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Wario Ware, Inc. Cheats for GBA
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Wario Ware, Inc. GBA Cheats

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Wario Ware, Inc.

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Unlock Music Test 100%
Go to the Options screen and go to the Name Entry screen. Select Yes, then press L to go to the Music Test screen.
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Scroll writing faster 100%
Scroll through the writing faster on the grid by pressing or holding the L or R buttons.
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Get Boss Game 100%
Defeat the standard game to unlock boss mode! Now you can face up against all the bosses in the game, one after the other!
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Unlock Pyoro 100%
Play every single game for every character to unlock Pyoro.
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View development team 100%
Win the standard game to view the development team.
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Unlock Paper Plane mini game 100%
Defeat Red Jimmy to unlock this mini game.
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Get Dr Wario mini game 100%
Collect 15 mails against Blue Jimmy.
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Get Pyoro 100%
Play all games for all characters.
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Intermission bonus 100%
During a break when it is showing a character, hit A.
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Unlock Mini-Games 100%
Win 30 games in Jimmy's stages to unlock full versions of Dr. Wario, Fly Swatter and Wario's Sheriff.
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Get easy mode 100%
Defeat Wario in standard mode.
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Get Pyoro 2 100%
Get a medal on all the Grid mode games.
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Unlock Pyoro 2 98%
To unlock Pyoro II, earn a medal on every game in Grid Mode.
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Get Wario's Sheriff mini game 98%
Collect 25 mails against Red Jimmy.
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Get music test 98%
Go to the OPTIONS MENU then then 'Enter your name' screen. Now hit 'Yes' then hit L. You should now see the music test menu.
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Unlock Fly Swatter mini game 98%
Collect 20 mails against Yellow Jimmy.
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Unlock mini games 98%
Do the Jimmy stages and win 25 games to get the full versions of Fly Swatter, Dr. Wario and Wario's Sheriff.
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Get hard game 98%
Get a score of 15 points or greater in the game called 'Thrilling'.
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Get Thrilling game 96%
Get a high score during the Easy mode game.
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Granted kids to H*ll 100%
Unlock red and ashleys song on the record player
Spin it fast and fast and fast till she says " I have granted kids to hell" the slower it and then she says "oh on not again" See the video: Cheat Video
Wario Ware, Inc. cheat video Cheat Video
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