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Harvest Moon Friends Cheats for GBA
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Harvest Moon Friends GBA Cheats

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Harvest Moon Friends

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Taking Santa's Place 100%
This is merely like Gift Giving and Making friends. Sure it's just a waste of
good money but do you know that even if you befriend a normal villager they'll
be of some use? Like if you befriend the old lady that lives near the Mayor he
could give a recipe for you. Some of which could give you cool farming tips or
give you hints on what to give a girl.
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1st Mine - Cave near the Spring 100%
At the hot spring area there's a cave just near the Pond. It's pretty easy to
spot and it's almost very open. It's not hard to spot as it's just standing
Possible Ores are:
kuzu(I don't know what it is either), Copper, Silver,
Gold, Mythril, Orihalcon, Adamantite, Sage's Stone
(Only after you've got all the Cursed Items), Goddess's
Stone(9 in all)
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(2) Mining Tips 100%
+ Upgraded tools has no effect on the mine so they still cover a block per
+ To go deeper smash/plow as much blocks as you can and find a hole. You could
go deeper into the mine from there.
+ The hole changes position everytime you enter them though the odds are like
+ A better pack or a basket is a great idea to be earning big bucks from it.
+ Pull out of the mine if your face has turned blue.
+ Bring along a medicine if you will be mining long and hard.
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(2) Dumping Garbages 100%
This skill is related to cleaning up your farm. You could easily view this
tutorial through the 'How' option on the menu screen. Here's the list of those
you cold find in your farm.
Branch (A orange branch)
Stone (A small stone)
Weed (Green grass like plant)
Lumber (A Vertical chopped log)
Tools are needed to destroy them. Weeds for example could already be removed by
simply pulling it out and throwing it away. Branches are destroyed by an Axe
and it'll automatically add up to your number of lumbers. Lumber and Branches
could easily be destroyed by throwing them at the green portion of your field
or in your pond. Destroyed Lumbers and easily dealt much like stones, simply
hitting them with a hammer destroyes them or could easily be thrown in your
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(3) Ores are us! 100%
Here are the items you could find they are arranged already.
Junk Ore 1G
Money Bag 10G - instant money
Copper Ore 15G
Silver Ore 20G
Gold Ore 25G
Mystrile Ore 30G
Orichalcum Ore 50G
Adamantite Ore 50G
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Fishing Basics 100%
Fishing is another way of earning extra income though the process itself is
tedious and frustrating at times luckily you won't be begining the game to fish
ASAP. You'll be needing a fishing rod (Of Course!). You can acquire it on the
beach. Fishing could be done on bodies of waters only excluding ponds, and hot
springs. Simply equip the rod and cast them out. Wait for the rod to vibrate a
little then pull it in. There are ways to easily pull out fishes just refer to
the stuffs below.

Fishes had a couple of purposes as they come in to the mineral town. Either
sell them, give them as gifts, or cook them.
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(3) Gifts 100%
Items equipped could be handed as a gift. Simply go up to the certain person
you wish to hand the item to and just chat to them like the usuall. You'll
automatically hand it over to him/her. Some items that isn't available for
selling is good for giving gifts.
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Picking up items 100%
A basic skill that is very essential all through out the game. Simply face the
item and press the A button to pick it up. This automatically makes the item on
use or equipped so you should store them in your pack before you could throw
them away. Equipping items gives you several choices:
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(1) Throw it 100%
Simply hit the A button to throw the equipped item away. This is rather
frustrating if you're supposedly be shipping goods. Some items are not
destructible in your farm. Meaning throwing them in the vicinity of the farm
won't destroy them. Also, dropped goods are no longer available for selling or
being picked up again.
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(1) Why Fish? 100%
Fishing is fun. Is that not enough? Also, some people likes fish for present or
simply they sell for a good price. They'll be ranging from 100 - 300G.
according to their size. Fishing is a good way to burn time.
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2nd Mine - The Mine across the lake 100%
This mine is and can be located and accessible near the mountain path and
during Winter only. It could be seen on the map as well. During winter the lake
would be frozen hard enough for people to walk on it. It's in the middle of the
Possible Ores are:
kuzu, Moonstone, Sandrose, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Amethyst,
Diamond, Pink diamond, and 4 other kinds of ores I couldn't
translate properly. and Kappa's Stone(9 in all)
** you can get a Power Berry in 29th layer underground.
** one thing more to go, the coin bag you dug contains
a random amount of money.
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(4) Store in backpack 100%
Simply hitting the 'B' button automatically puts items on hold in your pack.
This should always be done if you should be careful when shipping lots of
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Shipping 100%
The Shipping bin is the place where you sell your goods. Just throw them in and
you will notice it to budge a little. There are 3 shipping bins in total 1
situated in your farm and the other 2 are inside the chicken coop and
the barn. There are an advanced way of shipping and it mainly makes your
shipping job easier specially when you've almost filled your farm with crops.
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(3) Fished Out? 100%
Unused Can
Fish Bone
Small Fish 50G.
Medium Fish 120G.
Large Fish 200G.
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1) Why Mine? 100%
Mining is another way of providing yourself extra income. Specially during the
winter season where your income should decrease by 1/10. Mining requires 2
distinct tools. A hammer and a hoe. The hoe is needed to go deeper or find
a way to go down the mine for better ores as the hammer is used to destroy
rocks and possibly acquire ores from it as well. Basically, If you mine you get
easy bucks and in an unlimited ways. Also this is a requirement for you to
upgrade certain tools or make certain items. Sometimes you will find money (10G.)
as you mine. If you will mine you should be ready as having a basket and perhaps
medicine for restoring fatigue would help a lot. At an early stage mining is
not actually a good way to earn money as some forage-able items gives you a lot
more money rather than mining.
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(1) The beyond 100%
Do you know that time doesn't expire when you're inside a house? The shipping
bin is located at the top left of the farm map but what about those you've
planted away from it? There's the barn and the coop as an answer. You
could use the bins in them to ship produce as well. Just pick as much crops and
just hop in their hood and ship it there. This avoids spending 10 to 30 minutes
of farming time by just shipping goods! This also helps if you're situated far
from it.
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(2) Fishing Tips 100%
+ Throwing Trash(I think weeds/destoyable is one) around will decrease the
chance of fishing out a fish,
+ A bin or a basket is where you should throw your trash.
+ There are fish in the hot spring. but you won't be able to catch it without
Cursed Rod.
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Mining Basics 100%
In Mineral Town, there's a total of 2 mines. If you're a begineer you better
just mine when you will be needing an ore for upgrade if not it may take a lot of
fatigue from you also certain items are adviseable to mine successfully.
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By: cheat2win(58)
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(2) Advance Shipping Equipment 98%
There are things that makes shipping easy as well. You've got the Horse's
Saddle and a Basket.

The Basket is perhaps the best tool you will ever need. It could store 30 items
in it and shipping them of just requires one shot. The basket is really
expensive but with the help of constant farming you could avail of this early
on. This'll cut your shipping time and focus more on harvesting. To use the
basket simply treat it as a normal shipping bin. One's you've filled or ready
to sell the things inside just pour it over the bin much like selling normal
crops. Items thrown in the bin can never be retrieved. It's much like a
blackhole >.< They could also be taken anywhere and be left there for you to
come back the other day. Even storm or bad whether couldn't tore them apart!

The horse's saddle is given when you've made your pony like you enough. The
horse moves by itself and so using the horse as a bin should be just a
second option since if you're not careful enough you can throw good money away
as the horse suddenly move when you think he wouldn't.
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Sprite Freinds 64%
The harvest sprites will help you do your farm-work, but for a price.
You much befriend them up to 3 stars. To do this, you COULD look around for items they like and give it to them, or go buy Flour from the market, which only costs 50g and give those to them (They live behind the church, take the trail to the right into there hut). They LOVE THEM! The more they work, the better they get at there respective jobs.
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All festival 27%
Naruto festival
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