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Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak Cheats for GBA
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Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak GBA Cheats

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Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak Cheats

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Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Star Key 100%
Go to the Wildwoods and go to the Empress. Say Pooie to him and he
will give you a paper that says "Pooie Earings" and the gems you
need to make them. He also tells you that if you give the earrings
to him, he will give you a Star Key. When you get the Star Key, go
to Spat Tower, go to the secret area, then unlock the door.
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Rub Rub room 100%
First, learn how to do the Ham-Chat Rub Rub. You also need to have
saved some of the hamsters. Love so it will give you more jewels
when you do your Rub Rub.
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Legendary Spoon 100%
The Legendary Sword is in Sunny Peak. Go inside the cave to get to
Arnie's house. Now, go where you buy things from the white Hamster.
Go in the hole beside him then go to the mine cart. Make sure the
lever when you 1st go inside the cave is on the left. After you
are off the cart, go all the way down. You will see the place where
the Legendary Spoon is located. *** You need the Red, Green and
Blue Marbles.
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Get rid of Spat at Spat Tower 100%
First, get all of the marbles (red, blue and green), the Legendary
Spoon, and the Hampault 2 to Spat Tower. Use it to get over the
locked bridge. You will see a puzzle. Solve it and chat to the black
Hamster blocking the door. Say Liber-T and the Hamster will let you
go inside the door. You now have to fight Spat. Use Hamscope on
Spat's robot and he will say that "That won't work on me!" Lose to
him and the black Hamster will say "You lost to Spat? Rocks won't
work on him. Harmony makes Love Shots and I think you should get
them". Go to the Clubhouse and see Harmony. Get the Love Shots and
fight Spat again. Use Hamscope again. Use it on Spat (the Love
Shots), but it will not work on him the 1st time. After awhile
Spat's robot will open its mouth. Use Hamscope again just when the
robots mouth is open. Aim at the bottom of the mouth and fire a Love
Shot at it. He will then be defeated.
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Couple ID Card 100%
In Boo Manor, to get your ID (you need it to go in, go back to the
entrance and a note will fall; if it does not then it will not
matter), go to the shop located by the entrance to the level. Do
this by going to the pipe and using Dig-Dig. You will go up the pipe
onto the landing, then be able to buy your ID. Do not settle for 50
Sunflower Seeds. Say Blash-T twice. It will go down to 25, then 5.
The same goes for the rock and butterfly. *** The butterfly will
just fly away and go back into his bag, so do not bother. You can
then get in.
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Songs 100%
Hamtaro Time: Available at the start.
Condor's Wings: Go to Sunny Peak and to the feather. Say Hamha to
it. *** If you try again, you will get pooped on.
Great Springs: In the hot Spring Seedric found. Look around in the
spring and Digdig while inside.
Hidden Riches: After doing the Mi do So Fa Re steps, a rock moves.
Tack-Q it and a song will fall off.
Dizzy for You: Go to Sandy Bay. Go to the island then go inside
the restaurant. Go all the way to the left and chat to the light
blue Hamster.
Go Ham Rangers: After reuniting the mother and son ghost, see the
show again. Afterwards, the man will give it to you.
Flower Waltz: Go to Funland's Tic Tack-Q and get 8 lines.
Moonlight: Go to the forth floor in Boo Manor. Pushie a wall by
the green Hamster. Go in and use Jamout on the piano. Answer 3
questions (made by Beethoven and called Moonlight).
Monkey Salsa: After the monkey feels better when Bog helps it, go
back and he will have a Chick. Name it to get the song.
Hamour: After defeating Spat, go inside and chat to Radar. Go
outside and chat to the girl with the umbrella. She gives you the
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Rainbow Key 100%
Get all 3 boards for Panda and give them to him. Go across the
bridge and Tack-Q the mountain to get the Rainbow Key.
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Easy Sunflower Seeds 100%
Go to Sunny Peak and use Hamlift under the sunflower plant to get
twenty seeds. Go off the screen and return to get the seeds again.
Repeat this as many times as desired.

This trick is useful because it is difficult to find the seeds.
First, go to Funland and go to the screen where there is the super
coaster. Go in front of the steps but do not go up them. Keep going
left until you are near a DigDig spot. DigDig on it to get 50
Sunflower Seeds.
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Giving the love note to athlete Hamster 100%
Go to Boo Manor. If you do not have a couples license yet, go to the
pipe near the entrance and say Dig-Dig. Go to the Ham-Swap Hamster
and say Blash-T until the license is five Sunflower Seeds. Now, go
to the reception desk Hamster (the sleeping Hamster seen when you
1st enter) and then say Heyhoo. He will then say Thum-P. Next, go
to The beach and chat to the 2 Hamster near the entrance. If you
are on the Pineapple Soccer team, she will give you a letter to one
of the teammates. Read it. Look for the Hamster you need (for
example, the Hamster with the blue tail). Go on the mat and say
Thum-P. The Hamsters will turn around, showing their tails. Give the
letter to the Hamster.

Go to Boo Manor and enter the haunted house. If you still have to
get a license, go to the pipe and say Dig-Dig. Go to the Ham-Swap
and say Blash -T to the Hamster until the license is five seeds.
After that, go to the Hamster at the front desk. Say Heyhoo. He will
then say Thum-P. Go back to Sandy Bay, and on the mat say Thum-P.
Now, look for the Hamster that you need.
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Arnie's house 100%
Go to Sunny Peak. Give Arnie the potty he was looking for (that
Seamore gave you). Arnie will lead you to his house. Do Sesam-E with
Bijou in front of the door and go in. When you get to the room with
the sign, go left, down, left, up, and up to get to Arnie's room.
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Ending sequences 100%
You can view any ending sequence that has been unlocked at the
Clubhouse after you know Lookie. Face the television, then press A
and choose "Lookie". Depending on what you have done during the
game, the following ending sequences can be viewed:
Couples: Save 22 couples and fill the Love Meter.
Duet: Defeat Spat at Spat Tower.
Ham-Hams: Get all 86 Ham-Chat words in the Ham-Ham Dictionary
Nightmare: Already unlocked
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Beating Spat a Final Time! 100%
When Spatis in his giant robot take thelove shots made by Harmony Hamster, aim at his chin when he opens his mouth and shoot he will be defeated in that one little hit!
By: MegaMew(158)
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How to find jam-out 100%
Go to sandy bay and go where the mat where the soccer team is and say thump-p and you will see the colors of the teammate's tails pick the blue one and say tadah and you will see him run to the palm tree,and you think the blue headed one has a date but won't she just tried to help the shy one out.then go to boo manor find the piano where you will find a ghost saying I will teach you to bijou and then after that he will ask you if you wan't to take a test from the music he will play,so after that you will take the test the correct questions are moonlight,2,and if there are anymore questions don't blame me I probably forgot the next one.
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Ham-Chat 98%
ChukchukGive up
Gasp-pOh no!
GoodgoGood luck
Gossip-pSmall talk
HamigosBest pals
HamliftPiggy back
HeyhooCall out
JamoutPlay music
SwellieIt's ok
Thank-qThank you
Wake-qWake up
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Red Marble 98%
After saving Cappy and Seedric's friendship, return to Wildwood's
and chat to Bog (near where you entered) to learn Clingie. Go right
at the start and chat to the old Hamster that is waiting to learn
Wait-Q. Go to where you heard music. Go up the rocks and use
Clingie. You will now see Jingle. Say Wait-Q. You will go to the
wedding. The ceremony will be canceled because of Spat. Do not leave
the village. Instead, turn left in the village and enter the 1st
hut. You will see the Ham-Swap person. Buy the Rubber Band for five
Seeds . Leave the village and go all the way to the left, then down.
If you do not see Spat, search around. Stand on the yellow thing and
say a word. Spat will throw a forked piece of wood. Take it. Go back
to the entrance of the village. Instead of going in, go into the hut
with the doormat. Say Putput to the person working. You will get a
slingshot. You will be attacked by a slingshot person. He will teach
you Hamscope. Press A and aim at him. Go back to Spat. Use Hamscope
at the beehive. Spat leaves Wildwood's and you will get the Red
Marble. Go back to the wedding and say Ta-Dah to the old man. After
the wedding, chat to him and you will get the Red Marble.
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Get rid of Spat at Boo Manor 98%
You need to get all of the card keys (Bronze, Silver and Gold). On
the last floor, find the secret wall next to the Green Girl Ghost
Hamster. Say Pushie and go in the secret passage. Learn how to use
the piano and save Dexter from the coffin (that is empty). Go on the
last floor again. Go all the way to the left. You will see a ghost
go inside the wall. Use Tack-Q to the wall that ghost Hamster went
through 2 times. Go inside the secret passage and answer the 3
questions correctly. Spat will reveal himself and attack a ghost
Hamster (the host). Say Nopookie and the ghost will turn into a cat.
Spat will fly away to the Wildwoods.
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Green Marble 98%
Go to Funland, then go to Stickie Note. Get a high enough score.
Look at the board to see what the prizes are. *** You get one
Green Marble, after you get Acorns.
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Blue Marble 98%
Go to Sandy Bay. Go to the Hamster trying to swim. Digdig in the
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Spring Egg 98%
The Spring Egg is in the hot springs dug out by Seedric. Search for
it. You will also find a song and rocks.
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Get rid of Spat at Funland 98%
At Funland, Spat is running all the rides. Chat to the Hamster with
the robot, then go right and the entrance is hidden in the bushes.
Go through and you will see Spat and a Hamster in the bottom right
corner. Do PakaPaka and release him. He will ask you to help him and
get the Hamster with the robot. Tell him to help, then go back to
the control room. The Hamster with the robot will be disappointed.
Go to the trash can at the entrance and Tack-Q it. Hiff-Hiff it,
then go back to the control room. Throw it on Spat. Tell the robot
to do Scrub-e, then he will throw Spat away.
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Finding the 3 boards for Panda 96%
One of them is at Sandy Bay where Broski (Hamster with surfboard) is
located. Take a left down and you see it buried in the sand. You
have to use Dig-Dig. The 2nd board is found at the clubhouse.
Boss gives it to you after he opens up the place where you make
accessories out of the gems. He will say that it is extra and he
does not need it. The 3rd board is located at Boo Manor, where the
ghost that teases you to get the silver card is found. After you
defeat it, you will get it. Now, you will cross the board. After
that, Off-Doff it. When you have all 3 boards, go to Panda. He
says that he will Heyhoo when he is done. Go in the mine cart and
ride until you go near where you put those 3 marbles. However,
do not go in there. Go on the mine cart again until you are back
where you started when you walked in. You will hear a faint voice
that says "Heyhoo the bridge repairs are finished". Return and he
will teach you a new word. When you cross the bridge, you get a
Rainbow Key which is used in that level.
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Glitch: Unable to continue game 96%
*** The only way to exit from this glitch is to start the entire
game again. When you get the chance to go to Sandy Bay, go down one
screen and chat to the coach. He will tell you that they need a ball
to practice. Go back up, and you should see 2 girl Hamsters. Talk
to them and they will teach you Tinglie. Go to the left and chat to
the "Movie-Star" Hamster. Say Bestest, then Tinglie. She will give
you the pineapple. Play with the team and get a perfect score; no
misses. Next, solve the riddle without the piece of paper with the
riddle on it. The answer is: Mi-Do-Mi-Re-Fa-Fa-Re-Mi-So-Do. If this
does not work, swap the Re and the Mi before the So-Do. Go to the
island and chat to the husband. Say Lookie. Return to the main
island and go to Broski (at the lower left corner.) You will not
have to say anything to him, but go past him. Barrette and Spat will
not be there. No matter what you do, you will not be able to save
Barrette or continue the game.
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Class A dance competition 96%
Do these moves in order: Greatachu, Delin-Q, Zuzuzu, Hamtast, Bye-Q,
Goodgo, Bloat-T, Blushie, Hamtast, Dazzlie, Lalalala.
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How to find Spat in Fun Land 100%
Stay at the entrance of fun land go all the way to the till you get to the ham ham trees.Half way in between the trees is a opening go in and there you will find spat.
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How to catch cappy 83%
Learn the hamchat hamteam go to wild woods talk to bog (hampster) say ham team chase cappy to bog then cappy will give you seedrics hat
from MegaMew
By: nel485(87)
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Blue marble 63%
Go to sandy bay and go to the big pail by the people dancing and dig dig and you will get the blue marble
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The lost-T wallet 62%
When the hampster sitting on the bench loses his wallet say hamha to the butterflyon the flower by megamew typed by nel485
By: nel485(87)
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Learning the last word 57%
After you beat the hula dancing contest harmony and boss will come and teach you the word its very simple..!
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Win The Dance Contest 23%
To win the DC, Go outside the place with the Danecontest,Past the Blue Guy.Run around in 16 circles, and then come to a stop.Go Inside and practice.Get you best dance and edit it.Delete all of it exept the last and First part.Make the first part, "Hello" and the last part the part where you pee.Save it over your best dance.Then go and preform.You should loose that contest.Don't woory,It's normal.Go back outside and Say, "Hello" and then digdig.Go inside and enter again.This time, when you preform the first move,There will be a long pause.That's normal.WHen you preform the last one,the judge's eyes will open and you will win the dance contest.Now to win a prise, you have to go and edit our dance.You set your first to Pee, and your last ti twirl.And BANG!Enter and you will win...
By: PikaComet(1333)
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