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Pikmin 2 Cheats for GC
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Pikmin 2 GC Cheats

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Pikmin 2

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Shyacho 100%
Collect 10,000 Pocos and save Hokotate Intergalactic Delivery.
Looie's Cooking Notes:
Rescue Looie from Titan Dweevil at Dream Den.
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Easter Eggs 98%
From the Title Screen (where it says "press Start"), press the X button to make a beetle appear. Once the insect is on the screen, you can use left and right on the C-Stick to turn it and forward to move. If you move the bug into the Pikmin that make up the logo, they will "interact" with the bug.

Press Y to make a Chappie appear. You can move it around the same way and press Z to make it eat Pikmin. To get rid of the creatures, press the L button.
Press R to make the Pikmin run around the screen and then rearrange themselves to form the word "Nintendo."

When browsing the Piklopedia, press the Z button to spray extra bitter spray on the enemy, thus freezing them!
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Awakening Wood level 98%
Get the Sphere Map in the Emergence Cave level.
Perplexing Pool level:
Get the Exploration Map in the Awakening Wood level.
Wistful Wild level:
Collect 10,000 Pocos and save Hokotate Intergalactic Delivery.
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Treasure completion FMV sequence 98%
Collect all the treasure pieces and rescue Looie.
Looie's Dark Secret FMV sequence:
Complete all challenge mode arenas with a "Pink flower"
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Another Pikmin Song 98%
If you bring 20 of each color Pikmin with you, the song they hum will be the hit song from the Japanese commercial for Pikmin. It will work both in the main levels and in the caverns where it will replace the Luigi's Mansion theme they otherwise like to sing.
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Pikmin reference 98%
Get twenty of each of the five different Pikmin colors into one
group. They will hum the theme song from the original Pikmin.
Hint: Luigi's Mansion reference:
Get a group of mostly Red Pikmin. Listen to them closely to hear
them hum the theme song from Luigi's Mansion.
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Defeating Flint Beetles 98%
If you come across a strange beetle that pops out of the ground, simply throw a purple pikmin anywhere around it and it will drop whatever it has.
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Secret URL (Japanese version) 98%
Late in the game, you will receive a letter from a mysterious stranger. It invites you to go to a hidden URL: The website contains a simple Q&A/survey that mixes fun questions with survey inquiries. Depending on your answers, you are likened and matched with a creature from the game.
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President of Hocotate Freight 98%
To unlock the President earn 10,000 Pokos by gathering treasure. You can not unlock him to play on other games, and he'll only be for 1P mode. Getting 10,000 Pokos you will unlock 3 movies, Wistful Wild, and the president since Louie is missing.
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FMVs 98%
Get the Treasure completion FMV by collecting every treasure piece and rescuing Looie.
Get Looie's Dark Secret FMV by completing all challenge mode arenas and getting the pink flower rank. Unlock the cinemas and credits option by getting 10,000 pocos.
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Unlock Challenge Mode 98%
To key to unlocking Pikmin 2's Challenge Mode (for one or 2 players) lies in the game's 3rd zone -- the lake area. Once you have unlocked it, grab a group of yellow and red Pikmin as well as a handful of white Pikmin (to dig up hidden treasures along the way). No blue Pikmin needed. Fight the electric bugs and fire emitters with the matching Pikmin and make your way to basement level 5. Fight the mechanical spider with a small group of yellow Pikmin: throw them at the spider's body, then call them back to you and move them out of the way when the spider is stomping its feet. When you have beaten the spider, a key (literally) appears. Have the Pikmin bring it back and exit the level by jumping into the geyser. The Challenge Mode will now be available for selection from the main menu.
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Control Title Screen 98%
Press Y at the Title Screen to make a Chappie appear. Press C-stick
Left or C-stick Right to move it around. When it is close to the
Pikmin in the logo, press Z to make it eat them. Press L to make the
Chappie disappear.

Press X at the Title Screen to make a beetle appear. Press C-stick
Left or C-stick Right to move it around. When it is close to the
Pikmin in the logo, they will also begin moving. Press L to make the
beetle disappear.
Press R at the Title Screen to make the Pikmin that make up the
title text to change into a "Nintendo" pattern.
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In-game reset 98%
Hold X + B + Start during game play.
Hint: Defeating Emperor Bulblax:
Take about 10 Purple Pikmin and use the Ultra-Spicy Spray on them.
Throw them all on the giant Bulblax. The Boss should be defeated in
just a few seconds.

You must be willing to sacrifice a few Yellow Pikmin for this trick.
In the Final Trial area, once you are ready and have cleared a path
leading to the Emperor Bulblax, get about 10 to 15 Yellow Pikmin.
Now, head up the path straight to the round-shaped arena. Sneak
past the Emperor Bulblax and you will see a hill leading to the top
of the arena. Go left and right, searching for as many bomb-rocks as
possible. Now, go back to the bottom of the arena and wake up the
Emperor Bulblax with Captain Olimar. Once he has awakened, get
directly in front of him. He will open his mouth with his huge
tongue and will slurp them up. After that, right inside his stomach,
a huge explosion will happen inside his body and a huge chunk of his
health will be wiped out. Repeat this until you are out of Pikmin,
and he will probably be dead by then. *** On your way up the hill
in the arena, there will be a gate.
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Defeating Empress Bulblax 98%
Take about 3 to five Red Pikmin and go into the corner directly
next to Empress Bulblax. Start to throw all the Red Pikmin on it.
When it is about to shake them off, whistle your Pikmin back and go
into the corner, pressing the C-stick Down, so they will be behind
you and therefore will not be crushed. Keep repeating those steps
until you defeat Empress Bulblax. This is a good strategy to use to
keep most of your Pikmin alive.
Information in this section was contributed by Kyle Carver.
Hint: Defeating Looie's spider Boss:
Go head on to the Boss with only Yellow Pikmin.
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Challenge mode 98%
Defeat Beady Long Legs at the bottom of the Spider Citadle and
collect the key. Take the key the "recon drone".
inemas and credits option:
Collect 10,000 Pocos.
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Defeating Toady Bloyster 33%
The best way to kill a Toady bloyster is to take 30 to 50 purple pikmin, go to the back, and throw them on the end of the tail. It should die in about 3 or 4 seconds.

Jacob carroll
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Defeating Empress Bulbax 33%
The best way to defeat an empress bulbax is to take 7 yellow pikmin, go to the head and throw them. Right before it shakes them off call them back to you or they might get squashed. Repeat this until it dies. It should only shake 3 or 4 times before it BLOWS UP! [literally].

On the ones that have bulbax larva there mother will kill them.

Christian Carroll
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Hovering ominar 27%
First get 3 red,yellow, and blue pikmin. Then press X they should go into groups. Next hold down X near a group . They should pick U up and take you 2 their onion . When you r in the light you should rise up
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