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Final Liberation (Warhammer Epic 40K) Cheats for PC
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Final Liberation (Warhammer Epic 40K)
PC Cheats

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Final Liberation (Warhammer Epic 40K)

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Cheats 100%
While in the detachment selection screen, hold down the [ctrl] key and type: Paladin-This ables you to use Knight Paladin units. During the battle, hold down the [ctrl] key and type:

CLEANSINFIRE - Your hit probability is increased to 100%.

EYEOFTERROR - To be able to see all enemy units.

HERETIC - Completes the mission.

WHITEDWARF - Makes all your units invulnerable to ranged weapon
fire, not close combat.

*** Control makes the selected unit fire so try to select a unit that has fired or it cannot fire.
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