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Sonic Adventure DX Cheats for GC
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Sonic Adventure DX GC Cheats

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Sonic Adventure DX

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Sonic in sand hill in story mode! 100%
You have to spindash at the entrance and if you did it right you should be able to press the switch into sand hill!


p.S:its not glitchy, its been tested by me!
By: jmtshaw(108)
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Unlock Game Gear Minigames 100%
To unlock minigames, collect a Sonic Emblem or complete 10 missions. Once you unlock the first, the Minigame option will appear on the main menu.
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Level Select: Sonic Chaos Mini-Game 100%
On the Sonic Chaos Title Screen, press UP, UP, UP, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, START.
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Level Select: Sonic Labyrinth Mini-Game 100%
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Unlock Mission Mode 100%
To unlock Mission Mode for a particular character, finish the main game.
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Level Select: Sonic Spinball Mini-Game 100%
In the sound test for Sonic Spinball, play music 0, 2, 1, 5, 6, 6.
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Zoom With A View: Sonic Pinball Mini-Game 100%
In the Sonic Spinball soun menu, play music 0, 2, 1, 1, 6, 6.
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No Gravity: Sonic Spinball Mini-Game 100%
In the Sonic Spinball sound test, play music 0, 9, 0, 1, 6, 8.
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Light speed dash turbo! 100%
Press B repeat it and keep on going
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Chao mating rules (hint) 100%
1: the chao that you want to mate must be evolved
2:if your chao is ready to mate and breed don't leave the current chao garden until it mates
note: if you want mate them with heart fruit buy only for saving some rings (may the chao mate)
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Espio chao 100%
Have a purple chao and just raise it as a neutral\run\swim
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Unlock Metal Sonic 98%
To play as Metal Sonic, colect 130 emblems in the game. Metal Sonic will be unlocked in trial mode.
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Grow Chao Stats With Animals 98%
Introducing your Chao to animals is a great way to influence its racing stats. Go to the Chao garden and give your Chao the following animals to grow the desired stat:
Flying: Birds
Running: Rabbits, deer, wallabies
Strength: Lions, gorillas, elephants
Swimming: Beavers, seals, penguins
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Helium Music: Sonic Spinball Mini-Game 98%
In the Sonic Spinball sound menu, play music 0, 4, 2, 5, 5, 7.
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Level Select: Sonic 2 Mini-Game 98%
On the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Title Screen, Tails will blink his eyes once, then 2 times. Hold DOWN + LEFT + A + B, press START when Tails' eyes are closed on the 2nd of the 2nd set of blinks.
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Second Player is Tails 96%
In any stage where Tails tags along, a 2nd player can pick up Controller 2 and move him. Use Tails to get more Rings!
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Secret eggs 86%
1:gold egg:in the shop where sonic comes out of the sewer look in the window there should be an egg
goto the place where sonic fought chaos and to the left of the entrance
will be a stone,place that on the pedestal where the egg is.
take the egg to any chao garden

2.silver egg (or platinum egg):to get this egg goto the mystic ruins waterfall and in a thing is the egg,to get it down look right,there should be a switch, press it and the egg will drop

3:black&blue egg:this is easy but only a few characters can get it
i choose Amy cos the others are Gamma and Big
its easy its in one of the cells next to Amy's.
just press the switch to open it!
By: jmtshaw(108)
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Get into Big's part of the sewer as Sonic! 83%
When you enter jump on the pipes to the left of the hole that you dropped down, next try to jump back UP the hole and do a homing attack towards the Box which blocks the way, you will end up going through the walls in the hole and into bigs sewer allowing you to get twinkle park early!

funny things here

1.when you load your game back up sonic will say he lost Amy when he hasn't done casinopolis XD

2.Tails is with you in Twinkle Park mission C (first)
By: jmtshaw(108)
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Knuckles in Emerald Coast 83%
Select knuckles and pick up the guy outside the burgershop.Bring him all the way to the gate blocking emerald coast and put him down really close to the corner leave enough room for you to walk between him and the gate.If walking doesn't work,glide between them.Eventually you will end up in emerald coast.(noteThis may take a really long time.)
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Animal stat strick 83%
Make sure your Chao is stationary! slowly walk up to it with an animal and put it down very close to your Chao, it will absorb its skills but the animal can be used again, repeat this to get it to Lvl.99 in minutes!
By: jmtshaw(108)
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Chao 80%
If you want to get three times as many gold or silver chao simply make a new file with the same memory card beat chaos and get the eggs you will still have the same garden this is actually submitted by superman10's sister who loves sonic
By: superman10(12)
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Flying out the level 80%
As super sonic, while battling "Perfect chaos"
when you hit the water go back wards and try to keep realy close to the wall on the left.
Soon you will hit a dead end.Keep homing attacking to the left while still against the wall.
Soon enough you will go straight through the wall.
Keep going... and going.... and goin, YOU WILL BE OUT OF THE LEVEL!
(Dont worry you wont die you will just fly on a blue ground untill your rings run out)
One more thing you can NOT attack chaos from the back by doing this.
This realy works!
Please dont critisize this!
It would be easier in a video
Hope this helps!
nuff said
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The chaos chao 75%
To get a Chaos Chao make sure the Chao reincarnates 3 times, give it all of the animals in the game and feed it a Chao fruit (for sale in black market)
By: jmtshaw(108)
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Unlimited rings 60%
You have to be Sonic the Hedgehog to do this tip.First go to the CASINO,then press the button for rings to hit the BUTTON,then use you're LIGHT SPEED DASH to get 9 rings each time.You must do this 111 times to get 999 rings.I hope it works for you,because it works for me.Goodluck

I forgot to tell you,you must complete a level for the rings to add up.So do WINDY VALLEY for the unlimited rings tip to work.I'm not a member but I love to help people if they want a lot of RINGS.
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Sonic adventure DX (gc) 60%
Unlock supersonic: complet the game as all six charaicters
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How to get a super sonic chao 50%
First get a rock that is like a egg then go to that store where amy starts from and go inside get the gold egg and put the rock egg on the button and then go to chao garden with sonic you have to rasie it well (takes time) then it will have spikes on his head but his eyes won,t be red
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Glitch for perfect chaos 50%
In the boss battle perfect chaos at full speed you can go inside the bildings but you will no be able to get out and go back to the battle but you can go out the other side of the building and leave the city just like the glitch in chao worl on SAB2.
By: jmy666666(138)
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Beat egg viper stage 50%
When you start playing the egg viper level start running from side to side until the egg viper stops shooting lasers at you. Then when he shoots the big laser stay where you are until he is going to fire then start running. Then when eggman comes close to you press A twice. Then when fires the lasers again run again and when he shoots the spiky things at you jump on them. When it goes back and stops at the egg viper press A twice. Do this until he gets destroyed. When he is destroyed the egg viper will go in kind of a wavy motion don't just stand there runfrom side to side until he crashes somewhere into the platform if this is done correctly he should not crash into you.
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Choose which form of chao you have 48%
When your chao is about to evolve give it a whole lot of animals in the power that you want your chao to be best in like running. Give the chao the animals until there dot changes color. Keep the dot at that color and when it evolves it should look diffrent that means you did it right.
By: lilmouse(452)
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Easy rings 47%
Enter mission mode with tails when you enter mystic ruins you should see mission 4 after getting it go to tails' workshop and cut down at least 48 to 47 weeds then wonder around the rest of the main section of the mistic ruins cutting down weed you'll get rings while cutting them down then just enter a level and exit it the weeds will be back and you can cut them down again (repeat process until happy with amount of rings)
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Get super sonic adventure mode 44%
Beat all characters storys and you will get super sonic story mode in this mode all you basicly do is try to beat perfact chaos to do this collect as many rings as you can and hit the dash panels. Stay in super speed mode and then jump into chaos. Repeat untill defeated
By: 1420(18)
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Flying tails new version 44%
Go to Tails' story and make sure you have the Rythm Badge. Go to the jungle area in the Mystic Ruins. Go to the temple in the middle of the jungle DON'T GO INSIDE THE TEMPLE. Hold the B button and then go up any wall on the temple. You'll be spinning on the wall. Make sure you still hold down B. Then spin off of the temple wall and you should be flying while spinning.
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To increas tails spin attack! 44%
Spin the cotroll stick left as tails with the rithm badge and hold b you cant move thouhg! bysonic
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Metal shadow 40%
Go to the egg carrier and look all around the room you start in and you should see metal shadow

hope it helps
By: 1bubby68(339)
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Metlile sonic 32%
Aaa b up up down down left right
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Super sonic without fighting perfect chaos 27%
First press on the title screen press a b x z start
By: giz jr(185)
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Super sonic as a playable character without fighting chaos 24%
First on the title screen press up up down down left left left start
By: giz jr(185)
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Sonic adventure DX (gc) 20%
Unlock supersonic complete the game with sonic,tails,kuckles,amy,big,e-103 not metle sonic then you will have super sonic in adventer mode you will not be able to use super sonic in trail mode. but you half to beat perfit chaos 2 times.
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By: giz jr(185)
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Djalma 17%
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