It'll tell you you're number then check your pokemon in the pc and your party. If 1-2 numbers mach, you get 3rd place, a pp up or protien, close to that. 3 or 4 numbers is 2nd place, an everstone, and finally 4 or 5 numbers is 1st place, a master ball. You can get 1 by the base, but you can get more if you get 1st place like 5 times! (*** You can play the lotto once per day on the game.So you can get a master ball each day if you were that lucky.)
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Exclusive Pokemon: Groudon 95%
The Ruby version allows you to catch the ancient Pokemon Groudon. It's only available in Ruby, and you only face it once... in the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis City. Save your Master Ball so you will be sure to capture it at this encounter.
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Get Mystery Event 95%
After you win the Elite Four, go to Petalburg City and chat to the man by the computer. He'll ask you for a profile. Tell him "Mystery Event Is Excited". After you're done talking to him, save your game and turn your GameBoy off and then back on. You'll now have the Mystery Event option unlocked.
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Pokemon Evolution 95%
Swablu will evolve to Altaria at level 35
Corpish will evolve to Crawdaunt at level 30
Nincada will evolve to Ninjask at level 20 -Hint: if you want a shedinja, leave an empty slot in your party then evolve Nincada... Shedinja will appear
Rhyhorn will evolve to Rhydon at level 42
Catch Lairon at victory road and evolve it to aggron at level 42
Use thunderstone at Pikachu then it will evolve to Raichu
Psyduck will evolve to Golduck at level 34
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Rayquaza 95%
Go to Pacifldog Town. Now, surf to the east to Route 131 until you pass the boy and girl facing each other, that are separate. You will see an opening between some rocks. Go there and surf west. Keep going and you will see a cave opening. Go through it and enter the building. Go to the top of the building to find Rayquaza. *** On the 2nd and fourth floors, to pass the cracks you will need get the Mach bike to go at full speed.

*** You need to win the champion for Sky Pillar to be reachable.

Another version:
How to catch rayquazza pokemon ruby, emerald and saphire
To catch Rayquaza : match bike needed and 40 ultra balls and 50 great balls
You must have defeated the pokemon league. You start at pacifidlog and surf east along the rocks then you keep going till you find an opening in the rocks so you go through a little way and you will come to an island with a cave in front of you. Go into it and follow it out into the sky pillar. **** you will need an MATCH BIKE SO DONT FORGET IT
Go into there and you will see that when you try to walk over the floor to get to the doors you fall through the ceiling so thats why you need bike when you speed over the holes you dont fall. So when you have gotten past the floors you will go through the door and find rayquaza note save before battling him incase your pokemon die. Good luck:}
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Mystery Event 95%
Get at least 5 badges. Go to the Petalburg Pokemon Center. Chat to the guy at the PC. When he asks you your profile, tell him MYSTERY EVENT IS
EXCITING. You will be able to scan E-Reader cards with this.

Get This-By Doing This
You will receive Mystery Event.-MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING
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Recommended moves for SWAMPERT 95%
ICE BEAM effective move for grass type
EARTHQUAKE effective move for electric type
SURF or MUDDYWATER effective move for fire rock and ground type
FOCUSPUNCH effective move for dark and ice type
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Getting Different Coloured Trainer Card 94%
You can get 4 different kinds of Trainer Cards; Green, Silver, Bronze
and Gold. You start off with the green card. And when you win the Elite
Four you get the Bronze card. When you beat all of the contests you will
receive a Silver Card. And then atching all 200 Pokemon will give you the Gold Card. It doesn't matter what order you do those tasks in.
Get This-By Doing This
Green Trainer Card-The Card you start off with.
Bronze Trainer Card-Beat the Elite Four at least once Silver Trainer Card-Beat all of the contests
Gold Trainer Card-Catch all 200 Pokemon
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Getting the poke block case 94%
You can get the poke block case in the slateport so you can make some poke block for your awesome pokemons!
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Kings rock 93%
There is a boy behind the pokemon center in mossdeep city he will ask u if u want the king rock steve gave to u and u obviously say yes it is helpful in battle.
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To get rare candy/super potion/full restore/ full heal etc.. 88%
Get 3-5 phanty or zigzagoon.. walk trough the bushes and it will automatically pick up items.. it will take some time but its worth it!
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Easy tough contest win 86%
To do this you need to catch a aron, on deford island, and raise it to level 26. While raising it make sure to keep the move HARDEN! you'll need this combo move.Next when it learns TAKEDOWN on lvl 24-26 keep that move as well.Now, if you did it right it should know HARDEN and TAKEDOWN,go to
the 1st contest and use HARDEN,then on your next appeal use TAKEDOWN,you allways get 15 hearts!reapeat until you win(doing this you'll always win even if you didn't give your aron pokeblocks, or someone startles your pokemon)
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Blaze uppercut,brick break and earthquake
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Free items 80%
Put 6 zigzazoonz in your party and go for a walk if you check on your pokemon they have a item on them, like nugget, super potion, rare candy, full restore, ultra ball, once I got the kings rock from a zigzazoon so now I got 2 and I think linoone is picking up items to, I got a nugget from him.
Greetings Delice
By: Delice(46)
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How to catch rayquaza! 80%
Go in the sky pillar and brouth blaziken in L89 after elite four. use sky uppercut and captured it with ultra ball!
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Regis routs 80%
Hear is a hint : where to get regis steal rout 120 , rock 111 , ice 105 .
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How to get PP max.... 75%
By:jim pogi

go to lilycove city ,then go near the team MAGMA/AQUA's base
,then go where theres many rocks ,then use your itemfinder ..............
don't use that item that the PP is 5 because it will gain only 3
use it of any of this:
flamethrower,ice beam,solar beam

^^ if you want many just vote me ^^
By: silent007(7)
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Getting muitiple rare candys 72%
All you need is at least 5 or 6 pokemon all of which should be one of these (linoone, zigzagoon, or a phampy)The higher lvl the better. Take 5 of your choice of those and 1 other one(to fight with).Go to the forest by fortree and kill about 4 or 5 wild pokemon. Then chek on the 5 pokemon and they should have an item.(Note: It isnt always rare candy but you have a good chance). Sometimes I have gotten nuggets,pp up, protein, and super potions.
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Unlock all the regis 71%
Go to the southwest part of route 134 and dive into the water.It is difficult to get to due to the currents,and it is the only deep part of that will find a a part of the cave, there are some brail writing on the that point, float to the top of the water,whereyou will end up in a cavern.GO into the last room by going foward,use dig.AND IN THE NEXT ROom you must do something strange.put a relicanth in the front of you party and a wailord at the end of your party.Walk to the top of the room and read the brail.You will trigger and earthquake which will unlock the regis.YOU CAN FISH UP A WAILMER TO evolve at level 40at route 122,and find a relicanth outside Sootpolus in the underwater grass (Rarely but it is there)
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Best Moves for a Tough Contest 71%
Below are the best moves used to beat the Tough Contest. Enjoy!

Ancient Power - Raises the user's condition. Helps prevent nervousness.

Rock Smash - The appeal works well if the user's condition is good.

Super Power - Excellent appeal, but the user becomes easier to startle.

Explosion - Even though it isn't Tough, it has full appeal, but shouldn't be used until the 5th Appeal, because you can't make any more appeals after using it.
By: Rocker99(1124)
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More time in safari 71%
Go to a patch of grass and stay in one place but move back and forth
By: btg(84)
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Good battle tower teams 71%
A good battle tower team needs these pokemon

lvl 100: sceptile, blaziken swampert

or any of the starters, salamence\ dragonite\ tyranitar,

gardevior\ latios (not latias)

lvl 50: aggron\ metagross, arcanine\ blaziken,

swampert\ walrien

the best moves for sceptile are : solarbeam, leaf blade, dragon claw and false swipe!

trade to get arcanine, dragonite and tyranitar ( fire red or leaf green)
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Easy rayquaza 69%
An easy of capturing rayquaza is to use ice based moves on him so I recommend that you use sealeo or spheal on him at a low level cause it is super effective . Also make sure your pokemon has a quick claw so it can attack first
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Most Effective Moves for the 3 Starters 67%
Once Torchic, Mudkip, and Treecko reach their final evolutions Blaziken, Swampert, and Sceptile, these are the best moves:

For Blaziken:

Sky UpperCut
Blaze Kick
Fire Blast

For Swampert:

Mud Shot

For Sceptile:

Leaf Blade
Rock Smash
By: Rocker99(1124)
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Masterball cheat 67%
A way to get free masterballs is to trade pokemon with your friend, then which ever pokemon you got from him/her you will have the pokemon you caught with your trainer card number on them and the pokemon you got from your friend will have a different number to the pokemon you have so then go to the city with the big mall place where you can buy drinks but stay on the ground level, then go to the desk with the two women and go to the woman on the rught side of the desk but don't talk to her then save the game then talk to her if you to get first place and get the masterball then just turn off the game then turn it back on. when the game loads your last save you will be in front of the same woman, continue repeating this until you get a masterball and then do thesame tomorrow.
By: super cheater(246)
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Beldum 67%
First defeat Champion Steve and the elite four and after the credits load the game and you will end up in your room and now fly to Mossdeep City and find the house of Champion Steve.And after you find it enter it and you will find a pokeball in the table.Get it and now save the Game.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Outbreak and pokemon league 63%
After you beat the pokemon league watch tv there might be a outbreak of pokemon
By: anthonynguyen09(6)
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How to release the regis 61%
First you go to pacifilog and go to the strong currents next to it. 2nd you go as farth south as possible. then for each little island thing you go all the way south except for the on that has no rocks or anything on ( dont go to the one that has an open middle) next when you get to the the place where I told you to go( you might want to save on it, it might take a couple of tries) you go exactly in the middle. then you surf to the place where it has a dark patch of water use dive. then go through the entrance with the light. go all the way until you see a wall with dots on it( brail ) then use dive again. go into the cave and go to the last stone and use dig. next go to the last stone with brail and just hit A on it . then the regis will be realeased. Requerments wailord (the evoleving of wailmer) and relicanth found right next to sootpolis underwater in the seaweed. a pokemon who knows dig , a pokemon who knows surf and a pokemon who knows dive. regi rock is in a desert on route 111. regi steel is on a hill near some berries on route 120 and regi ice is northwest of dewford
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Reset without turning the game off. 61%
Press a, b,start, and select.
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Easy latias or latios in saphire and emerald 60%
First get a sableeye the level up tu lv 50 give him the quik claw and he is suposed to know mean look. you have to have sableye in the first pokemon then latia(o)s aperars use mean look and he will not run the it will use psy atacks and they wont afect sabley!bring alot of timer balls it could be a very long battle.
By: joserv(51)
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Free sunstone! 60%
Go to metero falls and find a sunrock in levle 30 or higher it may have a sunstone
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Reccomended moves for blaziken 60%
Blaze kick,brick break,sky uppercut and earthquake if you want tips just call me!
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How to unlock the regi's 2 57%
First go to Mossdeep city.Then go to the house left of the house next to the gym.go inside and talk to steven.He will giv you a HM(dive).To use dive you have to beat the gym.the fo to pacificlog city(between Sootopleis city and Evergrande city).Go to the south part of the currentA(u have to be at the south part of the ocean current).Then you go to a deep spot in the south part of the current.Use dive(you have to have a pokemon know dig,and dive and a wailord as the first pokemon and relecanth as the last pokemon you have).Use dig on the back all.Then go to the next room.Press the A button.Then it will say"3 doors have been open far a way".There is a cave in the south part of the dessert(the regi is regirock).The next on is next to petalburg city(regice).And the last and most harest to cath is next to lillycove city(registeel).It took me like 30 minutes to catch the regi's.They are all LV.40.They are all had to catch.
By: pokemon234(304)
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Evolution: Vileplume and Bellossom 57%
Vileplume and Bellossom are both evolutions of Gloom, the evolution of Oddish. To get Vileplume, use a Leaf Stone on Gloom. To get Bellossom, use a Sun Stone on Gloom.

Where to find these stones:

Sun Stone: Use the move Thief on Solrock at Meteor Falls there's a 99% chance it will be carrying a Sun Stone.

Leaf Stone: Search for a Green Shard by Mossdeep and give it to the Shard dude he will give you a Leaf Stone for it.
By: Rocker99(1124)
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Quicker level up 56%
Give your lead pokemon the exp share and let him fight if you win with the pokemon with exp share you got dubble your exp points.
Greetings Delice
By: Delice(46)
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Do you want to a shiny pokemon? 56%
First, go to a place where there is grass and just stay in one place for at least 1-2 hours. Then you will get a shiny Pokemon. If you go to saffire zone you can get 80% of geting differeint pokemons.

Sumiter:Prajwol Dewan
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Pokemon evolution 56%
Charmender~charmeleon, up level 16
charmeleon!charizard, up level 36
pikhacu~raichu, need a thunder stone
growlith~arcanine, need a fire stone
By: ridhoap(8)
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Get a beldum!!! WOW! 56%
Hi im here to tell you how to get a beldum and train it up (u need exp share you probelly no how to train it up) ok (u hafto of defeated the elite 4 too, soz if you havant)

1#get exp share.
2#make a space in party.
3#fly or surf to massdeep city.
4#then from the gym go left
By: antonish(6)
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Master Ball in Lily Cove. 54%
First I went to lily cove department store I went to the lottery the I talked to the lady and she said you won, you won a master ball your more likely to win a master ball if you make alot of trades with different people.
By: cheatdude54(67)
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Regi Trio Walkthrough 50%
Opening the Regi Trio Caves

First you need to go to pacific lodge town and go west and try to get into the cave you must have dive to be able to do it and make sure you have you're emerald guide and use the brail at the back of the book and you will figure it out and you will need a Relicanth and a Waillord and a Pokemon that knows dig when it says right here and dig her the next door will open then advance and work out the next brail and then you have it you will have unlocked the Regis the Regis are spread around one is in the desert one is north west from Dewford town and figure out the brail and Regi steel is Fortree and then you will have three rare Pokemon what are good hope I helped thorn

Here are the 8 Steps to catch the Regi Trio

Requirements: 7 badges, dive, dig, Wailord, Relicanth.

I. Get Wailord and Relicanth.
II. Go to Pacifidlog Town.
III. Go west of Pacifidlog. (Stick to southern edge.)
IV. When you get to the dive spot dive. Keep going until you see the Braille.
V. The Braille reads,” Go up here."(Only go up at that spot, or you will emerge on 134.
VI. Go straight ahead.(The Braille on the sides are the whole alphabet, starting from the left and going to the right.
VII. The Braille reads,” Dig here." Dig at that spot and another chamber will open.
VIII. Go straight ahead. Put Wailord first in your party, Relicanth last. It will open 3 new doors in Hoenn. They are: Desert Ruins(Route 112),Island cave(Route 105), and Ancient tomb(Route 120).

§ If you haven’t found Wailord in route 129 go to route 128 or 127 you should find Wailmers at levels 36-38
§ Wailmer Evolves at Level 40
§ If you haven’t already found Relicanth Grab a Pokemon with The move Sweet Scent (There is a Reason so just do it)
§ Relicanth’s Location changes and is only found in about 4/400 Patches of seaweed in the on the seafloor
§ In accordance to the popular phrase in Dewford Town Relicanth’s Position always changes from location to location
§ Relicanth is hard to catch but with a few Ultra Balls and Dive Balls it is relatively Easy to catch (Dive Balls are Preferable)
§ If you have both Dive Balls And Ultra Balls use all of Your Ultra Balls then your Dive Balls Second
§ If you KO Relicanth Don’t worry about it as long as you don’t change the Popular Phrase in Dewford you should be able to find Relicanth in the same spot as before.
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Rare Candies 50%
Throughout Ruby Version, rare candies( items that boost your pokemon's level by 1)can be found. Places that I've found them recently to my knowledge have been as followed:
1.) 1st prize in the Trick House
2.) West of Fortree City. Waterfall up the waterfall just above the bridge after the institute. You need to make your way through the ACRO BIKE bridges to the end. The poke ball is the rare candy.
3.)East of Fortree City. Use CUT on the 1st tree on the North side of the walkway leaving fortree City on the East Side. CUT the tree and follow the passage and click the A button on the last square of the path to obtain a rare candy.
My mind is going brain dead so ill return to this later.
By: reaper52607(30)
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How to get to Regice 50%
Fly to Dewford and the walk up toward the cave. Once you reach the edge Surf up to Route 105 and by the west side you will find an island with a large rock there. It's Surrounded by other rocks. Go inside and to to the Braille. Press A, then read it (If you can) The press A again and put your gameboy down for 2 minutes or so. After that time, you'll notice that the door has opened and You'll see Regice! Save the game before battling. Have about 20-30 Ultra Balls and some very strong Pokemon. Regice will be at level 40.
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How to get reyquaza by using an ultra ball 50%
All you need is to get an altaria lv 60 having with heart scale teach him a move DRAGONBREATH battle reyquaza make him life color red when he fly throw it an ultra ball.It works for me you try it!
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Acro bike use 50%
There are white ledge and you get an acro bike use a bunny hop over to the other ledge and you can find leaf stones and much much more
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Catch cimecho 50%
First catch a Shuppet and a duskill, if you have them put them both on top in your party.
then you go to Mt pyre walk the for a bit and you should find chimecho.
Greeting Delice
By: Delice(46)
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How to get regice 50%
First, once you get past the opening the regis caves, go 2 dewford town and go up by the cave and surf north till you get to th cave with six rocks around it go in and look at the writing on the wall and the press a to get out of it then you need 2 wait about 2 minutes then the door will open.
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Get Regice 50%
Sorry for the miss spelling,but to get regice I dont know if this works for emerald or saphire but to get regice you need to get to the island rock neer petlberg city first you need to press A and these wierd writtings will come out you need to stay there for one minute with the writting and tada! a small cave will open now you could go to fight regice but save before battling hope this tip helps bye players of pokemon
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Get another extra share 50%
If you own a Pokemon Colosseum disc for the Gamecube then you are in luck. Once you obtain the Extra share from Pokemon Colosseum you can transfer it to your Pokemon Sapphire for some serious training. That way you will have yours from the game and from the Gamecube. All you do is give to the extra share to a Pokemon and transfer it to the GBA. Then transfer the Pokemon back. Then you have two extra shares.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Get a Rhyhorn 50%
First get a Mach Bike and go to the Safari Zone,when your in the Safari Zone go to the Left Left until you see a way up and go up and after you go up you will see a Mud Slide,now Ride the Mach Bike and go up in the Mud Slide,after you go up and search for a Green Grass(where pokemon lives)and search for a Rhyhorn,you will see it 98% sure!
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Do wheelies and Bunny hops 50%
When you get to the bike shop get an acro bike.
Go outside and press b and ride around, or
hold B and you will do a wheelie. If you keep holding B down then you will start to do bunny hops on the bike.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Easy Earn Coin 50%
If you want to make lots of coins without wasting any you may save your game and then play. If you fail just load and then play again. It will take time playing in a real gba but if know a full control saving and loading in pc's vba you can do it easily.
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Earn coin case in ruby and leef green versons 50%
First you need to go to Mauville City and then go to the casino located at the bottom of the gym. Talk to everyone there (except the sells-women), a man will tell you that a lady can give you a coin case and she lives beside the casino in a pink-yellow colored house. Go and talk to the lady she will probably look for harbor mail . To earn it go to the trick masters house and complete three or four levels and also don't forget to take all the items there. After you have harbor mail go to the lady and she will want to trade it for her coin case. tade your mail and you will receive coin case.

Go to Cleadon City then enter the casino talk with Talk to everyone there (except the sells-women), then exit th casino. Go right and then down through an opening in the fencing . Go to your left then down the street and then to go your right. You will see three doors and enter the first one. This is a restaurant, talk to everyone and a the man at the top right corner will give you a coin case.
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Get a rare twenty level pokemon : Anorith 49%
Hey guys, I am your friend - a girl to put a cheat to get a rare twenty level pokemon, Anorith, Aishwarya called as Ash - not the pokemon Ash. To get Anorith, go to the desert to the north of Mauville city. To the north of desert, you will two fossils lying there. You have to pick only one and the other will sink in the sand. Pick up the claw fossil and go to Rustboro city. Go to the second floor of the devon corporation. There you will see many men in the lab coat, but go to the last man of the right side. He will say something and ask you to give him the fossil and he will make that fossil alive. Give him the fossil and go to the first floor and again come on the second floor(remember you should have an empty place in your pokemon party). He will give you the very rare pokemon - Anorith. If you follow the following steps but take the root fossil instead of claw fossil you will get a pokemon called Lileep. ENJOY YOUR NEW POKEMON!
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HM list 49%
HM 01 (Cut): Cuts down small bushes. Found inside the house to the left of the Pokemon Center in Kanazumi City.
HM 02 (Fly): Can fly to cities: Found in the town with the sixth Gym.
HM 03 (Surf): Can Swim. Found in the house left of the fourth Gym.
HM 04 (Strength): Allows you to push some rocks. Found in the town with fourth Gym.
HM 05 (Flash) Lights up dark areas. Found in the cave on the island with the second Badge.
HM 06 (Rock Smash): Smashes some rocks: Found in the house to the left of the third Gym.
HM 07 (Waterfall) Allows you to climb waterfalls. Found in the cave with the Legendary Pokemon in Rune.
HM 08 (Dive): Allows you to submerge under the ocean. Found in Tokusane City after beating the seventh Gym.

by CJolly
By: CJolly(378)
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How to get Seaking 49%
First get a Seadra and a dragonscale.Next put the dragonscale on Seadra.After that trade your Seadra to a freind.Last get your "Seadra" or your newly evolved Seaking.Good luck
By: handyme(355)
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Were 2 get a corphish lvl41 47%
First go to petalberg city then go up to a piece of water were a old man will be use surf to the middle use super rod a few times im sure then u will be sure to find it.
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Cloning 46%
There IS CLONING IN POKEMON RUBY AND EMERALD(i forgot how in emerald I have to ask my friend) but in ruby you need a GameShark SP

Hit Add New Game
Then Type In Pokemon Ruby v1.2 as game name
then the Master Code SHOULD BE
then hit add new cheat under this game and type in
Clone Pokemon (Note 3)
then the codes are


yes sadly alot of codes took me under a minute becuz I opened GameShark with the CD when you buy it and copied and pasted each line into the spaces to put codes ok you guys are wondering what NOTE 3 Is well its this:

Note 3: Press L+R+Up.
Copies Box1-Slot1 to Box1-Slot2
By: PokemonProXD(7)
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Good pokemon group 46%
Aggron,exploud,amphardos,blasikan,rydon,tyranitar[trade from fire red,leaf green for tyranitar]
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The Ultimate Pokemon : Corsola 45%
Corsola is a very great pokemon beCAUSE she can learn RECOVER & REFRESH like Latios.
You can get corsola by trading in pacifilog and by catching.
By: melzycute(700)
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How to get pickachu 45%
First go and get your pokeblock case in the slateport in pokemon contest hall then go and talk to the little girl then you have to go in the safari zone then prepare your $500 for your entrance then go and get pickachu. thanks for reading

by:amiel garcia the cheat master
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99 master balls 44%
People have told me that once you catch the 3 regis train them all to lvl100 then talk to the lady in the lilycove department store and she will give you 99 master balls
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How to really catch jerachi!!! 42%
OK first if you have beaten the elite four you might wanna get the team back together becuase you have to beat the elite four 45 times.
then go to sky tower you will find a lv 5 jerachi
(or 43 times I forgot...)
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Recommended moves for Blazeiken 41%
Double Kick, Sky Uppercut, Blaze Kick and Fire Blast
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How to capture Raquaza! 41%
Go to the Sky Pillar that's on route 131. The pokemon there are strong so be sure to have good pokemon.Once you get to the secound floor you should see cracks in the floor you need a Mach bike to get acrossed that.On one floor you'll have to stop on the secound to last crack. Then there should be a doorway go through it and go up. Rayquaza should be siting there. Save in front of him so if you fail to catch him you can just turn the game off then back on.You'll still be in front of Rayquaza. To battle Rayquaza Click the A button when your in front of Rayquaza.
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Get latios 40%
To get this rare pokemon, Latios, you will need to beat the elite four, watch your house tv, and get notified of a rare pokemon flying around the hoenn region, then fly to moosdep city and talk to the boy right next to the pokemon center and he will say hes from kanto talk to him 3 times then hurry to route 121 and there you shoulkd encounter a rare latios (KEEP YOUR MASTER BALL INSTEAD OF USING IT ON GROUDON OR RAYQUAZA!!) This pokemon is only available on ruby version. ENJOY!!!
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How to easily get a lotad.[submitted by george abraham lincoln] 40%
First defeat the league.then defeat the battle tower.then go to the safari zone.go deep inside it. then suddenly ,out of no where,magically,in front of your eyes,a departmental store will appear.then ,if you go inside the departental store,they will be selling groudon,lotad,amphistelron,etc.
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Search for cheats(money) 40%
First press specific value then 32 bits then equal then unsigned then enter value (enter how much is your money) then press start then press the cheat then press add cheat then press how much your money want to be example you have 500 then dot this cheat and enter the value you want like 999999999 money then press ok and your done
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Get second master ball 39%
I went to the lily cove deparment store and did the lottory and I traded pokemon alot so she said you won! and I won a master ball
By: cheatdude54(67)
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How to catch rayquaza an easy way 38%
First have an Altaria on level 54 or higher (which can be found in the sky pillar) and use dragonbreath on rayquaza so you can paralyze him. Then have a golbat that knows confuse ray and a dusclops will o wisp. Then have a pokemon that has ice beam or blizzard so you can freeze him. Once you make him have all of this lower him down to yellow and let the burn lower him to red. When he is at red throw as many ultra balls as possible
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How to get a!!! golden !!!rayquaza!!!!!! 36%
After beating the elite four and the champion and BEFORE you capture it.

Go to the place rayquaza is and save IN FRONT of it.Turn on and of the game until is a diferent color.

By: beker(66)
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How to catch Darkrai, Diagla, and Palkia in Ruby/Saphire 33%
First beat the Elite Four with one pokemon. After doing this talk to the old man in Dewford town that gives you the potion earlier on. If you beat the Elite Four with only one pokemon he should say, "Have time to hear a secret?" Reply yes and he will say, "There are 3 sacred pokemon seen here in Dewford recently, their names are Diagla, Palkia, and Darkrai. Last I heard they were last seen in the nearby cave."

Head to the cave to the north-west and go to where Steven originally stood. There will be a black pokeball. Pick it up and either Darkrai, Palkia, or Diagla will attack. The one you fight will be level 100 and has the hold item leftovers so they are very hard to damage. I suggest a high level Wobbufett so they can not run and use a timer/luxury ball.
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Codes,Super Codes 4 U 33%
(:Code 4 Pokeballs:)


Master Code

Pokemon : 83007D220xxx Replace xxx with numbers shown below example: 83007D220001 which will get you Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur 001
Ivysaur 002
Venusaur 003
Charmander 004
Charmeleon 005
Charizard 006
Squirtle 007
Wartortle 008
Blastoise 009
Caterpie 00A
Metapod 00B
Butterfree 00C
Weedle 00D
Kakuna 00E
Beedrill 00F
Pidgey 010
Pidgeotto 011
Pidgeot 012
Rattata 013
Raticate 014
Spearow 015
Fearow 016
Ekans 017
Arbok 018
Pikachu 019
Raichu 01A
Sandshrew 01B
Sandslash 01C
Nidoran (F) 01D
Nidorina 01E
Nidoqueen 01F
Nidoran (M) 020
Nidorino 021
Nidoking 022
Clefairy 023
Clefable 024
Vulpix 025
Ninetales 026
Jigglypuff 027
Wigglytuff 028
Zubat 029
Golbat 02A
Oddish 02B
Gloom 02C
Vileplume 02D
Paras 02E
Parasect 02F
Venonat 030
Venomoth 031
Diglett 032
Dugtrio 033
Meowth 034
Persian 035
Psyduck 036
Golduck 037
Mankey 038
Primeape 039
Growlithe 03A
Arcanine 03B
Poliwag 03C
Poliwhirl 03D
Poliwrath 03E
Abra 03F
Kadabra 040
Alakazam 041
Machop 042
Machoke 043
Machamp 044
Bellsprout 045
Weepinbell 046
Victreebel 047
Tentacool 048
Tentacruel 049
Geodude 04A
Graveler 04B
Golem 04C
Ponyta 04D
Rapidash 04E
Slowpoke 04F
Slowbro 050
Magnemite 051
Magnetron 052
Farfetch'd 053
Doduo 054
Dodrio 055
Seel 056
Dewgong 057
Grimer 058
Muk 059
Shellder 05A
Cloyster 05B
Gastly 05C
Haunter 05D
Gengar 05E
Onix 05F
Drowzee 060
Hypno 061
Krabby 062
Kingler 063
Voltorb 064
Electrode 065
Exeggcute 066
Exegutor 067
Cubone 068
Marowak 069
Hitmonlee 06A
Hitmonchan 06B
Lickitung 06C
Koffing 06D
Weezing 06E
Rhyhorn 06F
Rhydon 070
Chansey 071
Tangela 072
Kangaskhan 073
Horsea 074
Seadra 075
Goldeen 076
Seaking 077
Staryu 078
Starmie 079
Mr. Mime 07A
Scyther 07B
Jynx 07C
Electabuzz 07D
Magmar 07E
Pinsir 07F
Tauros 080
Magicarp 081
Gyarados 082
Lapras 083
Ditto 084
Eevee 085
Vaporeon 086
Jolteon 087
Flareon 088
Porygon 089
Omanyte 08A
Omastar 08B
Kabuto 08C
Kabutops 08D
Aerodactyl 08E
Snorlax 08F
Articuno 090
Zapdos 091
Moltres 092
Dratini 093
Dragonair 094
Dragonite 095
Mewtwo 096
Mew 097

2nd Gen Pokemon ID Code
Chikorita 098
Bayleef 099
Meganium 09A
Cynaquil 09B
Quilava 09C
Typhlosion 09D
Totodile 09E
Croconaw 09F
Feraligatr 0A0
Sentret 0A1
Furret 0A2
Hoothoot 0A3
Noctowl 0A4
Ledyba 0A5
Ledian 0A6
Spinarak 0A7
Ariados 0A8
Crobat 0A9
Chinchou 0AA
Lanturn 0AB
Pichu 0AC
Cleffa 0AD
Igglybuff 0AE
Togepi 0AF
Togetic 0B0
Natu 0B1
Xatu 0B2
Mareep 0B3
Flaaffy 0B4
Ampharos 0B5
Bellossom 0B6
Marill 0B7
Azumarill 0B8
Sudowoodo 0B9
Politoed 0BA
Hoppip 0BB
Skiploom 0BC
Jumpluff 0BD
Aipom 0BE
Sunkern 0BF
Sunflora 0C0
Yanma 0C1
Wooper 0C2
Quagsire 0C3
Espeon 0C4
Umbreon 0C5
Murkrow 0C6
Slowking 0C7
Misdreavus 0C8
Unknown 0C9
Wobbuffet 0CA
Girafarig 0CB
Pineco 0CC
Forretress 0CD
Dunsparce 0CE
Gligar 0CF
Steelix 0D0
Snubbull 0D1
Granbull 0D2
Qwilfish 0D3
Scizor 0D4
Shuckle 0D5
Heracross 0D6
Sneasel 0D7
Teddiursa 0D8
Ursaring 0D9
Slugma 0DA
Magcargo 0DB
Swinub 0DC
Piloswine 0DD
Corsola 0DE
Remoraid 0DF
Octillery 0E0
Delibird 0E1
Mantine 0E2
Skarmory 0E3
Houndour 0E4
Houndoom 0E5
Kingdra 0E6
Phanpy 0E7
Donphan 0E8
Porygon2 0E9
Stantler 0EA
Smeargle 0EB
Tyrogue 0EC
Hitmontop 0ED
Smoochum 0EE
Elekid 0EF
Magby 0F0
Miltank 0F1
Blissey 0F2
Entei 0F4
Suicune 0F5
Larvitar 0F6
Pupitar 0F7
Tyranitar 0F8
Lugia 0F9
Ho-oh 0FA
Celebi 0FB

3rd Gen Pokemon ID Code
Treecko 115
Grovyle 116
Sceptile 117
Torchic 118
Combusken 119
Blaziken 11A
Mudkip 11B
Marshtomp 11C
Swampert 11D
Poochyena 11E
Mightyena 11F
Zigzagoon 120
Linoone 121
Wurmple 122
Silcoon 123
Beautifly 124
Cascoon 125
Dustox 126
Lotad 127
Lombre 128
Ludicolo 129
Seedot 12A
Nuzleaf 12B
Shiftry 12C
Taillow 130
Swellow 131
Wingull 135
Pelipper 136
Ralts 188
Kirlia 189
Gardevoir 18A
Surskit 137
Masquerain 138
Shroomish 132
Breloom 133
Slakoth 16C
Vigoroth 16D
Slaking 16E
Nincada 12D
Ninjask 12E
Shedinja 12F
Whismur 172
Loudred 173
Exploud 174
Makuhita 14F
Hariyama 150
Azurill 15E
Nosepass 140
Skitty 13B
Delcatty 13C
Sableye 142
Mawile 163
mAron 17E
Lairon 17F
Aggron 180
Meditite 164
Medicham 165
Electrike 151
Manectric 152
Plusle 161
Minun 162
Volbeat 182
Illumise 183
Roselia 16B
Gulpin 16F
Swalot 170
Carvanha 14A
Sharpedo 14B
Wailmer 139
Wailord 13A
Numel 153
Camerupt 154
Slugma 0DA
Magcargo 0DB
Torkoal 141
Spoink 15F
Grumpig 160
Spinda 134
Trapinch 14C
Vibrava 14D
Flygon 14E
Cacnea 158
Cacturne 159
Swablu 166
Altaria 167
Zangoose 17C
Seviper 17B
Lunatone 15C
Solrock 15D
Barboach 143
Whiscash 144
Corphish 146
Crawdaunt 147
Baltoy 13E
Claydol 13F
Lileep 184
Cradily 185
Anorith 186
Armaldo 187
Feebas 148
Milotic 149
Castform 181
Kecleon 13D
Shuppet 179
Banette 17A
Duskull 169
Dusclops 16A
Tropius 171
Chimecho 19B
Absol 178
Wynaut 168
Snorunt 15A
Glalie 15B
Spheal 155
Sealeo 156
Walrein 157
Clamperl 175
Huntail 176
Gorebyss 177
Relicanth 17D
Corsola 0DE
Chinchou 0AA
Lanturn 0AB
Luvdisc 145
Bagon 18B
Shelgon 18C
Salamence 18D
Beldum 18E
Metang 18F
Metagross 190
Regirock 191
Regice 192
Registeel 193
Latias 197
Latios 198
Kyogre 194
Groudon 195
Rayquaza 196
Jirachi 199
Deoxys 19A

Note: To make theese cheats work, add game then type in Ruby and then use the master code shown above and then add cheat type in the name of the pokemon and click it!

Pokemon: Blaziken blaziken
Box:1 Spot:1

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How to catch jirachi and deoxys 31%
Ok, this may take a while to get. First go to the space center in mossdeep city. Go inside and then talk to the first dude in the white sweater. He'll say " The rocket sucessfully launched safely. That's successful launch #" When he says 56 or above he'll ask if you want to fly to the moon. You say yes and you will encounter deoxys. If he says 100 then you get on the moon and you will fight jirachi
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Migrating pokemon 31%
If you migrate with a ds you will incounter new pokemon (note it takes a while try to go to routes that are like the ones in dimond or pearl like if theres a pokemon in route 202 you whant look for it in route 102)
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Silver koffing 31%
I caught a silver koffing at fiery path
By: akshaya(33)
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How to get a mystery gift with no going to a event. 30%
Go to petalburg city.Talk to the man next to the pc.He will ask for your profile.Say"Mystery Event Is Exciting.Save your game.Turn the game back on.And it will say mystery gift.When you pick it.It will say linking stand by.If you want to cancel it press the B button.I don't know why it would say linking please stand by.
By: pokemon234(304)
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How to get the shiny pokemon you want! 27%
Follow the steps below:

1)go to the area of the pokemon you want.
2) to look for the shiny version of the pokemon, use any kind of repel.
3) spin around 5 times starting at north.
4)use another repel and spin around 5 times starting to the north.
5) repeat steps 2-4 10 time and there you have it a shiny pokemon!
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Don 24%
I will share my strategy to you...

First you will need a Wobbuffet knows Mirror Coat! (If he use Luster Purge you are LUCKY because If he use Psychic he is DEAD!) ok...... Bring a 20+ ultra balls only.......
Try it Again and again.........

My secret Strategy:
Go to Slateport City and go up you enter the Bicycle Bridge or Road (whatever)
(Enter and Exit only) If he fled to your spot use Sweetcent
P.S Bring Oddish! Go to the High Grass and use Max Repel
Don't Forget Wobbuffet in Front OK........

P.S: Don't Attack Any Pokemon He will Fly!
By: joneski15(5)
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lairon 23%
he will evol at lv 29 or39
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Training Pokemon 21%
Go to the Rusturf Tunnel and keep battling and on a good battle your Pokemon will gain exp points from 58 to 110
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Recommended team for pokemon league! 20%
To defeat the pokemon league you must have blastoise on level 85 or over,kyorge on level 85 or over,golbat level 41 or over and groudon on level 85 or over.Also remember to have some full restores and 2 other pokemon to use if needed.
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Rare candy 2CD8F4BE651F5B20 20%
Rare candy
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Infinit health 17%
Push a a down b b a a up up up and your all set.
By: austinpowers08(22)
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Infinite rare candy 14%
280ea266 88a62e5c
By: bentot23(6)
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Pokemon: Ruby Version 244986How do you use GameShark codes in ruby? Answers: 3
Pokemon: Ruby Version 262903Where do you get wailmer from.HELP please? Answers: 7
Pokemon: Ruby Version 263998There is a waterfall blocking the entrance to EVER GRANDE city and I can't get in! so how do I get past it? Answers: 8
Pokemon: Ruby Version 270366Were do you get the HM waterfall? Answers: 3
Pokemon: Ruby Version 285352Where is team magmas/aqua baser so I can get the master ball Answers: 2
Pokemon: Ruby Version 290437Where do you go to get into a super rank contest I already beat the normal rank contest so could someone please help ME! please Answers: 1
Pokemon: Ruby Version 294163Where do I find the team magma leader after he stole the submarine from captain Stern? Answers: 2
Pokemon: Ruby Version 303077How do I get dive from mossdeep city on the gameboy ruby version Answers: 2
Pokemon: Ruby Version 310131Where can I get a latios in pokemon ruby?!?!?!?plz I really need to know I got 5pokemons lvl100 Answers: 3
Pokemon: Ruby Version 316343What are the best moves for swampert,altaria,pikachu,gardevoir,flygon,salamence Answers: 2
Pokemon: Ruby Version 424516How do you get into the ancient tomb Answers: 1
Pokemon: Ruby Version 423112What do I do after I go to petalburg and tell the guy my profile "Mystery Event Is Exciting" I don't know what to do after that, he said I was a memeber of the secret club or something and now I don't know what to do help please Answers: 1
Pokemon: Ruby Version 423205How do I find swim on pokemon ruby version ? Answers: 1
Pokemon: Ruby Version 250659How do you get 2 ever grande?! Answers: 2
Pokemon: Ruby Version 265759Where could I buy a gameshark?pls tell me Answers: 3
Pokemon: Ruby Version 268393How do you read hiereglifics Answers: 3
Pokemon: Ruby Version 268784How to get azumarill in ruby ver? Answers: 1
Pokemon: Ruby Version 282184How can you open up all the doors for the regis? Answers: 2
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