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Enter the Matrix Cheats for Xbox
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Enter the Matrix Xbox Cheats

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Enter the Matrix

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Hear Message From Morpheus 100%
Go to the Hacking menu and tyep LOGIN. When that selection appears on the Command List, move over to LOGIN and click it. Login as COWBOYCURTIS or FREEMIND to unlock Morpheus samples. Press the numbers listed to hear the samples.
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Cheat List 94%
Go into the Hacking system, and enter cheat.exe at the A> prompt to unlock the cheat menu. Enter these numeric codes to unlock the listed function:
All weapons 0034AFFF
Bonus level 13D2C77F
Invisibility FFFFFFF1
Faster Logos 7867F443
Infinite ammo 1DDF2556
Infiite focus 69E5D9E4
Multiplayer D5C55D1E
Infinite Health 7F4DF451
Recover Focus Fast FFF0020A
Enemies can not hear 4516DF45
Enemies can not see FFFFFFF1
Turbo mode FF00001A
Low gravity BB013FFF
Faster Logos 7867F443
Taxi Driving 312MF451
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Helpfull cheats and hints 60%
Cheat:when ever you get to "Twins in pursuit" go to the main menu and go into hacking then go to the file where twins in pursuit is and type in "Cheat" than a space and enter the code 7f4d451 and it should say unlimited health. after that go to the level twins in pursuit and just shoot around if you are ghost and just drive straight if you are niobe.Cheat:after you get past that it should be pretty easy the only thing is that you only have a limited amount of shots in each of your guns so go into the hacking section again and enter: Cheat 1ddf2556 then you will have unlimited shots.Hint:it is very very hard to kill agent smith so go to the hacking section and enter:Cheat fffffff1 after that your enemies cannot see you.Hint:whenever you are close to the level called "The virus spreads" is you picked up a 40mm gernade launcher since you have unlimited ammo you can kill agent smith with four direct hits and he is dead(you can also use four offensive gernades and it will work to) whenever you get to the level called "Tunnels of the real"
you can go to the hacking section and enter:Cheat 7867f443 and your ship will be faster.
well thats about all for now so I will help you more later:) God bless!

By: 189196(4)
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How to get the flash light from under the bridge 53%
To get the flashlight from under the bridge you have to wast out all the MP5 gun
By: packoo(372)
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