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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Cheats for GBA
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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA Cheats

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Cheats


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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Hint: More Effective Treasure Hunts 100%
The most effective Treasure Hunts are performed like this:
Best: Two of the same type of symbols (e.g. two forests) at the top of the circle and two of the same type of symbols (e.g. two mountains) placed on the bottom part of the circle on the world map, with another symbol in the middle (as the final symbol placed).
2nd Best: Four symbols in a circle with another placed in the middle (as the final symbol placed).
3rd best: Three symbols in a circle with another placed in the middle (as the final symbol placed)
By: Ash64ds(60)
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Cards, cards, cards 100%
The card which forbids to harm certain races is superb against multitudes of enemies(all kinds). att. disable cards are useful against mages and wizards.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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All about your cards 100%
Almighty card if useful if you are compelled not to harm certain races, use att., weapons. Don't use it hastily(although it wont have effect on the main boss)
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Get Ritz 100%
Upon finishing the main storyline missions, the Mortal Snow mission will
appear at the pub. Take it, and Ritz will show up to help. After
completing the mission, she will request to be invited on your clan.
Get Shara:
Finish the A Maidens Cry mission, then go into a town.
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Unlock Expert Missions 100%
To unlock Expert Missions, win the game once and save. When you start again, you will have a star next to your name.
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Change the laws 100%
When you go into a battle or mission and you do not like the laws, reset
the game and load your file. Walk around the map until the "month" changes
(Sagemoon, Madmoon, etc.). When you go into battle, the laws will be
Get Cid:
By finishing all 3 hundred numbered missions (not including link or
reserve missions)
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Bonus intermission sequences 100%
There are a few intermission sequences that appear after the game is
completed, when you do extra missions. For example, one shows Ritz talking
to you, Shara, and Babus; and after you do the missions it lets them join
your team (although Ritz, Shara, and Babus are a lot weaker than when you
had to fight them.
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World Encylcopedia 100%
Given upon finishing the "Book Mess (235)" Mission.
Water of Life:
Given upon finishing the "Shady Deals (138)" Mission and is required for
the "On The Waves (174)" Mission.
Given upon finishing the "The Hero of Yore (Rare)" Mission and is required
for the "My Goal (Rare)" Mission.
Tonberry Lamp:
Given upon finishing the "Cheap Laughs (170)" Mission and is required for
the "You, Immortal (148)" Mission.
Topaz Armring:
Given upon finishing the "S.O.S. (048)" Mission and increases Earth
elemental damage.
White Flowers:
Given upon finishing the "White Flowers (055)" Mission and increases Holy
elemental damage.
Telaquo Flower:
Given upon finishing the "For a Flower (239)" Mission or "Plain-Plain"
Treasure Hunt and increases Thunder elemental damage.
Blue Rose:
Given upon finishing the "Desert Rose (051)" Mission and increases Dark
elemental damage.
Ahriman Eye:
Given upon finishing the "Watching You (113)" Mission and increases Dark
elemental damage.
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Quick Reset 100%
To reset while in the game, press A+B+START+SELECT.
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In game reset 100%
When playing, push A + B + Start + Select.
Expert missions:
Upon finishing of the game and watching the credits to finish rolling, you
will see a screen stating that it is saving a game completion file over
the most recently saved game. When you load the game, your file will have
a star, marking that you have completed that file. When you accept
missions at the pub now, the bartenders will offer the expert missions
that they had been holding back.
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Unli fairy harp 100%
If you freed giza plain and you have a thief with a-abil. steal weapon and if giza plain is under attack use your thief with a-abil. steal weapon to the animist . if the animist is turn now it will draw weapon and that is fairy harp and try this again and again and you will have 99 stocks .and to be easy to do it defeat all enemies except the animist and if your not contented sell it but it cost only 1000.00
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Deadly Matra Magic 100%
If you have a Blue mage with magic hammer and matra magic and a nu mou and a viera that can use its totema to damage its MP and use the blue mage's matra magic to its target and voila! the targeted one will die in a 1-hit-K.O if the blue mage attack first than the target because if the target attacks first than the blue mage it will gain MP and it is easily to damage or defeat with an R-abil. ''Damage>MP''.
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Unli Twin Trouble 100%
Do you want to get unlimited twin bow ? Try this . First battle clan Belmia then you have one of your party a thief with a action ability:steal:weapon then defeat all members except the sniper. then use the thief to steal the twin bow by using it ability steal:weapon . when it her turn she will draw another weapon which is another tinw bow. I have 99 stocks of this . if you want to sell twin bow it will cost 4000 total 396000
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Easy combos for bangaa and humans 100%
Guys after you help nono go to his shop. And trade weapon with him. U get the mythril wepons like mythril sword if he trades a sword. For first time he traded a burglar sword with a mythril sword. Then equip it to a bangaa warrior. I made him learn a combo then again to a human and made him learn combo. So by doing this clan members can learn combos faster instead of waiting for the weapon to recieve. So change jobs and make them learn combos.
By: phurbahyolmo1(102)
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Get Ezel 98%
Check your rumors often after some of your main missions. Go to Ezel and
gossip with him. One time Ezel, will ask you to help him defend peace
talks, and he will put a job (Reconciliation mission) in the pub. Go to
the pub, take the job, and go to it. When you complete the job of
defending the talks, Ezel will ask to join your party.
Get Lini the Mog Knight:
Lini is one of the special characters in the game. He was one of Gaol's
assistants and trusting friend. He is also shown in many mission screens.
As you do mission 32: Tower Ruins, make sure you use the item "The Hero
Gaol" and fight the battle against the enemies there. As you finish the
battle, a recruitment box appears, and you get Lini the Moogle Knight.
Lini has 2 great abililities, Mog Guard and Ultima Charge.
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Double Swords 98%
If a human learns Double Swords then equips 2 of the same weapon to
learn a skill, they will learn it twice as fast. They will gain AP for
each weapon.
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Finishing dispatch missions 98%
When selecting a character to send out on a dispatch mission, watch the
characters actions carefully. If they sit down or just walk, do not pick
them. However, if they jump up and down, select them. You will
successfully complete the mission. *** Watch out for Moogles, as they
tend not to be able to complete the missions.
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The Almighty card 98%
To get the ultimate antilaw card clear the mission where you kill OGMA.
You get an antilaw card that dispels all laws in the battle.
There is a mission where Ezel will ask you to get him amber. You will get
another Allmighty law card.
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Get Babus 98%
By finishing the Left Behind mission, then enter a town and clear the With
Babus mission.
Get Babus:
Upon finishing the game and finished some of the new missions, Babus will
appear at the pub asking for Marche to accompany him to find an item Mewt
had left in Ambervale. Go there and you will see a reincarnation of Remedi
and 2 Ahrimans. Kill her and them, and a scene featuring Babus staring
at Mewt's stuffed bear will appear. Marche then offers to be clan mates
with Babus, and he will then offer to join you.
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Losing special characters 96%
If you have a special character (such as Ritz) in your party during a
battle and they end up dying, they will leave your clan.
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Hint: Character Job Conditions 80%
To gain new jobs you must master a certain number of Abilites from a starting job (e.g. to become a Paladin that character must master 2 Solider abilites).

Solider: Starting Job
Thief: Starting Job
Archer: Starting Job
White Mage: Starting Job
Black Mage: Starting Job
Paladin: Soldier Abl. x2
Fighter: Solider Abl. x2
Ninja: Thief Abl. x2
Hunter: Archer Abl. x2
Blue Mage: White Mage x2 / Black Mage Abl. x2
Illusionist: White Mage Abl. x3 / Black Mage Abl. x5

Fencer: Starting Job
White Mage: Starting Job
Archer: Starting Job
Red Mage: Fencer Abl. x1
Elementalist: White Mage x1 / Fencer Abl. x1
Summoner: White Mage x2 / Elementalist Abl. x2
Sniper: Archer Abl. x2
Assassin: Elementalist Abl. x2 / Sniper Abl. x1

White Monk: Starting Job
Warrior: Starting Job
Bishop: White Monk Abl. x2
Templar: White Monk Abl. x2
Dragoon: Warrior Abl. x2
Gladiator: Warrior Abl. x2
Defender: Warrior Abl. x2

Nu Mou:
Black Mage: Starting Job
White Mage: Starting Job
Beastmaster: Starting Job
Time Mage: Black Mage Abl. x5
Morpher: Beastmaster Abl. x5
Illusionist: Black Mage Abl. x5 / White Mage Abl. x3
Alchemist: Black Mage Abl. x5 / White Mage Abl. x3
Sage: White Mage Abl. x3 / Beastmaster Abl. x2

Black Mage: Starting Job
Animist: Starting Job
Thief: Starting Job
Time Mage: Black Mage Abl. x5
Gunner: Animist Abl. x1
Mog Knight: Animist Abl. x1
Juggler: Thief Abl. x2
Gadgeteer Abl. x2
By: Ash64ds(60)
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Hint: Hunter's Ultima Weapon 80%
During the mission "over the hill" when you fight against Ritz and her clan, use a thief with the steal weapon ability to steal Shara's weapon, called SeventhHeaven. Equip it to a Hunter and it will learn Ultima Shot
By: Ash64ds(60)
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Hint: Become Harder to Kill 75%
If you want to become harder to kill, master Damage>MP, change to a job that doesn't need MP, and master Double Sword (humans only).
By: Ash64ds(60)
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Seventh heaven bonus 75%
WHen you complete the game and get Ritz and her friend, you also get the bow, Seventh Heaven-its very very nice and powerful
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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2 Sharas!!!! 75%
When you are playing, Donīt do the S.O.S mission. Complete the game get shara in your team and then do the mission. In the mission Shara and ritz will be atacked. Only get your Shara and Walla! They will be 2 Sharas on the battle..
By: poketrainer(440)
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Alter story line 75%
Play the game first and take note of all the missions that have montblanc in them specially.
then play it again but kill him in a jagd most of the story is changed
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Get weapon that teaches a hunter ultima shot w/o recruiting shara.. 75%
When fighting ritz you must have a thief who knows steal weapon and steal shara's weapon.You now have that weapon..
By: jetzkie1234(58)
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Easy exp 67%
This is a easy way to get exp. you need to have defeated the first toatem and unlocked Roda volcano. Select the first mission there is the thousand gil mission. Defeat all but one crystal then go far away from it and use Marche's first aid battle tech by equeping short sword. Use fist aid untill your at the lvl. you want.
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How to use totema 67%
If you already defeat totema. in mission diamond rain I think. if montblanc have ten jp use in the action and press totema. "it's very useful". use it wisely
By: erilsky(110)
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Recruit The Judgemaster 63%
Complete ALL 300 numbered missions to recruit him.
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Unlockable: Secret Characters 60%
Beat the game once and fulfill the following conditions, and the secret characters will offer to join you if you have space:
Shara - Clear "A Maiden's Cry" and enter a town.
Ritz - Clear "Mortal Snow".
Ezel - Choose "Gossip" at his shop, and then clear "Reconciliation".
Babus - Clear "Left Behind" and enter a town to enter "With Babus" mission. Clear it to get Babus.
Cid - Clear all 300 numbered missions. (Top secret missions do not count.)
By: Ash64ds(60)
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Races and their goodies 60%
recommended moves-air render, whirlwind, earth render, att. strike.

recommend moves-overheat, disable (), archery,

recommended moves-gun types, magic,

recommended moves-assassin, elemental, archery,

next race(fat types-forgot name)
recommended moves-death, cripple, meteor, turn into frog, blizzard, earthquake
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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The perfect fighter 50%
If you want a character who is adapt at knocking down opponents with few/1 strike, special moves and powerful combos, follow this.
Lv1-3 soldier(use blades with fighting adv.)
3-6/7 fighter(use blades for attacks such as overheat, flametongue-increase attack)
7-9/10 ninja(use blade for double weapon equip-attack, move and agility)
10-15 archer(learn crippling, blinding, paralyzing moves)-agility
if you're a hunter, you can capture monsters for fights in later matches.
15-17 palladin(learn healing moves)
17-19 thief(learn stealing moves-you will also increase agility)
THen stay as a fighter.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Amazing palidan 50%
Make your guy a hunter learn action abilities side winder and sonic boom. after you learn that, change job to a palidan and equipt excalibar 2 and nagorok. Now you have a long range sonic boom ability with power of excalibar 2 and a one panal range attack sidwinder which can do over 400 damage if you are good. but in early levels it works just as good.
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About Lini the Moogle 50%
You need the 'Hero Gaol' item in your inventory when you recruit it. With that item complete mission 32.
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Babus rocks 50%
After you've completed the game, you get Babus.
He's great! Use his attack which damages 1/2 to 1/3 of the opp.'s helath. THen finish off with big bang.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Hunter 50%
Steps to capturing a monster:
1. kill all other monsters exept for the one that you wish to capture and one other enemy that does not pose a threat.
2. attack desired monster until hp is as low as possible.
3. use status effect on desired monster, such as, slow, stop, blackout, aim( legs, arms, ect. ) silence, sleep, and petrify.
4. do not use status alignments such as poison that damage foe, as this could cause the monster to die.
5. for list of monsters that can be captured check other websites.
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Hint: Get Lots of Experience Points Early On 50%
During Mission One, send all of your party members except Marche to the right to defeat the short enemies. Send Marche forward so he is in front of the sprite (the fairy-like creature). The sprite will do about 5 damage to Marche every turn. Marche can heal himself 7 points each turn, and he gets 10 EXP each time he does it. Keep having Marche heal himself over and over, and this way you can get him to a high level very early in the game. You can also have your other characters attack Marche, and they will gain a lot of EXP because Marche is at a much higher level than they are
By: Ash64ds(60)
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Hint: Leveling Up Moogles 50%
If you're interested in getting two high level Moogles early in the game (or any time), make two of them become Jugglers of equal levels. Also, make sure they both know the move "Smile" before going into battle with them. When it comes to their turns in battle, use Smile on the other Moogle Juggler, giving it the next turn. Then, go back and forth over and over again with this, as each turn it will net them 10 experience points. Enemies will never get a turn until you decide not to use Smile. This proves to be a great way to level up.
By: Ash64ds(60)
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Make sure you do NOT lose special Characters 48%
To make sure you don't lose any of your special characters, you must bring someone that can heal (i.e. Viera White mage). You must at least be able to revive your units. So when your special character dies they wont leave your clan.

Special characters can only be recruited once, and if you lose them they say good bye forever.
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Level ups 46%
When you barely start and you get the frosty mage mission kill all the monsters and the mage.And then if your guy knows first aid keep on using it and you will get 10 exp. points evertime. that is why my guy is level 100 and my guys are level 10!
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Level ups more in depth 33%
Buy 99 potions (which is not a high cost once you're farther into the game) and no matter what level you're at if you use a potion on a teammate you will gain 10 exp. It is a GREAT way to level up no matter what level you are.
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Complete Freed areas 33%
When you Are the owner of all the areas you will get a special item

Hope it is useful
By: poketrainer(440)
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Strategy 33%
Try to kill your one enemy by helping each other to beat one.
By: erilsky(110)
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How to beat final boss 33%
When you want to kill the final boss,you must have one with high defense and have ability ultima shots....and all your character must have high defense!
By: emiliosinatra12(112)
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This is my blade 25%
The best weapons to have are: adamant blades(att. 71-80 however a great disadvantage against holy opp.), flametongue(att. 45-40), thief knife-forgot name (att. 60)
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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