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Dungeon Lords Cheats for PC
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Dungeon Lords PC Cheats

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Trainer by: Anonymous May 19,2005
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Dungeon Lords

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Money $$$ Money 100%
You can make an infinite amount of money in Arindale (or elsewhere, I didn't test it in other cities yet) if you have some scrolls with you. I had some scrolls of Summon Undead and I sold one for 135 gold. Now here's the trick : if you have more than 1 scroll and if you sell them one at a time, the amount of scrolls stays the same! So you have infinite scrolls and you have to repeat this procedure until you have the desired amount of money. I raised my money to 50000 just for starters. The place where I did it was in Arindale, in the Warrior's Guild.
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Gas cloud Tatic 100%
Some Creatures will attack by using some kind of gas that will make you cough or freeze, etc. This last a short time but you are not abl to attack. To get around this you need to hit E or C to bring up your character options and wait for the cloud to stop. This can be a tatic for spells as well.
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Evasive maneuvers 100%
Forward Roll: Tap [Forward] twice
Side Roll: Tap [Lef or [Righ twice
Leap Sideways: Press [Lef or [Righ + [Space]
Backflip: [Away] + [Jump]
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Attacking 98%
To execute a forward combo, press W to move forward when begining a series of attacks. This is effective when facing a single opponent. To execute a left/right combo, press A or D to move left or right when you start a series of attacks. This is effective against multiple opponents. To execute a chop combo, press S to move back when begining a series of attacks.
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Deadman's Hair glitch 100%
Make sure you have the Bargain ability. Then sell the Deadman's Hair one at a time instead of selling it in bulk. When you back out of talking with the merchant, you should be able to check your inventory and still have all of the Deadman's Hair that you've collected so far.
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Float up ladder 69%
Float up ladder and possibly other instances

While standing at the base of a ladder press and release the jump buttom.
While in the air press and release the action button (LEFT SHIFT)
Character will float up the entire length on the ladder
Submitted by "Dimp"
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Want money 67%
Walk into any apothicarey buy bat wings($10)&dead mans hair($10)
mix them in nether spells makes a fear spell.
Sell back for $25.As you increase your bargeon power
price of parts go down,price of product goes up.
Any parts you pick up in the game are "free"
Works on all nether spell combo's.Prices vary but works best on level
one spells.
By: UncleRed(6)
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Great for new character 50%
This is a very helpful hint...

This is for all characters out there.

At the beginning of the game you will find goblis and rats and bats mostly.
Ok so if there is alot of lets say goblins get near a big rock (height), jump onto it and the goblins or rats wont be able to get to you. This was very helpful for me at the beginning of the game AND the rest of the gaem I havn't finished it yet but this was helpful for me

Hope it helps out for everyone.
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Getting More Gold 50%
All places that trade will do the same as previously submitted. Sell 3 scrolls trader will keep 1 and continue buying the other two without taking. However, I have found that as lockpicks are more frequent sell these - it works the same. It works with any trader but different traders will offer different amounts. I have also noticed that if you sell once to a trader that trader will always hold that item so when returning the trader will buy 10 lockpicks and leave you with 10 as the trader already has 1. It works for me. Also escape stops screen activity but allows you to heal and regenerate
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Gas and Locust 48%
The gas mask found in the Naga Temple will negate the effects of gas and locust swarm
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