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Sudeki Cheats for Xbox
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Sudeki Xbox Cheats

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Infinite Exp. 100%
When you 1st meet Hexam in the shadow realm chat to him to heal your
party. After you are healed go down the path to fight the Shadani spirits.
You will get a large amount of Exp. Go up to Hexams house and heal
yourself again. Keep doing this for an infinite amount of Exp!
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Easy Florins 100%
In the Shadow World, there is a Grim Reaper that pays gold for
Spirit Orbs. After you have obtained the weapons for each character
from him, he buys the Spirit Orbs for Florins. Use the save point
after the bridge then go through the gate and kill all the monsters.
Leave, then go through again. The monsters will have respawned. Keep
collecting the orbs and sell them.

To save a lot of Florins during the game for weapons and armor, kick
over every barrel and box that you see to get the free items and not
have to buy them from the stores. . If you want fast Florins, sell
all of the items you find to the shops.
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Transentia: Defeating the Prototype Robot 100%
When you reach the city of Transentia, find the elevator and take it
to the floor with the university and Kamo's item shop. Just outside
the item shop is a ladder. Use Tai to climb it and a robot will tell
him that he can challenge the Prototype Robot Warrior. *** Only
Tai can challenge him. Climb the 2nd ladder and the fight will
begin. This is a very difficult battle, however if you use the
following strategy you will win. However, this requires time and
patience. It is also recommended that you use a weapon with a high
critical and moderate strength. The robot has few attacks. One is a
single strike, the next is a double strike, and its most powerful
attack is a charged 360 degree that will instantly kill you (you
cannot block it). When the battle begins, run to bottom left corner
and start blocking. When he starts to attack, wait until he does the
double strike attack (it has a yellow streak). After blocking the
2nd strike, hit him once then start blocking again. Repeat this
until he charges up for the instant kill attack. When he starts
glowing, run to the opposite corner and the attack will not reach
you. After the attack, run back to the 1st corner. This corner is
best because it has the least camera problems. Repeat this process
until it is defeated. By following this strategy you can defeat the
robot without getting hit. The fight will take some time to finish,
but you will win. Once the robot dies it will drop a large gold bar
that you can sell for a lot of Florins. Open the chest on the
platform and you will get another of Tai's Wolf Totems.
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Juggle attack 100%
*** To do this attack you must use either Tal or Buki. When
fighting an enemy, press X(2), A then follow it with A(3). The last
button combo will juggle the enemy, and does more damage then a
regular attack.
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Defeating the Final Master 100%
Power up Tai as much as possible. Have a lot of SP Restores and a
very strong sword. The Master is extremely powerful and is very
fast. Keep using the Tai Earth attack and you should defeat him.
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Hukin's Fate 100%
In the Farmhouse with the beehives near the Parham County. After stopping
the invasion go in and there will be a chest in the back room with the a
sword for Tal inside.
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How to get oars 100%
Go behind the Inn and over to a place where Buki can climb down, and you
get the oars.

For the Nassaria's Song Quest it goes something like this 1,3,4,2,5
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Hukin's Fate 100%
After you get Ailish in your party on your way back to Haskilia, you
will pass through Noland Farm. Go inside the house and go downstairs
to find a chest containing a weapon for Tal called Hukin's Fate.
This sword casts poison on enemies.
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Getting the heart for the robot 98%
Go back down to the mines and defeat one creature after you get the
crystal for the professor. *** Do not use the portal.
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Strong elco 71%
Because there is different guns with faster and slower speeds and different strenght try and find one with high strength and medduim speed rating then add to elcos power slots and he will take of a lot of damage.
i always am taking 400 at least damage of the enemy and if you get the enemies in a row you can defeat them much quicker
By: jake94(282)
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Invisible 21%
By: pras(5)
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